Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 242

If the big tree does not move, everyone will only think that this is a vicissitudes of life and primitive tree, but here is the Chambord Islands, how can there be trees?There are also the two sturdy tree trunks that look like arms, and the human head protruding in front, with green eyes on it, which looks very uncomfortable.

"Puff hahaha you lost again!"

After drunk the drink, Karp grabbed the playing cards and shuffled again.

Obviously he is very big, but his name is Xiaoxiao. The mountain giant scratched his head. He has already learned the rules of the game, why keep losing?

But the big tree sitting by the side didn't say a word, just watching Kapu's smiling face quietly.

Is this how humans are?The outside world is really strange.

Treant guardian Rufrent found that with his limited knowledge reserves, it was difficult to understand this bizarre world.

"Is it my time?"

At this moment, a black shadow fell from the sky, looking carefully, it was a big spider.

Six bright red eyes, eight long spider legs, the abdomen and the base of the legs are white, and the body length is at least six meters. Broodmother, Blake Elazina.

"Xiao Xiao should be replaced."

The giant mountain giant moved his butt a little, and gave way to the spider.

Karp was in charge of dealing the cards. Two little spiders suddenly crawled out of Elazina, crawled down the spider's legs, picked up the poker and sent it to her, still under the control of Elazina, The cards were shuffled.

Two tree vines also spread out of Lu Fulun's body, shuffled the cards flexibly, and carried them high in front of him.

Karp: "Call the landlord."

Lufren: "Grab the landlord."

Alazina: "No."

Karp: "Grab the landlord, double it."

Lufren: "Double."

Alazina: "Do not double."

Karp: "One 3."

Lufren: "Fried!"

Karp: "I can't afford it."

Ruvren: "Aircraft"

Karp: "I can't afford it."

Lufren: "Straight, I won."

Karp: "Change people."

This landlord can't play!

"Lufren has the eyes of the jungle. He can see exactly what card you are holding."

At this moment, Luo Yi, who had just come up from the basement, saw the game they were playing, and said smoothly.

And Karp, who was shuffling the cards, stopped suddenly.

No wonder he hasn't seen him lose for two full hours.

I thought I just learned it, so I behaved like an old dog, not fighting or grabbing, but in fact, I actually played a bright card!

"By the way, Elazina's children can also feed her back what they see."

Luo turned his head again and revealed the true face of the other person.

Karp suddenly felt very tired.

No wonder, except for Elazina who just went to find the child to replace, he and Xiao Xiao always took turns ending.

"Okay, I'm going to have lunch. I have an extra meal today. Tell Dibaya and Lisa what you want. They are going to buy."

With that, Luo Yi went to the backyard of the tavern, picked up a specially customized giant dumbbell, and began to exercise.

Recently, I feel that my attributes are about to break the 199 mark and enter the next stage.

As for the other side, Karp and Xiaoxiao, who started to complain because they cheated in playing cards, did not care about Luo Yi. After all, he cheated when playing cards, but he would not let others know.

396. Good news

"Manager, why didn't your tavern change its name to Spider Tavern?"

"Yeah, yeah, it was renamed to a more appropriate tavern theme."

"The manager has a discount!"

The business hours and the situation in the pub are quite different from before.

In the earliest days, the waiter in the Dota Tavern was served by Dibu. It looked like the quadruplet's Dibu. It was the one who talked the most, and the one who had the best relationship with the guests, and it was the one who fooled them most. The one who spends money.

But later, Dibu left, and a waiter was replaced in the pub, saying it was a waiter. In fact, the guests thought that it was the uncles of the Luo family who were here. Four people in exactly the same armor, and they did not speak. , So that the guests who come to drink are inferior.

However, the uncle did not hold on for long, and he sat at the door of the tavern, and the uncle in white who always told some bizarre stories disappeared.

But now, the service in the pub makes them feel very fresh.

When the spiders walked quickly across the ground and the things you ordered were still on their heads, they knew that the tavern's show operation had once again refreshed the lower limit of their discussion on what waiter Luo Yihui would use.

Who could have thought that he didn't need people anymore.

Thus, in just half a day, a strange rule appeared on the Chambord Islands.

With the Dota Tavern as the center, the spiders within a radius of 100 meters, if you don't like it, try not to kill them if you can drive them away.

Because once you do this, when you fall asleep that night, there may be spiders crawling all over your body.

Even if it's just a scare, it doesn't hurt your life, but it's terrifying.

Luo Yi wiped the glass, ignoring the ridicule of the guests.

The Broodmother, Blake Elazina, was the hero summoned after he returned from the Capital of Seven Waters.

After all, the navy came back to him and bought a large amount of gold, as well as a lot of equipment and supplies. Luo Yi made another windfall, which was naturally spent.

Not to mention, the two of Chaos and Guangfa discussed, and at the same time, completed the contract, and then went back to continue the life of you chasing me and killing each other.

The needs of the broodmother are very simple. She just wants to find a safe and healthy hotbed for her precious little spiders.

When the quota became vacant, Luo Yi continued his call.

Thus, there were two people, Xiaoxiao and Dashu.

These two heroes are different from the heroes Luo Yi has summoned in the past.

Other heroes, even if they are not humans, can be dragons, sea monsters, and spiders.

But of these two, one is a stone and the other is a tree.

Xiaoxiao kept thinking about his origin, which appeared in the form of a mass of stones, but this is always a mystery.

He is a stone giant now, but what was he in the past?

Pieces falling from the heels of the mud puppets?

Debris that was swept from the workshop where the gargoyle was made?

The surface sand of the sacred prophecy stone?

Driven by a strong curiosity, he traveled tirelessly around the world, searching for his origin, his origin, and his race.

During the journey, he became bigger and bigger, but the wind and rain on the road knocked off the rocks on his body, so he kept absorbing new rocks and grew up forever.

This is a small introduction, it is very obvious that this is a philosopher.

who am I?Where am i fromWhere are you going?

As for why Xiaoxiao agreed to the contract, it was just to add some color to his journey.

As for the big tree, it's different.

Beyond the far west, in the distant mountains of the Valley of Omens, there is a powerful ancient power hidden in the trees, a source of awesome power.

It is said that the species that grow in this area are very strange.

For the forces of nature, this is a sacred land, unknown to the world.

This land is full of deadly traps and dangerous weeds that can swallow everything, all kinds of hybrid animals, and highly poisonous flowers, but these are far less powerful than the powerful Treant Guardian.

These immortal, huge creatures have maintained the tranquility of this land throughout their lives, ensuring that no one can invade here and no one can know their secrets.

They have guarded this sacred place for thousands of years, have not committed any offence to the outside world, and have not made much of the changes in the world.

However, it is inevitable that the outside world has gradually noticed this uncivilized land, and over time, the invaders of the outside world have become more and more bold.

If it weren't for the introduction, Luo Yi wouldn't know that there was still a nest hanging like a tree.

These Treant Guardians have been alive since ancient times, but they have never stepped out of the territory where they lived, and this tree is responsible for communicating the external situation to other Treant Guardians in the sacred territory.

They want to figure out what these fragile but hardworking creatures are?What happened to the land that was cut down and burned?Tens of thousands of years of doubts and doubts have all emerged, and the traditions handed down from ancient times have been re-examined by them.

In other words, this is also a philosopher.

But what they consider is, who are you?Where are you from?where do you want to go?

It's just that Luo Yi is a little worried now, because the person they contact the most every day is actually Karp.

Only during the opening hours of the tavern, Xiao Xiao and Da Shu talk to other humans in the yard, and the more they talk, the less they seem to be able to sit still.

Luo realized that this was probably two guys who were going to be fooled out of the sea.

Why didn't I order a medium-sized or even large-scale ship for Fengxing? Now Fengxing estimates that he will set off from the Capital of Seven Waters by boat, and will arrive at Chambordian Islands in a few days.

It seems that they can only be left with the merchant ship first.

Just after the business hours, Elazina asked her little spiders to clean up the tavern. The efficiency of hundreds of spiders was very high, surprisingly high. It took less than 5 minutes to save more than half an hour. The work is done.

Just here, Oliver walked in from outside the tavern.

"President, there is a news you might want to know."

"what news?"

Seeing Oliver's slightly nervous appearance, Luo Yi felt that it might not be good news.

"The Cook Chamber of Commerce is about to close."

"Huh? How is it possible that the Cook Chamber of Commerce is not quite large, even if we are currently in scale, it is not one-tenth of his."

Luo Yi didn't quite believe it.

Over the years, the Cook Chamber of Commerce has achieved business in almost one-third of the islands in the first half of the great route. The development can be said to be in the sky, how can it be closed so easily.

"Because Doflamingo arrested their president, it is estimated that the Cook Chamber of Commerce will be renamed the Doflamingo Chamber of Commerce in a short time."

"This is simply the reason for the delivery."

At this moment, Luo Yi suddenly felt that Oliver had brought good news.

397.What is DOTA playing

"Why are you here too!"

When Luo Yi took a group of excited heroes and boarded the boat heading to Dresrosa, he saw Karp who was sleeping on the boat overtime, and immediately realized the feelings of the Warring States period. His head was big.

"Puff ha ha ha you did not take me when you went out to sea several times, I can only come by myself."

Capco didn't forget the task assigned to him by the Warring States Period, which was to be optimistic about Luo Yi and not to do anything.

The previous Kaido incident caused their navy to be exhausted.

This time after Luo came back from the outside, Karp felt something was wrong. It seemed that Luo Yi's breath had changed, but he couldn't tell.

And this time when he came out, Karp was really worried.

He heard Luo shouting "It's great", and then "Move fast."

He shouted so, surely nothing happened.

He casually asked where Luo Yi was going, but it was Dres Rosa.

Where is where.