Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 235

The company's business does not need him to worry about. The entire company already has a complete operating system, and Espagu has mobilized the power he already has to find a lot of information.

After such a search, he really found it.

"How did we expose?"

In Esbaku’s office, Lu Qi put his hands in his pockets, and saw that Esbago just called him and Kaku over, and even asked Kalifa to stand beside them, Lu Qi asked. one question.

"As a spy, your reputation is too great, Lucky."

Esbagu tilted Erlang's legs, folded his hands on his knees, expressionless.

"Ten years ago, when you were thirteen years old, you defeated the pirates who invaded the kingdom with one man, but you killed 500 captured soldiers of the kingdom. Although the world government tried to cover up this matter, if you want to investigate , It can still be found, and your Rob Lucy's name has been passed into the ears of many people from that moment on."

"It turns out that this is the case. I thought that no one except government officials would know about it."

Lu Qi suddenly realized, but still seemed very calm.

"So, Mr. Esbagu, are you going to fire us?"

"You hide your identity and enter the Carrera company, not just to be a boatman and secretary."

"We do have a mission. If we can, we don't want to hurt you."

Kalifa pushed his glasses and answered Espagu's question.

Silence, Esbagu knew that they probably wouldn't have stated their purpose, but he probably also knew that countless temptations on the face of world government officials had already let him know that the government was seeking Pluto's drawings.

I sneaked out last night to discuss the matter with Frankie, and I don't know if Frankie took the initiative to find Luo Yi, or if Luo Yi met Frankie.

"I don't have what you want here." Esbagu said directly: "You can go back."

"Mr. Esbagu, you should have heard the name CP a bit, do you know what CP9 is?"

The three of Lu Qi didn't have any intention to leave. Instead, Lu Qi took a step forward and said with a slightly fierce face.

"I only know about CP1CP8."

Esbach said truthfully.

"That's right, CP1PC8 is a high-level government intelligence agency with eight locations around the world. As long as the government orders, no matter what information it is, it can be found out, but we are CP9 and should not exist. CP No. 9!"

"Because we have certain privileges, our identity cannot be made public."

"Although we did it in the name of justice, if some citizens do not cooperate with the government, we have the right to execute him on the spot!!"

At this moment, Lu Qi's entire face, including the pigeon standing on his shoulder, was gloomy.

385. Resurrection

"Nonsense, how can you tolerate you killing people in the name of justice!"

Asbagu's face was blue, judging from Lu Qi's expression, this should be true.

"Some people in the world government have changed their minds!" Lu Qi said: "Instead of worrying about the danger of the resurrection of the weapon, it is better to wake up the weapon, put an end to this era of great pirates, and turn it into a just fighting force."

"But you have adopted a non-cooperative attitude. Faced with the people who are still endangered by pirates all over the world, you even said you could not save them!"

"Nonsense! You really came for the drawings!" Asbagu was angry.

"If the weapon is resurrected again, this world will start a life and death struggle, and the harm will be further expanded."

"It seems that you don't trust the government, Mr. Aspagu!"

"I only know what is human nature! Brat"


Lu Qi was silent, and he didn't seem to see anything on the surface, but his heart was full of anger.

He wanted to beat Aspaku violently until he handed over Pluto's blueprints, but not now.

Although he dared to slaughter 500 captured soldiers in a country when he was thirteen years old, his current position is different.

Their CP9 does have the power to live and kill, but it also depends on the occasion, the situation, and whether anyone is behind it.

Now if they attack Espagu, it is estimated that they will directly disgraced the government, and some of them will be severely punished by that time.

After all, CP9, who has been hidden in the dark, has come out of sleep this morning. Lu Qi doesn't want the news tomorrow morning. Their CP9 name appeared along with the news that Espagu was assassinated.

"From tomorrow, you will not be the boatmen and secretary of my Carrera company. Go back and pack your things."

Seeing the sun gradually setting outside the sea level, Esbagu didn't plan to say anything to them.

Lu Qi took a cold look at Espagu, then took the lead and walked out, Kaku pressed his cap and followed behind.

Kalifa habitually pushed her eyes down, and the expression in Esbagu's eyes was a little complicated.

As a secretary, Esbaku is indeed a good mayor, which is why he is well received in the City of Seven Waters.

People from CP9, you say he is dark, it is indeed dark, but in the original book, after they failed the battle with the Straw Hat Pirates, they also repelled the Pirates and protected the town where they temporarily lived.

I can only say that it is because of the position.

Seeing the three of them leave, Esbaku felt only an inexplicable sense of exhaustion.

"Trust the government?"

From the day Tom was sentenced for building ships for Gore D Roger, he has distrusted the government.

Everything is interest and power is at work.

"Mr. Esbagu!"

When Esbagu had a headache, the door of the office was directly pushed open.

The blond man with goggles on his head and a cigar dangling from his mouth rushed in.

"Why let Lu Qi and the others go? Did they do something wrong? If it is not done well, just deduct some wages. There is no need to drive them away!"

Barry is one of the five chiefs of Dock One. In addition to him, there are Bipley Lulu and Drew Stone, plus Lucy and Kaku, exactly five.

As the chief of staff, the five of them usually have a very good relationship. Although he often works with Lu Qi, it is a proof of their friendship.

"They have a reason to leave."

Esbagu did not reveal the identity of Lucky and them.

"Why on earth? Lu Qi and the others don't say anything. Why don't you want to say Mr. Espagu? Is it because the concept is not consistent? There is no problem with their technology."

Barry patted the table and said.

"Enough, Barry, you will know later."

Esbaqu said sternly.

Seeing his expression, Barry also instantly calmed down.

It was the first time he saw this expression on Esbagu in a few years.

What does this show, that he is angry.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Espagu."

Barry apologized and left the office, closing the door by the way.

Espaku also heard the voice outside the door, Barry didn't know who was talking to what, it should be Bipley and Drew Stone.

He looked up and habitually wanted to speak up, but found that there was no secretary, so he could only get up and pour himself a cup of black tea. At this moment, the door of the office was pushed open again.

Looking at the head of the blue airplane that walked in, and the evil smile on his face, Espagu didn't expect it to be this abnormality.

"Oh, Esbagu, it's been a long time, I brought new wood."

"Those are just recycled second-hand wood."

"I want Coke."

Seeing Esbach pour himself a cup of black tea, Frankie said he didn't want to drink it.

No way, Esbaku could only go to the refrigerator and get him a bottle of Coke.

"Tons, tons, tons, burps"

After drinking a whole bottle of Coke in one breath, Frankie hiccuped, put the glass bottle back on the table, pushed his sunglasses up, and Frankie started talking about business.

"The business we talked about before, I have sold the goods, and I can't give it to you."

"Yeah!" Hearing this news, Espagu suddenly felt a lot better.

"I didn't expect you to find the seller so soon."

Esbagu was surprised.

"It was the seller who came here by himself. I am the most powerful super man on the island, the hero behind the scenes of the Capital of Seven Waters. Isn't it natural that the seller came to me in person?"

Frankie pointed his right thumb at himself, looking triumphant.

"Since it has been sold, forget it."

"By the way, why didn't you see your beautiful secretary, come and pay me the timber money."

"I'll settle it for you, and give me the order."

Esbagu took the purchase order from Frankie with a black line and settled the payment for him according to the above amount.

"Not bad, but it's been a while again."

Fingers fiddled with a pile of Bailey, and Frankie was nothing more than a perverted bastard from any angle.

However, neither of them noticed that Bruno, who they thought had been taken by Spandam, was watching them all the way, even opening a small door in a hidden corner and hearing the conversation between the two.


Bruno decided to bring all this information back to Lu Qi for analysis.

Closing the small air door, Bruno walked out of a hidden place in the city, waiting for Lu Qi and the others.

Until late at night, on the roof of the City of Seven Waters, three figures flew in the air and came to the alley where Bruno was.

"It seems that this Frankie also needs a good investigation."

After Lu Qi listened to Bruno's suggestion, he suddenly felt that they could declare a failed mission, which seemed to be revived.

386. Green Slash


Here is the rock field bay located in the northern part of the capital of water.

A group of people who are good at demolishing houses built a crooked house here, which is the notorious Frankie House in the capital of seven waters.

Here are the little gangsters that Frankie picked up on the street. Under Frankie's leadership, they are actually protecting the city in an alternative way.

But today, the Frankie House collapsed.

"Who are you guys anyway?"

Amidst the collapsed ruins, Frankie looked at his beaten brothers bloodlessly, barely supporting his body and stood up.

"It's really resistant, and the body is as hard as iron."

Standing in front of Frankie were four people wearing masks and cloaks.

Frankie's legs trembled. Although he had transformed himself into a transformed person, and his strength was many times stronger than before, he discovered today that some people are as strong as monsters.

A bull's head, a skeleton head, a bear head, and one that looked like a witch.

"No matter who you are, if you angered your uncle Frankie, just wait to die."

Frankie stood up and spit out blood.

Putting his hands straight in front of him, a T-shaped tube was inserted into his forearm by Frankie, and the two hands made an "ok" gesture, holding the tube head and facing Four people who are positive.

"The Wind Comes Cannon"

The two forearms suddenly bulged, and the strong wind pressure sprayed out like a powerful blow of the wind, like a cannonball, even faster than the wind.

The ground that was already messy was immediately cleared out of a clean area.

The powerful force cleaned up all the ruins, but the power was not only used to sweep the floor.

Frankie saw that the bull's head and the skeleton were hiding very quickly and flew directly into the sky, but the bear head and the witch behind them made a defensive posture on the spot.

It's just that they didn't expect that their own wind power could be so powerful.