Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 192

Although the four towers' attack power, defensive power and vitality are only at the level of one tower, their attack power is also very high, the same as Luo Yi's normal attack without any equipment.

Ignoring the behavior of these people looking around in the tavern, Luo Yi continued to talk nonsense with the boatman Abbott and the vegetable vendor Ross sitting at the bar.

"Our Chamber of Commerce may be buying a ship again recently, and we will have to trouble you at that time, Uncle Abbott."

"Uncle, I am 20 years older than you, and I am called Brother."

"Yeah, more than twice as big as me."

"Haha, I didn't expect Abbott to be so old."

"Ross, you are 42 years old, where does the face say me."

"I'm married."


"My kids are all 19."


"My kids are getting married soon."

"Okay, uncle is uncle, who makes me still unsatisfied."

"Go to the tavern less, go to the street more, there is no woman who can see you here."


I can't drink this wine anymore.

Abbott suddenly discovered that today they made an appointment to see Luo Yi's recent status, how the problem became that he couldn't find his wife.

However, seeing Luo Yi seem to be the same in normal times, saying "Would you like to have another glass" on his lips, and his face showed "looking towards the money", which made all the guests feel relieved.

The three hours of business hours were still spent in laughter and laughter. Luo Yi and the others cleaned up the tavern, went out to relax, went upstairs to rest, and learned knowledge, and everyone was busy.

Outside the tavern, those who had already surveyed the terrain in the tavern sneaked into the backyard of the tavern and turned over the wall as the night fell.


A light flashed.


Landed alone.

316. Price increase

"what happened?"

There were seven people who came this time.

As a bounty hunter in the underground world, I saw a reward for investigating intelligence worth 30 million Baileys. I only need to find the glowing water and bring it back. Many people just give it to the next.

However, after seeing the location where they were investigating the intelligence, they calmed down a bit. Several people who took over the task discussed with each other and decided to join forces, so that the chance of success would be greater.

After all, the guy in the tavern, but even Kaido was killed.

Therefore, these bounty hunters from the underground world of the New World are fully prepared for this dive.

They first gathered together, went into the tavern to consume, explored the terrain, and at night, they saw that almost everyone in the tavern had gone out.

Three women went out to go shopping arm in arm, and the suspected avatar in the shop did not know what to do. Even the tavern manager Luo Yi went out, only an old man drinking tea and a little girl did not go out. .

How could they possibly miss such a good opportunity? Naturally, they are going to explore the entire tavern as quickly as possible to see where the glowing water is.

However, the first person who jumped on the wall seemed to be hit by something and fell directly from the sky. There was a big hole in his chest, and he looked lifeless.

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked.

They didn't know what was going on, they just jumped on the wall and died?

"Or, try again?"

This sentence has been agreed by everyone, a rare good opportunity, they will not give up easily, even if someone has been cold, but also thank him for his contribution to the path for everyone.

"There may be someone with abilities hidden inside, please be careful."

After saying this, the remaining six nodded, wanting to explore, but they dared not leave.

They naturally have their own ideas.

There must be a capable person inside, and they have already been discovered, and now jump on it, maybe just like the person in front, it will be cold.

Several people will cooperate, it is also based on the fact that their strength is not much different, the stronger ones look down on them, the weak ones look down on them.

Then, six people hesitated for a long time, you look at me, I look at you, no one dared to go to the wall.

On the other side of the street, Luo opened the map, with the help of the view of the defensive tower, watching the six who wanted to come in but didn’t dare to come in, like those who had an appointment with sister paper for dinner, shopping and watching a movie, and finally got into the topic. , Like a man who forgot to bring his second brother in work clothes and was very entangled.

Seeing them rubbing at the door, but not coming in, Luo Yi simply opened the attack mechanism of the defensive tower.


Two rays of light, one red and one white, suddenly appeared, shooting at the two closest to them.

"It's actually those two statues."

The original attention was focused on the few people in the yard, and instantly saw what was attacking them.

"Bang" "bang"

Even with defense, the two attacks still caused the two men to fly upside down, vomiting a lot of blood, and just wanted to stand up.


Two more attacks followed, making the two of them silent, adding up to less than two seconds.


Where did the remaining four dare to stay here, and immediately began to escape.



The attack speed of the defensive tower is very fast, the attack interval is exactly one second, the attack power is very strong, the trajectory is not slow, and the range is wide. The four only tried to escape, and there was no time to defend. Two of them were hit in the back and lay down. On the ground.


Two more attacks were issued, and the defensive tower no longer attacked, and stood still there like a stone statue.


Seeing their accomplices being killed twice by the defensive tower, the remaining two people were shocked. Seeing the light that was flying straight towards them, they rolled around immediately, not daring to hold on, just

"Why turn?"

This question, if they know to defend a bit after getting out of the way, they will be seriously injured at most and have a lot of time to think about it, but this idea only had time to come to mind, and two rays of light fell on their heads. on.

"Whicked Sick"

Luo Yi felt as if he heard this sound effect.

Walking out of the uninhabited alley, Luo Yi went directly to the navy that was patrolling.

"There are a few corpses next to my tavern, can you please help me clean up?"

"It can be, but when you say this, can you not laugh!"

The patrolling navy naturally knew Luo Yi, and a six-man team immediately followed Luo Yi to the back of the tavern and saw the people who were killed by the defense tower.

"It's the bounty hunter of the lower world, Noyce, who is offering a bounty of 60 million Baileys. This is Carter. The bounty of 57 million Baileys is a bounty criminal."

"The two can't see their faces here"

"Luo, a store manager, we will send the bounty in a while."

"No trouble, I can get it from the base when I run tomorrow morning."

"The manager of Luo Yi is polite. After we return to the base, we will come over to patrol. It's no trouble."

"Then please."

After speaking, He Luoyi borrowed a trolley and transported these people back to the naval base.

Let's not talk about the two who were directly slapped in the face. The remaining people are themselves the people who have been offered a reward, but because they have been active in the underground world, and basically in the new world, they have not been arrested.

Had it not been for the Navy to look at a large number of wanted warrants every day, it would have a somewhat impression on the faces of these people, and would not know who they were.

And the bounty of the five people added up to more than 250 million Baileys. Luo Yi suddenly felt that it would be nice to have more of these people.

I just don't know what they are doing in their tavern. It seems that they didn't come for people. He deliberately asked several people to work separately, but found that these people just wanted to enter the tavern.

"It doesn't matter, there is the first batch, there must be a second batch, and the people who come may be stronger, which means more valuable."

Touching his chin, Luo returned to the tavern and glanced with satisfaction at the defensive tower erected in the tavern. As soon as Luo felt his current situation, as long as Pele was enough, he seemed to be able to play Tower Stream directly.

Climb aboard Mary Gioia and build a circle of defensive towers there, isn't it invincible?

With four defensive towers, even the pirates with a reward of over 100 million don't need to take action by themselves. This thing has high defense and thick health bars. As long as you dare to enter the tavern, you will be attacked by at least three towers.

"Sure enough, can Krypton Gold become stronger?"

Shaking his head, Luo Yi started strength training again. After the system was upgraded, he felt that he was stuck at the attribute of 199, and he was about to break through to 200. By then, it would be another qualitative leap.

"Hey, the bounty for investigating intelligence has actually increased in price, to 50 million?"

"It seems that the few who went before are dead. It's too dangerous to pick up. It's better to go for an assassination."

"It makes sense, that place is really dangerous."

317. Tezolo

The bounty of the Underground Exploration Tavern has soared all the way, from 50 million to 200 million, but no one has completed it.

Even this second price increase came after a famous assassin in the underground world also knelt.

Doflamingo was not surprised.

Five days have passed since he issued the reward. He specifically asked his men to purchase a large amount of alcohol from the Cook Chamber of Commerce, and Caesar extracted the spring water.

After having the previous experience, Caesar was relieved a lot this time. After extracting the spring water, he collected all the remaining drinks.

Even without the spring water that contains vitality, these wines are rare treasures, and Caesar is a little addicted to drinking.

A total of two hundred barrels of wine, two liters of spring water were extracted and packed in ten glass bottles.

Doflamingo decided again to kill with a knife.

As for this knife, I had a bit of hatred with him before and snatched a devil fruit from his auction floor. If he hadn't risen to fame recently, I hadn't thought it would be him.

Gild Tezolo.

Perhaps in the first half of the great route, not many people knew his name, but once he set foot on the great route, his name would surely be known by many people.

Superman has the ability to control gold.

This fruit was used to attract customers when Doflamingo held an auction three years ago. There was no plan to auction it, but it was snatched by Tezolo.

It's really an MMP. After Doflamingo knows who robbed it, it will be three years later.

Tezolo now has many industries all over the world, including pornography, gambling, and drugs.

Whether it is black or white, he will give him a little face, and recently he even got in touch with the Tianlong people, so that he can mobilize the power of the world government.

This makes Doflamingo a little bit fucked.

He is also a Celestial Dragon, and as a Celestial Dragon who came out of the Holy Land, he even knew what was going on with the group of staff still in the Holy Land, and he also knew what the Celestial Dragon's greatest secret was.

These Heavenly Dragons, to put it bluntly, are just puppets, in addition to enjoyment, they can only fart.

Therefore, Doflamingo did not choose to continue fighting with Tezolo. He was a smart man. As long as he cooperated with him, the losses that year were not worth mentioning compared to the benefits.

Floating in the sky, Doflamingo's grace in the air with the help of the line fruit ability is not comparable to Spider-Man's posture like playing on a swing.

After drifting for a long time, Doflamingo finally came to an island. From the sky, you could see a huge shipyard, a ship that seemed to be very big, and it was being manufactured without any haste.

For this thing, Doflamingo is not interested.

"I didn't expect you to come in person, Doflamingo."

Gray-green hair, lost a big back, wearing pink clothes and pants, and a purple sunglasses, quite a show bag.