Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 241

394. Another day

Looking at Fergus, who has turned back into a human form, everyone in the Long Armed Pirates now has this expression: Σд

Everyone saw the green light, after all, their attention was focused on Eoria and Fergus who were fighting.

But they didn't expect that Fergus would be thrust directly into the wall by an arrow.

Even if it was a sneak attack, it was too scary. After all, they only saw the green light. The speed was so fast, it was almost like light.

At this time, the popularity of bow and arrow archery, because of the wind, the hood had already floated, a long red hair fluttered in the wind, and even the cloak on his body was shaking with the wind, which lasted for three full seconds before stopping.

The members of the Long-armed Pirates group were looking at the captain who was nailed to the wall, while Aiolia looked in the direction where the green light came from, where there was a handsome group of people.

"That day, I seemed to see heaven!"

Aiolia wrote this in her diary.

I was dumbfounded. I was dumbfounded.

Aiolia has already recognized who Fengxing is. It is the great pirate who was offered a reward of 100 million Baileys some time ago, or the rare female pirate in this world, Windrunner Larry Lei.

At this moment, Eoria felt that the government was making a joke with them as pirate hunters, a big joke.

This kind of strength is offering a reward of 100 million?

Isn't this cheating.

One arrow shoots and kills a reward of 73 million. The actual strength is comparable to a pirate with a reward of hundreds of millions. Even if the sneak attack is not considered, the speed of the arrow just now does not even have time to react. This kind of strength Enough for them to look up.


At this moment, someone immediately reacted.

Or maybe this idea was originally engraved in their minds, as long as the captain is gone, the entire pirate group will fall apart immediately.

Of course, this situation is like playing a boss in a dungeon. Generally speaking, as long as the boss is overthrown, the dungeon is over, but it does not rule out that the younger brother will continue to fight.

The long-armed pirate group is a group of pirates with Captain Fergus as the core. The captain died, or he was shot to death by an arrow. If he didn't run, wouldn't he stay and wait for death.

"Thank you!"

Across a river, Eoriya put the Tang knife in her hand into the scabbard and shouted at Fengxing.

He arched his back, Feng Xing waved his hand, put on his hood, and hid his exquisite and graceful figure again.

Aiolia looked at Feng Xing's back and did not choose to chase after him.

The moment he recognized Fengxing, Eoria knew that he had been saved by a pirate.

Thinking of the identities of the two, he now doesn't even feel the rest of his life.

You know, he is a pirate hunter.

Looking at the Fergus nailed to the wall and the ordinary-looking arrow, Aiolia endured the feeling of loneliness in her heart, and "ha" the arrow again and again. "He" and "ha" a few times before pulling it out.

"So strong!"

After feeling emotionally again, Eoria dragged Fergus' corpse to the station of the sea train, and asked for a box along the way, and stuffed the corpse in.

"There is no navy stationed in the capital of the seven waters. It is really inconvenient. I have to go to naval bases in other cities."

Sitting on the sea train, Aiolia spit out a word, and heard the "whoop" tweet from the sea train, and took him to his destination "besides".

After three hours, Eoria, who got off the sea train again, patted her bulging pockets, ready to continue looking for her prey.

However, after taking out the wanted warrant, Eoria suddenly thought of Fengxing.

"Suddenly I'm not in the mood, let's go have a drink first."

Randomly picked a bar that looked okay in scale, and Eoria walked in.

"Lost again!"

"Why is this little girl so strong?"

"That's Deluston from Carrera, who lost all his super strange powers."

"Hahaha drink, drink quickly!"

The crisp sound is particularly distinctive in the tavern.

Relying on his physical fitness, Eoriya directly squeezed the crowd away, and saw a fashion with a wine glass and slightly sullen cheeks.

In front of her, was a topless, muscular man who looked very strong. He was kneeling on the ground in the posture of ORZ, unable to believe that he had lost his strength to a little girl.


"Hah, who else?"

After a refreshing glass of wine, Feng Xing heavily smashed the wine glass on the large barrel in front of him, trembling and shouting as the source of evil.

"Damn it, too embarrassing to our man, come on!"

"Baga, you didn't mean that you have a unicorn arm, why are you not? Even Dai Lu Stone is not her opponent, but we can't even match Dai Lu Stone's toes."

"No, if this goes on, our man in the capital of seven waters will lose face."

"Where does your face represent the man in the City of Seven Waters?"

"I don't care, you go!"

The people around him pushed each other, and the cowhide that had been blown in the tavern was revealed when they met the real strong.

"Huh, it's you? Yes, just you, come here!"

I don't know when, the crowd around Aiolia has already retreated a circle, and finally squeezed into the front Aiolia, and somehow became the one standing in the front.


Pointing to his face, Eoria was pushed to the barrel by the crowd before he could react.

"Brother, come on!"

"Give us men some face back."

"As long as you win, I will pack your drinks today."

"As long as someone wins Larry Lei, I will pay for all the consumption today."

Seeing her left hand holding the edge of the barrel, her right elbow resting on the lid of the barrel, and her slender fingers facing her, Eoria suddenly became interested.

Come on, let me see, where is the gap between me and you.

Wrist-wrestling is one of the only popular activities in the tavern. It does not require too much space and can be easily and quickly divided.


Grasping Feng Xing's right hand, Eoria felt a thick cocoon from the soft touch, and immediately put on a serious face. Her strength was also obtained through hard work.



As soon as the referee's voice fell, Aiolia's right hand was pressed on the barrel.

"Winner Larry Lei!"


There was boos all around, but Aiolia stared at her right hand in a daze.

what happened?

I was fighting with "what" just now?

How does it feel?

This doesn't seem to be in one dimension!

Cold sweat dripped from Eoria's head.

At this moment, he deeply realized his shortcomings.

It's time to exercise and exercise yourself.

"have a drink!"

Seeing Fengxing smashing the full glass of wine in front of him, Iodia shook his head, put his cool hands in his pockets, and walked towards the entrance of the tavern.

After walking to the door, he turned sideways slightly, revealing his profile from a 45° position.

"Another day."

395. Retire

"Crane, if I apply for retirement, who do you think would be better for the admiral?"

"You don't want to do it?"

"I just said that"

In the marshal's office, Zeng Guo took off his hat, revealing the explosive head that was pressed inside.

"There have been too many things on the sea recently. Although our navy still seems to be able to maintain the law and order of this sea, in this era of pirates, more and more pirates will flock to the sea."

Warring States couldn't help but sigh, and recalled the days when he didn't become a marshal.

It was so easy at that time. Where there are pirates, they only need to rush through a shock wave. If one fails, then two.

But now, sitting in this position, can't help but think about these things.

Therefore, it is very simple to solve this problem.

Change someone to be the marshal, and forget about retirement.

"Who is the ghost face that appeared recently?"

Crane ignored the complaints of the Warring States Period. He didn't know the number of times in the past few years. Instead, he picked up a piece of news and said.

The navy did not know this report, or even learned it from the news. In other words, this report bypassed the navy and the information and wanted orders issued by the world government.

"I don't know anymore. Who knows what these CP guys are doing? Maybe even Commander Kong doesn't know what happened."

The Warring States period knew that this was a common thing, and even some did not want to care about it.

"Let the group of recruits be careful. If you encounter them, don't rush to catch them. First, find out the details of the other party."

He took the document and directly concluded.

As a naval staff officer, as long as it is not a decision that requires the marshal's decision, she doesn't even have to ask.

"By the way, is there any news from Karp recently?"

When they were busy, the two thought of their good friends.

"I heard that there are more people in the tavern. Now it is lively."

When the Warring States period said, he was angry.

When he thinks of Karp's wandering outside every day, and the adjutant will solve his problems for him, he feels that Karp's life is too chic, no way, thinking of this, he wants to retire.

"Oh, I really like that kid Luo Yi. I saw him a few times before and I could feel that his heart was still pure."

Thinking of Luo Yi, a kind smile appeared on He's face.

"I think you should wash him with fruit power."

purely?I think it's a pure money fan.

Over the past six months, they have successively purchased gold from Luo Yi. Although it slightly eased the financial pressure on the Navy, the Warring States Period discovered that they seemed to have sent the money to Luo Yi’s pocket.

Those three pieces of equipment were indeed powerful, as well as the potions provided by Luo Yi. Even Dr. Vegapunk couldn't analyze the ingredients, so they could only find Luo Yi to buy them.

Of course, the benefits of spending money are also visible.

In the past few years, the casualty rate on the navy side has dropped significantly. Even the navy on the New World side can better preserve combat power in an extremely turbulent world.

These are all credits for the equipment and props provided by Luo Yi.

It's just that it's expensive.

"Puff hahahaha"

In the Dota Tavern, Karp's laughter was very loud. At this time, he was holding a wine glass, sitting at the door with a stone and a big tree chatting.

The stone has the appearance of a human, with two yellowish eyeballs, and moss like a beard. The height of more than seven meters makes it difficult for him to enter the tavern.