Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 245

"Well, brother will help you."

As if moved by the little girl's pitiful appearance, Luo Yi put away the big stick in his hand and squatted down.

A smile gradually appeared on the little girl's face, as if she had become happy because of the help of a kindhearted person, and she stretched out her little hand to Luo Yi who was squatting in front of her.


A pair of handcuffs suddenly appeared on her body, her strength seemed to be drained suddenly, and the little girl collapsed to the ground again.

"Oh no!!"

The little girl's eyes suddenly widened.

"You delivered it to the door yourself!"

Luo Yi's current mood can be described as smiling Jiuquan.

401. Snatch the Head

When the two hammers with two skulls printed on the handle and two blood-stained hammers appeared in Luo Yi's hand, Sugar's heart was desperate.

Just locking the sugar with Hailou stone handcuffs is not of much use. It can only prevent her from releasing her fruit ability. To release her fruit ability, she needs to passively lose consciousness.

It is also called stun, stun, corona, hot stun... etc., or kill directly.

And the hammer in Luo's hand was nothing ordinary.

[Skull Smasher: Use a frightening weapon in the right place. Don't underestimate the ability of this mallet to crush the opponent's defense.

Passive: heavy hit

The attack of a melee hero has a 25 chance to stun the target for 15 seconds and cause an additional 100 points of damage.Ranged heroes have a stun probability of 10.

+ Damage: 25

+ Strength: 10

Cooling time: 23]

Luo Yi felt that the effect of the hammer was the same whether it was touched or not. Who could bear the hammer if it went down.

Sugar feels so too.

Look at the dried blood on this hammer.

How many people have been knocked to death?

For a long time, the granulated sugar, which has been under the protection of the family cadres, has stopped growing because of eating the childlike fruits, but this year's granulated sugar is only 13 years old.

Think about what you were doing when you were 13 years old. That was the exam for Xiaoshengchu.

"No no no no no no..."

Sugar was weak, begging for mercy constantly.

"Let go of the sugar~"

With a loud shout, two figures have rushed out of the corner.

The first person among them was a bald old man with a burst of veins and a pair of reading glasses on his face. It was Rao G, a cadre of the Don Quijote family.

And another big aunt wearing a triangular frame, with eye-catching sharp features, curly hair and lip gloss, is Jorah’s first appearance.

"Mr. Karp!"

Luo Yi yelled, making Karp who was watching the play suddenly violent.

When two iron fists hit Rao G and Jora's heads and knocked them directly into the ground, Karp reacted. It seemed that he was not here to beat Luo Yi.

"It must be because the pirates on these two people smell so bad."

Karp made an excuse for himself.

And when I thought about it this way, I suddenly felt that I had a lot of understanding.

He is the navy, and it is his vocation to fight pirates, and there is no wrong person.

Just this little girl...

Looking at the sugar that had been staring at the Skull Smasher with tears, Karp suddenly felt that Luo Yi's behavior was much stricter than his own treatment of Luffy.

"Sugar, a special cadre of the Don Quixote family, superhuman and childlike fruit ability, I don't know what this island will look like if I go down with this hammer."

As soon as Luo didn't say a word, Grana felt more panic in her heart.

After all, she is just a child.

"This child is also a cadre of the Don Quixote family?"

Hearing Luo Yi's words, Karp was also a little surprised.

Unexpectedly, under the rule of the world government, such a small child becomes a pirate and is still a cadre. It is really amazing.

"Ah, when we talked about her on the boat, you seemed to fall asleep."

Luo Yi seemed to suddenly remember something, and turned to Kapu.

"...Puff ha ha ha, getting older makes it easy to get sleepy."

Karp touched the back of his head to hide his embarrassment.

Ignoring Karp, this unreliable guy, he can be slashed by Axe Monka and can continue to sleep.


With a light wave of Luo, the Skull Smasher hit directly on Sugar's head.

He didn't knock the sugar head like the name of the hammer. The specific reason is the same as the Navy shut a group of big pirates in the lv6 of Push City.

After the devil fruit capable person dies, the devil fruit will be born somewhere in the world. If it is taken by his own enemy, Luo Yi can't guarantee that he can recognize who the next capable person is. In case of a move, wouldn’t it be straightforward The book is over.

A big bag protruded from the sugar head, propped up the hat she put on her head, and her eyes had already rolled, not knowing whether it was painful or scared.


For a moment, Karp felt something was wrong.

"It's really complicated."

Even if the plan was successful and it was exceptionally smooth, Luo Yi was not happy.

The instant that sugar fainted, the information returned by the domineering sex, from the initial panic, to fear, to the intermingling of grief and joy, happened in just a few seconds.

In just three short years, Doflamingo’s Doflamingo ruled Deres Rosa, whether it was a civilian, a navy, a pirate, a revolutionary army...even the princes and nobles of certain kingdoms, some were turned into toys. .


"We... why didn't we think of you until now!"

"This is a curse! I thought I was going to be a toy for a lifetime!"

The family of three cried with each other, and all the toys were constantly changing back to humans, even the orangutans.

In the south, Sebio, the toys that were working in the port, suddenly became pirates.

The same goes for Karuta in the east, where pirates are attacking and destroying.

The toys are turning back into soldiers of the old Dresrosa, government officials, navy, and even dignitaries of various countries, and even beasts.

In just a moment, the whole Dress Rosa fell into a panic.

And the source of all this points to Doflamingo who is sitting in the palace with Erlang's legs upright, waiting for Karp to disappear.

Now, he can't laugh anymore.

It’s not a big deal to restore those who turned into toys on the island, as long as they become toys again.

But the problem now is that there is a person on this island that Doflamingo does not want to provoke.

Compared to Luo and the others, Doflamingo felt better to face Karp.

You know, even the current naval staff crane can chase him, not to mention the navy's highest combat power, the hero Karp.

The actual situation is also as Doflamingo worried.

Luo Yi, who was standing next to Karp, felt an extremely depressed breath from his body, as if it were directly acting on the spirit.

"Are you overbearing?"

I don't have this kind of domineering, after all, it is an innate talent, if I don't have it, I don't have it, but just the leaked breath has such a sense of oppression, which is really terrible.

"That bastard!"

The bloodshot eyes were already violent, and you could see the anger in Karp's heart.

Putting down the donut in his arms, Karp took the phone worm out of his pocket and dialed a number.

"Warring States, prepare, I will kill Doflamingo."

After finishing speaking, without waiting for the Warring States period to reply, Karp walked toward the palace with aggressive steps. With every step he took, his murderous aura became strong. I was afraid that when he walked to the palace, the entire Don Quixote family disappeared. At the moment.

"Fuck, this guy came with me, it turned out to be to grab the head."

Looking at Karp's back, Luo Yi suddenly realized something.

402. Bird cage

The appearance of public outrage can basically tell how unpopular that person is.

The underground of King's Heights is a hidden port that has been transformed. The arms trading business of the Don Quixote family is completed here, called the underground trading port.

And just in this underground, there is a tall tower that looks like a bunker, called the Cadre Tower.

There are various pipes connected to the tower, connecting everywhere in Dresrosa. Every day, many people or damaged toys fall from these pipes and finally reach the scrap iron yard directly below the cadre tower.

Although it is only three years old, there are still piles of toys in this scrap yard, as well as some lingering people.

The despair exuding here can be said to be the richest place in the whole Dress Rosa.

The toys thrown here, no matter ordinary people, are almost all members of the rebellious Don Quixote family, but they have failed.

The people lying here are some desperate, some unwilling, some anger, some self-deprecating...Everyone exudes an aura, which turns this scrap iron yard into eerie and terrifying, just take a look, It's creepy.

However, in less than half a minute, the situation here has changed.

When the dilapidated toys returned to human form, everyone was in consternation first, and then the carnival after cursing the contact.

The sound was deafening, like the roar of a Hedong lion, resounding throughout the ground.

And above the scrap yard, in the underground trading port, the weapons trade here is to use toys as coolies and constantly move heavy goods.

At this moment, all the toys under the cargo box changed back to human form, just for a while, these enslaved people rose up and rushed to the side to take care of the guards, but they didn’t react for a while. A member of the Don Quixote family.

The resistance broke out in an instant.

arms?What they carried were weapons. The goods sold by the Don Quixote family to other countries to make a fortune in the war became their magic weapon to fight against the Don Quixote family at this moment.

The sound of guns sounded continuously throughout the underground, and even the people on the ground could feel the vibration.

And the moment when the soldiers of the old Kingdom of Dresrosa recovered, the moment when those family members changed from animals to human form, the people of the entire kingdom, and even people from other countries in other corners of the world, or the navy or the revolutionary army, Also think of people they have forgotten.

The darkness hidden under the love and passion of Dressrossana was completely revealed to everyone just because of the sugar coma.

Luo Yi followed Karp, opened the system interface, and greeted the heroes to go to the King's Heights together.

As for the sugar, Luo Yi said that he doesn’t need to worry. Hailoushi’s handcuffs are already handcuffed. Unless her two hands are chopped off, she won’t be able to take it off. It's useless to chop your hands.

"what is that?"

Even if the heart is full of anger, it does not hinder Karp's judgment.

In the navy, his title is "hero", but in the eyes of pirates of his age, this is a "demon".

When seeing the large number of thin lines rising into the sky above the palace, Karp's first reaction was curiosity.

As a Karp who relies on physical skills to become one of the world's top combat powers, knowing that the world's devil fruit abilities are countless, you have no idea who you will meet next.

A person with ability who looks like a child can often do things that many adults can't do. If he is not careful, he will capsize in the gutter.

"The birdcage? Doflamingo is so decisive. Isn't he afraid of being hammered to death by Karp in the birdcage?"

Luo Yi touched his chin and thought.

If it is the future general Fujitora Smile, perhaps he will look at the incident in another way and find a way to rescue the civilians.