Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 234

Seeing that Spandham wanted to hug Luo Yi's thigh, but he stepped on his face with a foot, but he kept talking softly.

Esbagu, Kalifa, and Bruno suddenly felt that CP9 was over, completely over.

"Look at what you said, everyone is their own, so what should I discuss?"

God himself, the three of them glanced at Luo.

Just now, he took out the phone worm and directly called the Warring States Period. After talking about the cause and effect of the matter, he waited less than a minute before Spandain called.

Luo Yi, what kind of cooperation does it have with the government? It is incredible that the government that has always been tough has made such a big concession.

383. This is it

The Warring States period has become accustomed to headaches.

Especially the person who caused his headache, the Warring States Period is firmly in mind.

When he answered Luo's phone call, he knew that this guy had no idea what Yao son had come out.

Sure enough, Luo Yi really didn't let him down. This time he directly hit the bar with CP9, and only came to him when he hit the official.

You've beaten up people, but are you still looking for me?

Warring States felt that his headache had spread to the explosive head.

Bite the scalp, the Warring States directly found the five old stars.

He didn't know what the mission of CP9 was. Although the Navy and CP are both agencies under the umbrella of the world government, they are not part of the same department after all, and their tasks are not interoperable. They just provide a little help to each other when needed.

But CP9 and CP18 are different, those eight departments are all engaged in intelligence, and this department is engaged in assassination.

When Luo Yi told the story, the Warring States period really wanted to go straight to the Chambord Islands and catch Karp.

Did you go to the tavern to let you eat and drink?It's for you to watch Luo Yi stop doing things and do the work of the undercover revolutionary army.

But forget it now. The Warring States period knows that the current navy needs Luo Yi and the magical equipment he provides. With these things, it can ensure that the navy will minimize casualties in the process of suppressing pirates and will ensure the navy to a greater extent. Strength.

Compared to Luo Yi, the current CP9 chief is a rubbish, and he is better than him if he can change himself.

There is no need to weigh the pros and cons too much, the Warring States also knows what to do now.

After hanging up the phone, he called Spandane directly, his son, let him teach him.

After receiving a call from the Warring States Period and hearing him briefly talk about Luo Yi’s "contributions" to the Navy and his secret "identity", Spandane used his keen political sense to smell The stench called "drag" emanating from my son.

I asked for Luo Yi’s phone number from the Warring States Period. After calling it back, he first apologized for his son neither humble nor arrogant, and then scolded Spandham. After the scolding, he suddenly felt much better.

Of course, it's not just him that is cool now, but Luo Yi, Spandam, Califa, and Bruno are also cool.

Luo Yi opened Bruno's Hailou stone handcuffs and asked him to sit together, watching his chief kneel and lick himself.

Although these people in CP9 look down on Spandam, and don't usually attack him, even the few left-behind personnel on the Judicial Island, but even if something involves an order, they can only execute it.

And every time this mentally handicapped assigns an order, he only thinks about how to take credit for himself, without considering the problems they will encounter when executing it. In other words, this is just an incompetent officer.

Seeing him deflated now, it's so cool not to want it.

As for the so-called face of the government, what is the shame of apologizing to your own people?

It wasn't until he walked out of Espagu's room that Spandam's flattering face suddenly became fierce and vicious. He turned his head and glanced at the expressionless Bruno behind him. Spandam wanted to scold but didn't do it. When he opened his mouth, he could only snorted coldly and left in a big stride, he wanted to go back.

Alas, in the end, it was all alone.

Fortunately, anti-habit.

"Mr. Luo Yi is really amazing."

Espago did not know how to praise Luo Yi.

Originally knew that this matter involved CP, and when it was still the mysterious CP9 department, Espagu felt that this matter was not easy to deal with, but he did not expect that Luo Yi could handle it with a single call.

"After all, it also provides a lot of services to the government, and this point of face will still be given to me."

It's not just this little face.

Both Esbagu and Kalifa murmured silently in their hearts.

"Okay, the matter is resolved, Mr. Espagu must also be more careful, especially the people around him, but also to figure out the origin."

"Thank you for the reminder. I also think we should take a good look at the security of the City of Seven Rivers. After all, this city has only begun to re-develop and cannot stand the toss."

Esbagu's eyes condensed, and this time CP9 appeared, he was really angry.

Holding Lilai's little hand to leave, Luo Yi took her to play around in the city, and based on the breath of the domineering sense of seeing and hearing, all the way toward the coast.

There, there was an erratic aura, the state of being strong and weak, which made Luo Yi feel a little strange.

This situation is like a person who is not very strong, suddenly possesses a powerful force, but cannot control it well.

And the closer to the coast, the more worried Luo Yi.

If you are the only one, but you still have a child with you. Going in this direction, Luo Yi will know who that person is.

Especially when he saw a group of men wearing overalls in armor, topless, black overalls with a red star printed on the lower abdomen, and fish with spicy eyes, he knew that this was where the abnormality was. Family now.

The Frankie family, led by Frankie, is a family of shipbreaking professionals.

As soon as Luo knew, Tom gave the design drawings of Pluto to Espagu for safekeeping, but Espagu gave the drawings to Frankie.

But Frankie in this world was not hit by a sea train, so would he still hide the drawings in his body?

This doubt, when Luo saw this pervert who only wore underwear, he was answered.


This guy still turned himself into a reformer, and he looked exactly like the original.

Great, if this is the so-called world will at work, Luo Yi is suddenly interested in how Nami and Luffy will meet in the future.

If Luffy wants to become the One Piece, he can lose some enemies, but he must not lose his teammates. Everyone is indispensable.

Then, without Nami, a woman who can control the weather, Luffy could only use his overwhelming luck to float to Love Drew sitting in a wine barrel.

"Um super"

Two big speakers and a few spotlights hit Frankie and the two twin sisters next to him. The three of them kept twisting their waists and dancing unknown dances. Finally, they folded their arms. The stars on the arms are combined into one as the end.

Exotic style, swing first.

This is Luo's evaluation of this dance.

"Hey, see who is here." Pushing his sunglasses over his head, Frankie spoke like a little gangster.

"The president of the Dota Chamber of Commerce, unexpectedly will come to this kind of place, is there any ship you want me to dismantle?"

Living by robbing pirates' ships, dismantling and selling useful wood, this is the life of the Frankie family.

"Forget it, selling the ship to Esbagu is better than tearing it down here."

"Mr. Tom, Esbach came to me to talk to me last night. Thank you so much! Uuuuu"

As he spoke, Frankie suddenly couldn't suppress his emotions. He took out an ukulele from his treasure-bag swimming trunks and bounced it, tears and snot streaming down uncontrollably.


"Brother Luo Yi, is this hen tai?"

Lilai pointed to Frankie and said.

"Yes, that's it."

Luo Yi nodded very surely.

"So does Mr. Brooke?"

Lilai remembered the Brooke who saw women in the tavern.

"Yes, so is that."


384. Local execution

"Mr. Luo Yi, I have one thing I want to ask you."

In the house of Frankie, Frankie called all the little brothers outside, and no one was allowed to approach. Only the three of them were in the house.

"whats the matter?"

"As for the things Mr. Tom asked us to keep, I hope you will help us pass it to him again. Since Mr. Tom is still alive, it is better to leave this thing to him for safekeeping."

"Pluto's design drawing, it's not good for you to hold it."

"How do you know it is"

Frankie was so surprised that his sunglasses were crooked.

"It's not enough to burn this thing. Why do you have to keep it? You don't build one yourself. What's the use of holding it?"

Luo spread his hands and said the key to the problem.

"This is to prevent the Pluto battleship from being resurrected, allowing the world to have the power to fight against it"

"Who wants to resurrect the Pluto battleship?"

Luo Yi directly pointed out the key to the problem.

"Mr. Tom thought it was Nicole Robin before, but now that he says no, there is no one."

Frank felt as if he understood something.

"Think about it for yourself, who is seeking the blueprint of this Pluto battleship? Who is your enemy? Who on earth do you need to guard against?"

"Is it the world government?"

Frankie gasped.

"Look, you still understand it yourself. In that case, you have the plan of the Pluto battleship, so you can just build a Pluto and destroy the world government."

"Hey, hey, don't you say such horrible things so calmly."

Although Frankie didn't know many things, he still knew one thing.

The world government, how simple it is, this is asking him to annihilate the entire world's governments and countries.

"This is just one of the suggestions. You can follow my previous proposal and just burn the design drawings, so that the government will not trouble you if it knows that it won't get it."

"I think the government will beat me to death to vent my anger." Frankie has this confidence: "I hope you can hand it over to Mr. Tom."

"You are not afraid that I will build a Pluto by myself?"

Seeing Frankie opening his stomach in front of Luo Yi with great trust, Lilai took out a thick stack of paper from behind the three Coke bottles in the face of seeing the strange toy. On the table.

Luo Yi took a deep breath, and he immediately released the domineering look and saw if anyone around was squatting, and if he rushed out, he grabbed the drawing.

If this thing leaked out, it would be really serious, unless Oda got close, who would be saved.

"I saw this design drawing. The requirements for shipbuilding skills are very high. In this world, there are no shipbuilders who can complete the manufacturing independently. You need to gather a lot of manpower, or at least all of Carrera’s shipbuilders. Row."

Speaking of shipbuilding, Frankie has considerable confidence in his abilities. He can conclude that Luo Yi can't secretly build ships, and if he is open, the world government will send a navy to arrest him and snatch the drawings.

"All right, I'll give it to him for you."

Seeing Luo's agreement, Frankie immediately took out the hammer, made a box directly from the spot, and put the drawing in it.

"I made a trap box. If you don't know how to decrypt it, you can't open it."

Frankie still kept a hand.

However, Luo Yi who took the box didn't know where to start complaining.

This is a wooden box, and it will open when you step down.

Forget it, Frankie doesn't know who Qin Yumo is after all.

Putting the box into his backpack, Luo patted his chest to ensure that he would deliver it.

When they left, Frankie felt that something seemed to be lighter on his shoulders.

This was the decision that Esbagu had discussed with him. It would be better to keep this thing in his own hands, or leave it to Mr. Tom, who is now safe.

As for Luo Yi with the drawings of Pluto, no one has time to care about him.

When he left Carrera's company, Esbaku started to act.