Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 243

That's the country where the world government has joined, the country that currently serves as Qiwu Haido Flamenco.

Look at these people in Luo area.

Lilai and Auros, these two Caps, can still be considered to have fun, but why are Xiao Xiao and Da Shu carrying them?

And Riki, didn't he go to sea with Kunkka and the others, to kill the pirates and challenge himself?Why is it here?

I understand this Slark on the boat. After all, he is going to sea. It is normal to go through the fisherman island and find a sea beast to pull the boat.

But why is this foolish guy here?

And his appearance looks like that of the yellow ogre on the windboat, except for the blue one, except for the two heads.

Karp thinks things are definitely not easy.

The four heroes of the new world have been fighting for hegemony. Edward Newgate, bigo Charlotte Lingling, red-haired Shanks, and Golden Lion Shiji are expected to divide the new world next year.

In the first half of the great route, although there was naval suppression, pirates were still rampant on most of the islands. In addition, there are now revolutionary forces in chaos. Many countries have been overthrown, whether it is a member of the world government or not. This is not a good sign.

There is also the Qiwuhai, which was originally used to balance maritime forces. Although there are only seven positions, the candidates of these seven people are all selected very powerful pirates, each with disastrous destructive power and relationship with the country. The enormous combat power of the competition.

There are three kings alone, Basolomi Bear, King of the Kingdom of Sorbet, Bojahancuk, King of Amazon Lily, and King Dresrosa, Don Quixote Doflaming, who is on Loy’s trip. brother.

Others don't know, but Karp knows, this Don Quixote family is a dragon.

Don't think he is an old man who can only swing an iron fist. In fact, the sea is in chaos, his family has the final say.

Now that the sea is turbulent, Luo once took such a group of people to Deres Rosa, it doesn’t look like a tourist, so he should follow it. If there is anything, at least he can have a fight with the Warring States, without writing a report. .

Seeing that Karp was dying to leave, Luo Yi did not drive him off the ship, anyway, he did not wear a navy uniform, and he carried a Karp, which was unusual in terms of deterrence.

I believe that Doflamingo knows Karp's character. If he dares to show some footwork, Karp may be the first to beat him.

The ship passed through the sea in this way, sailing all the way towards Dresrosa.

Luo Yi looked at the permanent pointer in his hand, and could only feel the difference between the authority dog ​​and the casual player.

Without certain background or luck, you can only follow the record pointer on the sea and then die in the sea.

It can be said that the existence of the great sea route has made a great contribution to the population control of this world.

Without entering the Murloc Island, Luo Yi and the others crossed the bottom of the sea directly and headed to the new world, and they dragged the ship from Hanhan all the way to Dress Rosa.

With sea animals pulling the boat, the efficiency is high.

It originally took several days to sail, but it took only one day and one night to arrive, during which the Han Han still slept for eight hours.

As the huge stone cliff appeared in front of them, Dresrosa arrived.

Here, there are three ports from east to west and south, and to the north is a cross-sea bridge leading to Greenbit.

Luo and they logged in directly at the southern port.

"Under Doflamingo, there is a cadre called Violet, who is a superhuman star staring fruit ability person, which can give the ability person the effect of clairvoyance, and can use himself as the center point to carry out distances within a radius of 4000 kilometers. Observation from distance."

Although Luo Yi had already explained to his own people that they were here to do things, and Doflamingo had already had an enemy with them, so Luo Yi explained why they landed on the island in such a fair manner. .

"There is such a perverted fruit ability?"

Before the others spoke, Karp was the first to jump out.

"Violet's code name in the Don Quixote family is Violet. If you meet her, you can stun. Her original identity is the princess of the Kingdom of Dresrosa. In order to protect her father Liku Only then did the king’s life join the Don Quixote family."

After focusing on this matter, Luo Yi then briefly explained the cadres of the Don Quixote family.

In the entire Don Quixote family, except for one Monet who is a natural fruit, only a few are strong in physical skills, and the others are capable, and they are all superhuman.

"Anyway, you are welcome. Find someone and do it. The entire Don Quixote family, except for Doflamingo and the highest cadre, are fairly average."

Saying this, Luo Yi is not aimless.

When Oliver notified him of Cook's news, Luo Yi's attribute points just broke through the 200 mark, and he felt that his overall strength had at least doubled.

He now has the confidence of the highest cadres like Torrepol and Serka.

After all, in addition to attributes, he also has several skills on his body, as well as skill points that suddenly appeared after the breakthrough.

Luo Yi didn't know how many skill points he had now, but he could see that there was a situation where the armed color domineering could add points.

Luo Yi did not hesitate to give his armed color domineering to a higher level.

The previous armed color can only be hardened to the extent that it can cover the body or weapons and increase defense and attack power.

After adding one level, Luo Yi has mastered a brand-new ability that can make the armed color domineering directly penetrate the object and destroy the interior, but he is not proficient now and needs more practice to master it.

As for the Six Forms, Luo Yi knew there was no way to improve.

He originally hoped that he could learn the life return skill after the six forms were upgraded, but after asking Karp, he realized that the learning of life return has nothing to do with the six forms. This is another meditation ability that extends consciousness to Hair, internal organs, and even hair on toes.

With his strength soaring, coupled with his equipment, Luo Yi is a bit swollen. He wants to find Doflamingo to practice. Even if he can't beat his hard power, he can still kill him by equipment.

Just kidding, what dota is playing, it is operation, do you think it is data!

398. Childlike Fruit


Are the people who come to visit this country linger because of those things?

One is the fragrant and charming sea of ​​flowers, and the aromas of dishes that are worthy of pride.

The second is the passionate dance of the beauties, as if tirelessly.

The third is the same thing that will surprise travelers, that is, those toys that naturally blend into the entire city, coexist with humans, and have life toys.

Luo Yi and the town they logged in was a port city.

No matter which country it is in, port cities are extremely prosperous, even comparable to the capital of a country.

"Find a place to eat first."

Luo Yi suggested so.

Knowing that the only person on the boat can go to dinner, Luo Yi should bring Dibaya on board, not only can cook, but also can be thrown out as a spiritual weapon when encountering enemies.

The proposal was approved by everyone. After walking through the busy street, I found a restaurant that seemed to be of a good size, and directly nine people directly packed a big round table.

"A lot of people are watching us."

Lilai was a little uncomfortable.

"Maybe it's because Lieutenant General Karp's popularity is too high!"

Luo Yi Yin and Yang said strangely.

"Huh? Is it my fault?"

Karp laughed and touched his head, completely unconfessed.

However, Luo Yi didn't plan to care about him. Many of the heartfelt feedbacks from the domineering and domineering experience were silently calling "Lieutenant General Karp" and "Mr. Karp". His face was really eye-catching.

"Guests have been waiting for a long time"

During the small talk, a variety of delicacies were brought up, and the entire table was soon packed. Luo Yi and the others were discussing their respective destinations while eating. After they went to the island, they should move separately.

"This squid is so big, Brother Luo Yi, I'll give you half of this head."

Lilai very consciously split the huge squid that had been skewed on her plate in half, and put it on Luo Yi's plate, and got a petulant thank you.

There are nine of them.

Karp made it clear that he would just follow Luo Yi.

Although Lilai also wanted to play with Luo everywhere, but seeing that Karp seemed to be following, Lilai would still choose to follow Auroth instead of teaming with Luo.

Xiaoxiao and Dashu looked at each other and decided to act together, and made it clear that relying on their abilities, they can understand the world independently, and took 200,000 Baileys from Luo Yi as a funding .

Riki ate the food silently. He didn't need teammates or money. He usually acted as a "pirate" and he already had a lot of savings.

Lan Pang's two heads were arguing over who would take the first bite first. They said that they didn't need the requirement to form a team. There were already two people.

Slack picked up the fork silently. He didn't want to walk with Karp. With the invisible pressure exuding, Slack said that he was uncomfortable and it was better to walk alone.

The nine people were divided into six groups. Luo Yi felt that it was also great, he thought it would be three to three.

"Then act separately and target the palace."

Hearing this, Karp was already considering whether or not to call the Warring States Period to see if he had anything to say.

However, seeing Luo Yi who was watching the "Scenery", Karp released his hand out of his pocket and continued to eat the super-large doughnut he had just bought.

And Luo Yi suddenly felt that he was late.

This country is so good, those tireless enthusiasm dances, that twisted waist, there is the waist, that is the life-killing knife.

If you marry a wife here and go back, I am afraid that at my age of 18, I will have to soak wolfberries in a thermos.

Luo Yike has never forgotten her dream. The Pirate Empress is beautiful but has a terrible personality. In contrast, whether it is Princess Vivi, Princess White Star, Princess Rebecca, or It was Sanji's older sister, Lei Jiu, and Robin, whose skin became more mature in the future, was no better than the empress.

As for why Nami was excluded, Luo Yi said that he could not accept Nami's character. In case she had a good relationship with Na, the pocket money in the future would only be enough to buy a Chopper.

However, among the above-mentioned people, except for Robin who is 21 years old, everyone else is still a child.

Luo Yi felt that he was still young and could afford to wait for only 5 or 6 years.

But before that, if he met the right one, he was not prepared to wait.

Now, when he came to this enthusiastic city, Luo Yi suddenly realized that the reason he couldn't find it was never because he had pinpointed someone, but he had never looked for it.

Watching standing on a high platform, wearing a Spanish dance skirt, showing his figure to the fullest, and constantly waving sweat and dancing samba is really a pleasure.

Karp looked at Luo Yi who had stopped, and couldn't help but recall the fucking love he met Dorag, and couldn't remember.

"I like this country."

Regardless of who the king is, the folkway of this country is definitely not because of Doflamingo's ascendancy.

It should be said that apart from the people who have been turned into toys, the traditions of this country have not been modified.

It's just that I came here for myself, isn't it for whom?

His eyes widened, Luo realized something for a moment.

He couldn't remember why he came here, and there was only one thought in his mind, that is to bring down the Don Quixote family.

"The others should be fine."

In the Don Quixote family, there is a very abnormal cadre.

The reason for being abnormal is not like Frankie, who went out with only a pair of swimming trunks.

What makes this cadre pervert is her fruiting ability.

Sugar, Superman is a childlike fruit.

The ability of this fruit is to stop the body from growing at the moment of taking it. As for whether it will live forever, Luo Yi is not clear.

However, the ability of this fruit is not that simple. Its more powerful ability is to make the person touched by the capable person become the toy that the capable person thinks.

Moreover, people who are related to the object turned into a toy will lose "all" memories about the object that turned into a toy.

If Luo Yi’s vampire fruit is a treasure to humans, then most of the nature is a treasure to the city, and the ability of this childlike fruit is to the world.

This is the fruitful ability to directly modify the memories of everyone in the world.

People who don't know this ability may not have any thoughts because their memories are modified. Even if they are a little bit strange, they won't realize anything, because the existence of that person has indeed been erased.

But Luo Yi is different. He knows the abilities of childlike fruits. Now he has forgotten the reason for coming here. It must be because someone in his memory has been turned into a toy by childlike fruits.

"No matter what, the first shot to defeat the Don Quixote family, let's get rid of this sugar."

399. This is your own delivery.


"Teacher, do you want to try this?"

"It's okay for me."

Seeing the pure white dress that Lilai was pointing at, Auroth shook his head.

Although it was here to do things, Luo Yi also said, don't do anything to civilians.

And the long-term accumulated experience also tells Auros that it is terrifying.