Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 229

But before that, Luo Yi went to pick up someone.

Nicole Robin.

Luo Yi did not bring Karp with him this time.

Although he knew that he would not necessarily take action when he saw Robin, he was not sure what would happen.

So, after calling for someone from Dorag, Luo Yi mobilized five people from the Chamber of Commerce to take charge of sailing, and went straight ahead.

Standing on the deck, Luo Yi understood that for the so-called tailwind, he really had to thank him for the buff, the blessing of the power of nature.

He can't control the wind, but to a certain extent, he can influence the direction of the wind according to his mind, making it extremely convenient to sail on the sea.

As a science student, Luo Yi remembered that the wind was caused by the collision of hot and cold air currents with each other due to the air pressure. Unexpectedly, it did not belong to the Newtonian tube here.

It took a long time to receive Robin, and then they headed towards their destination Sleeping Ancient Town.

The voyage on the sea went very smoothly. Robin probably guessed why Luo Yi found her. It is estimated that there are relics or texts that need her to interpret.

The sails were blown bulging, and after just two days of sailing, a small island named Sleeping Ancient Town appeared in front of Luo Yi and the others.

"Brother Luo Yi, why are we here?"

After boarding this island, Lilai looked at the medieval European-style buildings here, and suddenly felt very interesting, but he still didn't run out with joy, but took Luo to ask.

Robin on the side also pricked his ears. Although he was looking around, he wanted to hear what Luo Yi was doing.

"Before the era of the great pirate started, there was a man who was on the same level as Roger and White Beard with his own strength, and he was very powerful."

Luo thought for a moment, then spoke.

"Are you talking about the lonely Ryder, the Red Earl, Barloric Lederfield?"

Robin instantly thought of the person Luo Yi said.

"Sister Robin, do you know?"

Lilai turned to look at Robin.

"Well, this is quite an amazing task, it can be said to be a legendary pirate." Robin nodded and began to explain: "After the pirate king Roger was executed, the Golden Lion also escaped from Advance City. At that time, the admiral was still empty."

"And this Baloric defeated the then Marshal of the Navy alone, but after the victory, he was imprisoned by the naval hero Kapu in Propulsion City. Since then, his news has been hidden by the navy."

"Balorick's strength is very powerful and has caused a lot of sensation, especially since he went to sea as a pirate, he has not found a partner, so he can achieve the same status as Roger and Whitebeard. This strength is shocking."

Robin actually doesn't know much, but Robin, who has personally seen the pheasant's ability, knows how strong an admiral is and can be a marshal of the navy, and basically possesses such strength.

"This Baloric was awakened from the moment he was born with domineering and domineering, and he can see through people's hearts. After seeing the ugliness of people's hearts from an early age, he naturally didn't want to believe other people."

Luo Yi took a sentence after this.

"Then we are here because this is his hometown?"

Lilai thought so.

"No, we are here to find something."

Luo Yi shook his head.

He didn't know where Baloric's birthplace was, but he was sure it was not here.

This island is not among the seven routes of the great sea route, let alone the route of the magic triangle.

If Baloric was born on the Great Sea Route, it must be on an island that Luffy passed, otherwise it would be on an island in the West Sea.

Because when he was young, he had met the Rumba Pirates and talked to Brooke, who is now playing the piano in his tavern.

"What are you looking for?"

Lilai was in a moment of interest.

Even though she is very sensible since she was a child, the nature of children will not disappear because of childhood experience. After receiving Luo Yi's care, Lilai grows up healthy and happy like an ordinary child.

"Devil Fruit."

Devil fruit, animal system, monster species, vampire form.

This is a rather perverted fruit, but it did not appear in the comics, causing many people to be unaware of this, but it was also designed by Oda himself. When Luo remembered it, he wanted to try his luck. .

If it is said that among the devil fruits, Luo Yi wants to eat rubber fruits the most, then the second thing he wants to eat is natural fruits, like the burnt fruits of Ace, the ice fruits of the green pheasant, or It is the shining fruit of Yellow Ape, all very powerful.

But in terms of practicality, the power of this vampire fruit is more useful than the fruit of surgery.

The fruit of surgery can use one's own life as a cost to obtain immortality for another person. This is a fruit for dedication.

But the vampire fruit can directly absorb the life span of others for several purposes, so that oneself will look like when he was young, and even his abilities will be restored to the best state when he was young.

And this ability can be used as long as it touches the opponent. You don't have to bite it like a vampire. You must know that even if it is a bigo soul fruit, the other party needs to be afraid of themselves before they can use the fruit ability.

This also means that if you get this fruit ability, you will gain immortality in disguise.

Looking for the fruit was not in a hurry, Luo Yi and the others first went shopping in the city, and after playing enough, they began to search.

It is similar to Orange Town, where a city is established near the coast, and behind the city is surrounded by mountains.

"You mean the ruins? There is indeed a ruin in Houshan with some incomprehensible words written on it, but no one has been there for a long time, and I don't know who left it."

"Thank you old man."

"You're welcome, but you bought all my oranges. I can go home early to rest today."

"It's almost time to play, let's go."

Pirate's Tower Tavern

375. Don't eat wild animals.

Back mountain, remains.

The ruins are large, covered with vines.

Luo Yi is still a little strange now.

Although the architectural style of this ancient town is medieval European architecture, the people here still retain the Japanese habits. Is it a world where neon words are spoken all over the world?

However, the ruins here are like those left by ancient Egypt, just like those buildings in the memory of the king of Yu-Gi-Oh.

The pillars and walls all reveal the ancient atmosphere.

And just arrived here, some people couldn't help it.

As we all know, when a woman takes the initiative, it is terrible.

Robin, who walked away from her long legs and wore a purple tights and short skirt, exuded her charm all the time.

Walking up the stairs in front, Robin didn't care that he was wearing short skirts, clothes that could not stand on the steps, just to be able to get closer to some ruins and be able to see the contents above.

"History is right?"

Nicole Archaeologist Robin has capped and turned on the focus mode.

Robin, who saw the correct history, began to interpret the above content very seriously, and was attracted by these words and directly entered the interior of the ruins.

Luo Yi and Lilai hurriedly followed up, and Luo Yi began to look and feel domineering, exploring whether there was danger in the ruins.

And under the influence of seeing and hearing the domineering, there is indeed a lot of aura in it.

Although these breaths are very weak, they are very skilled, at least there are thousands of them. Many ants can kill elephants. Robin rushes in, which is really dangerous.

However, she seemed to have fallen into a certain state, completely ignoring the surrounding situation, Luo Yi followed her with Lilai, ready to protect at any time.

There is a huge staircase in the center of the ruins. Luo Yi took out the prepared torch from his backpack. After lighting it, Robin and Lilai, the three of them entered.

The bottom of the stairs was very dark. Luo Yi didn't know how Barloric got the Devil Fruit, but in his memory, it was inside a ruin, and it was obtained with Robin's help.

"Brother Luo Yi, are these historical facts?"

It was the first time Lilai saw such words, and her eyes were full of curiosity.

"Yes, only Robin can understand it in the whole world."

"Wow, Sister Robin is so good."

Lilai looked admired.

Luo Yi didn't explain it anymore. If he really wanted to say it, it was a sad story.

The reason why she was the only one who could understand it was because O'Hara's people were all dead, and those who taught Robin to understand history are gone.

"Let's talk about this later, there is something to come out ahead, protect your sister Robin."

Luo patted Lilai's little head, and saw Robin indulging in research and did not hear their conversation, so the two followed closely again.

"Did you see anything?"

When he came to Robin's side, Luo Yi asked.

"The record here is the result of a devil fruit."

Robin looked at these contents and heard Luo Yi's question about history, and he responded directly.

"It's really a vicious devil fruit."

The content in the middle was skipped directly by Robin, and he said an emotional sentence.

"If I guessed correctly, the last person with the Devil Fruit Ability has committed public anger."

Luo Yi didn't close his domineering look, and there was still some distance between those breaths. Luo Yi said his guess.

"Yes, the original capable people, whether they were pirates or the navy, had their lifespan taken away by him, but they offended too many people, and only lived for ten years after getting the fruits, and they were killed by the admiral. Afterwards, those who got this fruit did not eat the fruit, but hid it, so as not to continue to mess up the world."

Robin briefly summarized the content and finished the above content in the simplest words.

However, she didn't say one more word.

The above content also records where the devil fruit is stored.

"Vicious devil fruit? Have you ever heard of an old saying? There is no vicious ability, only vicious people."

Luo Yi didn't think any devil fruit was unforgivable.


After taking a look at Luo Yi's words, Robin turned his head and continued to look at Qiangshang's history, but his heart was already active.

Are there only vicious people?

At the beginning, a group of scholars in O'Hara just wanted to interpret the history and search for the blank one hundred years of history. They were destroyed as demons that harmed the world.

So the question is, is this "son of the devil" really a demon in Luo Yi's eyes?

There is also Dorag who took him away a few days ago. The revolutionary army has been searching for his whereabouts. After arriving at them, it is indeed different from other places, except that Robin has not let his guard down.

So far, only Luo Yi here is the safest place she feels.

"Be careful, something is coming out."

Luo Yi said suddenly.

Robin immediately folded his hands on his chest, ready to use the fruit ability, and Lilai also took out a staff and held it in his hand, ready for her frost magic.

"There are many, and the speed is not slow. If the situation is not right, run away immediately."

In fact, Luo Yi didn't need to say more, the two had already heard it.



No, there seems to be a sound of flapping wings.


Under the light of the torch, after Luo Yi's vision increased through the night vision of the Silver Moon Crystal, he saw the flapping wings and the red eyes under the firelight.

"Sword Dance Little Sword Qi"

With the Crystal Sword in his hand, Luo Yi waved it casually, and a small red sword aura slashed out, killing two bats instantly.

As for the other bats, escaped.

At this moment, Luo Yi suddenly discovered that he lacked some remote AOE skills.

This small sword aura is a small skill that Luo Yi has researched when his attributes cannot be improved during this period. Although the sword aura is small, only less than 20 centimeters, its power is about the same as ordinary sword aura, and the speed is faster. Easy to dodge, that is, facing the strong in this world, it is difficult to cause fatal injuries.

Then only choose another way to solve these bats.