Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 233

"Don't worry, I will take care of this matter."

Esbaqu is also a little strange now.

This Bruno was actually not long before arriving in the Capital of Seven Waters, and when he came here, he was with Lu Qi and the others, not a native of the Capital of Seven Waters.

Esbagu also knew that after work, Lu Qi and the others went back to Bruno's bar for a drink, and it seemed that the relationship was good.

So the conclusion is that Bruno and Lu Qi are friends, and the boatmen of their own company should feel a little heavy.

Bruno, who was kneeling on the ground, had no expression on his face. After looking up at the people present, he also saw Lu Qi's wink.

"Luo Yi, you secretly harboured Nicole Robin, the important criminal wanted by the world government. I just came to arrest him, but you didn’t give me any opportunity to explain. You kept me frozen for one night, and this sea building stone handcuffs, you are Hold it privately, these are all crimes."

Bruno said that he was telling the truth.

But he saw that whether it was Luo Yi or Espagu, they looked a little weird.

As for the three of Lu Qi, it is not easy to speak for Bruno now.

It was a bit difficult to explain this. After all, Bruno was arrested on the spot, and everyone saw that he was brought out by Luo Yi early in the morning.

Of course everyone knows Bruno. Although his bar is nearby, it is also separated by two waterways. No one would be so boring to run to his tavern to kidnap him at night and take him to the mayor the next day. Report there.

Therefore, even the onlookers who eat melons believe that Bruno himself ran into other people's rooms.

However, the reporters who watched the excitement were not too big of a problem, holding the camera in their hands and doing the work of welding without stopping, the outside of Dock No. 1 flashed like a light.

Esbagu was not good at driving people away.

Luo Yi came here blatantly. If he settled the matter privately, he would definitely be criticized.

Although Esbagu is a bit self-willed, he still has the political sense that he should have. Otherwise, how could he preserve the Pluto drawings under the bombardment of a group of government officials for so many years.

"I bought the sea building stone handcuffs from Wano Country. The navy does control the sea building stone, but it didn't stop us from buying it ourselves."

Luo Yi put his arms around his chest and looked at Bruno condescendingly.


Bruno felt there was nothing wrong with what Luo Yi said.

"Also, you said that I was guilty of Nicole Robin in hiding, but you have to show evidence."

Stretching out his right hand, Luo Yi behaved frankly and openly.


Bruno suddenly discovered that Luo's ability to talk nonsense when he opened his eyes was really too powerful.

You want evidence from me, where can I give it to you?

Nicole Robin has already ran away. He ran all night, and I don’t know which boat he was on.

As for the photos of them being together, Bruno really didn’t. He followed Luo Yi and them in a different space. In that space, all behaviors could not affect the living space. Even the camera could not record the Lord. Space photos.

Now let him show evidence, then he can only say

"You were in the hotel room last night. You all said that you reserved a bed deliberately and disguised it as someone, waiting for me to show up."


Bruno said halfway, and suddenly shut up. Even Lu Qi and the three of them were surprised by the stupid operation of their teammates. Knowing that he was a bit stupid, I didn't expect to be so stupid.

He knew that he had made a mistake.

Luo smiled without saying a word, the reporters around frantically recorded the copy.

This incident has already come to light, and it was Bruno who ran into someone's room by himself.

"It turns out that Bruno really invaded the hotel, but how did Mr. Luo Yi know that someone would come last night?"

Esbagu did not immediately make a decision. He heard the key to the matter, especially this matter, which is also related to a name, Nicole Robin.

Today's Esbach is different from yesterday's.

After talking to Tom, he already knew a thing or two about Robin.

If he thought that Robin was a demon who wanted to resurrect ancient weapons, now he knows that Robin is just one of the victims of this world, just like his teacher Tom, because the government treats Roger and history The fear of being uncovered suffers deeply.

But the problem is that other people don’t know that if Bruno’s statement is true, then it is very likely that he is a government official and is performing the task of arresting Nicole Robin.

"When Robin and Lilai were shopping yesterday, they found someone secretly following them. At night, Robin had left beforehand. Lilai and I were prepared to prevent a fool from showing up at night. What's wrong?"

"Robin? Did you just say Robin?"

Bruno suddenly realized that things seemed to have turned around.

"What happened to Robin?"

"You confessed it yourself, and you actually said that you didn't hide Nicole Robin privately."

"Could it be that only Nicole Robin can be called Robin?"


"Robin is just a name, a code name, you can call Robin, I can also call Robin, they can all. After removing this code name, who are you?"


At this moment, Bruno suddenly found a very useful suggestion.

Read well, read well, read well.

He couldn't answer Luo Yi's question just now.

"If you are also called Robin and you are going to arrest people and commit crimes, then that shouldn't be wrong, and why are you arresting people? You're just a barkeeper, not a navy, or a bounty hunter. Do you have a reason for arresting people?"

"I am a member of CP9"

"Oh CP9."

When Luo Yi's long tone was dragged out, even Esbagu's face went dark.

382. Everyone is their own

Esbagu found that he was really negligent.

Luo Yi was right. Those government officials who came to him were only on the surface, and secretly, the government had placed many people by his side.

Bruno is from CP9, and this alone means that he can't be handled as mayor casually.

As a result, the reporters at the door were driven away, Luo Yi was also invited to the room, and Espagu had sent someone to Judicial Island to invite someone over.

Regarding the fact that CP9 members are hiding on their own island, Esbaqu can ask the government to give a reasonable explanation.

And the one responsible for this is the current chief of CP9, Spandham.

When Spandham, with a holster covering half of his face, appeared on the stage, he cursed directly.

"Are you an idiot? I didn't tell you not to reveal your identity. You rushed to disobey the commander's orders. Believe it or not, I will directly send you to the military court. Don't want to stay in CP9 anymore."

Ignoring everyone completely, Spandam scolded himself.

Kalifa frowned, feeling very upset.

If CP9 has such an officer, then they take jujube pills.

A raging soldier, and a raging nest, as the commander of the entire CP9, if it is this kind of stuff, then they probably will do it soon.


Bruno bowed his head in silence, not knowing whether he knew he had made a mistake or was too lazy to pay attention.

"Mr. Spandam" Esperanto interrupted his verbal abuse: "How do you deal with your subordinates, that is your business, but now please give me a reason why my city has CP9 People are lurking here."

Espaku's aura is still very strong, he just opened his mouth to stop Spandam, his babbling mouth stopped directly, and he didn't dare to look directly at Espaku's eyes.

Luo Yi also glanced at Spandam, and met his erratic eyes. He immediately condensed his eyes and used the power of a devil fruit. Before he transformed, he let Spandam go from the bottom of his feet. It was cold directly to Tian Ling Gai, and immediately moved his eyes away.

The corner of his mouth was lightly picked, Luo immediately judged that this guy is a bully and fearful of hardship.

"Spandam, give me an explanation."

Espagu put his arms around his chest. Although he was sitting and Spandham was standing, anyone could see that everything in this room was now under his control.

"Explanation? I'm the chief of CP9. What mission do we have at CP9, and we have to explain to you a little mayor? Believe it or not"

"Since Spandam can't give me a reason, I have to report this matter to the court of Judicial Island and let the judge decide."

To be honest, Espagu knows about the CP organization, but CP9 has always heard about it in the rumors, and has never seen it before. The chief who saw them today suddenly felt that this organization did not seem so scary.

"Hahahaha, do you know that Judicial Island is our CP9 guardian, you actually want to go to Judicial Island to sue us, are you trying to laugh at me"

Spandam's smile was a little low, and only after Espagu said a word, he was very happy.

However, Luo Yi and Esbagu didn't understand, where was his laugh.

You are just a CP9 officer. If something goes wrong, you can take responsibility. Just change someone to be the officer. Anyway, it's Spandham that made the mistake and what's the relationship with CP9.

Luo realized that this guy wanted to be in the navy. If it weren't for the second-generation official status, it would be a problem even to join the navy. The power is only 9 and the power of an ordinary navy soldier with a gun. The value is all 10.

"Brother Luo Yi, does this person have a problem with VIP."

Lilai, who was almost eating, pulled Lalo's sleeve and said with a laugh.

However, in this room, it was extremely loud.

"What are you stinky boy talking about, I'm the commander of CP9, you dare to insult government officials, believe me or not"


With Luo Yi's slap, the world became pure.

Seeing Spandam who was spinning in place and couldn't stop at all, Carly Fami stared and saw Luo Yi's skillful slap.

This is a strong man, and the control of power is very accurate, Carlyfa suddenly made a judgment in his heart, and also understood why Bruno failed last night.

Although the fruit of the door sneaked into the sky, but if you want to fight with people, if you want to take them away, you must first walk out of the space, and the moment you open the door, it is enough for some strong to defeat him.

Otherwise, why not let Bruno go directly to assassinate the top powerhouses on the sea, kill Baibeard and BIGMOM, and the world will be peaceful.

"Mr. Luo Yi"

Esbach was worried.


"Roger that!"

Lilai, who is not too troublesome to watch the excitement, received Luo Yi's order, immediately a magic power was added to Spandham's feet, and ice was spread on the ground.

As soon as Luo took out a short stick from his inventory, he held the stick in both hands and slapped it fiercely, hitting Spandham’s face directly, and after adding strength to the spinning top, he Sit down again and drank lipstick tea.

On the side, Esbagu, Kalifa, and Bruno raised their eyebrows and cried out that it was really cool.

After spinning for a long time, Spandam stopped, but his eyes had become reincarnation eyes.

"You dare to hit a government official, just wait."


Suffocating his nausea, Spandam stretched out his index finger and pointed at Luo Yi, but he heard a familiar voice before he finished speaking.

"Old Dad"

Spandham's voice suddenly stunned.

"You bastard, quickly apologize to me"

The phone worm facing Spandham was extremely cruel at the moment.

"Apologize? Who do you apologize to?"

Spandam hasn't reacted yet.

"Now, immediately, immediately apologize to Mr. Luo Yi. If you can't satisfy Mr. Luo Yi, you can get out of me and start as a navy soldier."


Looking at the phone worm that hung up, even if he had any brain problems, Spandam knew that what his father said was true.

Although he didn't know what happened when he was beaten in place by Luo Yi, Spandam made a decision immediately for his future and for his power.

A swoop, kneeling directly in front of Luo Yi.

"I'm sorry, Luo, a big man, please forgive my ignorance. I have an 80-year-old father and a 3-year-old son. You adults don't remember the villain."