Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 196

"Don't worry, I will win a few more shoes and put them in your mouth."

Although the two of them left swearingly, they still walked together. Even when they walked to the side of the gaming table, the two of them kept fighting each other. As for the croupier, they like to see this kind of grudge at the gaming table. Up.

Luo Yi took Lilai around in the amusement park.

On the Chambord Archipelago, Lilai’s favorite place is the Chambord Park, where there are all kinds of nasty play projects. Children are not like adults. They will get bored after experiencing a project.

In their opinion, even playing every day will not get tired.

And the project here is much more exciting and exciting than a playground like Chambord Land Park.

The roller coaster with a height of several hundred meters was slowly climbing to the highest point. Luo Yi and Lilai were sitting in the front row. Lilai grabbed Luo Yi’s hand nervously and felt the temperature from the heart of the hand. For the first time, Lilai didn't hate temperature other than cold.

"Not afraid."

The excitement of the roller coaster can be explained in a scientific way because the brain combines weightlessness and judges that you are "in danger", so you feel afraid, and it is also your own psychological factors.

According to scientific research, only the last row of the roller coaster is the most exciting, because only the last row enjoys the longest and fastest speed of the roller coaster.

Luo Yi sneered at this.

Do you know roller coasters?

When you sit in the front of the car, slowly watching yourself climb to the top, your gaze gradually turns from the sky to the ground, with anticipation and tension in your heart, and you watch the white clouds and slopes that appear in front of you, but they haven't fallen.

Especially, because of tension, you don’t know when you will start to accelerate and fall. This sense of unknownness, and the sudden acceleration, is the essence of the roller coaster. All of this can only be done by sitting in the front of the car. Only then can I truly appreciate it.

Sitting in the last row, you can only experience the uncontrollable tears and saliva when the people in the front row screamed while descending.


With his left hand clasping Luo Yi's right hand tightly, Lilai's right hand firmly grasped the guardrail in front of her, her mouth kept screaming, and her eyes were firmly open.

Are you really scared?

Back on the ground again, Lilai's legs trembled slightly, and she could stand firm only by holding Luo Yi's arm.

However, Lilai's face was flushed, and at first glance it looked like a surge of blood.

"Are you coming?"

"Wait later."

Lilai said it was a little exciting and she needed to take a break first.

"Then let's go and play elsewhere."

After playing for two hours, they didn't even have a line because of the VIP. Luo Yi took Lilai all the way around.

"Brother Luo Yi, that one"

Perhaps it was a transition of excitement. The flush on Lilai's cheek was like blushing, and then she chose a relatively gentle play item.

Two more chips were taken out from their pockets, and they sat on the spinning golden horse.


With the ups and downs of the Golden Horse, Luo Yi and Lilai's figures began to go up and down. Lilai was sitting in front of him. As soon as Luo sat on another golden horse, he looked at her happy appearance and suddenly felt like an old father. Out.

Is this to lead a middle-aged life ahead of time and bring your daughter to the playground for fun?

Touched their pockets, they stopped using the box an hour ago.

Others come here to gamble with chips. Only Luo Yi and Lilai are here to spend. Now Luo has only two chips in his hand.

It costs 100,000 Baileys to play a spinning Golden Horse. It’s like grabbing money. I just sit down and don’t take the Golden Horse away. Besides, you are not pure gold. Luo tapped it lightly. It's actually gilded, and it's still wood. Bah, liar.

"Brother Luo Yi, we"

"Let's make some money first."

Luo Yi stretched out his hand and gently rubbed Lilai's head, interrupting her thinking that she was still thinking about waves.


Seeing Luo's only two chips left in his hand, Lilai also calmed down a bit.

And Bacara, who had been silently observing from a distance, was also relieved, and finally went to gamble. If she didn't go, she didn't know any excuse to invite them into the VIP room.

As for the other people in the Dota Tavern, even if Bacara had already made some tricks, they didn't gamble too much, they were very rational gamblers.

Especially for Cuenca and Leviathan, the two of them are more quarrelsome. In the case of losing or losing, the chips in their hands have changed from three million people to 300,000 each, and the croupier can't help them anymore. .

Then, Luo Yi once again picked his favorite item, roulette.

"Small gambling."

With that said, Luo Yi took out only one chip very "cautiously", and looked at the spinning roulette, directly placing it on the number "1".

God is gambled to be happy.

The croupier and Baccarat complained.

Do you know the probability of winning?How can you put it directly like this.

No, she had to find a way to let Luo Yi win a few times, and after earning money, invite them to the VIP room.

So, Baccarat motioned to the croupier to let Luo Yi win the next hand.

The croupier also responded with his eyes, understand, and do some tricks next.

But when the roulette stops

"There are chips again, let's go play again."

Smashing 35 chips into his pocket, Luo Yi took Lilai's little hand and left the gaming table.

Bakala: Huh?

323. Big gambling hurts the body.

"Mr. Luo Yi, I'm so lucky, don't you continue to play?"

Baccarat approached as if there was nothing wrong, but in fact, she was also shocked.

This person's luck is too good, just betting casually, he can hit directly.

Although the casino outside does not usually cheat, and gamblers are gambling entirely by luck, there has never been such a thing.

However, Baccarat is very happy, especially to see someone as lucky as Luo Yi.

"Come back later, Lilai hasn't had fun yet, but she's a little hungry. Is there any restaurant near here?"

"Um... please come with me."

Baccarat did not continue to ask Luo Yi to gamble. If he said too much, it is easy to doubt. It seems that he has to start with several other people and let them win some more money. To the room.

"please wait for a while."

Luo Yi was about to leave when he saw the turntable that suddenly turned again, put his hand into his pocket, thought for a moment, took out 10 chips from it, and pressed it on top of 17.

"Thank you."

When the turntable stopped, 350 chips were pushed to Luo Yi in front of the croupier with a bewildered look. He asked the croupier for a suitcase, and Luo Yi loaded 150 chips away.

"The 20 million Bailey borrowed will be returned to you first."

Nodded to Bacara, Luo Yi motioned her to lead the way to the restaurant.

Baccarat, who was hit by Luo Yi's luck once again, was stunned for a while before reacting, and hurriedly let people collect those chips and lead the way in front of Luo Yi.

There was still a smile on his face, but Baccarat found that his plan was disrupted.

Luo Yi really caught her by surprise.

He actually paid the debt back so quickly.

Normally, after a gambler wins money, shouldn't he think about winning more money?It's too sensible to think of paying the money first.

In an instant, Baccarat grasped the key to the problem.

Yeah, too sane.

Where is this place? Although it is an amusement park with various entertainment facilities, the places where you play and consume the most are still casinos and ergonomics.

As soon as Luo took a child, it was naturally impossible to go to ergonomics. As for the casino, he barely touched him. He just came over to place two bets and turned 1 chip into 375 chips and paid off 200 chips. loan.

Is it because you are too young?

The thought in Baccarat's mind was fleeting.

Impossible, Bacara has been paying attention to Luo Yi's activities throughout the afternoon. His every move is not like a 17-year-old child, but more like a 37-year-old father taking his daughter out to play. same.

"Old father?"

Baccarat suddenly realized something very important.

Luo Yi, take the child.

I'm really stupid. Look at the whole casino, who takes the kids to the gaming table.

Even Luo Yi made a little at the gambling table when he had no chips to play.

Therefore, Bacara knows where he wants to put his goal.


That murloc.

As the most cautious person in this team, after a whole afternoon of fighting, the three million he held at the gambling table became five million. This was still without any operation.

It's getting dark now, and then it will be the lively time for Guran Tezolo. When the atmosphere becomes lively, I don't believe that they don't make money.

Thinking of the plan in his heart, Baccarat has brought Luo Yi and Lilai into the restaurant.

"I will ask your companions to come over."

Asked for a box, Baccarat said.

"No, Miss Baccarat also sit down, they are already here."

On the way here, Luo Yi had already notified several people about the meal on the system interface, followed the small map and found Luo Yi without even asking.

The smile on Baccarat's face has never stopped, but there are a lot of incomprehensions in her heart.

I didn't see Luo Yi and Lilai contact other people, how did they find it?

Can't understand, really can't understand.

Although he has only been with Tezolo for less than two years, Baccarat has also seen countless guests, but there has never been a guest like Luo Yi and the others.

"You... can actually buy so many things."

Seeing two tall men in suits pushing two small carts behind Auroth and Mortiti, Luo Yi was speechless.

The bargaining chip of the relationship has been changed by you, but the things here are so expensive, it should not be enough.

"There was a game of throwing darts just now, and Moritti won a lot."

As soon as Auros sat down, he took out the small notebook, and answered Luo Yi's words along the way. The scene of the dart throwing just now, remembered another article.

"Then...you will eat more later."

Seeing that Kunca and Leviathan seemed to have gained nothing, Luo Yi didn't know what to say.

"Slak... how many fish do you want?"

When Slark arrived, there was a small bag hanging on his body, and the chips in it creaked because of his walking, and he knew that he had won a lot.

At the dinner table, Bacara didn't have a lot of things, elegantly holding a knife and fork to eat the food, listening to Luo Yi and the others chatting, wanted to collect some information, but didn't expect it, just some homework.

But one thing is certain is that these people are too good at eating.

Even for the little girl Lilai, she had the most appetite for ten herself, chewing quickly, eating fast or slow, but her movements were not that rude.

As for the woman named Auros, eating is not that simple, she is like a beast all the time, and she eats better than the two murlocs.

"Bill, please."

"Chenghui 30 million Bailey."


Seeing the boss walking by rubbing his hands, Luo Yi knew that he had eaten a lot and was eating well, but he didn't expect it to be so expensive.

Opening the bill, the bill rolled into a ball, grabbed one end of Luo's hand and the other directly rolled to the ground, dragging a distance of seven or eight meters.