Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 227

"Okay, we're going now."

Unable to withstand this person's urging, Luo Yi directly greeted Robin to follow.

When the two turned to leave, Robin suddenly found that in the middle of the two houses, a man in a cloak was hiding there, only half of his head was exposed, and he kept looking at them.


"Leave first, after all, you beat a nobleman."

Luo Yi interrupted what Robin was about to say and strode out of the city.

Robin followed Luo, his hands crossed on his chest, the fruit power was used, one hand grew out of a hidden place, with an eye on his palm, Robin saw that the man in the cloak, A hundred meters behind them.

Looking at Luo Yi, who was calm and relaxed, Robin didn’t know what he was thinking, so he could only follow silently, and constantly watch the surrounding terrain. If she saw that the situation was not right, she would run away as soon as possible to ensure her own. Safety.

As for what Luo Yi will do, Robin doesn’t care, but she still has her own business to do. Even if Luo Yi gave her an ancient word from Fishman Island, it would not be Robin willingly. Luo Yi's reason for selling his life.

"Don't be so nervous, the person following is my goal this time."


Raising his left hand, Luo pointed at something on his wrist.

"By the way, I just wanted to ask the president, why do you wear a tuft on your wrist"

"A bunch of papas?"

Luo said with a smile.

Robin nodded slightly.

You will know when that person comes.

The two did not go very quickly, but they did not take much time to leave the city.

And the person behind them has always kept the same distance from them, never stopped.

Robin's heart became more and more worried.

If she were to tell her the easiest place to escape, she really couldn't say it, but this empty field is definitely the most difficult place to escape, there is no cover.

However, the careful Robin found that Luo Yi put his hands in front of him, and his right hand removed the tuft he had been wearing on his left wrist, revealing the black telephone bug inside.

Eavesdropping phone bug?

Robin immediately recognized what it was, and immediately realized one thing.

From the beginning, Luo never called her name once, was it just because of wearing this bug?

Combined with the navy clearing on this road, Robin knew that the navy must be eavesdropping. Then, who Luo Yi's target was this time, Robin's curiosity was immediately hanged.

Put down the sleeves. Some loose sleeves just cover the wiretapping phone bug. If he hadn't told Robin in advance and he had taken the phone bug out in front of her, Robin wouldn’t know. Bring this kind of thing.

"Should I call you the manager of Luo Yi, the president of Luo Yi, or the Chijian Luo Yi?"

A vigorous male voice sounded from behind, Robin's hands were folded across his chest nervously, ready to activate the fruit power at any time, while Luo Yi still carried the little things he bought.

"Just call me Luo Yi, if I guess correctly, you are Dorag."

In the open field, with only a small forest around, and seeing no one, Dorag took off his hood and revealed his full face.

Compared to Luo Yi's calmness, Robin was shocked.

Of course she knew who Dorag was, but she didn't expect to meet him in this situation.

"This world is sick. I hope to invite Luo Yi you to join me to heal this world."

"The world is sick? How could the world be sick?"

"Because the one who rules him is wrong"

Dorag started his speech directly, and even told some secrets that Luo Yi knew, but Robin had never heard of it.

At this moment, Robin was shocked.

At this moment, the person on the other side of the phone worm was even more shocked.


Karp folded his hands on his chest, tapped Erlang's legs, and listened to what Dorag said with a serious face.

The other admirals dare not say a word.

This former colleague, the son of Lieutenant General Karp, said something really horrible, and he was almost talking about the will of "D" and the blank 100-year history.

Also, can you not talk about the secrets of the Navy?That's too much.

371. This is not the reason you live with me again

Marine Headquarters, Marin Vando.

The Warring States Period does not remember how many times he has called everyone to a meeting. Anyway, what is certain is that in the past few years, the number of meetings is definitely much more than before.

"Now, Luo Yi has successfully joined the Revolutionary Army, and based on what the black phone worm monitored and the situation after Luo Yi contacted us, it is basically certain that the Revolutionary Army hopes that Luo Yi can provide some information to the Revolutionary Army. Intelligence from the Navy and World Government."

"What we need to do is to find a way to get Luo Yi to gain the trust of the Revolutionary Army as quickly as possible, and sit in an important position of the Revolutionary Army. After we know the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army, we will be one."

"I don't think it's right. Just knowing the headquarters and taking action does not guarantee that everyone can be captured. Moreover, Dorag's strength is very strong. At that time, at least two admirals will be dispatched, and even the Monster King will be captured before. At the time of Ivankov, he was arrested on a scale comparable to the Demon Slayer Order. Ivankov's strength is not weaker than the tyrant of Qiwuhai, Basolomi Bear."

"Indeed, if there are a large number of powerful men in the revolutionary army who are not weaker than the strength of Qiwuhai, our capture operation is likely to fail."

"It's too early to discuss the arrest. Luo Yi has just joined the revolutionary army, and there is one more important thing. Didn't you find out?"

"whats the matter?"

"Luo Yi is the revolutionary army that Dorag personally invited to join. What does this show is that Dorag has already wanted to invite him, and the revolutionary army also knows that Luo will go there soon, so Dorag will personally Wait there."

"You mean, what we need to worry about now is whether Luo Yi will completely believe in Dorag's words and fall to the side of the revolutionary army?"

"If this is the case, it would be bad. According to intelligence, the strong in the Dota Tavern are summoned from other worlds by Luo Yi’s demon fruit ability. Those people can use their abilities, but they won’t be affected by the sea. With the influence of Hailoushi, the strongest person that has emerged at the moment, even Kaido can kill, if Luo Yi stands on the opposite side of the navy"

In an instant, everyone seemed to realize this serious problem.

Yes, Luo Yi seems to be helping their navy and government for a long time. He is a good citizen who abides by the law, but why would Dorag invite him?

The original plan was to let Luo go to some countries where the revolutionary army was infested, and to teach those nobles who could not even see the navy, but because of the inconvenience of status, showed that he was not afraid of power and fear. The government side attracted the attention of the revolutionary army.

However, the appearance of Dorag and the many words that made the navy shocked, and even the thoughts in the words also touched many admirals.

After all, what Dorag is talking about is the facts, the current state of the world.

And the method of change he said, to pull down those who are high above the sky and behave, is indeed the most effective method, there is no one.

No one objected to this point. Even the red dog felt that way. It was just because of his status as a navy admiral. I am embarrassed to hit Marioa directly. Otherwise, with the temperament of the red dog, he would directly spit fire on the red earth continent, Mary Qiaoya was submerged by countless volcanic bombs.

At their level, they do have the ability to easily destroy an island, not to mention a city.

Therefore, if Luo stands on their opposite side, it means that the world government has more powerful people like Lucifer.

Just look at Yunieruo, who is now serving as an instructor in the navy, who usually accompany him to learn from each other. Those are the three current navy generals, especially his progressive swordsmanship, which has scared Huang Yuan. You only know that the yellow apes who fished in troubled waters took the initiative to patrol.

"At present, Luo Yi is worthy of our belief, and the reason why Dorag went to Luo Yi was to use the power of their tavern, but as far as I know, the people in the tavern are not Luo Yi's. Everyone has an independent mind, just like Larry Lei who is now a pirate."

"Speaking of which, the Naymor in the Sea of ​​Seven Wus, might he also be summoned by Dao Talo, after all, I have never heard of such a character before"


This meeting was held by all lieutenant admirals and above. The more they talked, the more shocked they became. Especially when it was involved in the history of Nimol, it made them feel that the speculation was correct.

Think about when he appeared, just a few years ago, when the Dota Tavern had just emerged.

Before that, they had never heard of the task of defeating Qiwuhai Moonlight Moria. It was not very abnormal.

"In short, the first step to join the Revolutionary Army has been reached. Regarding how to help Luo Yi gain the trust of the Revolutionary Army, we all think about ways."

The Warring States Period knocked on the table and brought everyone's topic back to the topic.

The Revolutionary Army is indeed a big issue. Even if it is not raised at the World Conference this time, the Navy has already paid attention to it. The main reason is that the ideas propagated by the Revolutionary Army are really terrible.

"If we want to gain the trust of the revolutionary army, we can't do it too obvious. Now we are in a cooperative relationship with Luo Yi, and we absolutely can't reveal any secrets. So in the past few months, it's better to think of a way first. Deepen the relationship with Luo Yi."

"This proposal is good, I agree."

"I also agree, just to try Luo Yi's idea, so as to avoid any changes."

"I recommend Lieutenant General Karp."


"Secondary 1"



Karp, who had just picked up the green tea, looked at his colleagues around him inexplicably. Why did he suddenly feel like he was smashed?

"Kapu has the best relationship with Luo Yi, and he has even been his teacher for a while, and Kapu's personality is very suitable for getting along with Luo Yi and will not cause suspicion. This is really a good way."

"Since the Crane staff said the same, the matter should be settled like this first."

The Warring States period directly decided the case, and the Warring States never stopped on the road of Kengkapu.

"Next, let’s discuss the recent appearance of an organization called Dezun Mission in the East China Sea. It seems to have attracted a large number of congregations.”

Inside the Dota Tavern, Luo looked at the two navy soldiers who were wearing flip-flops, beach pants, and a small vest, and the two navy soldiers pulling their suitcases behind him, with a black line on his face.

"This is not the reason you live with me again."

372. Nani?

Here is the Kingdom of Alabastan on the Great Sea Route.

With the joint efforts of everyone in the entire kingdom, and the help of the Dota Chamber of Commerce from the Chambordian Islands, the environment in the kingdom has begun to show remarkable results.

Provided by the Dota Chamber of Commerce, a machine that can convert seawater into fresh water, and a machine that can turn seawater into clouds, have everything. Look at the content marked on the machine, it comes from an island called Surf Island.

God knows why the island where these machines can be made is not actually called a mechanical island.

But this does not affect their use of the machine.

After a long period of development, although there are still many deserts in Alabastan, the city that was originally an oasis, with the ability of "sand fruits", can tap water sources very quickly.

Coastal cities were the first to develop. The black clouds that floated over the sea dropped a lot of rain in these cities.

The water people seem to know that changing a desert is not a matter of overnight. Although he is busy every day, he is not in a hurry for success.

"It's Klockdal."


"Thank you so much!"

Walking on the street, with a cigarette in his mouth, "Krokdal" looked at the people around him greeted him indifferently, and did not respond.

But even so, everyone who saw him would call him very enthusiastically, even if they didn't get any response.

If it was before, the citizens of Alabastan would still think that Krokdal was very terrible. After all, he was the man who got the title of Qiwuhai, but now it is different. He is not the hero who killed the pirates with waving hands, but for A hero who worked hard to solve the desert crisis.

"The boss has worked hard."

Walking into the rain banquet, the deputy store manager of the casino respectfully saluted "Klockdal".

Although I don't know why the boss who has been making money suddenly has a conscience, as a native of Alabastan, the deputy store manager also fully supports this good thing that benefits the country and the people.


He uttered a nasal sound, "Krokdal" responded and went straight back to his room.

Inside the wide room, there is a huge map hung, but there are a lot of small flags on it, as well as various things for writing and painting.

"Krokdal" picked up a blue pen, drew a short line on it, and pulled out a flag.

"Another oasis is completed."

The water people are very satisfied with their results, especially with the cooperation of so many people, their progress has never been interrupted.

This country is very poor, and the trees that need to be planted are definitely counted in tens of millions.

And even if it is the richest rainy land in the whole country, the most luxurious rainy banquet in the rainy land, the total assets do not exceed 2 billion Baileys, this is only assets, and only half of them can be used.

The price of an iron branch is 50,000 Baileys, and 2000 is 100 million Baileys, but 2,000 trees cannot even save an oasis after being abandoned.

Even with the help of the water people, the places that were flooded by sandstorms can be cleaned up quickly and the water source can be found, but if there are no plants, it will soon be eroded by the desert again.