Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 238

"Then how do you fight?"

Luo Yi asked curiously.

"that's it……"

When he saw what Lilai was holding, Luo Yi suddenly felt that things had become interesting, and he didn't know how the government would react.

So, in accordance with Lilai's request, Luo Yi took her to the town to buy an ordinary dress, which was completely different from the cute princess dress she had been wearing now, and guaranteed that she would not be recognized when she changed it.

In addition to shopping, Luo Yi first asked the chamber of commerce to prepare supplies, and returned to the Chambord Islands early tomorrow morning, and the two began to play in the city.

In three days, visiting a city is simply not enough, and Lilai is even more enjoyable. There is no tension at all when the night is coming and the action is about to begin.

Knowing that the sky was slowly dimming, Luo Yi unfolded his domineering look and felt the place where Lu Qi and the others were.

During the day today, Luo Yi also probed from time to time, and found that several people from CP9 were there, and only one Bruno was missing.

However, thinking of his fruiting ability, Luo Yi probably understood.

Then the question is, Luo Yi is really not sure where he is hiding with this undefeatable ability.

But it didn't matter, according to the current cp9 strength, Luo Yi didn't think he would be threatened.

After seeing and hearing the domineering feeling, Bruno appeared again, his breath was still so weak, no, let's say, it's not as good as yesterday.

You guys are really fighting cp9. You don’t want your life for the mission. With a badly injured body, you still dare to use the fruit power and run around.

However, his efforts today did not seem to be in vain. Luo Yi felt a familiar breath in the hidden stronghold of this group of people.

"Frankie got caught again? Why are you so good."

Luo Yi was really powerless to complain.

Yesterday I rescued him by myself and threw him to the Carrera company. Didn't he find a safe place for him first, but he was arrested.

Are the people at the shipyard so weak?

If you think about it, it is true that even the weakest Kali method can hit the other three boatmen.

"Let's go, see your performance tonight."

Raising her hands high, Lilai finally showed a look of eagerness.

Taking advantage of the moonlight, Luo Yi and Lilai wore black clothes and quickly walked through the alleys of the city.

Under the domineering induction of seeing and hearing, Luo Yi easily avoided the crowd, and in only a few minutes, he came to the house where Lu Qi and the others now live.

The two had already put on the masks, [Vladimir's Sacrifice] tightly fitted their cheeks, and the green cloak wrapped their heads and wrapped their bodies.

Luo Yi didn't have any weapons in his hand, but Lilai's hand had a...hammer.

The hammer looks very sci-fi, slowly futuristic, but with a touch of mystery.

[Meteor Hammer] Holding the hammer in her hand, Lilai directly raised the hammer in her hand and went to the door fiercely.

Brother Luo Yi said that they were sneaking in and assassinating. As long as they defeated everyone, it would be a perfect action.

As for Lilai's body, Luo Yi also put on a...physical output outfit according to her needs.

Obviously a mage, but the power of Lilai's hammer is completely different from her thin-looking body.


The meteor hammer was in Lilai's hands, exerting the effect of a mace, and directly smashed this small wooden door.

And Lu Qi, who had always been vigilant, also heard this voice, and Lu Qi and Kaku rushed out directly.

"There are actually two..."

Seeing the two people walking in, Kaku suddenly felt a headache.

Lu Qi, who was silent on the other side, also felt very painful.

Where did these two come from?Even their current hiding place can be found.

In order to ensure that their deeds would not be exposed, Lu Qi determined that only the four of them knew about this, even the Chief Spandham didn't know it.

"The long nose belongs to you."

Luo Yi said on the system panel.

Lilai raised her little hand, made an "ok" gesture, and rushed up with the hammer.

"So fast!"

Kaku was shocked when he saw Lilai rushing towards him.

Although this speed is not "shaved", it is not much slower than Kaku's usual movement speed. In a small house, it is even more amazing.

In a blink of an eye, Lilai appeared in front of Kaku, and the hammer moved towards Kakuza without hesitation.

"Iron Block"


390. A battleship only

When a bolt of lightning shot from Lilai's hammer, fell on Kaku, and jumped to Lu Qi on the side, the two were surprised again.

Another capable person?

And it seemed that she was still a girl.

Just seeing Lilai's figure and the little hand exposed, they had already made a judgment.

However, it really hurts.

Although Kaku used iron blocks, he still felt the pain from all over his body, as well as his own iron block defense, which seemed not as strong as before.

On the side, Lu Qi reacted when he saw the lightning shooting towards him, but he did not expect that the lightning turned a corner in mid-air and shot towards him again.


When Luo Yi's Yasha stabbed towards Lu Qi's body, he got the lightning and fell on Lu Qi's body.

"Iron Block"


Without any hindrance, like piercing a piece of tofu, Luo Yi's sword pierced Lu Qi's defense and pierced his body.


Kaku yelled anxiously, but he couldn't get out of it.

Although the little girl who was at war with him could not see her face, Kaku could feel that she was a little excited.

The hammer in his hand swung without any rules, but the effect was amazing.

Kaku didn't dare to take it hard, and every time he blocked an attack, he could feel that he had suffered serious damage.

The power of a blunt weapon is great, and although it hits a person, it may not cause any bleeding wounds, but the force it wields when it attacks is completely taken down by the opponent's body.

In other words, it is an internal injury.

Kaku is a swordsman with double swordsmanship, and his attack speed is very fast. He was originally quite restrained from those who use blunt weapons. After all, blunt weapons have strong attack power, but they have a fatal weakness, which is slow.

But Lilai's attack made Kaku feel uncomfortable.

She is really fast.

The hammer was constantly flying up and down in the air. The blue light on both sides of the hammer was as brilliant as the stars, but the damage caused was also very powerful.

Moreover, this is also a person who can use thunder and lightning. Every few attacks, there will be a thunder and lightning. Not only can it cause damage to him, but it will also jump to Lu Qi on the side. No matter how Qi Qi dodges, this lightning They all seemed to have eyes, and would still jump on him.

Kaku is constantly fighting against Lilai, or being beaten, Luo Yi has no other actions.

After a sword pierced Lu Qi's abdomen, Luo Yi just stood there watching with the sword, unless Lu Qi made a move, he would not make a move.

Looking at the mask, Lu Qi's face was very bad.

Over the years, he has never tried to fail.

Although the number of times the two played against each other was limited, it was just the sword that Lu Qi knew that he kept his hand yesterday.

"Domineering? Who are you?"

As a CP9, Lu Qi certainly knows what domineering is, two-color domineering is the threshold to enter CP0, how could he not understand.

However, the domineering thing, in the first half of the great route, can be said to be very few people, even some navy officers may not be able to.

But Lu Qi also understood why they would be discovered in this stronghold.

See and hear the domineering.

"What you want has been taken by me."

Luo Yi put Yasha on his shoulders and said in a low voice.

"We will confirm this from Frankie's mouth."

Lu Qi said that if you lose, you will not lose.

"Confirm? Do you think that the fruit of the door can take people away? Can he open the air door now is still a question."

The activation of the Devil Fruit requires physical strength.

And the act of opening the door directly in the air requires a lot of physical strength, otherwise Bruno’s injury would not be aggravated like this, he didn’t have a killer, obviously as long as he recuperated, his injury would be better. It must be a sequelae caused by the ability to use the fruit.


Bastard, it's all right.

Lu Qi is a little uncomfortable now, not because the two holes in the front and back of his stomach are still bleeding, but because Luo Yi's words are true.

Bruno really couldn't open the air door. Today's exploration caused him a lot of physical exertion. Even the capture of Frankie was done by Lu Qi himself. Bruno was only responsible for opening the door.

As for now, Lu Qi and Kaku are just delaying time.

After discovering that the enemy was Luo and the others, Kalifa and Bruno at the door were already preparing to transfer with Frankie.

It's just that Lu Qi didn't expect that he was killed in a second.

"It's all here, so don't rush away."

When Kalifa flew out of the room behind, Lu Qi just saw Luo disappear in front of him. He turned around and raised his hand to catch Kalifa flying towards his face. Involved in the stomach injury.

Later, he saw Luo walking out with Frankie and Bruno, and then throwing Bruno to Lu Qi and them.

This body bone is really tough. After turning himself into a transformed person, it is estimated that except for the necessary organs, everything else has been replaced with iron. The injury will bleed, but it doesn't matter, the trauma can be repaired with a hammer.

Only now, he has been caught again, his hands and feet are tied up with chains.

"If I were you, I would interrupt his hands and feet first, so I don't have to worry about him running away."

"Hey, hey, don't say such horrible things."

Frankie was raised by Luo and couldn't help but complain.

"What you said makes sense."

Lu Qi said he learned another trick.


On the other side, Kaku used the power of Lilai's attack to bounce his body out and land beside Lu Qi.

The room has long been messy, the sofa and table, etc., have been completely destroyed, and no one is intact.

Lilai carried the hammer, and eagerly rushed towards Kaku.

"come back."

Luo yelled, Lilai stopped immediately, looked at Luo Yi, and then at Kaku. She dropped her hands in frustration and stood beside Luo Yi.

Kaku breathed a sigh of relief.

Lu Qi saw that his hands were shaking, and he seemed to be unable to hold the sword.

"I'll say it again, the things you want, the Pluto design drawings, have been taken by me and have been burned, please leave this island."

Luo Yi's tone was full of killing intent.

"Nani! Did you really burn it?"

"I just proposed to Mr. Tom, and he agreed."