Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 247

Without any hesitation, Luo Yi immediately changed into a speed gear in his inventory, only [Heart of Terror] did not replace it. That was the necessary equipment for being beaten. This time the enemy was not handled in the Chambord Islands. The group of little pirates, the Don Quixote family is more brutal than the other.

After putting on the equipment, Luo Yi never thought that he could use the "shaving" so fast. In the past, the skill that could only span a distance of tens of meters, actually rushed directly more than two hundred meters, and directly moved forward. The wall washed away.

Pushing his legs hard, Luo Yi rushed to the ground, bounced off the ground, and rushed to the roof when he was about to hit him.


Without any hesitation, Luo Yi drove directly on the roof. Compared to Yuebao, this move moved the fastest in distance and speed.

And jumping into the air, Luo Yi also found the beach pants, vest, flip-flops...Kapu in front.

The navy hero at this time was stepping on the moon step in the sky, and Luo Yi's "shave" with all his might could only catch up with the speed of his moon step.

The group of people did not hide anything. In the eyes of everyone on this island, the group of people who had been hooked up in the air was so swaying that they rushed towards the heights of the king with a speed that they could not respond. .

In less than a minute, everyone had reached the first floor of the King’s Heights. Karp stopped and did not rush up directly. He was going to take the entire Don Quixote family, and all of them Naturally, Riki, who was not discovered by Doflamingo, is also here.

"Wait for us to start the group?"

Luo Yi was a little surprised, but he didn't expect Auros, who was the first to come here, didn't rush directly.

"I am only responsible for bringing Lilai over. The rest of the battle is yours."

Auroth stood behind Lilai, showing that he had no intention of doing anything.

"Really, but there are so many people."

Luo Yi silently took out the crystal sword.

In front of him, there are thousands of troops wearing Don Quijote family costumes.

Seeing that there were no cadres, Luo Yi felt a little excited.

With six Battle Fury equipped in an instant, he liked this situation where it was all mixed soldiers the most.

However, Luo Yi's crystal sword has not been lifted yet.

"Frost Nova"


"Natural Roll Grip"

A circle of ice exploded, directly bombarding the crowd on the left side, and the instantaneous drop in temperature froze at least hundreds of people.

But the ground was suddenly lifted, turning into pieces of rubble like a landslide, directly covering the crowd on the right side, and after the screams, even people could not see it.

And in the middle, from in front of the big tree, a large number of vines suddenly began to grow, moving forward in a straight line, restraining the group of soldiers in it, still squirming and rubbing.

The spikes that grew on the vines made these people miserable. They wanted to escape this range, but because of the constraints of the vines, their movement became slow. In addition, the frost nova on the left and the landslide on the right made nowhere to run.

Seeing their movements, Luo Yi now can't wait to come directly to the flying slash and start to grab the head.

At this moment, he only hated why he didn't have such a supernatural skill to clean up soldiers.


"These people are worse than cadres."

"Mom, I want to go home!"

In less than a minute, only three people took action, and all the troops on the first floor were cleaned up. Only a few people were still alive and dying.

In this scene, even Karp, who was in anger, clasped his hands and frowned.

It's too cruel. Although I haven't seen such a scene in the past, those people are now either ruling the emperor in the new world, or pushing the city to reflect on life.

Of these three people, two are their own card friends, one is Lilai, who occasionally calls himself Grandpa Cap sweetly, and then serves himself a drink.

If you don't learn well at a young age, it won't work. If you look back, you have to educate her and cultivate her righteousness and make her an excellent navy.

"Bang" "bang" "bang"

Three stones were thrown directly in front of the stone wall by Xiao Xiao. From small to large, they formed a simple staircase, but it was enough.

But when they were about to jump on the rock, a big face suddenly grew out of the rock wall.

It really grew out. This is a stone giant with a helmet with a cross-face protection on his head. The height is at least 100 meters. The standing body even exceeds the height of the king.

"Big tree."

Facing such a giant, Xiaoxiao suddenly stood up and called out the card friend Treant Guardian beside him.

"it is good."

Without any hesitation, the tree directly raised his hands and hugged Xiao Xiao.

A large number of roots broke out of the soil, wrapped around his body along the small legs, and the light was shining on the small body, as if a piece of armor surrounded him, and then a sapling emerged from the ground. Growing at a fast rate.

At this time, Xiao Xiao was not idle. They saw that besides the vines, a large number of rocks under his feet seemed to be under control, and began to converge on the small body, constantly letting the small body , Began to grow up.

After a few breaths, everyone except Luo Yi and the others stared out.

"What a big rock giant!"

"Who is that!"

"You have the same ability as Master Pika?"

At this moment, Pika was also stunned. He was a stone fruit capable person, able to assimilate with the rocks he touched, turning all these rocks into his own strength, even into the rocks.

But the person in front of him can actually manipulate rocks, but how can the power of the devil fruit be the same, and it must be different, depending on his appearance, is it natural?

No matter how much, Pika directly raised his right hand, clenched his huge fist, and smashed it at Xiao Xiao.

Perhaps because of their huge size, this extremely fast movement seemed very slow in their eyes, but the force it produced was beyond doubt.

And Xiao Xiao was not to be outdone, and grabbed his right hand on the ground. The big tree that had grown up with him and had grown to a height of more than 30 meters was uprooted by Xiao Xiao and directly greeted Pika's fist.

The battle between giants unfolded instantly.

405. Not suitable for children

"Catch them!"

"Get the rope quickly."

"Kill me, it's all my fault, I actually brandished a butcher knife at my best friend."

"What nonsense, it's all Doflamingo's fault, you are under control."

In the entire country, order is gradually under control.

Those who are controlled by Doflamingo's "parasitic line" have also been discovered how to control him.

As long as he binds his hands and feet, he can only squirm on the ground like a caterpillar, then open his mouth and bite your stinky leather shoes.

Today's Dresrosa does not have a large number of powerful pirates from all over the world. In this city, except for the Don Quixote family, the most powerful combatant is a man with a broken left leg.

But at this time, he was crying with a little girl.

But here in King's Heights, ignoring the turmoil of the group of people below, when Xiao Xiao and Big Tree joined hands to stop Pika, Luo Yi and the others had already climbed to the second high ground.

Luo Yi has already said how to defeat Pika. As for what Xiaoxiao and Dashu will do, it is their business.

At this time, standing in front of them were the cadres of the Don Quixote family.

Doflamingo’s family cadres are teamed up with playing cards.

They are the square army and the fighting army led by Diamanti.

The club led by Torrepol, special ability group.

The Spades Army where Pika is located, the special forces.

Originally there was a Red Heart Army, but the Red Heart Army’s "Corrazon" was just the brother of Doflamingo, who was killed by himself six years ago.

"Hey hey hey, this is fatal."

"Why the navy hero Karp is here!"

"This is not bullying."

The moment he saw Karp, the cadres of the Don Quixote family felt like they were going crazy.

The owner didn't say to fight this level of BOSS.

It feels like an RPG game. You have just pushed to the middle of the game, and you don't even know where the artifacts are buried in the later stage, which triggers the hidden plot, and finally the boss descends.

"It's not that the road is uneven, but you can't, you can't accept it, heroes, please come back."

For an instant, they seemed to see such a line floating across the sky.

"Brother Luo Yi, did you think she was beautiful and said that you let her go!"

Pointing to Violet standing behind the crowd, that is, Violet, Lilai puffed up her cheeks a little unhappy.

"What are you thinking about."

Gently patted Lilai's head, facing the six Don Quixote family cadres and a large number of soldiers behind him, Luo Yi looked at the people around him.

"Who will come?"

No one answered his question, only seeing Fatty Lan step forward directly, waving the big stick in his hand forward, and throwing out five groups of flames in the posture of the group of cadres preparing to dodge.

Ignite: Soak the target and another random unit in volatile chemicals, causing it to be instantly swallowed by flames.The target is in extreme pain, is hurt and moves slowly.

The speed of the flame is very fast, even if these cadres have already dodged, they still fall on everyone.

Riki and Slark rushed directly into the crowd without any hesitation.

Riki, who is good at assassination, targets baby5 and Buffalo of the secret service.

"Can I trouble you to sit next to me? It helps me a lot."

When this sentence rang in baby5's ear, the cigarette still in his mouth had fallen.

"I am needed."

As a person whose psychological shadow is not even counted by Xiao Ming, baby5 is eager to be needed by others, and cannot refuse others as long as it is needed by others.

Mastering this fatal weakness allows her to get out of the battlefield directly, but after experiments, the effect is really good. Baby5 can no longer withdraw from the battle circle by herself. According to Riki's needs, she ran to the edge and sat down with a happy face.

"Brother Luo Yi, that sister is so pitiful."

Lilai couldn't help but said.

Originally, when Luo Yi introduced baby5, Lilai still didn't believe it, but after seeing it with her own eyes, she could only sigh with emotion that the world is so big that there are no surprises.

"Hey, baby5"

The one who shouted was Buffalo, who is also a special task force with baby5. The two have always performed tasks together. Although they don't know what happened, Buffalo knows that this is not the time to reduce combat effectiveness.

However, the flashing cold light caused Buffalo to close his mouth and immediately used the fruit power.

Buffalo, who is capable of turning fruits, can turn any part of the body into a propeller, um, any part.

A rare person with superhuman flying ability, when he felt threatened, he immediately spun the propeller-like peculiar hairstyle, forming a strong wind pressure, and smashing the dagger that was about to pierce his neck, even the people who attacked him. Blowed out.

A turn over in the air, Riki landed lightly, his overall attributes are actually not high, only because he is good at assassination, so he can play a fighting power far beyond his own strength.

Especially the weak sense of existence he was born that day can make him enter the invisibility, even seeing and hearing the domineering.

Riki, who was blown away by Buffalo's sudden movement, was not discouraged. The faster the opponent's combat experience and reaction, the more he could gain in the battle.

Riki disappeared in the same place. When he reappeared, it was already behind Buffalo, and the two daggers in his hand had already pierced Buffalo's back.

On the other side, Slark met three people alone.

Xignol, Superman is a person with the ability to swim and fruit.

Mahabasi, Superman is capable of crushing fruits.

Delinger, fish body art.

All three of them are fighting corps belonging to the Diamanti Square Army, and there is also a Rao G. Now their heads are still buried in the ground, and they don't know when they will wake up.

Xignol's ability is very special, allowing him to swim freely on the wall and the ground, which is similar to wearing the fruit, but the expression is different.

Mahabasi's ability to crush fruits, just like the ability of fluttering fruits, can change his own weight. With his huge body, he floats up high and makes his weight fall into ten tons, just a normal attack.

Delinger’s battle is relatively straightforward, but also quite ferocious. As a fighting fish and half murloc, he is a child of humans and murlocs. He is obviously a boy, and he is only 9 years old, but he is wearing hot pants, white stockings and 10 cm deep red High-heeled shoes, like to use the fighting fish horns and high-heeled shoes to abuse the enemy.

Just now.

Delinger was the first guy who was almost cut into sashimi by Slark.