Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 244

As long as you do it, these people will use various languages ​​to prove that dragons are harmful creatures.

"The clothes here are all like this."

Lilai looked at the clothes sold in this clothing store, and directly took Auros out.

The clothes made by Uncle Harold are more beautiful.

Huh?The style of clothes in that shop is so familiar.

At this point, Lilai glanced at a store nearby, and suddenly felt a familiar feeling.

"Guests take a look. The clothes of Harold, a famous designer from Chambord Islands, combine the styles of Dresrosa and Chambord Islands."

Just getting closer to the shop, and after a few more glances, the manager rushed out.

Looking at the shop with few people, and Harold's shop on the Chambord Islands, they were completely different, Auros immediately understood.

Change the difference.

Even if the styles of the two places are combined, the people here do not like his designs.

The so-called hard-to-talk, this is probably what I'm talking about.

"The two guests came from outside, let's take a look at these clothes. Master Harold is a very good designer, second only to Papagu from the popular clothing brand "Prisoner" on Fishman Island. Master."

The store manager is a middle-aged man who greets him very enthusiastically and consciously.

He has just watched for a long time. The appearance of these two guests is very perfect. If they put on the clothes in his store, they will definitely look much better.

"These are all top-quality clothing purchased from the Chambord Islands by a chamber of commerce in Kuwait. Each piece is worth the money. Would you like to come in and have a look?"

I don't know why, when the store manager said the name of the chamber of commerce, he suddenly couldn't remember it, but his long experience made him immediately respond. The name of the chamber of commerce is not important, what matters is the quality and price of these clothes.

"I know, this seems to belong to Brother Luo Yi? To whom did Uncle Harold sell his clothes?"

Lilai originally wanted to show off her cognition, but at this moment, suddenly she couldn't remember anything.

"The power of the devil fruit?"

Auros also found something unusual.

They seem to have forgotten a very important thing, such as the reason for coming here.

As a dragon, Auroth has seen many humans.

Humans, this is a strange creature. They don’t say that I am fond of your baby, so I want to beat you. Instead, they will look for an excuse that seems to make sense, but is actually nonsense, to start a war. The teacher is famous.

Luo Yi did the same. The reason for bringing them to this island was to save people, but they couldn't remember who they were saving.

Reminiscent of Luo Yi's childlike fruits, Auros immediately made a judgment.

"If all the toys on this island become human again, it will be the moment of full-scale war."

This is a key point, Luo Yi has emphasized it again.

In his eyes, the cadre named Granule was even more dangerous than Doflamingo.

"If all the powerhouses in this world are Lolicon, then Granulated Sugar is now One Piece."

This is Luo's evaluation of sugar.

Keeping the most dangerous enemy in mind, Auroth immediately reacted when there was a problem with his memory.

at the same time.

Everyone in the team from the Dota Tavern has already realized something.

This is not the "red world" world. What the fruit of childishness can achieve is only to erase people from other people's memories, not to erase the power of existence.

Even if the relevant memories are erased, they still remember that they are coming to trouble Doflamingo. This matter has nothing to do with Cook.

But when I think of the banner of this operation, I can't remember anything.

If they don't know that it is because of the fruit's ability, then they are really in vain.

The time for free movement is not long, also because the island is not big.

Doflamingo’s bird cage can expand to the size of an entire island. It only takes an hour to reach the center of the island when the contraction speed is not as fast as that of ordinary people’s running speed. The diameter is at most only the distance of an average person running for an hour.

After walking around for a while, everyone began to move towards the map.

Everyone in the tavern, even Fatty Blue, the ogre magician, knows how to move around by looking at the map, and the talent like Sauron is really unique.

If you have GPS fruit, you must give it to Sauron.

And just as all of them were moving towards the center of Dresrosa, where the palace was on the high ground, inside the palace, Doflamingo was sitting in the throne, holding a phone worm in his hand, and his mouth was almost open. The root of the ear.

"Interesting, dare to come to my site."

For Luo's appearance in Dressrosa, Doflamingo really did not expect this.

Although this childlike fruit is like a BUG, ​​it is also a BUG in the hands of the user.

Except for the user, no one will retain the memory of the identity of those toys, and Doflamingo is no exception.

He didn't remember the matter of turning Cook into a toy.

Even if he remembered, Doflamingo would not take this trivial matter in his mind.

The Cook Chamber of Commerce dared to find him to cooperate. A small chamber of commerce was like reaching out into the dark world. How could it be so easy.

Just today, this overweight chamber of commerce has been swallowed by Doflamingo, and all assets under his name have been transferred to the Don Quixote family.

Cook's so-called efforts over the past few years have all been done for others.

Seeing the people Luo Yi had brought, Doflamingo had already planned in his heart how to bring these people together.

"Navy hero Carp? If it is forgotten by the world, what will happen to the navy?"

Knowing the news that Karp had also arrived, Doflamingo knew that the biggest trump card in his hand was not himself, but the childlike fruit of sugar.

As long as there is this fruit ability, no matter how strong the opponent is, it can be solved smoothly with a light touch.

As a navy hero, would Karp do anything to a little girl?impossible!

"Little Lord!"

"Staring at one or two of Cap and Luo, pay attention to their moving direction, arrange for Sugar to go out, so that Rao G and Jorah will protect them in secret."


"Fofufufufu, you delivered it to the door yourself."

After giving the order, Doflamingo felt that he was really witty.

400. You brought this to your door!

"Although I want to solve the sugar first, the problem now is that it seems that only when you sneak into the palace can you see the sugar. This special cadre of the Don Quixote family is well protected."

Wandering on the street, watching the surrounding beauty increase his lifespan, Luo Yi just thought about how to solve the big problem of sugar.

He glanced at Karp who was next to him, and Luo touched his wallet.

I just beat your grandchildren how many times I don’t know how many times, and I’m actually responsible for the pension issue.

Karp didn't have any restraint in spending money. He mastered the return of life, and his digestive ability was comparable to a monster.

Luo didn't bring much money when he went out this time. Fortunately, the things on this street are not too expensive. To eat on one street, two people spent a total of fucking, 200,000 Baileys are gone. .

"Puff ha ha ha ha, you are so polite, come pay."

After thinking about it, seeing that Karp took another two ice creams more than one meter long from the store, he looked very happy, Luo Yi wanted to give him a little bit, but let it go.

Taking out a 10,000 yuan bill from his wallet and paying, Luo Yi snatched an ice cream from Karp.

Count Karp still has some conscience. When buying things, he knows to order one for himself and make himself pay twice.

I opened the system interface and watched the movement of my teammates on the mini-map. At present, everyone had dispersed, but the goals were very consistent towards the palace.

There is no need to hide the route of travel. With the ability to stare at the fruit, their figure can be said to be invisible, not to mention that the people they bring are very powerful, as long as Doflamingo is not Just been taken home, I don't know how to use the domineering, wanting to find out is not a problem.

"Boy Luo, what are you doing here?"

In the end, Karp chose Donuts and followed Luo Yi. Seeing him constantly looking around, as if he was really traveling, Karp couldn't help asking.

"I'm here to take Doflamingo down."

Although Cook can't remember it, he hasn't forgotten his purpose.

"Why? Did he provoke you?"

Karp thought of the intelligence gathered by the navy. It seemed that it was not Doflamingo who provoked him, but that he provoked Doflamingo, the cadre named Diamanti, and walked into the Dota Tavern. Never came out again.

And according to the information from the investigation, Diamanti seemed to have been invited in. A few days later, Doflamingo went to the Chambord Islands and walked into the Dota Tavern. His face turned black.

Karp used his grandson's few IQ as a guarantee, and it was definitely Doflamingo that Luo Yi asked for trouble.

"I don't remember, but it shouldn't be long before I will remember."

Luo Yi answered honestly.

Karp: I believe you a ghost!

The two continued to move forward, and Karp also discovered that Luo Yi's destination was the palace.

As for the other people, they all walked towards the palace under the feeling of seeing and hearing the domineering, it was just a matter of speed.

"If you fight, you will hurt civilians."

Karp said he couldn't sit idly by.

At his level, it is natural to know how many people will be affected by Luo once they fight, and there is no navy stationed on this island, there is no way to quickly evacuate the crowd and ensure the safety of civilians.

"Believe me, these civilians will want to rush in and tear off Doflamingo by then."

Luo Yi said in a very determined tone.



When the two were chatting nonsense, the pedestrians on the street gradually became scarce, and they had already passed the lively area.

And in the unmanned alley ahead, a little girl in a spotted dress with a single-sided glasses on her left eye and her sister’s head suddenly appeared. She fell on the ground directly in front of Luo Yi and Karp. The basket also fell to the ground, and the grapes were scattered on the ground.

At this moment, Luo was stunned, and Karp was stunned.

"Unexpectedly, you can fall like this, and now the children are too careless."

Shaking his head, Karp didn't mean to lift it up at all, instead grabbed a donut and stuffed it into his mouth.

"When you see a child falling down, don't you go and help?"

On the surface, Luo Yi pointed to the child who fell, and said to Karp, secretly, he had turned on the domineering and system interface, and saw two huge red dots squatting on the corner, one of them breathed. , No more than oneself.

Although he is a strong man, Luo Yi can be sure that this is not the highest cadre of the Don Quixote family.

"Why do I need to help the child when he fell? I pushed my grandson down the cliff and deep valley, threw it into the forest in the middle of the night, tied it with a balloon and rose into the air, all to train him into a strong man! Even a girl, Just a fall requires someone to help, and the future of this world is terrible!"

Kapu responded to Luo Yi's words righteously.

But he didn't see the little girl who was still lying face down on the ground, her hands already clenched her fists tightly.

"Well said, especially for such a child. If you don't get up and cry after a fall, not only don't help him, but also let him taste it, the love from the strange tree."

With that, Luo agreed with Karp's thoughts and pulled out a big and thick short stick.

"If she stays here and can't get up, I'll give her a stick so that she won't start acting like a baby directly. Tell me, OK."

The stick pointed at the little girl lying on the ground, Luo said firmly, and meant to do it if he didn't agree.

The little girl who heard these words jumped up from the ground, her cheeks bulging, her cheeks flushed, and she looked like she had been bullied. It was so cute.

Looking up at Luo Yi, who was holding a big stick, and Karp, who was eating donuts and loved young children, the little girl expressed that she was wronged.

"Tsk, there really is nothing at all, it's really sinister, if I go up to help you up, will you pull me and say that I hit the two people hiding behind the wall, is it your father and mother, or a gang? Committing crimes is really getting worse."

She shook her head distressedly, and when Luo said this, the little girl almost exploded.

Raog and Jora, who were hiding behind the wall, were even more surprised. How did they get discovered?By the way, that is the hero Kapu, it is normal to see and hear domineering.

"Brother can help me pick up grapes? My hand hurts."

The little girl stretched out her hands and forced the plot to continue.

Looking at the bleeding hands on the ground because of the fall, Luo Yi probably knew why such a little girl stayed in the Don Quixote family. He really hated that she actually fell.