Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 239

"Asshole, do you know what it is? If one day, Pluto is discovered, what force shall we use to resist?"

"It's just a battleship, just cut it off."


"If they don't leave, you can do your best."

Hearing these words, Lilai raised the hammer excitedly.

Kaku quickly put away the knife in his hand.

Lu Qi touched Carlyfa's abdomen to help him explode, and looked at Bruno, who was already unconscious.

"let's go."

Seeing Lu Qi picking up Bruno, he walked away immediately after going out. Luo picked up Lilai, and Frankie, also left directly.

After a long time, a few people gathered from the outside of the house, sneaking on the window and looking at the movement in the room. Just now, Lilai and Kaku were fighting, and the movement was indeed not small.

391. Demonic energy on

CP9 is gone. I left overnight, grabbed the pirate boat, and took the standing ticket.

They did not choose to take the sea train. After all, there were only a few buses every day. Taking Bruno with a wounded person to take the sea train to Judicial Island would be a lot of trouble.

Luo handed Frankie to Carrera's company, walking the sky.

When the people from Carrera found that they were missing a person under their noses and were out looking for them in a panic, they saw someone falling from the sky, and it was the wanted order issued this morning, everyone was bad.

The most important thing is that there are actually two ghost faces, one big and one small.

Why is this, is it still not an organization?

"Mr. Espagu, be careful!"

When Barry saw Luo falling from the sky, he was the first to rush up.

"It's okay."

Esbaqu raised his hand and motioned to Barry not to be nervous.


Throwing Frankie directly on the ground, Luo raised her right hand, and a sword suddenly appeared and swung directly towards Frankie.



In Frankie's excited shout, the chain was cut directly.

"They have been driven away by me. They should not come again for a while. Of course, if they come back, then you are dead."

"Have you always talked like this? But when they come next time, my uncle Frank will become stronger."

Frankie, who got up from the ground, completely forgot what he was a little panicked just now.

"Then you may have to strengthen to the point where you can emit laser light."

Luo complained.

"Laser? It's really a good idea."

Seeing Frankie's serious look, Luo Yi thought he might have come for real.

"In short, this matter has come to an end. Then you should be careful."

With that, Luo Yi left with Lilai directly, leaving behind a group of unknown people.

"He can fly."

"It seems to be jumping in the sky."

"Is that human being?"

A group of boatmen couldn't help but sigh as they looked at the way Luo Yi left.

Frankie, who didn't know where to take out his sunglasses, looked at the direction Luo Yi had left and was silent.

"What's wrong? Frankie."

Esbach felt something was wrong with Frankie.

"The way he walks in the sky is the same as Lu Qi and the others."

"do not think too much."

After speaking, Esbagu asked all the people in Carrera to go back to sleep.

The next day, Carrera was operating as usual, but the work efficiency of Dock No. 1 dropped a lot.

The original five position chiefs suddenly lost two of them, causing many jobs to be unable to work at once, and even to the point where Esbagu needed to come and help himself.

No one knows the reason why Esbaku suddenly fired the three of Lu Qi, but after Barry went to inquire to no avail, no one asked again.

"The design of this ship was designed by Lucy and Kaku."

Looking at a design drawing that Esbagu took out, Barry was sighing with cigar.

"Yes, as a boatman, their skills are indeed top-notch."

Esbach couldn't help but complimented.

"Then why"

Speaking smoothly, Barry immediately covered his mouth.

I almost missed it again.

"I can only say so much because of the position."

Esbagu did not say any more.

He thought about it these two days, not to let the other people under his hand feel chilly, the things that should be said are still to be said, but Lu Qi and their identities are not exposed now.

It was because of the suffering of Frankie, he was beaten twice in a row, and he couldn't blatantly beat him back.


Barry felt that his brain wasn't enough.

But forget it, Mr. Espagu's decision is always correct.

"This ship will be built as soon as possible, and someone will come to pick it up soon."

"No problem, leave it to us."

Barry patted his chest and promised.

"I asked you to beat me."


The shipbuilding time passed very quickly. Although the new position leader has not yet been determined, there is still no problem in the case of Esbagu, except that a guy who drinks Coke looks very annoying.

However, the ship was completed in just ten days according to their plan.

"After all, it is only a medium-sized ship, not a major project."

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Barry watched the birth of a ship with great satisfaction.

This was made by him and Mr. Espagu. There were not many ships of this kind in the past, so it is worth remembering.

"Just finished."

Esbach is also very satisfied with his work.

"Have you heard that a super powerful pirate group came to the Capital of Seven Waters today."

Frankie, who was still only a pair of swimming trunks, walked in from the outside, holding a bottle of Coke in his hand, pulling Esbagu into a chat with a very relaxed tone.

"It's the natural pirate group, this ship is for them."

Espago said, pointing to the ship just built.

"Really? The ship's material is second only to Baoshu Adam. I'm wondering why such a small boat actually uses this material. It turns out to be their ship."

Frankie pushed up his sunglasses, showing a slightly surprised expression.

"This pirate group is terrific. When he was first wanted, Captain Larry Lei was offered a reward of 100 million Baileys. He even defeated a big pirate who offered a reward of more than 200 million. Now the sea is booming. Pirate."

Esbagu had a smile on his face, as if he was saying something good.

"I also heard that this pirate group is different from other pirates. Although they will also rob other pirate groups, the captain seems to be a kind person and often uses the money to fund civilians."

Frankie was also a little interested in the rumors of the pirate group.

"The captain's strength is very strong, and his appearance is not bad, he seems to have a lot of fans."

"Indeed, even if it is compared with the Pirate Empress, it's not too much."

"I heard that Larry Lei came out from the Dota Tavern, so Luo Yi will order this pirate ship for her."

"It turns out that's the case."

Frankie understood what was going on now, no wonder Esbach was so careful.

Esbagu: "However, this pirate group also has bad rumors."

"Are you talking about the pirate named Dai Ze on the ship? I heard that every time he goes to an island, he will develop believers. Now this Dezun Cult is really famous." Frankie took a sip of Coke.

"Their belief is evil, I don't know what it is. You said that after this group of pirates came to the island, will the City of Seven Waters change their beliefs in the future?" Esbagu said jokingly.

"Super fel is on, how is this possible!"


392. You are guilty

"Look, I'm super, I took my group of little brothers to rob the Pirate Ship all day, and I will be injured and okay."

"If you get injured, you need to be treated, right?"

"The treatment will cost money, but we don't have any money. There is free treatment. Of course it will pass. There is nothing wrong with it."

"Take a treatment, to express my gratitude, listen to someone chanting something, right?"

Listening to Frankie talking about the encounter between him and Dazzle, Espagu suddenly felt something was wrong with him.

You members of the Frankie family, if you don’t be gangsters on the street, you’re just fighting pirates and they are definitely the heroes of the City of Seven Waters. If you go to the hospital for treatment, they won’t necessarily charge you money.

But the result.

The Franks robbed the pirates, robbed the treasures and ships, and after the wood was torn down and sold, they went to the city with the money.

But you just waved, don't know how to converge, the nature of the chaos has not changed, no wonder the people in the City of Seven Waters hate you.

But there is one thing to say, because of the existence of the Frankie family, the security on the island is indeed a lot better.

In the past few days, Frankie is constantly making new weapons, going out to experiment with pirates, and then coming back to continue research. Almost all the treasures he looted are used to research weapons. No wonder he thinks of ways to save money. It.

"This is not the reason you believe in fel."

Esbagu couldn't help but speak.

"It's okay. I've heard about this. It's not a cult, and there is no need to do strange things for the sake of faith. It's just a kind of thought."

Frankie gave a thumbs up and said there was no problem.


Esbaqu felt that he might want to find out.

If there is something more terrifying in this world than force, it must be thought.

"This Dezun cult is a bit interesting. It teaches some practical things, such as unity, friendliness, diligence and self-improvement. It seems to be just to promote the doctrine. Even if you say you want to join the cult, you just nod your head and agree to join. The rituals taught have nothing to represent."

"What kind of strange sect is this?"

Esbagu couldn't stand it anymore.

According to his idea, the general appearance of a religious group is not to ask people to pray and sacrifice, and to take the group of people to do things that seem silly all day long. Anyway, it is unpragmatic, but This cult is actually just propagating doctrines, not forcing the congregation?

"But the news reports do not seem to be like this."