Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 219

The 1 liter of rejuvenating spring water lasted for a very long time. For a full 30 seconds, Baibeard found that his body had recovered so much that he could no longer recover, and even his mental head was much better.

Opening his eyes, forcibly suppressing the breath that is about to whizz out in the body, it is domineering. It seems that because of becoming younger, even the domineering has recovered again, and he constantly wants to express his joy.

"It feels good to be young."

Clenching his fists with both hands, White Beard couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

358. Big news

"Hey hey hey, it's true!"

"Today's news is too strong."

"How do you let the rookie pirate play? The power of the new world is probably going to be shuffled again."

"Where is this Dota Tavern? Why are so many big people going there? It used to be the navy, now it is a pirate. It is said that the one who killed Kaido was the cook who used to be in the tavern, and now he just went back to his hometown. ."

"It is said that the things in this pub are old and expensive, but I can't sit down every day, and it is only open for three hours a day."

"So capricious? If it wasn't for my poor family, I would really like to go to the Chambord Islands to take a look."

"Next time there are pirates coming, you can just board the pirate ship. Anyway, the end of this route is also the Chambordian Islands."

"That won't work. If I were to be a pirate, my grandma would kill me."

The news early in the morning, thanks to the hard work of Newsbird, was passed on to thousands of households on the Great Sea Route.

Everyone looked at the news that took up a whole page, and the two photos on it directly took up half of the page.

A white beard and a golden lion.

Seeing the background of the photo, everyone directly judged it. It was originally a photo, but it was divided into two by the typesetting person.

The big "Dota Tavern" sign at the back of the photo, and the defensive towers emerging from the walls on both sides of the photo, plus the starry sky at night, I have to compliment this reporter who took the photo with Shikage technology. that's nice.

And the reason why this news is shocking is not only because of the two people appearing in the tavern, but the appearance of the two in the photo.


There is no PS in this world, so the photos are real.

It's like Sanji's first wanted. Without a photo of him, he can only choose a hand-painted wanted order.

And everyone can find that the photos taken now are not the faces that two elderly people who are about to 70 years old should have.

They seem to be around 50 years old.

The golden lion has disappeared in recent years, but the white beard is very active at sea. In time, the number of shots has decreased in recent years, but he is still in the public eye.

The two of them just walked into the tavern and then walked out, and the two legendary pirates changed their appearances. They seemed to be much younger, how not shocking.

There is no need to read the news. The Warring States had already received the photos of the white beard and the golden lion last night. They sat in the office all night, very sad.

Kaido is dead in the New World, and the Warring States period is still waiting for these pirates to kill each other, so that their navy can be slightly stronger on this balance point.

But now it seems that he might have to go to the Dota Tavern with Karp.

The life potion that Tezolo took out before was indeed brought out from the tavern, no wonder Luo went to rob Tezolo for a while, it turned out to be such a thing.

"It will be a little dangerous if the white beard becomes younger."

"The golden lion is more dangerous. It's not enough to become a legend honestly. Now that's the case, can it be said that he has come to avenge the world?"

"Kapu, the golden lion has disappeared for fifteen years. This time, I am afraid that the world will be more chaotic."

"Compared to this, Luo Yi, that kid really recognizes money but doesn't recognize people, and he doesn't know what deal he made with Golden Lion."

"This question, you can just ask him directly."

"Good idea, it's been a long time since I went back to see my two grandsons."

Hearing the suggestion of the Warring States Period, Karp got up and left, leaving behind the Warring States and Crane. The speed of the movement made the Warring States feel a little strange.

"My senbei and tea! Bastard!!!"

It wasn't until the moment Karp closed the door that the Warring States period discovered that the cabinet where he kept the senbei and tea was empty.

For Luo Yi, the culprit responsible for this incident, the things reported in the news did not affect his life.

The existence of the tavern has been in order to survive in this world from the very beginning, and it has become a fairly good place for the heroes summoned by themselves. As for the daily business of the tavern, it can be said to be in this leisure time. Among them, find something to be busy, and make a little money by the way.

As for why the Golden Lion would get a rejuvenation spring water from his own hands, it was also a deal.

The situation in the new world is turbulent. The original three-legged power has become chaotic due to the insertion of a red-haired pirate group. The death of Kaido has made the already chaotic group of new worlds even more complex.

However, in the paradise in the first half of the great route, the feeling is not clear.

The difference is that there are indeed more pirates, but many of them disappeared on the way to the Chambord Islands, and all the valuables who went to the island before were taken by Luo Yi to sacrifice. Enhance your system.

For example, Luo Yi now pays more attention to the news of pirates landing than usual.

There is still a lot of gold in the tavern, but it is impossible for the Navy to mobilize so much money to buy gold for a while.

Therefore, he can only find a way to exchange money with the head of the pirates. After all, this money is from the world government. Even if the navy is short of money, the world government will not be short of money.

I was cleaning the snow in the yard in the tavern. The snow was heavy these days, but as long as this period of time passed, it should be sunny for a long time. Luo Yi also regarded daily cleaning as an exercise.

However, when the familiar pair of big feet walked into the tavern, Luo Yi suddenly felt that he was going to suffer.

"Puff ha ha ha halo, I brought donuts and brought me a glass of spring water."

As soon as he entered the door, Karp looked familiar, his adjutant Bogart, handsomely pressed his hat brim, Luo Yi felt that he was hiding the embarrassing atmosphere.

"Do you think you can fool me this way? Just drink wine, spring water is impossible."

Luo Yi straightened his chest and replied unceremoniously.

"By the way, I also brought new tea, so I'll get the spring water to make tea."

Karp suddenly took out a packet of green tea.


Luo Yi stands firm.

This guy actually wants to come for free again. Ace and Luffy are eating Overlord's meal, right? You taught me.

"I know, I know, I need to spend money to buy it, right? This is the old man's salary last month, a total of 100,000 Baileys. Give me a pound."

Karp took out a handful of change from his pocket, and Luo looked at it, and he estimated that it did not exceed 10,000 Baileys.

As for what he said, bah, a lieutenant admiral, a naval hero, only one hundred thousand Baileys a month, who believes?

"It's not impossible to drink"

When Karp felt that there was no hope, Luo Yi suddenly said such a sentence.

Hearing his words, Karp moved his face up instantly.

"Then have a cup first."

"As long as you give me a permanent pointer to sleep in the ancient town, it will do."

"Sleeping Ancient Town? What is that place?"

359. King of the Sea

Luo Yi and Karp are doing a deal, but here in the new world, it ushered in an unusual day.

On this day, dozens of huge islands floated across the sky.

It was like a god descending to the earth, and the posture of the king overlooking the sea made the pirates of the new world completely unable to look directly at this dazzling figure.

With the support of fifty pirate groups, the Golden Lion took only one day to replace Kaido's former position and became one of the kings of the sea.

At this moment, the pirates who had been fighting together began to choose their camp.

Some people chose to join the BIGMOM pirate group, some joined the red-haired pirate group that has risen rapidly in recent years, and some vowed their loyalty to Shiji.

As for the White Beard Pirates, it is not so easy to join. In addition to certain strength, they also need capital that can be appreciated by White Beard.

All the members of the White Beard Pirates Group are family members, and they are affectionate and righteous. Those pirates who are innocent and inhuman, let alone join. When they encounter the White Beard Pirates, they can’t wait to turn around and flee.

And Shiji's flying pirate group also expanded to the extent that it has 70 pirate groups in one day.

As for why the increase was not much, it was mainly the strength of certain pirate groups, Shi Ji didn't like it.

The New World is not a good place, even if it is a pirate with a bounty of 70 or 80 million, it is only a small level here.

A red-earth continent and a fisherman island have turned a sea route into two worlds before and after, just like flying up in the novel of Xiu Xian, from the strongest in the original world to the weakest in the world.

Therefore, if you want to live in this world, you first need to take refuge in some powerful force.

As for how to take refuge, you need to choose carefully.

The situation of the Redhead Pirates is not much different from the Whitebeard Pirates. If you want to join, the redheads will also carefully consider it. Not everyone can join, and the requirements are even stricter than that of the Whitebeard. Acknowledge daddy.

The BIGMOM pirate group, after joining, not only needs to give their lives regularly, once they want to escape, it is a dead end, so it is a way of no return, and everyone knows that the core of the BIGMOM pirate group is hers. Those children, as the Pirate Group under its banner, are basically the life of cannon fodder, and it is impossible for them to sit in the position of Jiangxing.

And choosing to join the Flying Pirate Group is also risky.

If the strength is too weak, it will die on the spot. It is not rejection at all, it is severance.

Thus, on the first day of the appearance of the Golden Lion, the situation in the New World showed a stable trend.

On the second day, thanks to the joint efforts of the four forces, the new world that had been turbulent for half a year returned to calm.

As for whether this is the case, everyone knows very well.

Originally a big cake, after missing a big stomach king to divide, they could have eaten more, but now there is a more cruel figure than before, and the cake that can be divided seems to be more than before. not enough.

Luo Yi, who has read the original work, is thinking about the current situation while watching news about the situation in the new world.

According to the distribution of the four emperors in the original book, the only ones who want to become One Piece are actually Kaido and BIGMOM.

Through the communication with Roger, Baibeard knew the secrets of Lavdrew, and only then would he shout "ONE PIECE exists" in the top war that made the world boil.

And Shanks, although at the last moment because of Bucky, he did not go to Lovedrew with Roger, but his goal was not to become the Pirate King, but to pass on Roger’s will, and he has found it. successor.

The Golden Lion did not have the desire to be a One Piece. He only wanted to avenge the society. If he was infected with the new coronavirus, he would definitely fly to various islands around the world to hold banquets.

Therefore, in this sea, BIGMOM is the only one who wants to be One Piece.

"If you want to become the One Piece, you need four pieces of signposts. I don’t know where the piece in Kaido’s hand is hidden. BIGMOM has one piece in his hand, and another piece is on Zuow’s back, but Zuow keeps moving. , You can only arrive with a life card. If you have a life card, the white bear of the Red Heart Pirates will have it, and there is no clear news about the last piece, and it is likely to be in the hands of the government."

Luo Yi was analyzing the current situation.

Regarding the doubts that run through the entire world, since he had already drawn the Wano Country chapter when he came into this world, he has already understood many things.

But the most important secret, he really didn't see it.

For example, the three ancient weapons, Sea King and Pluto, have been known to everyone, but the only Uranus has always been a secret.

Luo Yi once guessed that Pluto, Pluto, Poseidon, and Uranus.

Among them, the name of Pluto is named after the god of Yin in Roman mythology, while the names of Neptune and Heaven are from ancient Greek mythology.

In other words, this is not a system.

As a battleship of Hades that can sink an island with a single shot, it is the first ancient weapon to appear in the entire comic. In the Alabastan chapter, Krokdal is looking for the whereabouts of Hades, and he has arrived in the City of Seven Waters. , And the manufacturing drawings of the Hades battleship appeared.

And the mermaid princess of Murloc Island is the sea king Poseidon who has communication with sea kings, but the appearance of sea king will be accompanied by a character who can become her "guide", who is still on her own island. Exercise and prepare to be the Luffy of One Piece.

As for the king of heaven, maybe it is now in the hands of the navy.

Although there are not many clues, there are still many points worth guessing.

For example, why a group of staff can rule the world. If there is no absolute force, others would have already overturned the sand sculptures. The current three navy generals and the admiral, which one is not up to the Tianlong people, such as In the future, Wu Lao Xing will be called the red dog of the Tianlong people's running dog, and he will be directly sentenced to the Navy's blue pheasant, and when the supernova is captured, he will release a great route of yellow ape.

And Karp directly criticized the Tianlongren as rubbish, and refused to serve as a general in order not to protect the Tianlongren.

As for what the king of heaven is, Luo Yi doesn't know, but it is very likely a weapon that consumes a lot of money, or even what it consumes, is most likely the vitality.

This also explains why anyone knows that the fruits of surgery will endow people with immortality. It must be because of this type of surgery before that it will be recorded.

And that person is very likely to be Lord Yim in Mary Joa now.

In other words, if the revolutionary army wants to do things in the end, he will definitely participate, and what they have to face is likely to be the king of heaven.

Then the question is coming.

Is it to accumulate strength and push it directly, or to go straight to Lu Fei and become the One Piece.

Recently, Dorage seems to be ready to move. News of him overthrowing state power is often seen in the newspapers.