Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 230

"Lilai, leave a word."

"Okay, Brother Luo Yi, Ice Wall"

Turning the magic wand in his hand, an ice wall appeared out of thin air, directly blocking the path of all the bats, leaving only a large hole with a diameter of ten centimeters.

And Luo Yi has also replaced six pieces of equipment with good things in the system interface.

With his eyes condensed, Luo Yi's crystal sword directly pierced out, flying in the forefront in the center, and directly pierced the bat that wanted to get out of the cave.

And Luo Yi's sword, like hitting a cow across a mountain, directly shot down hundreds of bats in the rear, spreading out like a fan, and in the swaying firelight, you can clearly see those bats falling to the ground.

Robin was already ready to fight, even ready to escape, but he didn't expect that these bats would be solved by Luo Yi so easily. There was no one with this kind of strength.

"Brother Luo Yi, can this be eaten?"

Lilai touched her belly and said while pulling at the corner of Luo Yi's clothes.

"Don't eat wild animals."

Luo Yi directly gave Lilai a brainstorm.

376. Vampire form

"Remember to wear a mask when you go out."

Luo Yi set off a fire and burned all these bat corpses.

Although they were in the tunnel, Luo Yi still took Robin and Lilai out.

The virus is not a joke.

In the comics, the Straw Hat Pirates enter the great route. After Nami was bitten by insects in the small garden, if it weren't for being rescued by Chopper, One Piece would have ended as early as twenty years ago.

Of course, according to the needs of the plot, the protagonist group will definitely not die. If they die, they will have a finale soon. As long as it is not an old pen, everything is easy to say.

After a handful of fire was almost burning, standing on the stairs and smelling the scent of the nose, and the cry from Lilai’s stomach, Luo Yi decided that the three of them should eat something before going in, just to let the air underneath ventilate. a bit.

After eating the box lunch he brought, Luo Yi once again felt sorry that his system could not be upgraded.

If you go down two or three times, thousands of bats are gone. Even if one gives only 5 points of experience, that is an incredible number.

Bah, garbage system.

After vomiting a bone, Luo Yi cursed by the way.

After the meal, the three of them rested for a while. After chatting, they entered the ruins again.

Under the blessing of the natural wind, apart from the burnt marks, there are only charcoal bat carcasses in the ruins, and there is a little burnt smell left. The other air has already been replaced many times. .

Sure enough, passive skills are the most powerful.

If you gather the bristles, back, body armor, shield, active armor, dragon blood, corrosive skin, accumulation of rotten flesh, refraction inviolability, and the power of the sea monster you have now, it will be exciting to think about it.

Of course, the premise is that these skills will not change your appearance, after all, most of the sources of these skills are quite exciting.

Although the walls of the ruins also showed signs of burning black, they fell off with a light wipe with a cloth, and the historical text on it had no effect.

All the way down, there were a few scattered bats on the road. They were frozen into ice sculptures by Li Lai without flying out of the large group just now, and they made ice hockey according to Luo Yi's prudent request.

Just kidding, this is sashimi.

After walking for a long time, there were no other dangers, no traps, no assessments, only a door.

Above the gate, there is something written in the historical text that I don’t know, and there are a few handles and buttons that seem to be switches.

Robin watched it several times carefully, then came to the front of the organ and operated it a few times, and the door opened, and a strange smell came from the door.

As soon as Luo sniffed it, he judged that it was the kind of unoccupied and unventilated smell, called musty for short.

Seeing fixedly, there was nothing in the room, only a devil fruit, lying alone on the middle stone platform.

It was a purple devil fruit with black lines on it, like Sanji's eyebrows, green stalks, and a little green leaves, just put there simply.

Luo glanced at the fruit for the first time, then turned to look at the surrounding walls.

"I have a question."

"What's the problem? Brother Luo Yi."

"Look at this room. Except for the accident that the door is made of bronze, it has stone walls on all sides, even from the outside. This is actually an underground excavated manually, and the walls and doors are made of bronze."

"It's true." Robin nodded.

"Then even if I can't read the text of history, I can break the wall from the side and come in."


Robin was speechless, but what Luo Yi said seemed to be true.

This thing does have a mechanism, but the mechanism is on the bronze door.

Once the door is opened in the wrong way, it will destroy the devil fruit in the room.

However, if it breaks through the wall, it seems to have no effect.

No, it is not important, what is important is that this devil fruit is really here.

Luo stepped forward step by step, seeing that the domineering display of color to the extreme, without seeing any danger, just grabbed such a devil fruit in his hand.

At this moment, even if it is a salted fish, his heart is extremely excited.

The power of eternal life is now in his hands.

Luo Yi knew what his strength was. As long as there were no accidents, he could definitely stand at the pinnacle of this world. Then he could even provide blessing to others at the cost of lifespan, like BIGMOM.

As long as everyone gives up one year of life, a thousand people can live for a thousand years by themselves, and in a thousand years, these blessed people will definitely have offspring, sons and grandchildren, and grandchildren. There are sons, sons and grandchildren; children and grandchildren will live forever without limit. It is actually very simple.

Even though there was not much expression on his face, even if Luo Yi was still facing Robin and Lilai, the two felt the emotion from Luo Yi.

"Would you like to eat?"

Originally, I just came here with the mentality to give it a try. After all, it was a setting in the game, but I didn't expect that I actually got this fruit.

If you eat it, you must hide your abilities and not reveal the vampire transformation characteristics, but if you don't eat it, what do you keep it for?

Coming to the world of One Piece, can you be worthy of yourself without eating a devil fruit?

Everyone who saw One Piece in the first place came to see it for what, funny?Hot blood?Harem?

No, it is a setting.

A magical world, a magical ability person, the previous hundreds of words, there is no domineering, no new world, only the great route, the devil fruit, and the plot that makes you cry and laugh.

Unlike the current plot, it is all water.

So, as soon as Luo picked up the fruit, took a bite, before he had time to chew, the taste buds on his tongue passed all the flavor of the devil fruit to Luo Yi.

It's unpalatable, it's really unpalatable, it's like being treated to dinner by a starling.

Without any hesitation, Luo Yiqiang endured the nausea, controlled the muscles in his mouth, and swallowed the devil fruit.

Then, he put the devil fruit back on the stage, with the bitten side facing the door.

With a livid expression on his face, Luo Yi decided to take a few mints with him in the future, so as not to improve his tone after eating something weird.

After eating the Devil Fruit, Luo Yi also saw the skill bar in his system interface, with two more skills.

Vampire form: After using the ability, you can transform into the appearance of a vampire and gain all attributes.

Life Absorption: Absorb the vitality of the other party and transform it into one's own use. It needs to touch the other party's body to use it.

In addition, Luo Yi also has a DEBUFF on his body. The red circle outside does not mean any rotation. It is a permanent DEBUFF, or the one that cannot be dispelled.

Drucker: You are hated by the sea and lose the ability to swim.

Looking at this DEBUFF, Luo Yi now has a question.

He has the blessing of the sea goddess, and he can breathe underwater. Will the two skills conflict?

"Brother Luo Yi, turn around and take a look."

Compared to Luo Yi's thinking, Lilai was more concerned about whether Luo Yi turned into handsome after eating the fruit.

Nodding his head and closing his eyes, Luo Yi's mind came up with the way the Devil Fruit's ability is used. This fruit's transformation has only one form.

Red light shining from Luo Yi's body, covering his whole body, like the Digimon next door evolving, until his figure appeared, Lilai and Robin both showed surprise expressions in the same way.


It looks like a vampire monster.

377. Coming to the City of Seven Waters Again

Luo Yi tried it.

In the sea, he would breathe feebly.

There is no conflict between the two BUFFs.

The DEBUFF of the land duck dropped his all attributes to 1, but the blessing of the sea goddess still gave him the ability to breathe in the sea.

This is a fart.

In short, the key is that he will not drown in the sea.

The attribute reduction does not seem to affect his armor, magic resistance, and blood limit, which means that he has no strength but can be beaten.

"Brother Luo Yi, where are we going next?"

"Going to the City of Seven Waters, your sister Larry Lei is already on the Great Sea Route. I promised to give her a boat, just to come out, we are not in a hurry to go back."

"The City of Seven Waters? Is that the city on the water? Great!"

Lilai clapped her hands with joy.

Under the parasol, Robin said, holding a book in one hand and resting his cheek in the other. He glanced at Luo Yi and Lilai who were talking and laughing, but did not speak.

The permanent pointer of the City of Seven Waters can be bought on many islands. After all, they sell boats for a living. Since the opening of the sea train, the economy of the City of Seven Waters has suddenly recovered. The better.

After sailing for a few days at sea, I finally arrived at the City of Seven Waters.

The crew went to the island to be responsible for purchasing. According to the chairman, the next three days would be free activities, and they would still be spending on public funds. It would be good to go out with the boss.

With two sisters disembarking from the boat, a royal sister and a loli, Luo Yi walked in the C position, which was quite eye-catching.

Arriving in the City of Seven Waters again, Luo Yi saw a completely different scene.

Two years ago, it could be said that this place was a waste of money, and the whole city was shrouded in a shadow of despair. That was the situation when the sea train was not open to traffic. Later, Tom was sentenced.

But now it’s different. The living standards of the people on the island have improved significantly, and everyone’s face is full of smiles.

"Brother Luo Yi, sit on that, sit on that"

Pulled by Lilai, he boarded the sightseeing boat on the island. Luo Yi didn't quite understand it. It took us several days to get here. Why would it be more interesting to take this boat?

After paying the money and telling the boatman the location, a small boat carried three people and started a sightseeing trip.

"The City of Seven Waters is different from before."

"Have the guests been here before? The City of Seven Waters has developed rapidly in the past two years, all thanks to Mr. Espagu."

"Is Carrera? I didn't expect Espagu to be so powerful after merging all seven shipyards."

"If it hadn't been for Frankie's trouble, the City of Seven Waters would develop better now."

"Frankie? Making trouble?"

Luo suddenly became interested.

In the original book, Frankie should have intercepted the sea train carrying Tom and was severely injured. Fortunately, he used a large amount of steel on a nearby scrap ship to transform himself into a coke-fueled reformer.

However, under his own intervention, the judicial ship was not sunk. Tom finally left by boat, and Frankie did not come out to stop him, probably because his ships were smashed by meteor hammers.

"Yes, as Mr. Tom's disciple, Mr. Esbaku founded the Carrera Company, which is responsible for manufacturing, maintenance, and renewal, but Frankie founded a Frankie family to be responsible for shipbreaking. "


Is this the so-called power of the world at work?

Frank, who was not hit by the sea train, eventually established his own house of underworld as in the original book, and became the gangster of the City of Seven Waters.

However, Luo Yi thought about the original plot carefully, and probably knew what was going on.

"Moreover, this perverted Frankie transformed himself into a robot. With such technology, wouldn't it be good for shipbuilding?"