Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 232

But the location of Pluto can only be known by Nicole Robin who understands the text of history.

Why did they look for Pluto's drawings? Isn't it just to make Pluto appear again?

So now, the drawing of Pluto does not know whether it exists, but Nicole Robin was discovered by them.

In this way, wouldn't they just take Nicole Robin back and they can complete the task?

With this idea in mind, Bruno continued to observe for a while before rushing to Carrera’s No. 1 dock.

This matter needs to be discussed with Lu Qi and others.

"Nicole Robin?"

When Bruno opened a small door from the air and brought the news to them, Luchi, Kaku, and Kalifa were all stunned.

This is an unexpected situation beyond their mission.

As a member of CP9, they naturally know the importance of Nicole Robin in the eyes of the world government. Otherwise, how could they offer a reward of 79 million Baileys to an eight-year-old child.

But now, before their eyes, there are three choices.

One is to report Nicole Robin's affairs and wait for the commander's orders, but the high probability is that they will find a way to arrest Nicole Robin.

One is to directly abandon their current lurking identities and try their best to arrest Nicole Robin. According to the information provided by Bruno, the person next to Nicole Robin is the little girl in the Dota Tavern, who is also capable of making ice. , And now that Nicole Robin and her seem to be very close, maybe they will encounter considerable obstacles when they make a move.

Another one is to pretend not to see it, and continue to perform their current task of taking away Pluto's design drawings.

As the leader of CP9, Rob Lucy is wearing a jumpsuit and a black top hat, and a pigeon named Hadoli on his shoulder.

Lu Qi is calm and composed, not afraid of changes, not afraid of danger, very persistent, unsmiling, and wise.

For example, in the situation encountered now, how to act was analyzed by Lu Qi alone, and Kalifa and Kaku on the side could only listen, Bruno was still understanding the first point Lu Qi said.

"Then what are we going to do now?"

Carlyfa pushed his glasses and asked, holding the sheet in his hand, as if he was assigning tasks to them.

"Since there is no new task for us, it means that they still don't know about Nicole Robin, so whether to perform anything other than the task depends on your decision."

Lu Qi knew that if you want to complete the task perfectly, you shouldn't have trouble.

And Nicole Robin's appearance is not part of their mission plan, it can only be regarded as an accidental discovery.

Both now have similar values ​​in front of them, but Lu Qi is more inclined to get drawings.

With the blueprint, they can build a large number of warships, but with Nicole Robin, they can only find one 800-year-old ship at most.

Although I don't know why the government tried to conceal the truth of that period of history, Lu Qi has his own unique justice. If necessary, he can directly kill Nicole Robin instead of capturing it alive.

"I think, report the information and then follow the instructions?"

Compared to Lucky, Kalifa still respects the above decision. The new officer who came recently seems to have some problems in his mind.

"I agree with Kalifa's suggestion."

Kaku is a man with a long rectangular nose, like Pinocchio's nose.

"Then Bruno, go back and follow Nicole Robin, Carlyfa and the sir. Let's continue discussing what happens after that."

Lu Qi immediately made a decision. The few people communicated back and forth within a few minutes. After that, Kaku took the order from Kalifa and took a group of boatmen under him to work. Everything was like As always.

Kalifa also went to Esbagu, talking about the next itinerary, and then pushed all the itineraries at Esbagu's willful request.

However, careful Kalifa found that Esbaku's condition was a little different from usual, and seemed very happy.

In the City of Seven Waters, Luo Yi, who had already joined Robin and the others, felt something was wrong.

"Are you being followed?"

"not found."

Lilai shook her head. She knew that she was not very strong now, but she should still be able to perceive if anyone followed.

"Forget it, Robin, if you're done, you can go back first. There are government officials on this island. If you run into it, you will be in trouble."

"no problem."

Robin didn't ask much, he agreed directly, and took a scroll of city return from Luo Yi's hand, but his eyes were turned to a small box aside.

"I will let someone send you these books of yours."

Luo Yi felt that if he had not guessed wrong, the person who ate the fruit of the door must have peeped in secret.

380. I want to sleep with you

"This idiot."

After hanging up the phone worm, Carlyfa couldn't help but cursed.

As the second generation of a proper official, Spandham used to serve as the chief of CP5 until his father Spandane, who was the former commander of CP9, was promoted to leave him the position.

Kalifa had a problem with his chief's brain, and he was weak in his own right. Apart from unscrupulous means to achieve his goal, he had no other advantages.

And now, after learning that Nicole Robin was on the island, he actually gave such an order.

"Without revealing his identity, Nicole Robin was arrested on Judicial Island."

Kalifa knows what it means.

Nicole Robin, the remnant of O'Hara who delused to resurrect ancient weapons, and the design drawings of the Pluto battleship, CP9's current commander Spandham said that children only make choices and adults want them all.

For these two contributions, if all the tasks are completed, Spandam will be promoted directly, without any guessing.

Even the current members of CP9 will be promoted collectively, maybe they will be transferred to CP0.

But, how can this task be so simple.

It is not difficult to take Nicole Robin away. As long as Bruno takes the shot and pulls people into a different space by sneak attack, there is no problem.

But the biggest problem now is that there has been news from Bruno that Nicole Robin and Luo Yi have joined.

In other words, they still need to write a report now to report the devil's son Nicole Robin to the Dota Tavern.

As for what turbulence will be caused, it has nothing to do with CP9. As a killer organization in the intelligence organization, they do not need to consider political issues.

Therefore, after passing the commander’s order to Luc, Kaku, and Bruno, the four continued their work as if they were okay, until after dark, the shipyard’s working hours ended, and they went to Bruno’s bar to drink.

"Where are they?"

After ordering a few drinks and sitting in front of the bar, Kaku lowered his voice and asked Bruno.

"Already live in the hotel, I will go and arrest people tonight."

If you want to take people away quietly, of course you have to pick the dark night.

"Then the action tonight is left to you, do you want Kaku to accompany you?"

Lu Qi said suddenly.

"I don't think it should be used anymore."

Bruno has confidence in his fruiting ability. After all, relying on this fruiting ability, he has never been discovered by anyone. As long as he puts on his robe and mask, he can take people away without knowing it.

Until the moment Bruno was frozen into an ice sculpture, he still thought so.

"Brother Luo Yi, here is a pervert who ran into my room in the middle of the night."

Looking at Lilai who fell on him, Luo said that he was awake long ago, and found that Lilai had dealt with the intruder.

Under Lilai's pull, Luo Yi came to Lilai's room.

"It's him. I didn't know where he came from just now, because suddenly there was a breath, I just started it."

Lilai pointed to the frozen ice sculpture and said.

"Defrost him first, then handcuff this to him."

When he first came over, Luo Yi asked Lilai to take a pair of Hailou stone handcuffs.

Under the feeling of seeing and hearing the domineering, this breath that is almost disappearing is exactly one of the powerful breaths he felt in the City of Seven Waters today.

And Luo Yi also experienced one of the disadvantages of being a capable person. He couldn't hold the things that were used to restrain the capable person in the past now.

To pick up the sea floor stone, Luo Yi even needs to use props, such as wearing a power glove, so that he will not be affected by the sea floor stone.

"You actually have to isolate first."

After putting on gloves and handcuffing Bruno who had been thawed out, Luo Yi and Lilai sat aside, waiting for him to wake up from a frozen state.

Although they were weak, the physique of these people had reached the superhuman level. In addition to the people in this world, except for Guina, the blood bars of everyone else were too thick, and Bruno soon woke up.

When he regained consciousness, Bruno also felt his state.

It's terrible.

The ability is like this, even if the physique is strong, but once the sea tower is handcuffed, it can't actively use the fruit ability, and it can't even raise the strength.

Even Bruno's reaction speed is as good as that, but he understands that he has been arrested, but he doesn't know how he was arrested. It seems that he just saw a touch of gold?

"Brother Luo Yi, how do you know someone will come tonight and ask Sister Robin to prepare a bed pretending to be sleeping before leaving."

At this moment, Lilai forcibly explained his actions tonight.

Luo Yi could only roll his eyes.

"If I have time, I will tell you the story of the young Bao Qingtian."

Touching Lilai's head, Luo Yi answered like this.

"So do you recruit yourself, or do I take you directly to the mayor?"

One thing Luo Yi felt strange was that he did not see the navy on this island, but this did not prevent himself from threatening him.


Bruno said nothing.

The mission failed.

He shouldn't be careless, he should let Kaku come with him tonight.

No, he was able to defeat himself without reacting at all. This person's strength might require Lu Qi to come in person.

"Since you refuse to say anything, Lilai, freeze him, as long as you save a head, this weather shouldn't freeze to death overnight."

"Okay, Brother Luo Yi."

Seeing the innocent little girl in her nightdress, freezing herself with a smile on her face, Bruno felt as if she saw the shadow of the devil at this moment.

Is this the strength of the Dota Tavern?Just a little girl, actually so powerful.

No wonder the world government was on guard against the Dota Tavern and specially invited Luo Yi to participate in the World Conference. It turned out that he really didn't want to make himself a bigger enemy.

However, because of this, it is even more impossible to let Nicole Robin fall into their hands. That is the remnant of O'Hara who wants to revive ancient weapons.

At this moment, Bruno made up his mind to make this matter public even if he was killed.

"Brother Luo Yi, I want to sleep with you."

After freezing Bruno, Lilai pulled Luo to the next room.

Looking at Lilai, who was 11 years old, Xiaohe's body with sharp horns had already begun to round, Luo Yi felt that he was committing a crime.

Forget it, just sleep.

Holding her arm, Lilai went to sleep with great peace of mind, as if what had just happened had nothing to do with her.

Early the next morning, Luo Yi tied a rope to Bruno's hand and took him to Carrera's company.

As soon as he arrived at the door of Dock 1, Luo saw Lu Qi and Kaku standing at the door with a gloomy expression.

381.CP9 Ah

"Sorry, Mr. Luo Yi, next I will strengthen the security of the City of Seven Waters, which will cause you trouble."

There is no need for Luo Yi to say anything to Esba Gudo. He walked all the way, just holding a man in handcuffs on the street, and he was the owner of a nearby bar, so naturally someone came to ask, and he probably understood After the situation, Esbaku knew what happened.

Therefore, when Luo Yi and the others just arrived at Dock 1, they not only saw Luchi and Kaku, but also Esbaku and Karifa, who appeared on time.

"Thanks for your hard work, Mr. Esbagu. I don't think this person is a serious person. He ran into the girl's room in the middle of the night. This kind of person needs to be severely punished in order to emulate him."

Luo Yi pulled the rope in his hand hard. The force and speed caused Bruno to kneel down without standing still.

Lucky and Kaku on the side pressed their hats and blocked their expressions. They seemed to be angry for the criminals in the City of Seven Waters, but only they knew what was going on.