Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 194

319. Why did the price increase suddenly?

"Why did the price increase suddenly?"

In the tavern, Oliver looked at Luo Yi strangely.

Luo just called him over, saying that he wanted to discuss the sale of top-quality taverns.

It's just that Oliver didn't expect that Luo Yi actually said that all the drinks sold to the Cook Chamber of Commerce would increase in price.

Oliver Bilo knows how high the profit of a barrel of wine is. To be honest, except for those who have signed long-term contracts with the Chamber of Commerce, the profit of a barrel of wine is enough to earn half a year's salary for a handyman.

"Have you seen these two reports?"

On the table, there were two reports about Tezolo. Oliver glanced at it and nodded directly.

The first report is the report of the water of life in Tezolo’s hands, which is also the spring water, and the second is the report of the next day. An old Tianlong man bought the bottle of life for one billion Baileys. After drinking the water, it is indeed much younger.

The two reports caused an uproar all over the world, and the price of spring water was directly fired up. A small bottle of 20 ml of spring water was fired to a sky-high price of 2 billion.

"I have seen it. It is indeed a magical thing. President, you want to buy it? IMHO, if you double the price of a barrel of wine directly, it may terminate our cooperation with the Cook Chamber of Commerce."

Oliver felt that Luo Yi had taken a fancy to this magical water of life.

"You come down with me."

Hearing Luo Yi's words, Oliver immediately followed Luo Yi to the basement.

He had only been to the first floor, when he brought people to move the wine, and the second floor was the place where Luo Yi made wine, he had never been.

When I went underground, I saw many tools for making wine, but what attracted Oliver the most was the light from the basement. He was sure that the lights hadn't been turned on yet.

After seeing what appeared in front of him, Oliver looked at Luo Yi in disbelief.

"this is"

"This is the spring water for rejuvenation, and all the brewed wines contain this spring water."

Luo Yi felt that he didn't need to say more.

"I understand, the chairman wants to terminate the cooperation with the Cook Chamber of Commerce."

Oliver finally knew what Luo Yi wanted to do.

"Someone distilled spring water from the drinks we sold. I don't think it's Tezolo, but that person is only working with Tezolo to draw our attention."

Recalling the subordinates of Tezolo in the theater version, there were no figures like scientists.

The spring water is extracted from the wine that has been brewed and fermented, and it can still maintain the efficacy of the spring water. Luo Yi has to admire those who can do this.

But admiration is one thing, and one's own interests are violated is another.

In fact, it is not difficult to get the effect of rejuvenating spring water. For a bottle of 20ml of rejuvenating spring water, you can drink two barrels of wine without leaking. It's only 100 liters. It only costs 10%. Yibaili bought it.

I had known this a long time ago, I could just sell the spring water directly, and how much I made these years, Luo Yi really wanted to rush to Tezolo's house and snatch him on the spot.

"Did the president guess who it is?"

Oliver thought for a while, but didn't figure out who did it.

"The Cook Chamber of Commerce wants to open up the market in the new world, but how can the saturated market allow a brand new chamber of commerce to enter? In order to obtain the market and resources, Uncle Cook went to Doflamingo to cooperate and drink."

Seeing Oliver's eyes drifting towards the spring from time to time, Luo Yi directly picked up the water scoop on the side and scooped it up and handed it to Oliver.

"so much?"

Although he had seen the spring water, Oliver was still startled when he saw at least one liter of spring water in front of him.

20 ml is 1 billion, and now it has been speculated to 2 billion, it is still a kind of priceless market, if I drink these down, ten, hundreds, thousands, hundreds of billions.

"Don't worry, only a few minutes of output."

Luo Yi didn't care.

"A few minutes"

Oliver took the spring water, still a little bit unbelievable.

According to Luo Yi, he is now guarding a golden mountain without turning him into money.

However, Oliver suddenly felt that he understood something.

If other people know that Luo Yi has this kind of magical spring water, even if the people in the tavern are powerful, they can't stop all the powerhouses in this world from adding up.

Admiring his wit, Oliver didn't let this opportunity pass, and took the water scoop and drank guts. He didn't dare to waste any drop. He only knew that the spring water was extremely precious, and even licked it after drinking it all. Licking the inside of the scoop.

"I will wash, I will wash"

Although the energy of the spring water in the body made Oliver feel as comfortable as eating ice cream in the dog days and soaking in a hot spring for three or nine days, Luo Yi's contemptuous eyes made Oliver immediately understand what he was doing and hugged him. I took the water scoop and went to the sink to wash the saliva inside.

However, the effect of this spring water is really amazing. Oliver can even feel that the exhaustion of Kuncalla’s training during this period has been wiped out. The whole figure seems to be back to the state of a teenager. No wonder it is called the rejuvenating spring water. It's rejuvenation.

"If your family wants to drink it, come over."

Luo waved his hand, knowing what Oliver was thinking.

Over the past two years, Oliver has indeed made a lot of credit for operating the Chamber of Commerce in this way, and he is also a trustworthy person.

The world of Riman is very magical. There are only two kinds of people here, one kind to the extreme, one bad to the extreme, and there is a clear division between good and evil.

Of course, there are also two magical BUFFs, blackening and whitening.

Regarding the extraction of their own spring water, the dissolution of the cooperation with the Cook Chamber of Commerce is just the beginning. Their drinks are sold to various areas in this sea area. Once Doflamingo and they can’t get the drinks, they might sell it. The idea hit these people on the head.

Although Luo Yi is not a saint, he does not do harm to others. To solve the problem, he must start from the root cause.

"Do you know where Tezolo is?"

Although the hope was not great, Luo Yi still asked.

"I know, what do you want to do, President?"

Oliver curiously asked.

"Of course I went to get our things back."

Luo Yi answered naturally.

Basically, it is certain that Doflamingo gave this thing to Tezolo. In the original work, there is a commercial cooperation between the two people. Since he dared to announce it so blatantly, even if Luo knew This is a conspiracy, and I chose to take a look.

As for the personnel, Lilai can also set off with him. As long as Lilai is brought along, Auroth will follow along. There are Geobu and Nerif in the tavern. It depends on whether Moritti wants to be together.

After making a decision, Luo immediately began to prepare for the departure.

Oliver also returned to the Chamber of Commerce and dialed the Cook Chamber of Commerce.

"Why did the price increase suddenly?"

On the other side, the same question was asked.

320.Gran Tesoro

The island where Tezolo is located is called Gran Tesoro, which is the foreign name of Tezolo.

Luo Yi and the others came this time and did not take a big boat. Instead, they spent half a million Baileys and bought a small boat temporarily. Not many people came together.

Luo Yi, Lilai, Auros, Moritti, Kunkka, Leviathan, Slark, there were only seven people in total.

According to Oliver’s intelligence, this city named Gran Tesoro was built by Tezolo over the past few years. It is said that he is still building a ship and is preparing to move his city to the ship and become a mobile City of gold.

But it doesn't matter. Luo Yi came this time, just wanting to vote.

If the wine you sold was sold at a high price, Luo Yi wouldn't say much, but if you use the wine to refine and take out the spring water, it shouldn't be.

The people in the tavern also knew about the spring water. It happened that the Chamber of Commerce had a rare leisure time recently. They didn't have to sail outside. Luo Yi invited Cuenca and Leviathan over, and the two agreed.

"It's a pity that Uncle Lucifer is not here."

With a square scarf tied to her head and an apron, Lilai sighed with emotion while she was making the soup.

"Lilai is tired of cooking."

Luo Yi chuckled and joked.

"You are so good at eating."

Lilai pouted angrily.

"It's delicious, thank you for your hard work, you can relax after Gran Tesoro."

Luo Yi found it interesting.

I remember that when Lilai first came, she still cooked her own porridge for her to drink. Those few days saw her eating very happy. I didn't expect that she could still eat the food made by Ice Girl.

"Eat more if you like."

With that said, Lilai directly put a bowl of soup in front of Luo Yi, with a smile on her face, which was very helpful for Luo Yi's praise.

"We are here."

Auros opened the door and entered the restaurant. Upon hearing these words, Lilai threw away the spoon in her hand without even turning off the fire on the stove.

Luo shook his head helplessly, turned off the fire, and followed outside, looking at the island in front of him.


For this city, Luo Yi felt that only this word could be evaluated.

No matter which angle you look at, you can see the existence of gold.

This large amount of gold, as if it is no money, exists in every area of ​​the city.

"The entrance is there."

Cuenca commanded directly, Leviathan controlled the rudder and steered the ship to a gorgeous gate.

The round gate is in the style of a roulette wheel. There are eight playing cards on the top. Four cards on the left and right guard a Pirate Flag in the middle. The sign with "GRANTESORO" on the top is like the title of six yuan for the first punch. Just as shiny.

"Slak, let's go and fill up a few buckets of sea water. After entering the city, everyone will wash in the sea water first, then take a bath, change clothes and have a good time."

Seeing the gate, Luo Yi also had to be more cautious.

In the original work, Tezolobai is under the power of the theater version, but if he directly kills the Straw Hat Pirates, One Piece can directly end.

Slark didn't ask Luo why he wanted sea water, so he jumped directly into the sea. Luo held a rope hook and put down the bucket. With Slark's help, he hit seven buckets of sea water.

"Brother Luo Yi, why do you want this thing?"

Lilai knew the truth about asking if he didn't understand.

"Tezolo is a person with golden fruit ability, this gate is specially prepared by him to cheat people. If one is careless, he may be caught."

"It turned out to be so."

Lilai immediately put on a Ming Wu expression.

With chuckles on everyone's faces, they watched the ship gradually sail into the luxurious entrance.


The dark passage is like fireflies suddenly appearing in the sky. Even if you eat the silver moon crystals, your vision at night needs to be light to achieve, otherwise it can't be regarded as vision. It is called thermal imaging.

"It's gold."

When the sky full of gold powder appeared in front of everyone, even people who had seen the world felt incredible.

Too extravagant.

In their world, the main currency in circulation is also gold.

But now, in a long passage, all that is flying is golden powder. With their experience, it is natural to see that it is all real gold.

"The water is all golden, and all the gold floating on it is."

"It is worthy of being one of the world's top entertainment cities, even the entrance is so luxurious."

Bathed in gold powder, Lilai happily circulates in circles, and she likes the opening method of this entertainment city.

Auros took out the small notebook he carried with him and quickly recorded something. Luo Yi felt that she should be inspired by a burst of inspiration, much more powerful than the handicapped author named Mu Guchenzhong.

Motriti calmly leaned against the guardrail, unmoved by the gold.

"Leviathan, you have become a goldfish this time."

"Kunka, take care of your beard, too."