Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 240

Esbagu was holding the elbow of his right hand with his left hand, rubbing the scum on his chin with his right hand, and recalling the reports he had seen in the news before.


Frankie said that he hadn't seen the thing before, and he only paid attention to the things he needed, such as the news of the treasure tree Adam.

"Forget it, they are probably coming soon too, let's take a look at that time."

Esbagu glanced at the built ship, and didn't worry too much about this matter.

He is the mayor. If there is a cult in the city, he will naturally take it seriously, but if the cult does not do anything bad, then there is no need to worry. What citizens believe in is not something he can forcefully decide. .

After chatting with Frankie for a few moments, Espagu went to work on his own affairs, and Frankie went back to his room to beat and beat, researching a new weapon.

Not long after, riots broke out outside Dock One.

The boatmen in Barry were also attracted by the sound coming from outside. Turning their heads and looking around, the first thing they saw was a red ponytail and a green cloak.

No way, this figure is indeed more attractive than the ugly yellow ogre next to him, and the purple bag holding a Zen stick.

Except for the cloak, Feng Xing's clothes are extremely self-cultivating, plus the long arch on his back, when viewed from the front, it is a "".

At this time, "" was waving his right hand toward the crowd, and the fluctuations caused by it made the crowd exclaim in exclaim, but due to the ogres watching them slack off, this group of fans could still control a little I took a look at my emotions, but didn't jump on it.

"Welcome, your ship is ready."

When Fengxing and the others arrived, Espagu had already walked out. Without a secretary, he had to deal with everything himself, so he had to find another one.

"Great, is that the one?"

Feng Xing followed the direction that Esbagu was pointing, and directly turned into a green light, ran past Esbagu, and came to the side of the ship. After looking at it with great satisfaction, he jumped directly on. Up the deck.

"Larry Lei has a free and easy personality, please don't mind."

Dai Ze walked up with his staff and said to Espagu.

"Don't mind, you can see that she is a free person."

Esbaqu didn't have any dissatisfaction.

"The fel is on, praise the fel, thank you for thinking that way, can you please take us to see the ship? We have already brought the balance."

Dai Ze speaks like a devout believer. As a shadow priest, Dai Ze has not forgotten what he learned when he was an acolyte.

"this way please."

Esbaku saw Razzle sitting on the head of the ogre, and the two boxes he was carrying.

The materials for this ship are very expensive. In addition, Luo Yi and the others have high requirements, and the labor costs they need to pay are naturally a lot. Unlike the Sonny of the Straw Hat Pirates in the comics, it can be used for nothing.

Dai Ze and Razzle got on the boat, and the ogre stood there holding two cash boxes. Although it looked silly, no one dared to snatch his cash box, mainly because he looked at those living people. The look in his eyes is like looking at food.

"This boat is very good, we like it very much." Dai Ze jumped off the boat and bowed slightly to Esbagu.

"Take the money."

Razzell also fell directly on the ogre's head and commanded.

The ogre raised his hands honestly and lifted the two boxes to Esbagu.

"Thanks a lot."

Taking the box, Esbaku handed it to Barry, who was aside.

"Set sail, set sail!"

Standing on the bow, Feng Xing cheered excitedly.

"It can't work now. The record pointer is not full yet. It will take a few days. You can play on the island first. Let's move the things from the old ship."

Dai Ze's tone was like an old mother, but Feng Xing puffed up his face like a pufferfish, saying that he was unhappy, and jumped off the boat without saying hello to others, and left by himself.

Esbagu could see it.

Even though Feng Xing is the captain and the leader of this pirate group, it is actually Dai Ze who is in charge of the affairs.

"Please inside, I will tell you more about the equipment on board."

Esbagu took Dazzle and them aboard.

On the other side, Feng Xing put on a hood, pulled the cloak on her body, and covered the "". The crowd onlookers suddenly lost a lot. She was just naive and not stupid. These people were just greedy for her body.

Following the sound of the wind, Feng Xing moved his ears, knowing that there was a lively look ahead.

After trotting forward, Feng Xingren heard the sound before he saw it.

"You are guilty."

393. Aiolia

"You are guilty!"

This sentence, the voice is low, but sonorous and full of breath.

Feng Xing looked around and saw a handsome man with a strong suit and flowing hair like a lion. He held a Tang knife and stood in front of a dozen pirates alone.

"Is a pirate hunter, known as the judge of the sea, Eoria"

"I didn't expect to be able to see him here. Are you hunting any pirate?"

"That seems to be Fergus the Gibbon, offering a reward of 73 million Baileys. I saw his wanted warrant a few days ago."

"Such a high reward! Then Aiolia him"

"Don't worry, Eoria is a big pirate who has captured a bounty of hundreds of millions of dollars. A long-armed pirate group is not his opponent."

Listening to what was said around him, Fengxing probably judged the identity of both parties.

One pirate hunter, one pirate group.

"Fergus, you can't go."

Aiolia held a long knife and spoke cruelly.

"Are you annoying, you've been chasing us for a month, why are you so okay?"

Fergus is a long-hand tribe, a race with two elbow joints in its arms.

People of this race basically live in an isolated society. The Kingdom of Tenakina is located on the great sea route Jianshan Island. The clothing has a strong oriental atmosphere. The thieves in the country often go to other countries to rob and catch a lot of poverty. The strong men of the country act as labor.

Because they have one more elbow joint than ordinary people, their arms are also more. Let’s call them middle arms. The advantage of hand length is that the arm strength seems to be stronger than ordinary people. Other than that, they are gone. .

"No way, I want to eat too."

Aiolia bent her legs slightly, held the long knife in her hands, and rushed towards Fergus directly.

"Don't look down on people."

Fergus was also really angry. With a roar, his whole appearance changed. His black fur covered his whole body. His arms became longer and stronger again. His hands were stronger than his legs. To be more than twice as thick.

Animal fruit ape ape fruit gibbon form.

Fergus, who turned into a growing gibbon, rushed up with the sword in his hand.


There was a crisp sound, which brought up a huge air current, which spread out around the two people.

Many of the onlookers who ate melons were turned upside down by this air current.

Fengxing probably understands why people in this world hate pirates.

We just watched a play, and unexpectedly followed bad luck.

However, the reaction of these people was very fast. When they got up, they ran away. Some left by rowing and some left by running.

Even if everyone likes to watch the excitement, they don't like to become the excitement.

The battle site took place in the center of the city, between Fengxing and them, the width of a sum.

It seemed that there was some distance, and there were no bridges around, but it was less than ten meters in width, and a jump came over, which had no effect at all.

In less than three seconds, the people around had already scattered and ran away, leaving only a fashionable man with a green hood and green cloak, standing there abruptly.


Ioria and Fergus, who have fought several times, yelled at the same time. After the long knives in their hands collided with each other, they stepped back a few steps at the same time. .

"Ghost face?"

After all, it was the wanted order two days ago. The moment the two saw the green hooded cloak, they thought of this and stopped fighting at the same time.

"No, it's a girl"

Just a glimpse just now, but now I took a closer look and found that I had only admitted the wrong person, and both sides let out a sigh of relief.

Although only half of their face was revealed, they were a little relieved. Judging from the wanted order, this ghost face should be a man.

However, the two of them vaguely felt that this face was a bit familiar, but they couldn't tell for a while.

"It's dangerous, get out of here."

After yelling at Fengxing, Eoria rushed towards Fergus again.

The Tang Dao in his hand danced a sword in the air. Aiolia's attack speed was fast, but Fergus was not slow.

He looked sturdy, but not sluggish at all, and a big knife in his hand was so violent that Eoria did not dare to take it hard.

Compared with power, Eoria is not Fergus' opponent, after all, it is the relationship between the long-hand tribe and the animal devil fruit.

With comparable speed, Eoria is still slightly better. In the case of avoiding the attack, counterattack from time to time can cause Fergus instead.

It can be seen from Fengxing that Aiolia is stronger than Fergus, but this does not mean that Aiolia will definitely be able to win this battle.

After all, Fergus is not fighting alone.

"Captain, I'll help you."

"Let him see the power of our Long Arm Pirates."


"Where is my knife?"


More than a dozen younger brothers, including two cadres with a bounty of 30 million, saw that the captain did not seem to have the upper hand, so they directly chose to swarm them.

The battle of the pirates is not a competition in the arena. Whoever is 1V1 with you, in the world of pirates, there is only life and death, no competition.

Aiolia was embarrassed by this siege.

He discovered that Fergus's strength far exceeds his bounty, and it is estimated that by the time he sails to the Chambord Islands, the reward will be hundreds of millions.

And when this long-armed pirate group swarmed, even though these people were actually ordinary humans, not the long-hand tribe, they still brought a lot of pressure to Eoria.

The cooperation of these people was very good. When Fergus's broadsword was cut down, other people's weapons also blocked other places where he could dodge, and he had to meet Fergus' attack.

"So wretched!"

Aiolia cursed secretly.

If all those people rushed up to fight him, he wouldn’t be afraid, and he would just cut them down with his backhand, but they only played an auxiliary role. Bullets and swords were not directed at him, but at him. The retreat is very sinister.

At this moment, Eoria's heart began to retreat.

As a veteran pirate hunter, he knows the truth about not being ashamed.

As long as he is alive, there will naturally be the next victory waiting for him.

But now there is a problem. He is already surrounded behind him. If it weren't for the fear of shooting their captain, it is estimated that several guns would have been fired directly by now.

Once he got out of the entanglement with Fergus, the opponent would shoot without scruples.

Miscalculation, he did not expect Fergus to be far beyond his imagination.

Resisting Fergus’s powerful swipe, Eoria couldn’t help feeling in her heart, am I going to die today?



When a green light flashed in front of him, Fergus who was fighting with him disappeared.

what's the situation?