Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 208

And Bhutto Road, who organized the people to rebuild the town, also became the mayor of this town.

The Orange Town is backed by the mountains. One side of the town is a port. There are a large number of ships docked here. Many ships do trade here. Although there are no special products, it is still necessary to exchange materials and buy food. .

"Sales are not so good, business is really difficult!"

At the door of a pet food store in the town, a person and a dog were sitting at the door, watching the people coming and going on the street, but no one came to his shop to buy things, and couldn't help sighing.


This is a gray puppy with a shoehorn face, calling out to his owner as if comforting.

"Hokka, can't you sell it? Okay, then sell it to me."

"Hahahaha! Mayor, maybe you started eating dog food because you look like a dog!"


"Idiot, I just sympathize with you!"

Bhutolo’s appearance is indeed somewhat interesting, especially his hairstyle, which is like two big ears of a poodle.

Warm daily life, constantly happening on the streets of this city, looks like a nice town.

"Lazar, do you want to buy some pet food for the ogres?"

"He... eats meat."

"Occasionally, I have to eat some biscuits for balanced nutrition."

"It seems... there is a little reason to start

As the object of discussion, the ogre stretched out his hand and scratched his head. Although he didn't understand what they were talking about, it seemed to be related to eating.

"Let's see if he can eat it first."

Razzle thought for a while, then made a decision.

Not only that, but Razzle also wants to learn about the various foods in this world, maybe there are ingredients that he needs in them.

Can not let go of any possibility, this is his habit as an alchemist, as a black brew family.

But Bhuttolu also noticed the popularity of them. This is someone from outside the town. It seems that a boat has landed again, but I don't know who is here, so I should pay attention.

Ok?Came over here.

"Hello, can you help me see if there is any food he likes."

Jumping from the ogre, Razzell, who was less than half a meter tall, appeared very conspicuous.

"This person... is not a pet."

Heka is also a member of the construction of the town. After more than 30 years of erosion, he is a little old. Looking at the ogre behind Razzil, it is a bit embarrassing.

I have never seen this kind of pets. Although they are very strange, taller, stronger, and more...yellow than ordinary people, they are all individuals. Are you sure you can eat pet food?

Not to mention Hokka, who sells pet food, even Bhutto, who looks like a dog, thinks whether these people have a bad brain.

"Eat it? I want it."

The ogre patted his stomach, he felt hungry.

"Don't worry, he is my pet."

Razzell has a clear status for the identity of the ogre.

For this race that can even eat raw, pet food is simply a gluttonous feast. Even the fish that this fish usually catches are simply grilled or blanched and eaten. This is still under their strong control. Just eat cooked food.

"This one……"

Heka was a little embarrassed.


"It's really fragrant."


"Can you give me a taste?"


Hoka's pet and the ogre talked for a while, and he ran into the food store, turned around and came out with a bag of pet food in his mouth, and placed it in front of the ogre.


Before Hokka had time to stop, the ogre had already picked up the food and threw the entire package into his mouth.

"Kacha", "Kacha", "Kacha"

The sound of chewing came from the ogre's mouth.

"Spit it out, it's going to die!"

Hokka was excited.

This is dog food. If you just eat the biscuits in it, you can eat it with the package. Who can stand it?

Moreover, this dog food is not just something in the store, but also given to him by his pet. It is really eaten to death. It will be spread out later. Who else would dare to buy something in his pet food store?

Needless to say, they are already living in a difficult situation, and it is estimated that they will have to compensate a lot of money.


"good to eat."

The ogre made an evaluation of the food he tasted.

"Just that kind of food, 500 servings first."

Seeing that the ogre liked it, Razzel directly asked Heka to stock up.

"Dead...dead... uh... what?"

Seeing the ogre swallowing all the dog food, Horka's heart was desperate, and even when he heard Razzle's words, he didn't react.

"You ate plastic...are you really okay?"

With that, Heka circled the ogre a few times, trying to see the abnormality from the opponent.

"Hehe, if I were you, I wouldn't be around an ogre. Do you know how delicious the roasted chicken legs are when they are around you?"

Feng Xing suddenly laughed aside.


Heka and Butuolu shouted loudly, and instantly retreated to the pet food store, slumped on the windowsill, carefully looking at the thick and teasing ogre.

"Don't worry, he has stopped eating people after my medicine."

Razzle didn't know when he appeared behind them, and he explained.

"It turned out to be so."

Hoka and Bhuttolu breathed a sigh of relief... blame.

That's an ogre.

No, how can you let the ogres stray in the town? You have to chase them away quickly.

This idea suddenly came to Bhuttolu's mind.

Just before he could act, there was a commotion in the town.

"Not good, the pirate is here."

"The pirate has landed!"


Bhuttolu jumped up from the ground "suddenly".

The pirates invaded, he couldn't hide here.

It doesn't matter if that ogre is real or not.

The top priority is to drive the pirates out of this small town and protect this small town that they have worked so hard to build up for most of their lives.

In Feng Xing's surprised eyes, these townspeople rushed to the coast with hoe, spear, long knife and other weapons.

They were greeted by dark shells.

342. Worthy of being Captain Bucky

"Hurry up and take the wounded away and take out all the guns."

"That's the Bucky Pirates, the big pirates offering a reward of 15 million Baileys."

"Come on, everyone, we must keep the town."

"Mayor, there are several pirate ships approaching on the other side of the coast. I don't know what pirate group it is."

"Damn, none of these pirates can die easily."

The battle in Orange Town has begun in full swing.

The Bucky Pirates is powerful. Although there is only one ship with less than a hundred people on board, it has sufficient ammunition. Just firing on the coast has caused many casualties.

Feng Xing had jumped onto the roof of the house in Orange Town, looking out at the fighting that was taking place from a distance.

"Twee bang"

One after another, shells fired from the cannon in the bow of the ship, bombarding the originally peaceful town.

The townspeople, regardless of men and women, as long as they are young people, all took up weapons, including a few long spears, but they attacked as far away as a cannonball, and it was just a waste of bullets.

"Old people and children are coming here."

An old man who seems to be about the same age as the mayor of Bottolu is doing command and guiding the townspeople to the shelter. It can be seen that the old man has a lot of prestige in the town, and everyone is very respectful. Lined up in an orderly manner, no stampede incident occurred.

Fengxing recognized that it was Polo, the owner of the small-town bookstore. When she first went to the island, she went to the bookstore with Razzle and bought a lot of books.

"This group of pirates is very powerful. After they get to the shore, this town will basically fall."

Razzell held the two reagent bottles in his hand and shook them constantly, mixing them in a beaker, forming a purple liquid.

"You can't let this group of pirates ruin the town. I have to buy a boat here."

With that said, Feng Xing took off the longbow hanging on his body.

"Those friends you are looking for are watching the theater leisurely."

Razzell is not afraid of the people in the Baroque Work Society. As long as he gives the potion to the ogres, he will exert an extremely powerful force.

Running away is just his habit.

"It doesn't matter, those are just coolies."

Feng Xing grinned and didn't care about the behavior of those people.

As she said, these people are just coolies and can't get her trust, just because of their good strength, they can be used temporarily.

She is just innocent and not stupid. How could she not know that these people are not good people.

"Power Strike"

Running fast on the house, Feng Xing quickly approached the coast. The longbow in his hand was drawn into a full moon. An emerald green arrow gathered a large number of cyclones. This time, the charging time was a bit long.


The powerful arrow turns into a green streamer. During the flight, it drives the surrounding air velocity extremely fast, and the pressure decreases rapidly, but the wind is integrated into it. The spiral airflow makes the sea suddenly Exploded.

This arrow is very powerful, even if Razzle is not good at fighting, he can use this visual impact to infer that the pirate ship will be directly penetrated.

However, things seem not that simple.

"Bucky bomb"

In Feng Xing's eyes, a red cannonball with a skull printed on it shot out from the barrel, and the target was the arrow he had shot.

The power of the shells is not small, it can even be said to be great.

That is the power that can destroy half of the town, and even the ship retreats a few meters because of the cannonball launch.


A strong explosion occurred on the sea. A small mushroom cloud rose slowly, evaporating a large amount of sea water. Even on the coast, you can feel the powerful impact and heat coming together.