Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 206

I thought they were two small characters, but I didn't expect that the woman holding the bow could easily crack her own Sha Lan. Even if Sha Lan was just a simple use of his abilities, the amount of Salon volume could be considered a natural power.

The previous Watt was able to control the power of water, which happened to restrain each other with his rustle fruit ability, but now, this girl who uses the bow and arrow is actually so powerful, what is the situation of this Dota Tavern?

For some reason, Krokdal suddenly felt that facing the Dota Tavern, he felt like facing the pirates of the new world.

"One Piece's position is mine, as long as I get Pluto"

At this moment, Klockdal's obsession rose again.

As a loser, although in the eyes of others, it looks like a beautiful Qiwu Sea, only he knows that he has failed and lost very thoroughly.

"Desert Knife"

"Desert King Kong Knife"

"Desert Sword"

Krokodall became fierce.

At this moment, he forgot the strong expectation that he wanted to defeat the white beard. He only knew in his heart that his plan was interrupted. Everything he did to get Pluto needed to be renewed because of the Dota Chamber of Commerce. Come again.

Years of planning, I originally wanted to take advantage of the drought to snatch the country of Alabastan, but my fake self, now I am actually doing greening in Alabastan, and it seems to be very impressive. In less than half a year, I actually did it. When a river comes out, all it flows is fresh water.

"Power Strike"

The bow and arrow attack is very monotonous, that is, shooting, constantly shooting, and shooting hard.

A powerful blow is worthy of his name. No matter what trick Krokdal uses, Feng Xing will crack it with one arrow.

In the face of the strong wind, even if the sand wants to go to the sky, it has to intervene first.

Feng Xing has no other talents, it just gets the close attention of Nature Wind.

If the ability of the Morphing Elf is just enough to restrain Krokdal, then the prevailing wind is the mastermind of controlling the sand.


Just when Feng Xing was shooting right, Razzle's voice came from his ear, and the wind in his ear told himself that it was dangerous.

A whirlwind surrounded him, and Fengxing immediately ran to the side.


Unsurprisingly, an emerald green bottle was directly thrown into the crowd by Razzle's ogre. The green liquid splashed all over, not only polluting the land, but even the air.

The agents who had just gathered together to help Krokdal attack Feng Xing immediately covered their mouths and noses, and jumped under their feet.

"What is this? Even my candle can melt."

Mr.3, who was originally confident, watched the shoes and shields he made with candles quickly melted away, and suddenly exclaimed.

Acid spray: Using the ancestral chemistry knowledge of the Black Brew family, Razzell formulated a strong acid that can dissolve the hardest metals.

338. Let's go to sea together

"I suddenly had an idea."

At this time, looking at the agents who were trying their best to resist the acid eroding themselves and quickly escaping from the area covered by the acid, Feng Xing bent his bow and set his arrows again and spoke.

"what idea?"

Razzil took out a bottle of chemical rage potion, ready to let the ogre drink it at any time.

"The strength of these people is not bad, they seem to be partners in sailing."

This popular proposal surprised Razzle.

Although he had just arrived in this world not long ago, Luo Yi still told him about the distribution of power in the entire world.

Like Klockdal, Razzle still knows that this is Qiwuhai.

"You are really a windy woman."

Razzle felt that he couldn't find other adjectives to evaluate the popularity.

"Thank you for your compliment."

Feng Xing's eyes narrowed with a smile.

"Do you really think so?"

Razzle confirmed once again, this is no small matter, mainly the two of them have already experienced the difficulty of going to sea, if the people with them are not aligned, it would be bad.

"Don't you just blow them up, just apologize to them."

Feng Xing pointed to Razzle's potion bottle and said.


What Luo said before going out, did you catch your ears?

Razzell's IQ is very high, otherwise it would be impossible to study alchemy.

But he now feels that he might have made a big mistake by choosing to go out with Fengxing.

Who is Krokdal? It is the person who was transformed by the Morphling Elf who was also summoned as us. They robbed Krokdal's Qiwuhai position, so that he dare not show up easily now. It can be said that the two sides have a big festival. Up.

I did blow them up just now, but it was just an accident, it was really an accident. There can be no accidents when doing experiments. I don't have to first understand the effects of various substances in this world.

Razzell thought so.

"I'll ask, maybe they have a good temper."

Wait, just ask, what do you do with your bow?


An arrow, with a strong wind, once again tied Klockdal and the truly loyal Mr.1.

"Hey, can you stop the fight?"

Fengxing shouted at Krokdal.

Regarding her words, the agents of the Baroque Work Agency did not stop, they were constantly looking for opportunities to defeat Fengxing and Razzell.

Miss. Merry Christmas took advantage of this opportunity to hit a hole in the ground and jumped in with her partner Mr.4.

Mr.5 also picked up his pistol and was blowing into the gun. As a person with the ability to explode fruits, his breath would explode.

Mr.5’s partner, Miss. Valentine’s Day, is a light-hearted fruit capable person who can change his weight. At this time, he has reduced his weight to a feather and floated directly into the sky.

The remaining agents were hanging from a distance. They were afraid that they would be killed if they got close. Fortunately, they didn’t follow too close. Otherwise, the sour bite just now would have killed them half of their lives. Failure to keep up with the speed of the troops ahead is the main reason.

"What do you want to do?"

Krokdahl raised his right hand and told his men to stop attacking first.

In fact, it was also helpless. Although the pursuit lasted less than two minutes, Krokdal could already be sure that his men had nothing to do with the opponent.

It was this group of girls with bows who were all wretched. They were not injured in the kite-flying style at present, and it was all because the other party hadn't attacked them.

"I'm going to sail, you can be my crew."

Feng Xing said very sincerely, and Razer directly pulled the hat on his head, blocking his eyes, and couldn't bear to look directly.

Why are you so innocent? You just shot someone several times, and it's strange if they didn't kill you. How did this girl grow up so big and still be safe.

Razzell remembered that at the beginning, he just failed using alchemy. Instead of turning a mountain into gold, he exploded the mountain and ended up in jail. If it weren’t for his own mouth, he would kill the later ogre. If the inmates persuaded him, he would no longer be in this world.

"If this is the case, I think we can have a good talk."


Seeing Krokdal lowering the golden hook of his left hand and putting on a friendly appearance, Razzell suddenly felt that there was a problem with the world.

You have been treated like this, how can you talk about it?There is a conspiracy, there is definitely a conspiracy.

After taking a look at Fengxing, Razzle found his position in an instant. Even if this time out to sea is the wind, he must make the most correct decision when necessary, and think of a way to force Fengxing to submit.

"Really? But Luo Yi said before, there seems to be an enmity between him and you."

Feng Xing asked with his right hand against his chin, tilting his head.

Do you know that?

Razzell wanted to know if there was any precious alchemy material in Feng Xing's mind.

"What a hatred, I have to thank him."

Klockdal suddenly had an immature plan in his heart, but he had to see what the girl wanted to do before he could decide whether the plan was necessary.

"Look, I'll just apologize to solve it."

No, no, we haven't apologized yet.

Seeing Feng Xing's self-releasing appearance, Razzel suddenly felt that the gentle girl he had seen in the tavern was actually pretending.

"Mr.3, prepare the place."

Seeing that the restraint on his body disappeared, Krokdahl directly lit a cigar and ordered.

"Yes, BOSS."

Although I don't know what Krokdal wanted to do, Mr.3 still made it.

A simple long table, Krokdal has a stool on one side, and Fengxing has two on their side, and there is a large umbrella on it, which can block the hot sun.

Feng Xing hunched his back and sat down happily.

Seeing Fengxing without any hesitation, Klockdal suddenly felt that the other party was really sincere, otherwise anyone who would dare to sit on something made by a capable person so casually would be made by the enemy.

"First of all, we apologize for the explosion just now."

Feng Xing first bowed his head to admit his mistake. It was also at this time that the talents of the Baroque Job Club saw that the other person they had been chasing was actually two people. Razzle sitting on the head of an ogre was really too short. Didn't notice, thought it was a hat.

"It's okay, I didn't take it seriously."

Krokdal spit out a cigarette and smiled. I can't kill you at such a close distance.

On the other hand, Razzle secretly took out a bottle of potion. His actions were not big and did not arouse other people's suspicion. The main reason was that he saw the other side open his eyes and chased us for two kilometers without paying attention.

"I want to go to sea, and I am looking for a partner. Your strength is good, and you should not die on the great route, how about it? Would you like to think about it? Let's go to sea together."

Feng Xing believed Klockdal's words very much, and directly stated his purpose.

"So you want to talk to us about cooperation? Do you know who we are? How dare to say such things."

Although it was really embarrassing to be unable to catch up with someone just now, and to be held in place by someone else, it did not prevent Klockdal from speaking harshly.

339. Our goal is

Luo Yi now deeply felt the headache of the Warring States Period.

He was called by Fengxing.

When he was practicing domineering singing in the tavern, he was suddenly interrupted by Ding Dong.

Especially when he saw Krokdal sitting across from Fengxing through the vision provided by Fengxing, his entire head was big.

He saw that Krokdal was not just a person, even Mr.1 and Mr.3 who were caught by Leonard before were actually here.

Had it not been for Fengxing's high attributes, strong strength, and the alchemist's presence, Luo Yi wouldn't fly over.

As for his flight, after a glimmer of envy flashed in Klockdal's eyes, he was deeply hidden again.

He knows the terrifying ability of this kind of ability, especially in the war, can directly cut into the battlefield in just a few seconds, if the person who defeated Kaido before appears, it can even affect the entire battle.

Krokdal made it clear that he was greedy for his abilities.

"Good noon."

so awkward.

Before that, he and the water man had beaten Klockdal together, and almost never killed him. If he hadn't run fast, the water man would definitely not be merciful.

"Thanks to you, my reputation is very good now."

Krokdal didn't mean anything hypocritical, and even handed Luo a cigar himself.

Shaking his head, he refused Krokodall’s invitation to get lung cancer together. Luo glanced at Feng Xing, then saw the helpless Razzle, and had no idea what was going on, trying to gnaw on the candle stool. Human demon.

"Everyone is responsible for doing good and accumulating virtue."

Luo Yi responded like this.