Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 217

And considering the other skills of Lifestealer, Luo Yi felt that he might give up this talent tree.


New world.

"White beard!"

"It's actually a white beard!"

"There is still a tsunami, I want to return to Paradise."

"Mom, help!"

The waves more than ten meters high directly overturned a large pirate ship.

And what caused all this was the Mobi Dick, a ship that looked like a whale, and the whole ship was like a whale, and the man standing on the bow.

The strongest man in the world, Edward Newgate, is nicknamed White Beard.

"Gul la la la... I have a white beard."

Standing on the bow of the boat and laughing, White Beard expressed his great joy for being able to get up and move again.

A tsunami punched out, this was not Baibeard's full strength, just a wave of his hand, the ability to shake the fruit was activated, and it solved the enemy of a ship.

"Daddy is very happy."

"Of course, if he didn't know his own body, where would the father be willing to sit in a chair and hit a bottle, even sleeping."

"It just happens that the pirates of the New World are robbing Kaido's territory recently, and there are many short-sighted people who rush to our territory to make trouble, which can allow the old man to move his shins."

"Even so, don't forget our business."

Marko stood on the deck, looking at the movement of the white beard, he was really not satisfied with the help Luo Yi provided.

Although he has not cured all of Baibeard's injuries, it is certain that Baibeard's body is much better than before, at least the side effects of fruiting ability, he has been able to slowly ignore.

It's just because the body ages after getting older, and many functions have begun to decline. Those problems that can't be solved so easily are the laws of nature, and no one can avoid it.

Unless, they can find the person with the ability of the fruit of the operation, let him perform the ultimate ability of the fruit of the operation on the white beard, and give the white beard "eternal life".

"At the current speed, you will be able to reach Murloc Island in five days. After four days of sailing, it will take one day to coat the ship."

The navigator on board reported to Marco.

"Don't worry too much, you must ensure the safety of the route. Both the bigo pirates and the red-haired pirates have been very active at sea recently, so don't fight them for now."

Marco said these words no less than ten times.

Their destination this time is the Chambord Islands.

Although their sailing will definitely attract the attention of others, they are not afraid.

Not provoking them actively does not mean they are afraid.

In the past few decades, when have they been afraid of these old opponents?

"It's just that the New World has become much more chaotic recently than before. The captains of each squad are busy dealing with the pirates who are making trouble in our territory. Kaido's old department also has its own parts, although the three plagues are gone, But the strength of the rest is not too weak."

"It doesn't matter. Others don't have the strength of the Three Plagues, and they are not the opponents of the captain. Red hair will not easily attack us. What needs to worry most is Bigo. Their current goal should be the historical text of Kaido's road sign. , Will definitely find a way to clear all obstacles."

"Okay, Captain."

The sea breeze brought not only the salty taste, but also the breath of freedom. The Mobi Dick moved forward in the wind, sending his master to his destination.

355. Under the soil

"Never mind the heavy snow in the New Year, even the pirates have rested?"

Returning to the tavern at night, Luo Yi changed into his wet clothes and washed them off, which was a bit strange.

As a person who always feels that he is very poor, even if there is a large amount of gold in the tavern, Luo Yi will not wait to die. If he can kill the money, Luo Yi will never sell props, even if the props are for sale. of.

After wandering outside for a whole night, I saw that the domineering color also covered the entire island. Luo Yi chose some people with stronger aura to start, but these people, either in the navy, or some of the rewards were very low, no more than 5000 Wan's little pirate.

I don’t know how it happened. There have been more and more wanted pirate orders recently. Many pirates’ bounties have risen, but the number of pirates who come to Chambord Islands has obviously decreased.

Could it be that Chengdu died in the hands of bats?

There was no gain, Luo Yi suddenly missed Tezolo a bit.

Before there was a spring, I went to trouble him. What excuses should I find next time?

After covering the quilt, Luo Yi thought of ways to make money, and fell asleep peacefully.

As the days passed, the Chambord Islands did not have pirates logging in every day, and as time passed, more and more people began to rework, and so did Oliver.

The ship of the Dota Chamber of Commerce has already set sail, and the little voyage Snami can't wait to go to sea, otherwise, every time she thinks of the gold she "accidentally" sees, the blood of the thief starts to throb.

The Chambordian Islands are as lively as ever, but this year's snow is particularly heavy, and it takes a lot of manpower to clean it every day.

However, the snow cleared today seems a bit different.

"Ka Ka Ka"

Holding a stick, Bell and Kadaru kept tapping on the tree, and a lot of snow fell, and some mud was attached.

"Strange, is this dirt?"

After catching a piece of falling object, both Bell and Kadalu were a little strange.

"It is indeed soil, but why is there such a thing?"

In a piece of white snow, the yellow-black thing was really very clear. Bell and Kadalu picked it up, squeezed it, smelled it, tasted it, it was not Ollie gave it, it was the soil.

"Who put the soil on the tree?"

Bell wondered.

"That's not right, where did the soil on the Chambord Islands come from?"

Kadaru reacted first.

Yes, how can there be soil in the Chambord Islands?This is an island formed by the roots of the world’s largest mangrove tree, the Alqimangrove.

Apart from the secreted resin, how could there be soil on the island? Could it be that someone from outside brought it in and ended up putting it on the tree?

Both of them have some doubts, but they really can't think of an answer.

"Hey, Major General Kadalu, Colonel Bell, are you all done today?"

Luo Yi, who was running past, saw the two standing together, as if they were talking, Luo Yi leaned over.

"Manager Luo Yi, we found some strange things here."

Bell lifted the dirt from his hands.

"You guys are actually playing shit?"

Luo suddenly took a step back, a few minutes away.

Bell has a black line: "This is soil."

"Earth? Why is there earth?"

Luo Yi also asked a key question.

"Yeah, we don't know, and the soil was knocked down from the branches."

Bell pointed to the sky.

"Upper? I'll take a look."

Luo Yi looked up, but because it hadn't dawned yet, and because of the dark clouds, he couldn't see anything.

"Moon step"

"Bang" "bang" "bang"

Both legs leaped hard, Luo's legs stomped hard in the air, as if stepping on a spring, and constantly sending himself to the sky, which is more unscientific than stepping on his left foot and right foot.

"It deserves to be the six formulas that I learned from Lieutenant General Karp, I'm already so proficient."

Kadalu watched Luo disappear into their field of vision for an instant, and only a series of voices came from using Moonwalk, and he couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

As a rear admiral, he also mastered two of the six styles, shaved and painted on paper.

But he knew that Luo Yi learned the Six Forms in less than half a year, and he has completely mastered it. This is simply an evildoer. I don't know that compared to the "CP9", the strongest and coldest killing weapon in the past, it is known as the "CP9". "Is Rob Lucy, the strongest man in 800 years, more genius?

After waiting for a while, Yuebu's voice became smaller and smaller from the beginning and became clear again, but the frequency was much lower.

Looking up, he saw Luo descend from the sky. Every time he descended a certain distance, he would use a monthly step to slow down the speed of the fall until he landed smoothly.

"I also found dirt on the treetops, and there is a lot of it, probably in several nearby GRs."

Luo Yi also took out a piece of mud and said.

"There are so many, and it's still on the treetops. Is it possible that all this mud comes from the sky?"

Kadaru made a bold assumption.

"How can soil fall from the sky? Is it possible that an island will fly over to the sky?"

Bell said he didn't believe it, even if you were my chief, I didn't believe it either.

"Heaven? Flying Island?"

Hearing what they said, Luo suddenly remembered something.

Seeing and hearing the domineering unfolding directly, this time, it is directly towards the sky.

Luo Yi's domineering range of seeing and hearing is very wide. If accuracy is not considered, it can spread for hundreds of kilometers. This is not the ultimate dominance of seeing and hearing.

If you are like Fujitora smile, seeing and hearing the domineering can directly perceive the space, which is why his fruit ability can directly pull a meteorite.

However, nothing was found.

Seeing that the color domineering has been exerted to the extreme, but nothing is perceived, there is no breath of any creature, only a large number of clouds, it can be seen that this heavy snow will take a long time.

"There seems to be nothing in the sky, I'll go up again."

Luo shook his head, but still kept his eyes on him, and immediately used the moon step, came to the top of the tree, and inserted a scout guard. Now there is only a small part of the snow and dirt on the treetop. Wait a moment. Take a look at it for yourself. If the soil has increased, it means that the fallen soil is higher up in the sky.

If it is really what I guessed, then the people floating above the Chambordian Islands are not simple figures.

It was not a natural empty island, but because of manpower and the power of the devil fruit that floated.

And this person with the Devil Fruit Ability is a madman. The key is that this madman is still extremely powerful. Although he was finally defeated by the mighty power of the theater version, he still dared to fight Malin Fanduo alone for so many years. , He is the only one.

356. Sit down

This is the case sometimes in life.

What you think will happen, often will not happen, and what you think will not happen, but all the unfortunate things have happened.

That evening, when the pub was open, a special guest came in.

The long golden hair that stretched to the ground was like a lion's mane. Even the beard was golden, with a rudder stuck in his head. When he entered the door, he didn't bow his head. It hit the door frame and looked painful.

Wearing traditional Japanese clothes, the stripes on the clothes are orange and yellow. Looking down, he can't see his feet, only two swords are there.

"Golden Golden Golden Golden Lion!!!"

In the tavern, a customer who had just had a drink and had just had a drink, sat at the position closest to the gate, and when he saw the person who walked in, he was so excited that he called out his name.

Hearing his yelling, the tavern fell silent for an instant, and turned his attention to the person who had just walked in.

"It's actually a golden lion!"

"Why are the legendary characters here?"

"Manager Luo Yi, is there a back door in the pub? My house is on fire and I have to go back quickly."


Luo Yi gave them a roll of eyes.

"Golden Lion" Shiji, a person with the ability to flutter fruit, escaped from the advance city 15 years ago and became the first pirate to escape in history. He was once famous as Gore D Roger and Edward Newgate with the white beard. The legendary big pirate.

During the whole day during the day, the investigating guards did not see anything strange. Luo Yi thought he was just passing by and had already drifted away, but he did not expect to appear in the tavern at this time.

After all, I can take a glance at the small map from time to time, but I can't develop the domineering look and feel at all times.

And now, under Luo Yi's induction, the golden lion's breath is really huge, if it weren't for the protagonist's halo, it is estimated that his plan would really be successful.