Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 236

"It's so strong, it's like being hit by a hurricane."

She stood up from the ground holding her head, and the witch suddenly said.

"Your body is abnormal, it's like iron, it didn't hurt you."

The plane's nose had softened and turned into a big-backed head, and Frankie folded his arms around his chest with a decisive expression.

"Hand over what Esbagu gave you, I can promise not to kill you."

The bull's head fell from the sky and said this coldly.

Frankie did not respond.

He has run out of fuel.

The wind came just now, and all the bottle of Coke left in his body was consumed.

After turning his body into a transformed person, Frankie used Coke as fuel and put a total of three bottles in his body.

The consumption of the wind cannon is very huge, and the power of the air cannon is naturally different according to the amount of cola consumed.

However, such a powerful wind came to the fore and was actually taken over by these two men.

Don't look at them being blown into the sky and falling again, but Frankie can see clearly that they are not even injured.

"I think you are in the wrong place. The money Espagu gave me was squandered by my group of boys yesterday. We have no other money here."


A horizontal kick hit Frankie's face directly, kicking his face until it was deformed, and kicking him out in the ruins beside him.

"I advise you to be honest, at least you can suffer less, and hand over your things quickly."

Step by step, the bull head walked towards Frankie who fell in the ruins. From his tone, Frankie felt a very strong killing intent.

"It's weird, I always feel that your voices, where I have heard them."

Slowly getting up from the ruins, Frankie rubbed half of his face.

"It seems that you really don't want to cooperate."

Raising his right hand and extending an index finger, the tauren was already very impatient.


"how is this possible"

When he saw that index finger penetrated his chest, the sharp pain that came told Frankie that it was real.

"My body has been transformed into iron, how can it be..."

"Can't you believe it? As long as you exercise your body to a superhuman level, you can give your fingers the power of a bullet."

"...Superman? It's a humanoid monster."

Kneeling on the ground, Frankie clutched his bleeding wound with a desperate smile on his face.

He knew that one day someone would grab the blueprints of Pluto's design, but he didn't expect it to be so fast and so powerful.

"Don't tell me yet?"

The tauren raised his right hand again, and he just pulled it out of Frankie's body, with red liquid still flowing down his index finger.

"What do you want? I have only a bunch of gangsters and a bunch of shabby wood that hasn't been sold."

Sitting back, Frankie adjusted a comfortable position so as not to vomit blood.

"Since you refuse to take it out honestly..."

Halfway through talking about the bull's head, the skull at the back lifted a person from the ruins.

"Zumbai, you put people down for me."

Frankie, who had been seated, saw the praise and praise who had been venting more and less, and he didn't know where he came from. He jumped directly from the ground and rushed towards the skull.

It was just kicked out by the skull.

The violent activity caused a column of blood to spurt out from his wound again, and his eyes became dark, and he quickly reached out and held it down.

"My patience is limited. Now every 5 seconds, I kill someone until you say it."


Seeing Niu Tau put his fingers on Zamba's head, Zamba had already rolled his eyes when he was raised up, but his slightly undulating chest was still telling others that he could rescue him again.

Frankie wanted to struggle to get up again, but the serious injury, even if he reformed the body, couldn't support it.

"It seems you don't want to say it."

Five seconds passed in a flash, and Niu Tau retracted his right hand, just about to stab it out.

"stop it"

Frankie yelled the Yali Butterfly, but it had no effect, and Bull Head had no intention to stop.

Seeing that finger get closer and closer to Zambae's head, Frankie's eyes widened, until he saw a...green slash.

The tauren seemed to be aware of the danger, stopped his attack, and dodged straight back.

As soon as he dodges, that slash passed the position where he stood before, then made a turn and went straight into the sky.


The four masked men turned their heads and looked in the direction where Slash was flying.

But only saw a weird mask, like a dead vampire.

387. Retreat

The visitor wore a weird mask and a green cloak. He held a knife he had never seen before, with a green handle, and a blade much thinner than an ordinary knife.

"who are you?"

Niutou was a little frightened. Except for the demolished Frankie's house, the rest was covered with vast rocky ground. This person was so close that no one would have noticed him if it weren't for him.

Faced with the answer of the bull head, the mask man's answer was another slash.

Flying's slashing speed was very fast, and Niutou drew away again, thinking that he had already escaped...

"Be careful"

The original one slash suddenly turned into two, just flying towards his foothold.

At this time, the old power of the bull head is exhausted, the new power is not born, and the person is still in the air. He is about to be slashed. However, he stepped on the ground forcefully, as if he was stepping on the ground, and issued a "bang". The voice exploded, and he adjusted his posture easily in the air.

However, Slash still cut through his cloak and mask, exposing his identity.


Looking at Lucky with a green face holding a top hat in his left hand, Franky cried out in disbelief.

Lu Qi felt very uncomfortable now.

One is that his identity has been exposed.

Another one was that he had a feeling in his heart when he dodged the slash.

He seemed to know where he would flash, and the blow just came to his mask.

Without any hesitation, Lu Qi directly chose to go all out without any temptation.

Animals, cat, fruit, leopard form.

Lu Qi, who was originally a slender man, suddenly bulged his upper body. He threw the hat in his hand directly. Cheetah spots appeared all over his body, and his skin turned yellow and white like a cheetah.

Two ears grew on the head, which looked a little unexpectedly cute.


"Finger Gun"

Lu Qi disappeared directly in place, and when he reappeared, his right hand had been directly pierced out.


The mask man directly raised the knife in his hand to block Lu Qi's attack.

"Ding" "ding" "ding" "ding" "ding"

When there were countless sounds in their ears, everyone saw that the two had already fought a dozen moves.

"Pointing Gun Spot"

Lu Qi has used both hands and fired countless finger guns. The speed of his shot is comparable to that of the Saiyan next door, but the opponent only took a knife and took all the first shots.

During the whole process, he didn't even move one step under his feet.

"How could it be...who is this person?"

This time, Kaku was surprised by the three of them.

Seeing that Lu Qi's offense was completely blocked, and even seemed to be able to do so, why did they never hear of such people who have been in the City of Seven Waters for nearly half a year.

"It seems that I can't die today."

At this time, Frankie suddenly said a cold word, as if adding fuel to the fire.

"First take Frank away."

Kaku didn't bother to hide, and threw away the obstructive skull mask and cloak, and rushed towards Frankie.

Califa and Bruno also removed the witch and bear masks from their heads, and the three attacked Frankie together. As long as Bruno locks people in a different space, they have time to interrogate Frankie.

However, Lu Qi, who was fighting against Luo, suddenly pointed his finger in the air.

The person fighting him in front of him suddenly disappeared and suddenly became three people.

"Those who can?"

Although Lu Qi was a little surprised, there was no pause and the attack covered three people.

However, the Mask Man did not mean to entangle him.

Two knives accepted Lu Qi's attack, but the other person disappeared in front of him.


Lu Qi's pupils shrank instantly.

He saw that the way the man moved was one of the six shaves.

"Be careful"

This time, Lu Qi reminded Kaku of them, but it was too late.

How fast you shave depends on the person who uses it.

When Kaku and the three of them were kicked into the air, they discovered that a person had appeared in front of Frankie.

"So fast!"

Lu Qi secretly said in his heart, but he couldn't get rid of the attack of the two clones.

The two knives were obviously attacked by two people together, but they seemed to be controlled by one person, with almost no gap.

But Lu Qi also felt the difference.

The power of these two clones is much weaker than just now, only about one-third of the strength, and even his finger spear is somewhat unstoppable. If there is any difference, it is speed.

The strength of the two knives is not great, but the speed is extremely fast. Even if Lu Qi has used the devil fruit ability to become an orc, he still feels a little overwhelmed.

"Are you okay."

The one who got up the fastest was Kaku, and shouted anxiously at Carlyfa and Bruno.


Reluctantly standing up from the ground, Kalifa's brows kept frowning, her left hand was covering her abdomen, and blood even spilled from the corner of her mouth.

Bruno was even worse, with a slightly sunken footprint on his chest, vomiting a full mouthful of blood.

Turning his head to look at Lucie, who was entangled by two people, Kaku knew that they could only rely on themselves now.

Unexpectedly, he originally thought that Lu Qi could contain or even defeat the opponent, but now Lu Qi is restrained by the opponent's fruit ability.

Holding Yasha in his hand and wearing Vladimir's sacrifice, Luo Yi blocked in front of the four cp9s.