Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 197


"wait for me."

With that said, let Lilai and the others wait here first, and Luo Yi walked directly outside.

He shook his head as he walked, still talking.

"A big bet hurts you."

Baccarat negotiated a few words with the boss, asked the boss to entertain the distinguished guests, and he followed Luo out.

Then, I saw Luo Yi returned to the gaming table again, still in the same position as before, still behaving the same.

When the roulette wheel turned, Luo Yi directly took out the chips from the table.

"Press 27."

The croupier carefully picked up a handkerchief and wiped the sweat coming out of his forehead, watching the turntable stopped, and it really stopped at the 27th position, looking at Baccarat nervously.

324. Are you surprised?Was it unexpected?

Baccarat is struggling now.

With one hand, Luo won 4,725 chips, or 472.5 million Baileys.

After winning so much, should I invite him to the VIP room?

In the name of becoming a billionaire, please don't move him. According to the statistics of people familiar with the matter, the monthly turnover of the Dota Tavern is about 100 million yuan. Although the cost is not known, the net profit is definitely not low.

Coupled with the income of the Dota Chamber of Commerce over the past two years, Luo has not been a simple billionaire early on, maybe it is close to ten billion.

Although not as strong as Tezolo’s golden fruit, Luo Yi’s rate of earning money in ten years is comparable to Tezolo’s current one year’s income, and once Tezolo’s sea entertainment venue is completed, he will earn Only more.

But now, she was wondering whether she should invite Luo Yi and them to the VIP room.

Is there anything here that can impress them?

If you have to say yes, it seems that there is really, but this matter will only be heard above.

A man in a suit was called, and Baccarat murmured a few words.

"Miss Baccarat, if there is still something to do, you can leave us alone."

"It's okay. I'm just asking about the personnel in the VIP room. After all, it's dark now, and the number of people in Gurantezolo will slowly increase. Then there may be crowded people. Do you want to experience it in the VIP room? ?"

Luo Yi's initiative to speak up allowed Baccarat to find a breakthrough and directly invited.

Here comes the topic.

Luo suddenly became more energetic.

In the last one, he directly blocked a big head and directly transferred 400 million Baileys. Even if Tezolo has a lot of money, he will pay attention to it in the end.

His money did not come from the wind, it was scammed, burned, and looted. There was basically no clean money.

His so-called industries are basically pornography, gambling, and drugs, and then use the money to collude with the world government and the underground world, and eat everything in black and white.

Therefore, 400 million is not a small amount of money, let alone the winner.

"Since there is a VIP room, I should enjoy the VIP treatment."

Luo Yi directly agreed, really like a tourist coming to play.

"this way please."

After clapping his hands, a tortoise car drove over immediately, carrying Luo Yiqi and driving towards the center of the city.

"VIP room, right in the middle of the city, one of the few seven-star hotels in the world, among the golden hotels"

While driving, Bacara also introduced the situation of the VIP room, the high risk, high return, where countless billionaires were born, but secretly rejoiced in his heart, waiting for the meeting is the beginning of Luo Yi and their failure.

In this regard, Luo Yi said that he was a billionaire, and at the same time he began to wonder whether he would try Baccarat's fruit ability after a while, and how much he would be more appropriate.

But on the surface, both sides maintained a very harmonious scene, as the car drove towards the hotel.

Entering the exclusive elevator, Baccarat took out a card from an indescribable position on his body, swiped it on the elevator, and the button representing VIP suddenly lit up.

The elevator started to rise, and it took a full two minutes to reach the hundreds of stories above.

The elevator door slowly opened, and a huge head appeared in front of everyone.

Everyone knows the two-headed body, but in this world, Luo Yi knows only this one.

Wearing a black-and-white security uniform, his tie is a green bow, his hands behind his back, he seems to want to behave like a gentleman, but it looks very funny.

"Welcome, Xilululu"

Putting his right hand on his chest, he bowed slightly, but he laughed very badly.

"He is the security officer of this amusement park, Mr. Tanaka."

Baccarat introduced.

"Guests, please."

Luo Yi discovered that the current VIP room does not directly make the door into a wall like in the original book, and Mr. Tanaka has not yet gotten the fruit.

If according to the development in the original book, he should have obtained the fruiting ability, then it is very likely that Ackerman failed and died in the execution of the mission in the past few years, and the fruit of wearing wear appeared again and was acquired by Tezolo. .

But now, Ackerman is still opposite his tavern, without any intention to leave, it is estimated that he will live well by then.

Entering the VIP room is completely different from the outside.

The huge space is divided into upper and lower floors. The upper floor is a resting place. Many people sit here and talk and laugh, but most of them are people dressed like ladies.

And the lower level is where the real gambling is. The way of gambling is very simple, just betting on odds and doubles.

"Simplify the complexity, the odd and even game is not only direct, but also fast."

Luo Yi touched his chin and concluded.

"That's it."

Baccarat came up from behind and took Luo Yi's words.

"Then let me come."

Luo geared up for a big fight.

"We'll wait for you at the top, please ask for two glasses of orange juice and a glass of milk."

Auros took Lilai, and together with Moritti, found a seat upstairs and sat down, ready to watch the show, Slark took his chips and found a place to sit down.

Cuenca and Leviathan took some chips from Luo's hand and divided them into opposite sides of the gaming table. It is estimated that two of them will start again.

"It's going to start."

The door on the other side opened, and a big man with a height of at least four meters walked out from it. His body looked extremely strong, with developed muscles, clothes on his body, and protective gear on the back of his hand. There are 1 to 6 points for the dice.

A huge sieve cup with a height of ten meters and two dice with a height of three meters were also taken up.

Days, the dealer in the VIP room.

He has no skill in throwing dice. He grabbed a dice with one hand and threw it directly into the sky, holding a huge sieve cup soaring into the sky, loading the dice in, and landing heavily, throwing up a large amount of dust.

From beginning to end, without shaking.


With 100 million Bailey's bargaining chip, Luo Yi directly pressed on the odd number.

"Little brother is so courageous, I'll buy a pair."

A short man with a white hat, green hair and orange sunglasses sat down beside Luo Yi.

After everyone bought it, Dess grabbed a huge axe into the sky, spinning it fast in the air, and smashed it with his head against the sieve cup.

"Crack, click, click, click, bang"

From cracking to exploding, the sieve cup took a total of one second.


Dess flushed and shuddered, just like the second master shuddered on the spring 30 mothers back then. It was a pervert.

"Two, three, single."

Two hundred million won, it was faster than grabbing money.

However, this unique way of opening the sieve cup is completely insignificant.

"Mr. Luo Yi is really amazing, I admire Bakara very much."

With that said, Baccarat put his hand on his shoulder behind Luo Yi, as if he was attracted by his beauty.

"Then continue."

Seeing that the huge sieve cup was lifted up again, Luo Yi had to admire the unique way Tezolo spent his money.

"Still single."

This time, Luo Yi pushed up the 200 million chips he had just won.

After Luo Yi's goodbye, the corners of Baccarat's mouth rose again, as if the trick was successful.


The sieve cup shattered.

"Two, five, single."

The 400 million chips were pushed to Luo Yi.

"Are you surprised? Was it unexpected? I was right again."

At Baccarat, Luo Yi's face was filled with a 24-word mantra smile.

325. Stuffed teeth

Baccarat's ability is very interesting.

People who are touched by her, luck will be absorbed by her, and then continue to encounter bad luck.

As for Bacara, who has obtained the luck of the other party, everyone around her will become unlucky before the luck is used up.

For example, if someone shoots at her, someone will step on something like banana peel and suddenly slide in front of her to block the gun for her.

It can be said that when Bacara has absorbed enough luck, it is almost invincible.

Just like in the previous life, when Luo Yi saw someone holding the nine superpowers of the Women's Federation, strength, immortality, precision, invisibility, speed, flame, regeneration, wealth, and luck, when he asked which one you want to choose.

Luo Yi chose to follow the network cable to kill the questioner.

As long as there is one who says it is true, his life will not be so daily.

As for the ability of Baccarat to use fruit on himself, Luo Yi also discovered.

"Unlucky luck: people with this status are usually unlucky."

Luo smiled, as if he was lucky.

However, this state is also very powerful, and it is actually impossible to dispel. The power of purification in Luo Yi has no effect on this state.

Luo Yi probably understands that if luck is compared to a glass of water, then Baccarat’s ability is to pour this glass of water from your glass into her glass. After she runs out, the water in your glass will slow down. Slowly recover.

If you can't disperse it, you can't disperse it. Anyway, you don't have much luck, and it's useless to take it.

As for the luck of betting?

The probability of 100 wins, if you can use bad luck to make me lose, I can only say that your behavior is too penguin.

But Luo Yi still underestimated the fruiting ability of Penguin Bacara.

When Dess threw the sieve cup up again, Luo Yi saw and heard the domineering unfolding and saw the numbers in the sieve cup.


400 million chips were pushed out again.

It's just that Luo Yi suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart at the moment when he decided to leave his hand.

Seeing and hearing color domineering unfolded again.

I saw exactly the same scene as before, but it was even better in the follow-up.