Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 218

With this strength, in addition to Rayleigh who occasionally drinks in the tavern, and Karp, who now comes to the tavern to eat and drink every time he goes out to sea, he is the third guest who comes to this tavern. People.

With a cigar in his mouth, Skee walked towards the bar very aggressively.

"Da da da"


Lilai snorted coldly, and lightly stepped on her feet, and a road made of ice spread directly from the bar to Shi Ji's body.

Skee stopped, followed Lilai's gaze, and glanced behind him.

There was a small hole pierced by the famous knife he used to replace his legs.

"Sorry, sorry, I will pay for the floor repair."

At this moment, Shi Ji was as kind as an ordinary, good-tempered old man.

But Luo Yi knew that Shi Ji was not a good person. Not only did he possess powerful strength, he also knew how to use his brain, and he was cruel by nature. When he was angry, he would shoot his men directly.

As for the current appearance, it was completely pretended.

"What does the guest want?"

Luo Yi now doesn’t know Shiji’s purpose, even under the domineering induction of seeing and hearing, he can’t read the other’s heart. He should know how to guard against this, or he is firm enough to not be read by others. What I thought.

"A glass of ale and another grilled sausage, thank you little girl."

Sitting in front of the bar that was vacated because a group of guests avoided, took the menu from Lilai and ordered the two cheapest items, Shi Ji smiled at Lilai.

"Coming soon."

Luo Yi took the order from Lilai, turned around and poured a glass of ale on the table, and Lilai also entered the kitchen and brought out a grilled sausage.

"The taste is very good, especially this wine. I was fortunate enough to get a few barrels before. I was deeply attracted by the taste of the wine and the contents."

Shi Ji held up the wine glass and drank most of it in one breath, and praised him, with a smile on his face, but if there was a deep meaning.

"Guests can order a few more glasses if they like. There are also other types of wine."

Luo Yi specifically pointed to the most expensive drinks in the tavern.

"Those wines are too expensive. What I want is not alcohol, but something completely different from other wines."

Hearing Shi Ji's words, Luo Yi's eyelids twitched, and he understood Shi Ji's purpose.

It seems that the previous rejuvenation spring water matter will not end because Doflamingo has no supply, and some people are also eyeing this thing.

"Sure enough, if the benefits were not great enough, the golden lion that had disappeared since the escape would not suddenly appear."

In the tavern, Auroth and the others' movements were also very obvious, they had surrounded Shiji, and Neif, who was standing next to Luo, had a ball of light in his hand, ready to ban the action of the Golden Lion at any time.

"Of course, this is the only thing announced now that can extend life."

The cigar in Shiji's mouth was smoking green smoke, looking at Luo Yi, in an unhurried tone, he told a secret that no one else knew.

"Where do you have confidence, you dare to come alone, you know, your reward amount alone is enough for people to eat and wear for a lifetime."

Luo Yi is also ready to do it.

"Jie ha ha ha ha, who do you think I am? I am the man who wants to rule this ocean from the air."

Shi Ji laughed loudly, for Luo Yi's self-confidence, Shi Ji did not pay attention to it.

There are no things in this world that he cannot get.

"Goo la la la, long time no see, Shi Ji."

At this moment, a voice that made Shiji very familiar, but very disgusting, came in from outside the tavern.

"White beard!"

"It's actually a white beard!"

"What day is today? Why did two legendary pirates come here at once?"

"Although I don't know why, but now I only hope that the store manager Luo Yi will not increase the price because of this."

"Yes, that's the most important thing."

"Nonsense, we should run now, if we fight, we might die."

Bend down and entered the interior of the tavern. Fortunately, when Luo Yi was building a new tavern, the height of the first floor was left a full ten meters in order to welcome this kind of stranger guests.

Beside Baibeard, he was still following Marco, who waved his hand at Luo and said hello.

As for the arrival of White Beard, the other guests in the tavern also knew the truth about the importance of life, and immediately left Bailey in a hurry. These small steps were as if they had been specially trained.

"Newgate, you are still alive."

"Goo la la la, I'm not you, Skee, did you even have your legs?"

"It's just a price paid for jailbreaking."

"You will be caught in Push City, you are really an idiot."

"Newgate, do you want to fight?"

With that, Shi Ji had already floated, and the tavern had begun to vibrate, and the floor under the bar had already creaked.

Luo Yi opened his eyes, and Ziyuan pointed directly at Shi Ji, which made the shock disappear.

Fluttering fruit can float all the non-living bodies that have been in contact with it. This is a figure that can fly more than ten islands to an altitude of 10,000 meters.

Shi Ji, who had been sealed with fruit ability, suddenly fell from the air, and the two knives were directly inserted into the ice. After adjusting his posture a little, he stood firmly.

"sit down."

Luo Yi said in an unquestionable tone.

Feeling the power still sealed in his body, Shi Ji hesitated for a while before sitting back in his chair.

Just sitting down, the fruit's ability recovered again, Shi Ji couldn't help but glance at Luo again.

357. The effect of rejuvenating spring water

"Since everyone is gone, let's close the door early tonight."

With that, Luo glanced at Perona.

Perona, who was shocked by the arrival of the two big men, immediately understood, ran out and closed the door of the tavern.

Luo Yi can now predict that tomorrow the pub will have big news.

And how big this news is depends on how White Beard and Golden Lion left the tavern today.

If both people go out, then starting tomorrow, the business of the pub will definitely get better and better.

And if the Golden Lion went out lying down, it would be interesting. His business might explode, and even the Navy had to send him a large amount of Pele, and then the entire tavern would definitely be famous all over the world immediately, more dead than Kaido before. To be famous.

"You are Luo Yi, even in the new world, your name has been spread everywhere."

Baibeard leaned his naginata directly on the bar counter. Luo Yi really admired the naginata that was about the same height as others. Baibeard could easily find a balance point. After all, the height of the bar was just over one meter.

"Then am I dangerous."

Luo Yi directly served two glasses of invigorating blood, which were specially made and not for sale.

"Is this the wine Marco brought back before?"

Whitebeard smelled the smell and immediately made a judgment.

"This is wine for invigorating blood, cures the disease, and strengthens the body without disease."

Luo Yi didn't explain too much. This thing can really relax the menstruation and invigorate the blood. It takes a lot of zhenqi to have this effect when brewing.

The white beard picked it up and drank it in one gulp, only to feel comfortable.

"Good wine!"

Although he had drunk it once, Baibeard now understands better why this small tavern has risen so quickly.

If you want to create a world in the sea, you need absolute strength to support him, and the wine in the Luo Yi tavern is his strength.

Drinks with various functions and special flavors are important tools for Dota Tavern and Dota Chamber of Commerce to open the market in this world.

"Thank you for the drinks and props provided by Mr. Luo Yi, my father is much better now."

Marco bowed respectfully to Luo, his words full of gratitude.

"I sold you all those things, do you want to pay if you say that?"

Luo waved his hand.

"Mr. Luo Yi joked."

Although he was twice as old as Luo, Marco showed respect to Luo Yi, just because Luo Yi was able to come up with something to treat White Beard.

"Jiehahahaha, Newgate, why don't you lie on the bed if you are not healthy?"

Although he was warned by Luo Yi forbidden magic, Shi Ji said that he was not afraid of it. Even without the fruit ability, his physical skills are top-notch, that is, he has lost his feet, and now he is not as slippery as before. .

"Ski, even if you run out of Push City, you don't even dare to go to the sea, I guess you have been hiding in the sky, waiting for old death, mum la la la"

White beard showed no weakness.

The two were originally crew members on the same ship and used to be partners, but they were all dissatisfied with each other. The crew members on the ship could even kill each other for money.

Not only the two of them, but also BIGMOM, as well as the dead Kaido, were once people on that ship.

It's rare to see each other. They haven't had a quarrel for decades, and they've even fought before. I don't know how many. They are old acquaintances.

Luo Yi was not too worried about White Beard.

In Baibeard's memoirs, even on the Rocks Pirates, the financial report he was looking for was just to form a sea family.

But now, he has done it. He has done it to such an extent that everyone will say "be my son".

The power of this sentence is no less than "I am your father".

And Kaido, who is as famous as him, is basically drinking, committing suicide, and collecting younger brothers.

Another BIGMOM wanted to build a country where all races coexist peacefully, so he chose to live by himself.

As for the red-haired Shanks, who will become the king of the sea in two years, he wants face everywhere, basically there is only one sentence, "give me face."

I have to say that you still need a special hobby if you want to become a master.

Luo Yi didn't bother to watch them argue.

Luo Yi knew about the arrival of Baibeard in advance, but he didn't expect it to come so quickly and so coincidence.

What are you anxious about? Even if it's another 5 years, Baibeard will be beaten to death, and it's not old age.

Luo Yi was unable to complain, but went to the basement, holding a bottle made of bamboo, filled with a bottle of rejuvenating spring water, which had to be as much as one liter, and returned to the bar again.

At this time, Baibeard and Shiji seemed to have ended their quarrel, and the two sides sat there without saying a word, and did not choose to do anything.

"Drink it."

Put the bottle in front of the white beard.

Without any hesitation, Baibeard picked up the bottle with two fingers and opened the cap. Baibeard looked at the shimmering spring water and drank it in one gulp.

In an instant, the whole person seemed to be immersed in a hot spring in the cold winter, and it seemed to be a hot summer when a cool breeze suddenly blew.

A feeling of comfort erupted from the body, and all kinds of injuries, under the nourishment of spring water, all the old wounds of the past were actually healed.

As a drinker of spring water, Baibeard made a direct judgment.

As long as 20 seconds, this state can be restored to the peak period that can be achieved now.

Even if it is not as good as when I was young, it is not much different.

Amazing, really amazing.

As the audience, Marco and Shiji also saw unprecedented situations.

Among other things, the wrinkles on the white beard's face seem to be lighter. The 67-year-old white beard seems to be 10 years younger at this moment, and even the breath in the body is rising.

Marco's face was full of surprises, but Shiji's face was full of worries.

He now knows what the white beard is drinking is the goal of his trip.

Unexpectedly, he was actually boarded by Whitebeard. It seems that the Whitebeard Pirates had already contacted the Dota Tavern before he arrived.

Sure enough, even White Beard was not willing to give in to time.