Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 193

Tezolo also wore luxurious clothes all over his body, with gold necklaces, gold earrings, ten gold rings and a gold hat.

"Since it's cooperation, of course we have to show some sincerity."

Both people laughed a little similarly, which was not a good thing at first glance.

"In that case, let's take a look at my sincerity."

Tezolo made a gesture of please, and took Doflamingo to the box for the guests. He clapped his hands, and a group of Yingyingyanyan walked in from outside the room.

Singing singing, dancing and dancing, all kinds of food brought up by a large number of beautiful women, whether people or things, are extremely precious things in this sea.

Doflamingo looked around and punched him, regretting in his heart.

Why didn't I give this golden fruit to my own Don Quixote family?

It's only a few years now. The wealth of this product is probably richer than that of a country. The ability to control the fruit of gold is really sorry if you don't get rich.

"What do you think of me here?"

Tezolo waved his hand, and hugged the four beauties directly in his arms.

"Extravagant indeed."

Doflamingo's arms span is not short, he also holds four.

Although the two men are ready to cooperate, they are not convinced by anyone.

"Hahaha, as long as you like, you are always welcome."

After eating a bite of the fruit fed by the beauty, Tezolo was very satisfied with Doflamingo's evaluation.

"That's really grateful."

Doflamingo has no reason to refuse indulgence.

In the midst of wine and wealth, the two began to discuss cooperation. Everything went very smoothly. Doflamingo has a relationship and Zallo has money to escape. There is no conflict of interest between the two. Bring higher income by yourself.

"You said there are good things to show me, what is it?"

After the cooperation and chat, Tezolo couldn't wait to get into the topic.

"What is the most profitable thing in this sea of ​​Fu Fu Fu Fu?"

Doflamingo didn't say it directly, but sold it off.

"Cleanliness, strong belly, reading, arms"

Tezolo frowned and said directly.

"What about something more profitable than this?"

Doflamingo shook his head.

"More profitable? You mean longevity?"

Tezolo suddenly understood something, and looked at Doflamingo in surprise.

What are the rich people in this world thinking, although he is only 32 years old now, Tezolo understands that everyone wants to live longer.

"Yes, the vitality contained in this liquid is extremely huge, if you sell it"

With that, Doflamingo took out the bottle of spring water of only 20 milliliters from his arms and put it on the table.

Picking up the spring water and looking at this slightly radiant thing, Tezolo also took a deep breath, and his attention was completely drawn to him.

If what Doflamingo said is true, then the value of this thing is inestimable.

"You can try it with a sip."

Doflamingo raised the corner of his mouth and said confidently.


Without hesitation, Tezolo opened the stopper and poured all the liquid into his mouth.

The effect of 20ml spring water is better than what Doflamingo drank before, and it is more lasting.

Feeling the comfortable sensation in his body, Tezolo really felt like he was a few years younger, very comfortable.

"It's amazing, just such a small bite has such a big effect."

In just a few seconds, Tezolo could feel that the injuries he had left after so many years of exercise seemed to heal, it was amazing.

"If this thing can be mass produced"

Tezolo felt that with this spring, he could even control Pele, who was 80 in the world, and the so-called high-ranking ones would also be controlled by him.

"It's true"

Under the sunglasses, Doflamingo's eyes could not be seen, but the smile at the corner of his mouth could tell that the fish had taken the bait.

318. There is only one truth

Whenever the night is quiet, people will fall into a state of epiphany.

Like tonight, Luo Yi had already followed the biological clock procedure and was ready to go to bed.

Suddenly found that, not asleep, a thought suddenly popped out of his mind.

"What have I done for more than two years?"

This is simply a soul torture.

It's like a social animal who has been busy all day, suddenly aware of this extremely serious problem.

"What have I been doing after working for the past few years?"

This kind of question is generally born with the number of deposit balances.

Obviously I'm busy every day, and I don't see anything more beside me, but it's strange that the money is gone.

Luo Yi feels like this now.

My own room is very simple, except for a bed, a table, and two chairs, there is only a wardrobe, and a few sets of changing clothes, three sets in summer and three sets in winter, mainly for fear that it will not dry out a day in the rain.

Apart from that, there really seems to be nothing else.

So, where did all the money earned over the years go?

Opened the system interface and looked at the balance in the lower right corner.

Knife coins: 80,000

Gold coins: 23700

That's it!

Luo Yi understood.

It is said that DOTA2 is a free game, and now it seems that it is so.

In addition to this game, I can only play free games.

After so many years, how many Baileys have been swallowed, and Luo is thinking about whether to open a printing factory to print Baileys.

Although because of the prevalence of pirates in this world, Luo Yi can make money very fast, but the speed of spending money is not slow. Don't look at the knife coin now that there is another 100,000, but that is because Luo Yi did not make a summon.

Whenever you dare to summon a hero, first the contract scroll of 10,000 dollars, and the open grid of 5,500 dollars, and equipped with equipment. Luo Yi does not mean favoring one another. Everyone has at least 7 pieces and a six-piece suit on his body. There is a silver moon crystal that can be eaten.

Therefore, although the knife coins and gold coins looked good, they couldn't help spending them, especially when Luo Yi found that there were 97 people in the hero, he felt that it was not enough.

"Just summoning the remaining heroes will cost 970,000 dollars?"

Luo Yi suddenly felt that this is also good now, especially for the heroes that have been summoned now, and there are still many people whose contracts have not been completed, so there is no need to summon them in a hurry.

The most important thing is that after the system upgrade, some equipment should also be replaced.

So far, the items that can be exchanged in the system, except for the Eaglesong Bow worth 3200 and the Saint Relics of 3800, have been exchanged.

The most exciting thing is that after the Predator's Axe worth 3000 gold coins can be purchased, that is extremely important. Luo Yi almost always produces an equipment in the game, the Heart of Terror Ao can be synthesized.

Heart of Terror: A well-preserved heart, from a long-extinct monster, can improve the durability of the carrier.

Passive: life recovery

Recover 5 of maximum health per second.

If a melee hero is attacked by an enemy hero or Roshan within 7 seconds of a ranged hero in the last 5 seconds, this passive will be invalidated.

Strength: 45

Life: 400

Life recovery enhancement: 50

Life recovery: 10

Just putting the Heart of Terror Ao in his inventory, Luo Yi could clearly feel a huge vitality flowing in his body, ready to supplement his lost life.

There is also the power that has directly increased by nearly a quarter, which gives Luo Yi the illusion of infinite power, and even feels that he can blow a mountain with one punch.

Of course, it's just an illusion.

Luo Yi also discovered a serious problem with equipment bonuses.

Although all his attributes were broken by two hundred under the effect of equipment, the extent of the bonus was based on his own attributes, and the percentage of equipment attributes increased by dividing the basic attributes.

It seemed to have become stronger, but it was just getting closer to the bottleneck and didn't forcefully break through the bottleneck. Even so, Luo Yi was also very satisfied.

Think about it, too, the power of an admiral is increased by 1, and the power of an ordinary navy soldier is increased by 1, which is completely different.

It's just that Luo Yi's current mood is a bit complicated, and it can be summed up in a very simple sentence.

Eat too much.

Two hands patted his face vigorously, and after making a "snapped" sound with one person, he covered the quilt and closed his eyes to sleep.

Instead of thinking about these things, it is better to think about how to enjoy life is the last word.

However, when Luo Yi read the headline in the newspaper the next morning, he almost didn't spit out his breakfast.

"Gold Emperor Gild Tezolo invented the latest life-extending potion, the water of life"

God's water of life, I am ashamed to break you.

A photo that occupies more than half of the page, on it is Tezolo wearing a pink dress, holding a small exquisite glass bottle with a glowing liquid in it.

Luo Yi, who is dealing with spring water every day, said that it is definitely spring water. If it is not, he will live broadcast handstand shampoo.

So the question is, why would Tezolo get his own spring water.

Didn't Luo Yi not think about robbing this golden emperor before.

But the information learned through the newspapers, this so-called golden emperor, is now just a guy known for his ability, and he has not yet reached the heyday of controlling 20 Pele in the future.

Just like reading a novel in a previous life, Luo is ready to fatten up before killing.

but now

Turning on the system interface, Luo started looking for it on the mini map.

He found that he had an epiphany.

Two groups of people came before and wanted to enter the tavern, but they were all killed by the defensive tower. Now we can know that their purpose is spring water.

What is certain is that the spring water in the tavern has not been pretended to be taken away, and even if taken away, the effect cannot be guaranteed. In addition to drinking the rejuvenating spring water, taking away a certain range will actually be invalid.

Unless it is brewed into wine, or it is an altar.

Luo Yi's first reaction was the altar.

There is very little spring water in the drink. The Luo one is brewed according to the recipe left by Manjikes. The little spring water is at best to make the drinker more comfortable, and has no other effect.

So, was the altar found by the people of Tezolo?

Luo Yi was not sure, and his vision was directly next to the altar.

At this moment, Luo Yi was grateful that he knew how to insert his eyes beside the altar, otherwise he would not even have a vision.

However, when Luo Yi checked every altar, he couldn't help scratching his head.

It's all right.

Rather than saying that it is all right, it is better to say that these altars were not even discovered or even used. Only the altar left for Luffy and Ace was always in a cooling state.

If it is not the altar, there is only one truth.