Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 195

Slark picked up the small broom and swept all the gold dust on the boat together.

"It weighs at least two catties here."

"These gold powders are better to pass through the sea water and then melt together."

Luo Yi gave Slark a suggestion.

"These are the gold powder made by the capable people?"

Slark had also lived in this world for almost three years, and immediately understood Luo Yi's meaning.

"Anyone who enters from this passage will be controlled by Tezolo as long as they are contaminated with these gold powders. So later, they will have to wash them with seawater to wash off the gold that has attached power. If you don’t mind, it’s best. Take two sips too."

When you open your mouth to speak and breathe, these gold dust will also enter your body. Luo Yi thinks it is better to be safe.

"Is it useless to be armed and domineering?"

Auroth suddenly moved his face closer.

"Armed and domineering, they can only grab or touch the Devil Fruit capable entity, and cannot invalidate the opponent's abilities, otherwise Tezolo would have been beaten to death."

Luo Yi shook his head.

Hearing his explanation, several people understood why Luo Yi had to install Shanghai Water first. This was to offset Tezolo's ability.

"It's time to exit."

The light in the front began to appear, and the gold dust gradually decreased. The spacious golden port suddenly appeared in front of everyone. The same golden water, golden walls, and a large number of ships covered by gold dust, including pirate ships and ordinary merchant ships, There are also ships of world governments.

Looking around, luxurious buildings stand here. Even on the pier, you can see the signs of those buildings, restaurants, casinos, shopping malls, playgrounds, swimming pools, aquariums, theaters and all kinds of buildings.

Luo Yi couldn't help but sigh with the charm of money.

Tezolo's philosophy is simple.

There is nothing that money cannot buy. If there is, it is because you are poor.

As the money in hand increases, more and more people want to work for him, even the Tianlong people he hates, but because of the heavenly gold he turned in, they obey him.

This is the charm of money.

This is Gran Tesoro.

This is the world's top entertainment city, and is expected to become a rich entertainment venue overnight.

321. Luck?That has to be talented

"If a woman with red hair jumps out and says we are a client, please be careful not to be touched by her."

A group of people rinsed briefly, and Luo Yi took a sip after boiling the sea water by the way.

The gold powder on the ship was also cleaned up by Luo Yijianfeng. After confirming that no one was recruited, he disembarked.

"Are you all guests from Dota Tavern? When we first met, I was an exclusive receptionist. My name is Bacara."

As soon as everyone disembarked, a tall and sexy red-haired woman came up.

"It's true, but isn't she cold? It's winter now."

Lilai followed Luo and said with emotion.

"Are we that?"

Luo Yi stepped forward as the representative of this negotiation.

"Of course, Mr. Lucifer of the Dota Tavern defeated Kaido, the sea emperor of the New World, and was already on our list."

Baccarat is smiling, neither humble nor overbearing, and her temperament looks like an ordinary person.

"I didn't expect Lucifer to be so famous."

Luo showed a little surprise on his face.

"Not only that, the world has seen the rapid development of the Dota Chamber of Commerce in the past two years."

Baccarat's left hand was akimbo, and the center of gravity exchanged, and her curvaceous figure trembled.

"you flatter me."

Luo Yi looked embarrassed.

"Then guys... please get in the car."


With a few calls, a white convertible drove over, but beside the front hood of the car, there were eight muscle turtles, which are also very rare on the great route.

The muscle turtle is very small, but the muscles can be seen when the arm is strong, and the strength is very strong.

A muscular tortoise with a driver's hat opened the car door, and Baccarat stood by the car and made a please gesture.

"Then we're welcome."

With that said, Luo Yi took the lead and sat in the position of the co-pilot. The back seat was very spacious. There were three seats in total. Leviathan consciously sat in the middle seat. One person occupied one side, even relying on his weight. The advantage of the car has been suppressed a little.

Lilai, Auroth, and Moritti sat on the right side, Kunca and Slark sat on the left side, and then Baccarat got into the car and sat in the driving seat.

"There are drinks and wine."

Cuenca suddenly found the small refrigerator in the car.

"Please drink as you please."

Baccarat turned his head and said, and then took out a golden key from somewhere in the fourth dimension and inserted it into the keyhole of the car.

"Then go to Guran Tezolo City...departure."

When Baccarat spoke, he often included English, and even this sentence started in English, but... Luo Yi was very awkward.

Neon’s English, everyone who has heard it say...what is it?

When the key was turned, a weak current flowed directly into the eight muscle turtles, as if they had been activated. They grabbed the handle in their hands and started to go in and out quickly, and the car was started instantly.

Anyone who has studied physics knows that when the engine expands by sealing the combustion gas in the cylinder, it pushes the piston to do work and converts it into mechanical energy to drive the car forward.

But now, it's completely transforming human...turtle power into the power of a car.

Baccarat stepped on the pedal lightly with his right foot, and the car started to move. I don't know whether the pedal is a gas pedal or a turtle door.

"Brother Luo Yi, why do they use muscle turtles instead of burning oil?"

Lilai asked curiously.

"It may be for environmental protection and reduce carbon emissions. After all, it is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment."

"It turned out to be so."

Baccarat chuckled lightly, feeling interesting to Luo Yi's novel statement.

"This car is really comfortable, soft and stable."

Even if he often goes out to play, he even flies to Kunca’s boat to go out with them, but he is still full of curiosity about these things that he has never seen before and expresses it unabashedly.

"This is a high-end tortoise car powered by the upper-class gentleman turtle. Everything is high-end."

With her left hand resting on the car door, Baccarat’s long red hair fluttered in the wind. At first glance, she was the master who made people fight for 20 years.

"Look, this is the business district..."

Above the golden pillar, there is inlaid with , and there is a clown, the sign in the middle says "wele", and the abbreviation "gt" at the top, inlaid on a star.

As the car drove into it, the magnificent environment, even in the daytime, seemed so spectacular.

There are all kinds of shops in it, which makes people look dazzling, and as the car drove, they once again passed through a big starter like a city wall.

On the streets here, even the street lamp railings are made of gold.

"Wow, a lot of gold, just put it here, are you afraid of being stolen?"

Lilai's eyes lit up and asked curiously.

"Don't worry, video phone worms are installed in every corner of the city. If anyone is found thief or sabotage, they will be put in an underground prison according to city regulations."

Baccarat introduced.

"That's it."

Lilai showed a suddenly realized expression.

However, Luo Yi looked around Zizhou. Everything here is familiar, but it is far from the luxury of the theater version, but it can also be seen that this city is the prototype of the future ten-kilometer ship, Tezolo I just moved this city directly.

The speed of the car is very fast, and the muscles of the muscle tortoise are indeed well-deserved. The eight muscle tortoises directly turn the car into an eight-cylinder power car. The speed is definitely not less than 60, and they can't even see the slightest fatigue.

"Everyone, before entering the amusement park, why don't you change your clothes?"

Baccarat directly proposed.

Hearing her words, Luo Yi remembered the screenshot he used to use as wallpaper. It was a screenshot of the nine-man white suit of the Straw Hat Pirate Group.

Luo Yi clearly remembered that the clothes were said to be expensive, and then Luffy and the others chose white prostitution.

Who doesn't prostitute.

"let's go."

With a gorgeous clothing store, a variety of styles, and the seven-figure price of the clothes, Luo Yi was completely worthwhile, so he picked a white suit and put it on.

Men's suits and girls' dresses, except for Leviathan and Slark, are all clothes racks.

Auros and Moritti wore relatively conservative dresses. The top-to-bottom dresses directly covered the knees, and there was nothing that would make the book four and four.

Kunkka also rarely took off his military uniform and put on a dark blue suit with his beard, looking extremely handsome.

Lilai is a pink princess dress, how cute it looks.

"Can these really be booked?"

Lilai had never bought anything like this.

"Of course, everyone is a well-known customer. This is an amusement park. You only need to pay back if you win the money... Yes, you can, you can!"

"Win money? It's luck."

"Of course, this is an amusement park. It takes luck to make money here."

"Luck? That has to be talented."

No one knows better than Luo Yi how bad his luck is.

322. Little Gamble

"This is the amusement park. Various games and amusement facilities are here. Please feel free to ask me if you don't understand. I will show you the way."

"Then let's change chips first"

Before Luo finished speaking, a box was handed up.

"This is 20 million chips. I will lend it to you for the time being. Please don't be polite.

Beside Baccarat, there was a tall man in a suit and sunglasses at some point, with a box in his hand, facing Luo, and they opened it. Inside were blue chips with gold edges, each one was worth. One hundred thousand Baileys.

"Thank you then."

Luo accepted the box unceremoniously and handed it directly to Lilai.

"Hee hee"

Lilai, who has been the housekeeper of the tavern from the beginning, happily took the chips and began to distribute them.

Twenty million chips seem to be a lot, but after everyone has divided three million, only five million Baileys are left in the box.

"Then go and play separately."

"Brother Luo Yi, I'm with you."

Lilai was holding the box, and the chips in it belonged to her and Luo Yi.

Auros and Moritti were holding hands and went to play by themselves like good girlfriends. Auros said that there was no problem with his little apprentice getting close to Luo Yi.

Slark chose to act alone, even if he had left the Dark Reef, he still had vigilance in his heart.

Cuenca and Leviathan

"Kunka, when you lose all your shoes, I will redeem them for you."