Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 246

But who is Karp, what Luffy is like, what he is like, if the birdcage is unfolded, the phone from the Warring States Period can't come in, and no one can stop him.

Listening to the voice of "No ", Luo Yi modified his judgment, and he couldn't stop him entering.

The thin line rising into the sky is like fireworks. After reaching a commanding height, it spreads in all directions, like a cage, covering the entire Dres Rosa inside, exactly like a birdcage.

Looking at the very thin threads, Luo Yi knows the power of these threads, they will be injured as long as they are touched lightly, and they are extremely hard and indestructible. They can only be resisted with domineering, but they only slow down the birdcage. The speed of contraction.

Within an hour of using the birdcage, it will slowly shrink and close together, just like putting an open umbrella away, shredding everything in the birdcage, and only those who can defeat it can release it.

Of course, there is still a certain distance between the line and the line. If you are a petite person, such as a younger child, you can still get out of it.

Looking at the birdcage covering the entire Dres Rosa, Luo Yi remembered the previous noisy theory of the collapse of combat power on the Internet.

The shrinking of the birdcage, even with the smile of Admiral Fujitora, could only wind the domineering around the knife and join the lineup of pushing the birdcage instead of cutting him.

In the original book, in addition to Fujitora’s smile, there are also a large number of domineering admirals and many pirates. The power of so many people can only slow the speed of the birdcage contraction. .

Could it be said that with a single person, Doflamingo can contend with so many powerful men?Wouldn't it be possible to kill Luffy in seconds.

In the face of these online controversies, what Luo Yi did was to silently take a sip of the happy water from the fat house and open the man-machine battle.

It's not normal that you can have super powers by arguing and eating a fruit.

The black hole of the mystery can't destroy the world, a small mountain giant can be cut apart by a gorefiend, a storm spirit can be electrocuted by Zeus, and an ancient ice soul can be banned by the ice girl...

Why don't you see any noise?

This is just a skill.

Once Doflamingo releases the birdcage, it means a situation.

He wants to kill everyone before the truth in this country is revealed.

This is what Luo Yi couldn't figure out.

Knowing that Karp was here and Sugar was knocked out, he was confident about where he came from, and he had the confidence to kill everyone.

403. Someone secretly photographed

"There is no way to contact outside."

"Hey, what are you doing at the house?"

"It's not me, my body is out of control!"

"This scene is exactly the same as the night three years ago!"

When the bird cage covered the entire country, everyone remembered that night three years ago.

That night, King Liku, the last king of Dressrosa, raised his butcher knife to the people who trusted him.

In addition to King Liku, the soldiers who guarded Dresrosa also attacked the civilians.

It was because of that incident that all the talents lost their trust in King Liku and offered their loyalty to Doflamingo who suddenly appeared and saved them from the fire and water.

But now, everyone's memories have been reopened. Those who cannot control their bodies and whose facial expressions are extremely distorted are so similar to the scene that night.

It turned out... It turned out that Doflamingo did everything.


"What is it this time!"

"The King's Heights is sinking?"

There was a huge shaking on the entire island, like an earthquake, but everyone saw that the huge high ground standing in the middle of the city had changed.

The originally huge King’s Highland began to sink slowly, reducing its height by at least half, while the huge sea of ​​flowers on the highland was carrying the palace and rose from the ground. The earth seemed to have half of its life suddenly. Move directly from the height of the king.

On the way, a large number of houses collapsed, the land was swept up, houses and civilians fell from the sky one after another, and a lot of screams and roars came.

As the earth shook more and more intensely, and a lot of dust rose up, the whole of Dresrosa saw the moving earth.

Until everything stopped, a high ground with clear steps appeared beside the old high ground of Kings, only a few hundred meters away.

"Citizens of Dressrosa, and guests!"

In the town, Doflamingo's voice sounded.

A huge projection appeared on the screens of the whole city, including the sky. Doflamingo started the live broadcast, and the old irons started to pay gifts.

"If I used fear to rule you from the beginning, there would be no such trouble.

Presumably many people, after learning the truth, want to cut me off.

So I have prepared a game for you, a game that can kill me..."

"I'm in the palace, neither fleeing nor hiding. As long as someone can take down my first level, this game will naturally end, but there is another way to end the game...

It is you who kill all the guys I will name next, not one is left.

Of course, I will pay a high bounty for everyone..."

"Either killing or being killed. From this moment on, everyone in this country is a bounty hunter. There is only one way for you to be saved, and that is to cut others' heads!"

The prelude to the cruel and sinister has been slowly unveiled.

"No one came back to rescue you, and no one can escape from this [birdcage]. It is no longer possible to talk to the outside world. You will die one by one, but people outside the island have no idea about it.

The guys around who suddenly rioted will continue to hurt people uncontrollably...

Whether it's the family in front of you... or your close friends... or the citizens you claim to protect...

Even if you want to escape or hide, there is no safe place in the [Bird Cage]!"

"This [birdcage] horror will continue. Will everyone be killed earlier, or will you end this [game] faster!"

The fall of Doflamingo's voice not only caused everyone's anger, but also controlled everyone's hearts.

There is a good saying.

In this world, there are two things that cannot be looked at directly, one is the sun and the other is the human heart.

Although his Doflamingo has done damaging things, it doesn't mean that everyone wants to cut him off.

After all, they now seem to have two options.

"The factory suddenly rose from the ground and I don't know where it went!"

"Asshole Doflamingo, what does he want to do?"

This is the underground of the old King's Highland, and it is also below the toy factory. After changing from a toy to a human, everyone has only one impulse to fuck him.

But there is a big problem. Although those people and toys are thrown here in the underground and scrap iron yard, the depth here is very deep, and there are rocks all around. The situation of deep buried underground makes them Can't leave here.

And this problem was solved with the change of the land above.

When the factory also moved, the ground also changed, forming a shape for people to climb.

No matter what the above is going on, the first thing they need to do now is to get out of here, the second thing is to find weapons, and the third thing is to do Doflamingo, let him know what is full Big guy.

However, as soon as he climbed out of the ground, he saw the tragedy outside.


"Stop it!"

"This is exactly the same as that night 3 years ago!"

"His Majesty King Liku, I finally understand you! King Liku's army was killed by Doflamingo that night..."

"Completely manipulated!"

Like hell on earth, the flames of war ignited in every corner of this country. Countless people took up their weapons and launched attacks on the uncontrolled people around them indiscriminately.

In the face of relatives, friends and close friends under their control, there are a few more people who are able to kill each other. They can only escape without stopping, but there is nowhere to escape.

"Fofufufufu... scream! Hate it! Each of you is yours. Think about it...

Is it to come to take my first level, or to join the Don Quixote family such as me to impose sanctions on the 7 stupid rebels who rebelled against me. If a seat is chosen, this game will not end."

"Now, I am offering a reward of 100 million Baileys for each star, and this group of people... are the [convicted] of Dress Rosa."

After saying this, the big screen has changed.

When Luo looked up, he had to admire Doflamingo's men.

See, if the white-collar workers in the past had this work efficiency, where would they need to work overtime.

How long did Granu faint, the picture was ready, and even the name or nickname was already thought out.

"Auros: "

"Lilai: "

"The Stone Man: "

"Tree people: "

"Two-headed man: "

"Sluck: "

Six pictures divided the entire screen evenly.

"That's not the person from the previous newspaper."

"I know that woman. This is the person in the Dota Tavern on the Chambord Islands. It seems to be the same as General Green Pheasant, who can use ice."

"I've also heard of the murlocs. They are murlocs who live on the island of murlocs and specialize in finding trouble with pirates. They are very powerful."

"Are the other ones all human? They are not stones and trees, are they also capable?"

Everyone is discussing, after all, these people are so unfamiliar, they have almost never met, for a while, they don't know how to choose the team for this game.

"It's not over yet!

There is a person... who makes me the most angry today, the culprit who drove you into such a cruel game, I will reward the person who took him down!

500 million Baileys!!"

"Chijian Luoyi: "

When Luo Yi's face was photographed on the screen, Luo Yi himself was stunned.

Isn't that right? Didn't you just wear this dress today?

Someone secretly photographed this island.

404. The battle between giants


A pure white figure rose to the sky.

As soon as Luo saw that, Auroth opened a pair of Frost Wings on his back, holding Lilai in his arms, and flew directly towards King Heights.

Luo quickly opened the system interface.

Luo Yi: "Everyone, move faster, otherwise there will be no other soldiers! Little Treant Guardian Rikiku Blue Fat Slark"

If you think that this group of people has a peaceful lord, then you are quite wrong.

Even Lilai, the little girl, obviously contained the power of frost beyond ordinary people, but after obtaining the treasure and learning to use the power of frost to stimulate the limit of the human body, she lifted the hammer and rushed upward.

Now Lilai's six pieces of equipment, except for one [Bloodthorn], are all attack equipment, attack speed equipment, and meat equipment.

On the small map, the two small dots representing Auros and Lilai moved quickly, and it was estimated that it would take less than half a minute to reach the King's Heights.

In addition, the green dots of other people are also rushing towards King Heights at a very fast speed.

[Blinking dagger: The legendary dagger used by assassins on this continent like the wind.

Luo Yi can now say that this kind of equipment is handy.

The problem of money is not a problem for the time being. After all, it's not about hundreds of heroes at once, and one person from start to finish will cost hundreds of millions of Baileys.

Although the flashing dagger has a 15-second cd, the heroes themselves are not moving too slowly. With full advancement, Luo Yi felt that the time for everyone to arrive before and after should not be much different.

Now the slowest ones are only him and Karp...Huh, Karp?

It was just the effort of raising his head and Karp was gone.