Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 228

The discussion between Shuiren and Cobra meant that each oasis should be arranged according to the size and distribution of iron branches to ensure that enough trees are planted and at the same time mobilize the citizens to open up wasteland in each oasis.

The land reclamation of an oasis with water and trees can be regarded as a simple start, and people who knew about it also signed up. Suddenly, the cohesion of the people reached a very high level.

Especially those people who complained about the country and why the king is not inferior in the past are even more active. In less than a year, less than one-tenth of the entire country's territory is suitable for people to live in, but now it has increased. One-twentieth of the territory has become an oasis, and it has developed surging.

All this is attributed to the help of the Dota Chamber of Commerce.

This is what Cobra said.

Without the machinery provided by the chamber of commerce and the trunk provided by the chamber of commerce, how could they plant so many trees, and how could they be able to green the country?

"In the rivers here, the speed at which the machine converts seawater into fresh water is too slow. Seawater will cause more serious soil erosion on the land. It seems that it can only flow long and thin. It is just a bit more difficult at the beginning. About ten years or so, this country should More than half of the territory will be greened and rivers will be formed"

The water man looked at the map, and all kinds of knowledge constantly appeared in his mind, all of which were copied from various people. Under the circumstances of unbearable complexity, the amount of information that needs to be processed is indeed very large. Fortunately, it is made of water, which will not cause the brain to burn out.

"The greening is not difficult. Even without Krokdal's help, they would just spend more time digging out the water source. Cobra is indeed a good king, and he can actually bring the people together like this. , It doesn’t really matter if I have me next."

The water people quickly made a judgment.

This was in his expectation.

Changing the environment, unless it is a special devil fruit in this world, can turn this desert into an oasis. For example, a certain superhuman demon fruit ability capable of making soil has awakened and directly uses the fruit ability to change this place. All the sand becomes mud, otherwise it can only rely on a lot of manpower to do it step by step.

Although he "borrowed" the position of Krokdal's Qiwuhai, he actually didn't play a big role, except for the initial appeal, he basically slowly transferred to Cobra's head.

Then, just do as Luo Yi had discussed with him before.

This is an island on the Great Sea Route. Krokdal is on this island, preparing a temporary base, and constantly preparing his plans.

It makes sense for him to let his men follow the trend.

In his eyes, his subordinates are still too weak.

Although Fengxing's strength does not know how strong he is, he will certainly not be worse off. If he wants to wave around on the great route, he will inevitably encounter many opponents.

Following her, his men can get a certain amount of exercise, and then come back to help themselves and defeat the water people.

That person would copy his attacking moves, but for one thing, Krokdal thought about it carefully afterwards. If he guessed correctly, he needs to become a different person when using different moves.

In the battle with him, Krokdal was never hit by domineering, it was only because the opponent could use the power of water and was very restrained from his fruit ability, which led to his own defeat, and it seemed strange at the time. The power of his has sealed his fruit ability, it should be that Luo Yi did it.

Since this is the case, Krokdal felt that he could not win the opponent alone, so he would bring a few helpers, but the strength of the helpers should not be too weak, otherwise they would be dragged down.

However, Krokdal does not hate the Aquaman much now, and even thank him a little bit. Because of what he has done, he has accumulated a very high popularity in Alabastan. By that time, he will be able to take the throne with a few tricks. Replace it.

"Newsbird? See what's up."

After purchasing a newspaper, Krokdal saw the huge headline on the title page and the familiar face.

"Qiwuhai under the king changes again, Krokdal resigns as Qiwuhai, who is the new Qiwuhai variant spirit?"


373. The Elegy of Soul?

"Power Strike"

An emerald green arrow directly penetrated a large ship, and the strong wind pressure directly broke the keel of the entire ship.

r1: (?Д?)

r2: щ(?Д?щ)


At this moment, their hearts collapsed.

The boss asked them to follow the trend, but they never thought that the people who followed were so strong.

Although they had been chasing Fengxing before, they had not caught up yet, they just felt that Fengxing's ability was a little weird, but now it seems that is not the case.

When you encounter local ships at sea, you basically fire each other at each other. If you don’t sink the other’s ships, you have to wait for each other to approach each other and engage in battle.

Originally, they were ready to start the fight, and they had just met, but in the great route, the supernova that has just risen recently, is a powerful pirate whose bounty has reached 200 million.

According to previous news reports, he has slaughtered more than a dozen islands, and his vicious pirates with more than a thousand people. He thought it was a tough battle, but he did not expect that they were still hundreds of meters apart, and the other party had just turned the bow to aim at them. , Before firing, it sank.


"It's too dangerous, it seems that the boss doesn't have this kind of strength."

"Nonsense, the boss is Qiwuhai, Krokdal, who is naturally capable of rustling fruit, almost invincible."

"But if the ship sinks at sea, even Krokdal will drown."

"Yes, capable people can't swim. Everyone will be careful in the future. If Larry Boss sinks our boat, we will be dead."

"You are right, everyone should pay attention to it in the future. The Bucky Pirates group was horribly old and miserable. I thought it was the pirates of the East China Sea that were weak. Now it seems that it is the boss of Larry Lei. Strong."

Seeing a large sailing ship sinking to the bottom of the sea, fewer than a hundred of the pirate team of thousands of people survived holding the wooden planks. These were the people who had just stood on the edge of the ship and received less wind pressure.

And the captain and cadres who have been standing in the middle of the ship’s deck, ready to pack a wave, have been brought directly into the sea by the strong wind. Those people are all capable people. They were originally the strongest people on the ship. Became the fastest dying.

In short, seeing that a pirate group with a bounty of 200 million and a reward of more than 500 million for the entire ship is gone, everyone in the Baroque Work Club couldn't help but sigh, the world is really big.

"None, no, no, no..."

While they were discussing, the phone worm with two fingers hidden in the fourth dimension rang.


r1 answered the phone.

"Where are you, I'm going to look for you, the plan was cancelled."

"Because of today's news?"


"Understood, we will arrive on the next island..."

Although they were on another ship, Feng Xing still heard their conversation.

Sure enough, after the call was over, r1 got on the Fengxing boat and said to her blankly.

In the entire Baroque workplace, he is the only one who has no fear in the face of Feng Xing.

"I'm leaving, let's separate on the next island."


Fengxing is so easy to talk, r1 feels a bit surprised, but doesn't care too much.

After sailing for a day, they came to the next island. After saying goodbye to Fengxing, the people from the Baroque Job Club drove to the other side of the pier, and they parted ways before reaching the shore.

On the dock, a familiar figure was waiting for them with one hand in his pocket.

It's not that he doesn't want to put his hands in the pockets, mainly because he doesn't have such big pockets to hold the golden hooks.

Krokdahl came here very quickly. He only talked to r1 and the others yesterday, and arrived here overnight. No one knows what mode of transportation he used.

However, after boarding the ship, Krokdal directly threw a permanent pointer to r1 and let them sail.

Klockdal felt indifferent to exposing himself.

His plans over the years have long failed because of the water people. Everything he did before was just a remedial measure, and by the way, he gained a little reputation by taking advantage of the fact that the other party needed Qiwuhai's identity.

But he didn't expect that the other party turned into his own appearance and resigned from the position of Qi Wuhai, which makes sense.

Now that everything is gone, he doesn't have the power in the face, so just grab it directly.

As long as you get the Battleship of Hades, no one in this world will be your opponent.

Krokdal stood on the bow of the ship, facing the sea breeze, if there were no bird droppings suddenly falling from the sky, it would be pretty cool.

Smelly face sanded his body and sent the tuo into the sea, Klockdal decided to go to the cabin and wait.

Sure enough, you shouldn't show your face when you are a boss. Since showing up, nothing good has happened.

The fact seems to be the same.

They only sailed for less than two hours before Krokdal's door was knocked open.

"Boss, we met the Shadow Demon Pirates!"



Chambord Islands.

It's a new morning again.

The weather in June is completely different from the previous winter. The weather is clear, the wind is light and the clouds are light, and the sunlight that rises early, under the refraction of bubbles, many rainbows appear.

Facing the early morning carbon dioxide, Luo Yi went out and ran three laps, then returned to the tavern and took the newspaper at the door.

In the pub, breakfast was ready, and Karp, who was yawning, walked downstairs in his pajamas. Of course, it would be better if he didn't hold the donuts in his hands.

"Thank you."

As a result, Luo thanked Lisa for the porridge, blew it gently, and took a sip before opening today's newspaper.

"Cough cough cough~"

When he saw the title, Luo choked himself when he swallowed the porridge.

The title is really too hot.

For an instant, Luo Yi even felt a little pity for Krokdal in his heart.

"The fiasco of the former Shichibukai Krokdal and the hand of Navinmore Shichibukai!"

Very simple title, but the characters represented in it are different.

How could the Shadow Fiend attack Krokdal?

Luo Yi took a look at the description. Although he knew that Jiucheng was fake, 10% of it should be real.

Luo Yi probably knew that the two ran into each other at sea, and then Krokdal took the initiative to attack the Shadow Demon Pirates, but was defeated.

The three ships that Krokdal was on were the three ships that originally followed Fengxing, but after being beaten by Nevenmoore alone, there was only one left. Under the sandstorm of Krokdal, they quickly drove away.

After the war, several of the members of the Shadow Demon Pirates group appeared in the Fengxing team. Even at the end of the article, the author speculated that Nevenmore and Fengxing had known each other before.

Luo looked at the photo that was taken, and it was Nevinmore who raised his hands, as if the devil had descended, and a group of black things appeared around him.

"The Elegy of Soul? This Krokdal is still a bit strong, not as good as Moria."

"Hey, news from Qiwuhai? This Krokdal is really active recently."

Karp digs his nose and comes in.

"After all, it's a pirate, you need to maintain your reputation."

"Although I don't understand what you are talking about, this thing is still for you."

With that, Karp handed a note.

"This is... the address of Sleeping Ancient Town?"

Pirate's Tower Tavern

374. Arrived in Sleeping Ancient Town

"Big Brother Luo Yi, he has always been downwind!"

On the small sailboat, Lilai happily pulled Luo Yi's sleeve and said coquettishly.

Thinking of yesterday morning, when Luo saw the note, he asked her if she wanted to travel together.

How could Lilai refuse such a good thing.

Chaos happened in the tavern recently, and there is no shortage of manpower for the time being. As for Dibaya's offer to help find a few people to come in and sit as a waiter, Luo Yi refused in one mouthful, mainly thinking that he would let the guests spit out what they drank. , And can not drive the income of the tavern.

Luo Yi asked the navy for the coordinates of Sleeping Ancient Town.

This is not a big city, or even just a small island, and it is not a member of the world government. It is about the same size as the Orange Town that they had visited before.

The navy has no permanent pointers, but Luo Yi can go to the nearby islands first and then to the ancient town of Sleeping according to the content provided by the navy.