Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 237

He came here temporarily, and when he just heard that the domineering sense of Lu Qi was here with Frankie, he brought Lilai over.

Originally, he wanted to see if anyone would come to save Frankie if he were to be killed, but only after seeing it did he know that unless a meteorite fell from the sky at this time and killed the four of CP9, he would Ranchi is probably dead.

As for the person who saved him, Luo Yi had already seen it, and he was himself.

Lilai's abilities were so recognizable, Luo Yi made a simple disguise and rushed out.

However, after fighting against Lu Qi, Luo Yi found that this product did not seem to be as strong as in the original book.

Think about it, too, there are still five years before Luffy goes to sea, and they still have room for growth.

Looking at the two of Kalifa and Bruno who still needed Ang's support, Luo picked up the Yasha in his hand and cut out a slash in the vigilant gaze of the three of Kaku, and slashed out in front of him. line.

At this time, the two avatars who were fighting Lu Qi disappeared.

Phantom Axe: An axe made of reflective material that can confuse the enemy.

Active: Mirror

Create 2 illusions of you for 20 seconds.

Lu Qi, who was still in the form of an orc, glanced at the line on the ground and then at Luo Yi. Although he couldn't see the face under the mask, Lu Qi understood what the other party meant.

"Let's go first."

With that, Lu Qi relieved the Devil Fruit ability and took the lead to leave.

The Kaku trio quickly followed, and Kalifa looked back from time to time, seemingly unwilling.

388. It seems, it seems, it is not, no!

"You guys have a good rest, you stay here, Kaku, and I will investigate who that person is."

After returning to the stronghold they were looking for in the City of Seven Waters, Kalifa and Bruno were settled, and Lu Qi directly began to assign work.

"Let Kaku go with you, we'll just have a rest."

That's what Kalifa said. Bruno wanted to cooperate, but just opened his mouth, but he vomited two more blood, and he didn't dare to speak.

"This is an order."

Lu Qi left this sentence and left directly.

Kaku raised his chest and said there was no problem.

After leaving the stronghold, Lu Qi first approached people in the cp organization to ask for information, and then after making some disguise, he went to the streets to beat the sound.

That mask does not seem to be a simple thing, if it has ever appeared in a corner of this world, it can be found.

And the knife in that person's hand, at least a good knives.

Lu Qi knew the power of his finger gun better than anyone else, but that was it, he couldn't even leave a trace on the knife.

Famous swords, and special masks, these are clues to find people, at least Lu Qi thinks so.

After walking around the street a few times, Lu Qi pretended to be a tourist and began to inquire about the strange things in the City of Seven Waters.

They listened, but they only heard the information they already knew.

And now the most discussed in the entire City of Seven Waters is actually the matter of them leaving Carrera.

As for the so-called powerful swordsman, I have never heard of it in the entire City of Seven Waters.

This shouldn't be.

Even if this person used to cover up very well every time he took action, as long as this person exists, there must be news or rumors about him.

However, until the sun went down, Lu Qi didn't investigate any useful news in the City of Seven Waters, and his phone worm never rang.

This is not right, you can't come out of nowhere.

In the room, Lu Qi, with only one lamp on, was teasing his pigeon Hadoli.


"Come in."

Pushing open the door, Kaku walked in from outside.

"Kalifa and Bruno are both asleep. Califa's injury is not serious. It should be cured tomorrow. Bruno's kick will be a bit heavier. It may take a week to cultivate."

Kaku said so.

"Can you leave tomorrow? If you can, let him go to another space to watch Frankie."

"Can't you take a day off?"

"Pluto's drawings may no longer be in Frankie's hands."

Lu Qi told the conclusion he inferred.

"In Esbago's office before, combined with the dialogue between him and Esbago, that piece of cargo is likely to be Pluto's drawings. Maybe it has been handed over to the person who blocked us today."

"How likely is this?"

"80. According to the information we have investigated over the past six months, Frankie and Esbaku are brothers, but not many people know about it. Even the Tom Shipyard has been People have forgotten, if it were not for the sea train, people here would not even remember the name Tom."

"However, although Frankie has turned himself into a reformer and even changed his name, after all, after living in this city for so many years, it is impossible to hide himself completely."

"Originally, we thought that Pluto’s drawings were kept by Esbagu, but now it seems that he should have entrusted the drawings to someone, and this person is most likely his only junior. We thought it was just A little bit of Frankie."

"It's just that, since they said that the "goods" were sold to others, all the wood that Frankie had removed over the years was never sold to other companies other than Carrera. What kind of goods does he have, someone else bought it himself. ."

Different from the original work, Katy Flam, who was originally "smashed to death" by a sea train, did not die in this world. Instead, he reappeared after directly changing his face. Even if he did not tell his origin, the city Those who know him still know who he is.

And Frankie, unlike in the original book, came into contact with Espagu as a stranger. The two had always known each other, and the attitude of getting along was similar to before.

Lu Qi and the others only investigated for half a year, and they figured out many things.

But now it seems that they have been looking in the wrong direction, causing the mission to fail.

"Then we want it now"

"Don't "

Just as Kaku was about to ask about the next plan, Lu Qi's phone worm rang.

"This is information about that mask"

In the phone bug, information about Luo Yi's mask was passed over by phone, and a fax was also passed along with the additional components that Lu Qi plugged in.

It was a picture recorded by monitoring the phone worm. What was left on it was a person wearing the same mask as the person they saw today, but there were four more demons around him. thing.

When the phone worm was hung up, Lu Qi fell into thinking.

This photo was taken from the video where Tom suddenly disappeared.

They also heard about this incident. It was their staff leader who did it and was punished for it. However, for the sake of the world government, this incident was suppressed. Fortunately, the past few years have gone down. Never heard anything about Tom again, as if he was really dead.

But why is the person they met today has something to do with the person who appeared three years ago?

"And it's all because of the design drawings."

Lu Qi and Kaku made a summary at the same time.

Tom used to be the custodian of Pluto's design drawings. He would be sentenced at the beginning because he had the design drawings in his hands but didn't cooperate. When he was taken away by the judicial ship, the masked man appeared once.

And this time, because of Pluto's design, the masked people reappeared and forced them back.

These two things are the same person.

There is a big problem.

The words were divided into two parts, and the Frankie family was sent to Luo Yi of Carrera Company, and Lilai flew to Baldigo with Lilai, and found Tom.

"Frankie and Esbaku asked me to give you this."

The box was handed to Tom intact. As soon as Luo saw Tom picking up the box and looking around, his two big hands directly grabbed the box and broke it gently.

The box opened.

Luo Yi suddenly remembered that this is a cruel fish carrying a boat with one hand.

"It's actually back to me again."

After Tom saw the drawings inside, he couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

"I suggested they burn it, but they refused."

"Hahahaha, you are the first to say this."

"Of course, if you keep the blueprints, it's better to burn them."

"Huh, it makes sense."

Tom suddenly felt that Luo Yi was right.

"What to burn?"

Suddenly, a person's head stretched out from the side, and Luo first saw the print on the sole.

"Pluto's design drawing."

"Nani" Dorag: owo!

Even Dorag was shocked by Luo Yi and their bold ideas.

This kind of thing, is it said to be burned?

"Otherwise, do you want to make it?"

"It seems, it seems, it is not, no!"

389. There are actually two

Ghost face.

When Luo saw today's news and the wanted notice that appeared with the newspaper, he suddenly felt a little funny.

This is probably the first wanted order like this in the world. When someone wanted to be wanted, there was no face and no real name.

A grimace mask, the kind that doesn't look very clear yet, I don't know where it was pulled down.

The bounty is also very high, and a reward of 200 million was directly offered.

The most important thing is that apart from these things, there is really nothing left.

As soon as Luo saw it, the news had already reported the crime of ghost face.

Obstruct the world government cp mission.

It even clearly emphasized that this person has extremely strong strength, so that everyone must be careful in the future.

Luo realized that such a high reward was mainly due to the problem of Pluto's drawings.

Yesterday, after he sent the drawings to the Revolutionary Army, he came back and found that Lu Qi was inquiring about intelligence all over the city.

Although he changed his appearance and made sufficient disguise, Luo Yi recognized him through his breath.

Seeing the government attaches such importance, Luo smiled.

As long as I don't take out [Vladimir's Sacrifice], you won't be able to catch me when One Piece is over.

It seems that I have to follow the government's will, unless I am involved in Pluto, I still don't let the ghost show up.

Today, it was the third day in the City of Seven Waters. According to the previous schedule, he was going to take Lilai back to the tavern.

But now it seems that I can't go casually.

Judging from the situation in which Lucy and the others almost killed Franky yesterday, once they are gone, Frankie and Esbaku are really likely to be killed by them.

In this case, only let the ghost face appear once, and let the cp9 mission fail once and for all. As for what happens afterwards, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the beginning of Luo Yi.

"Brother Luo Yi, I want to go too."

Hearing that Luo Yi was about to go out for another wave, Lilai expressed reluctance.

"But your frost power is too recognizable."

Luo Yi reluctantly told the truth.

"I don't need the power of frost."

Lilai said with a small hand.