Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 226

Although he has been dead in the past few years, I don't know how many pirates are dead in his hands, but the method of using the soul to cultivate is not a last resort, and he shouldn't choose it.

After all, after practicing the power of the wraith, the body will glow, glowing green, very green.

Why do you think the Wraith King is called the Skeleton King and not the Green King? That's because the model in dota1 is a skeleton, which was changed in dota2.

Luo Yi doesn't have this ability. He now has three glamorous titles, the tavern owner, the chairman of the chamber of commerce, and... the pirate hunter "Red Sword".

Once you have practiced the power of the wraith, it is red with green and shit.

Hmph, although becoming stronger is the goal, but if you give up your appearance in order to become stronger, it will not be worth the loss.

After all, being strong or not is just a matter of version, and being handsome is a lifetime matter.

Sum up the talent tree that I have now and start to practice.

Phantom yarn, multiple spellcasting, power of the sea monster, power of the sea goddess, power of nature.

This is a talent tree that can be used, and it is to be studied in the future. Wa Shiondo’s death knell, this requires high physical fitness. Luo Yi is still not up to the standard, so he will burn himself to death if he rushes to practice. of.

In addition, they are physical skills, six types, armed color domineering, seeing and hearing color domineering, these are all Luo Yi's abilities.

Of course, there are 199 attribute points that have been stuck for more than six months.

It's difficult.

Luo Yi could probably judge his current strength, probably only at the level of a Rear Admiral, a pirate with a bounty of more than 100 million can fight, but if it exceeds 200 million, he must rely on equipment to fight.

Take the current King Qi Wuhai as an example, Luo can't beat all of them, but with various means, at least he won't lose.

This is his limit.

Luo Yi probably knew what he was missing.

That was a breakthrough in the battle of life and death.

In terms of talent, the growth of his full attribute 6 should not be low, after all, the highest attribute of strengths like Yuniero and Moritti has just passed 400.

I am almost halfway now.

After roughly summarizing the harvest, Luo Yi picked up the phone worm and contacted the Warring States Period according to his plan with Dorag.

"None, no, no, no..."

"Mosimosi, Marshal of the Warring States Period..."

"you again……"

369. Noble

Here is a non-participating country on the Great Sea Route.

This country is weak, pitiful, and helpless. The highest officer of the naval base stationed here is just a brigadier general, and he does not care about them.

Luo Yi and his chamber of commerce just sailed here, ready to start a new business.

Judging from where the revolutionary army has emerged in the past few years, for the time being, we still choose non-participating countries to start.

And these non-participating countries all have a common feature.


This poverty does not refer to the country, but the people.

In all countries instigated by the revolutionary army, a flame was lit in the hearts of the people, and then the flame was turned into a raging fire, devouring the entire country.

In the beginning, the Navy did not care about these.

After all, the change of state happens in any world, and it is normal for the king to be mediocre and to be overthrown by the people.

But the problem is that in just a few years, this kind of thing has happened in several countries, including a franchise country, and when a name is passed to their ears, they have to take it seriously.

After all, after the member country changed its regime, it immediately announced its withdrawal from the world government and the member country, and also changed the country's name.

This behavior has already attracted the attention of world governments.

Apart from the obligation to hand in the heavenly gold, the countries joining the world government are basically in a state of stocking, and these countries are protected by the navy, and they can seek help from the navy when they encounter pirates.

Of course, in fact, everyone knows that unless the naval base is nearby, or there is a navy patrolling near the country, when the pirates rob them, they can arrive in time to reduce losses.

Otherwise, it is basically the pirates robbing and playing before the navy comes.

How long does it take to rob?

As long as the pirates are not too greedy and insist on robbing the entire country, they are basically looting the port city and running after the looting. It takes less than half a day from start to finish. No matter how fast the navy moves, it depends on the weather. Up.

It is precisely because of this that the pirates will make everyone feel annoying.

The revolutionary army is also grasping this point.

As long as the current country is overthrown, the current world government is overthrown, and everyone lives a good life, no one will go to sea to rob.

Bah, fart.

The Warring States Period admits that the nobles in this world are really fucking a little bit, but there will always be things like pirates.

It's not that all people become pirates because they are poor, they are for the so-called "dream".

You ask what is "dream"?It goes without saying, isn't it just a treasure, the one left by One Piece King Gere D Roger, as for the ones on the road, what's the problem with taking a small amount of money by the way?

Therefore, both the navy and the world government understand that the words instigated by the revolutionary army are actually nonsense.

But the problem is, those who are destitute, have a full meal but haven't stopped, believe it.

If nothing else, the nobles of those countries know to bully the civilians if they have nothing to do all day long. They have kept gunpowder in the hearts of these people, and the revolutionary army’s thinking is like a spark. , Directly exploded the dissatisfaction in their hearts.

When Luo Yi approached the Warring States to discuss this matter, the Warring States actually knew about it, but he didn't expect that Luo Yi would take the initiative to approach him and use their navy's intelligence to work.

The country selected this time is the kind of aristocracy who does things all day long, and recently there has been a country where members of the Revolutionary Army have been found to be active here.

After getting off the ship, Luo Yi and his Chamber of Commerce moved separately according to their plan.

This time, even Luo Yi's Dota Chamber of Commerce did not know why, they came only because Luo Yi said they were here.

However, everyone felt that Luo Yi should be here to do things for the government, because the trip was very smooth, and only the navy fleet was seen along the way, but no pirates were harassed.

"What are you doing with me?"

It wasn't until he entered the city that Luo Yi turned his head and looked at the people who had been following him.

"I am protecting the safety of the president. After all, I am also a capable person, am I not?"

Robin squinted and smiled, explaining as he stood beside Luo Yi.

"In terms of force value, you seem to be inferior to me."

Luo Yi didn't stop Robin. Although this was not part of his plan, it was the person he met this time, not that Robin could not be seen.

Since the destruction of O'Hara, the Revolutionary Army has been looking for Robin's whereabouts, but she has been hiding too well, and she has never believed in others, and has not been found by the Revolutionary Army.

"Then please protect my safety, the president, after all, there are many people who want to arrest me, and maybe they will eat me without bones."

Luo waved his hand, let Robin follow, and wandered around the city.

Look at this, pick the other, plus the luxurious clothes on her body, and a beautiful and generous woman next to her, she looks like a rich kid coming out to play.

At first the people in the city hated him a bit, but later I found out that this guy seemed to be very polite. Even when he saw someone in need, he would take the initiative to help. In this way, let the civilians in the city. The impression of him has greatly changed.

Robin has been following Luo Yi's side, not saying a word, just watching.

After she stayed in the Chamber of Commerce for so long, Luo Yi did not go to sea with the Chamber of Commerce at all.

This time, it was Luo Yi who offered to go to this country. Oliver directly took the initiative to unify him. Robin didn't know anything about his own president, so he took advantage of this opportunity to get to know this person.

After all, the previous New Year made Robin feel very comfortable, really like a family celebrating the New Year together.


"Hey hey hey, are you human food?"

While the two were strolling around, Luo mentioned the gift he had bought, and when he was tasting the exotic atmosphere with Robin in front of a food stall, a stall not far away was suddenly knocked over.

"Sorry, noble lord."

An old man who looked a bit old, knelt down to a young man who looked a little ugly in aristocratic clothes and kowtowed desperately to apologize.

"Bah, it tastes really unpalatable. I almost vomited it out for breakfast. All such unpalatable things were sold on the street. I think you deliberately came out to harm people. Come on, arrest him. ."


Two guys who looked like soldiers came up immediately behind the nobleman.

"Master, don't, please let me go."

"It's not impossible to let you go, but my stomach must have been eaten badly"

"This is medical expenses, I have all this money on my body"

"Hahaha, you understand"

The nobleman who was laughing wildly disappeared, and beside the place where the nobleman was standing, a young man eating a bunch of meatballs was slowly retracting his leg from the kicked position.

370. Too much

"Master Wallis"

"catch him."

"Ah" "Ah"

Two guards ran directly towards the person who was kicked by Luo Yi, and the other two guards rushed towards Luo Yi, but at a faster speed, they surpassed the group of galloping guards and hit them heavily On that nobleman.


At this moment, the remaining two guards were even more surprised.

They did not expect that someone would dare to attack the nobles in the street, and even dared to resist their arrest.

Luo Yi continued to eat the balls, as if he didn't make everything just now.

too weak.

With a kick of a person, Luo Yi didn't feel the slightest pressure.

The strength of these people is stronger than ordinary people, and even not as good as a naval soldier with strength 10, basically in the category of ordinary people, even Robin can easily deal with them.

"I didn't expect you to be so impulsive, President. That person looks like a nobleman."

Robin then came up from behind, also holding a bunch of balls in his hand.

"It's just a bunch of rubbish, and it's not a country where the world government joins. Even if I beat their nobleman, I can only be wanted within the country. Maybe the power of this nobleman can only issue wanted warrants in the city. , Little things, don't panic."

Luo Yi looked like a person coming over, listening to him, it seemed that he had done this kind of thing before.

When he heard his words, Robin just wanted to say that he didn't panic at all, he even wanted to laugh a little.

She is wanted by the world government and forced to be an enemy of the whole world, but she still maintains a kindness in her heart.

If Luo Yi didn't make a move just now, Robin would also find a place where no one was there, and use the fruit power to punish the nobleman.

"Grandpa, slow down."

Helped the old man to support the cart that was kicked, and also picked up the pots and pans. The food that has fallen on the ground is no way. Maybe the wild cats and dogs passing by will eat it, and Luo Yi will kneel down. The old man on the ground helped him up.

"You have caused a big disaster. This is the nobleman in our city. If you hit him, soldiers will come to catch you in a while. Run."

After Luo Yi helped the old man up, he immediately pushed Luo Yi, wanting him to leave as soon as possible.

"It's okay grandpa, he didn't see who I am."

"As long as you don't see it, isn't it a crime? Bastard, his soldiers have seen it."

"No, they didn't."

With that, Luo turned his head and looked at the two stunned soldiers: "Did you see what I look like?"

"No no no no"

The heads of the two soldiers shook like rattles.


"Watch a fart, go quickly."

The old man now wished to push Luo Yi into his dining car directly, but when he tried to push Luo Yi, he seemed to be pushing a wall.