Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 207

"What's the situation now? Are you looking for partners to sail together?"

Luo Yi said that what he knew should be like this. Why did you sit down with Krokdal?Could it be that One Piece failed to invite the wedding banquet?

"This is the partner I am looking for."

Razzle slapped his forehead directly. This baby had a strange idea and it was none of his own business.


Luo turned his head and looked at Krokdal.

"Bah, this girl, this man is not a good person."

Even if Lao Sha's popularity in the comics is not low, it is also because in the Top War chapter, Lao Sha helped Luffy escape from Propulsion City and even saved Luffy on the battlefield.

In all fairness, this product is really not a good thing. He became Qiwuhai when he was in his 20s. One can imagine how many lives are on Lao Sha's hands.

"Am I a good person, and what does it matter whether I can sail with Larry Lei?"

Klockdal didn't mind Luo's evaluation of him.

"Look, he himself said that he is not a good person. You are in the same boat with him, and you may suffer someday."

Luo Yi only realized now that Feng Xing was so naive.

Hearing Luo Yi's persuasion, Feng Xing pursed his mouth, seemingly unhappy.

"You think, they are all wanted by the government. If you are in the same boat with them, you will be wanted by the government at that time. All the navy will hit you when they see you, and you won’t even sleep well at night. The day you want."

Luo explained at the beginning that although Feng Xing was a little dissatisfied, he listened to it and prepared to give up the idea.

"If this is your worry, I don't think it is necessary."

Klockdal took the call at this moment.

"Although Luo Yi you and I had some conflicts before, but after leaving Alabastan, I thought about it carefully. In fact, it is a good choice to engage in greening in such a desert country. According to my current performance, it must be in Alabastan. Bastan’s reputation is already comparable to that of a king."

Krokdal used to be a hero of Alabastan to gain popular support, but he never thought of doing something that would benefit the people. This seemed to be more conducive for him to master a country in the future.

Therefore, failure is not terrible. The terrible thing is that there is no summary after failure. If this is the case, failure will have no meaning.

"So what? I simply don't want to team up with you."

Luo Yi put his arms around his chest, looking like he hadn't discussed it.

"I can make a deal with you. I only want one thing hidden in Alabastan. If you want, we will assist them in navigating the sea for nothing, as long as you help me get that thing. "

Of course, before that, you have to find a talented person.

"What you want is not in Alabastan, and even if you find it, you won't understand it."

Luo Yi refused again, and even gave the reason why Krokdal was surprised.

Before today, Krokdal had never told anyone about Pluto, even if it was Pluto's information, he got it from a special channel, so why did Luo Yi say that what he was looking for was not in Alabastan?

Also, what exactly did he know, he would actually say he didn't understand.

If it’s other things, Krokdal might not take it to heart, but it’s about the whereabouts of Pluto. What Krokdal is looking for is the historical text that records Pluto. The ancient text recorded on it, only one person in this world can understand.

"Do you know what I'm looking for?"

Krokdal's face was black, and it looked like a zombie's face this time.

If Luo Yi knows what he is looking for, then it is a real threat. If Luo Yi publicizes the matter, the world government will put him on a dangerous list even if it has not been confirmed. It is possible to find someone to handle it yourself.

How to avoid danger?Just kill the danger in the cradle.

In the same way, the world government has no intention to prevent the birth of One Piece, otherwise, it only needs to set up the naval base at the entrance of the great route, Mount Levi.

All the newcomer pirates made them cool when they entered the great sea route. As for the pirates who are now in the new world, it will not be many years before they die of the New Year, the fight, the money, and the desire. , Still need the Navy to do it?joke.

All those who joined the Qiwu Sea, even the wayward fellow of the Pirate Empress, each had their own thinking and judgment on the world situation.

Klockdal only felt that he had lost the initiative now.

"Can I really team up with them?"

Fengxing carefully lowered his voice in Luo Yi's ear.

"When you sail, you won't fly the Pirate Flag, and these people have impure motives. If you want to find a partner, you need at least the other person to have a common goal like you in order to support each other."

"Then I just make them consistent with my goals."

"You have to pick them?"

"Then you can't choose too weak, otherwise, what should I do if my partner is dead before sailing to the tavern?"

"How dangerous do you want to go? If you want, I won't interfere with your decision, just remind you to be careful."

"Yeah, great!"

Feng Xing jumped up from the chair happily, and turned his head again to look at Klockdal.

"Becoming my partner, our goal is One Piece!"

Luo Yi: oД!

340. The first stop of the adventure

Luo Yi felt that what he needed now was a disclaimer.

Because Fengxing is directing these people to draw the Pirate Flag.

What pirate flag, are you going to sea to rob?Now both the government and the navy know that you are a member of my Dota Tavern. You run out to be a pirate. You think I am Karp. My son is a revolutionary army and my grandson is a Pirate King. You even raise children for the former One Pirate King. , And then he can sit firmly in the position of lieutenant admiral?

However, Luo Yi also said that she would not interfere with her decision. Then, what happened in the end should be borne by herself. Now, unlike the beginning, Luo Yi knows that he has established a firm foothold in this world. Except for the unknown king, there is basically nothing terrifying about their tavern.

And all this was achieved in less than three years.

Sure enough, krypton gold can become stronger.

"Use green ones there."

Fengxing's left hand is akimbo, and his right finger is on the Pirate Flag. It replaces two bones. It is decorated with bows and arrows. On the neck of the skull, there is also a green cloak scarf, which is a cloak that has been draped on the body according to Fengxing. Drawn.

It took one hour to make the Pirate Banner.

During this period, Luo Yi kept thinking about Klockdal's ideas.

He let his subordinates follow Fengxing to sail, and called her the BOSS, there must be some plan, especially when he clearly stated that he was planning the Hades.

So, what exactly is it?

Turn the world's attention to Feng Xing?Make everyone think that she is the boss behind the Baroque Job Club?

Luo Yi thinks that no one believes it, especially since this society is really weak, so weak that they dare not waver in the first half of the great route.

"Boss, the Pirate Flag is drawn, where is our ship?"

Mr.3, as a loyal dogleg, is performing the tasks assigned to them by the perfect performer Krokdal.

Isn’t it just calling someone else’s BOSS and then going out to sea? They usually do their own captains. Then they just need to drive the boat and follow them. If there is a battle, it’s good to go to work.

Others have the same ideas as Mr.3, but on the surface, they are not as perfect as him.

"It would be nice if Miss. Golden Week, she painted well and fast"

Mr.3 held the pirate flag that was painted with great difficulty, and couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

When he was arrested before, it was fortunate that Miss. Golden Week went to buy tea, otherwise he would go to jail with him.

However, I learned from Mr.1 that he was caught during the Golden Week to deal with the traitor Miss. This is a bit embarrassing, so it's better not to mention it in front of them.

"BOSS, IMHO, our Pirate Ship is a bit"

Following Fengxing and they came to the beach, Luo Yi was also a little curious. After going out to sea for half a month, Fengxing had built a boat for them and built a shrine for them by the way.


"What on earth do you use to sail on the sea? Will?"

Looking at the small sailing boat in front of us, there were pits and pits, as if it had been bombarded by artillery shells. This area of ​​the East China Sea was relatively calm, and it was probably sunk directly when it was put on the great route.

"Those are all experiments done by Razzle."

Feng Xing tried his best, and Razer was also a little embarrassed.

He has done experiments on ships before, basically in his family's laboratory, where there are special protective measures, explosions, etc., don't worry at all.

"Then you usually sail, there are only two or three people?"

In an instant, Luo almost counted Razzle and the ogre as one person again.

"Yeah, things are all done by ogres. Although he eats a lot, he still has enough energy and does not need to be cleaned. Anyway, Razzell can mess up the whole ship in half a day."

Fengxing put his arms around his chest, and was a little happy and complaining.

"Go back and buy a boat. This kind of boat can't sail on great sea routes. You buy a transitional boat first. I will go to the Capital of Seven Waters to order one for you."

Luo didn’t know what to say. He originally gave Fengxing them 300 million Bailey’s start-up capital. It’s not a problem at all to buy a good ship, but they might have considered that after Razzle got on the ship, the ship was also It has become a consumable, so there is no good boat to buy, and with a small number of people, large boats can't move.

But it's different now.

The Baroque Work Club is not just the spy in front of you. Except for the inauspicious combination, everyone has a pirate group of their own, and there are at least 50 people under them.

And for them, just a few boatmen are enough.

"Mr.3, go to Razzell's room and use your fruit power to repair the wall, make it thicker and blast proof."

"Okay, BOSS's BOSS."

Mr.3 immediately stood up straight.

It was because of Luo Yi that he was arrested.

Seeing Luo Yi now, he was still a little nervous, not for anything else, just for the news that the Dota Tavern had killed Kaido before, even the people in the prison knew it, it was enough to shock him.

Even when he was in prison, Mr.3 was fortunate that he met the navy, otherwise it was still a big question whether he could survive.

"Very well, hang up the flag and we set off."

Feng Xing's right hand is akimbo, and he waved his small hand, looking like he can't wait.

Luo Yi waited until Feng Xing and the others went out to sea, before flying back to the tavern with Klockdal's smirking expression.

The altar will come again later, and now this ship will be eliminated on the next island.

Fengxing is very proud now.

Compared to Razzell's idea of ​​going out to find materials, she simply likes to take risks and yearns for freedom.

Standing at the bow of the ship, Fengxing looked at the map and pointed straight ahead.

She will not get lost, the wind will tell her the direction, and she doesn't even need a compass.

Feeling the breeze blowing on her face, Feng Xing took a deep breath, like a divine help, a strong wind blew, driving the ship she was on board, and three other ships that also had Pirate flags, namely Mr.1 and Mr. 2. The ship of Mr.3, move forward quickly together.

The nearest island here is a bustling town, where Feng Xing is going to change to a decent boat.


A muffled noise came from the cabin, and thick black smoke came out of the windows. Feng Xing expressed his satisfaction. Among the group of people he found, one who can make candles is really powerful. When the new ship comes, let him continue. Put candles in Razzle's laboratory, and the new ship should not be broken.

"Boss, see the island."

After sailing for a day, the sea breeze kept roaring all the way, shortening the original three-day journey. On the observation deck, a crew member yelled and shot out an arrow in a "swish" manner. The arrow was still shaking on the target. She turned into a gust of wind and came to the bow.

"The first stop of the adventure, Orange Town."

Pulling his cloak, Fengxing took a strong breath of salty and wet sea breeze.

"Huh, why is there a circus over there?"

341. Pirate Invasion

Orange Town.

It is a prosperous town.

More than 30 years ago, this was originally a wasteland, a wasteland after the city was destroyed by pirates.

But under the organization of Bhutuolu, the townspeople continued to work hard to open up wasteland, farm, fish, and build, and a small town developed slowly.

Now, the streets of Orange Town are flat roads paved with flagstones. The houses are two-storey huts. Although they are not large, they were very neat and cozy when they were built. It has become a small harbor with a certain scale. town.