Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 248

When he rushed towards Slark with a bloody blood, the two bone knives that quickly squandered taught him how to make fish.

Xenor, who rushed out of the ground to keep Slark, also rushed into the air. Slark easily jumped past him, and was just pressed into the ground by Mahabasi who fell from the sky again. Is passive.

"Good cooperation."

Slark spit out, and directly pierced Mahabasi’s high butt with a cruel method. Luo Yi covered Lilai’s eyes and led the others to the third floor. Not suitable for children, not suitable for children.

406. Once, twice, three times, four times...

Riki and Slark not only restrained the second-tier cadres, but even the miscellaneous soldiers were also knocked to the ground by the electric current shot by Riki from time to time.

Thor's Hammer: Thor's magic hammer, crafted by the dwarf masters Brook and Aitri.

Active: Static shock

Apply an electrostatic shield to the target unit for 15.0 seconds.The shield has a 20 chance to release lightning strikes on nearby targets attacking the shield and 4 enemy units around it, causing 200 magic damage.

Passive: Chain Lightning

The attack has a probability of 25 to release a chain of lightning, jumping between 12 targets in a 900 range, causing 170 magic damage each time.Ignore dodge when triggering lightning.

Damage: 24

Attack: 75

Cooling time: 35.0

Mana cost: 50

It is the weapon that Lilai used when fighting Kaku before, and it is also the artifact most heroes use to bring lines and fights.

Slark also had a handle, but his battle didn't end as quickly as Riki. After all, he didn't want baby5 to be like this, and asked her to sit next to an enemy who smiled and didn't care about the world.

Of the three, Delinger had the weakest strength. After all, he was young, and even if he had the blood of a murloc, Luo said that his combat power would be at most 30 million as a reward.

Such people were sent out to fight by Doflamingo, which really underestimated them.

As for Violet, the moment she saw Karp, the moment the battle started, she disappeared, but no one paid attention to her. After all, the entire second floor had already been in a melee. Riki, who stabbed Buffalo into a serious injury, has rushed into the crowd. Every second, several people fall down inexplicably, but they can't see the enemy, causing panic even more than Doflamingo's parasite The line is terrible.

They came to the third floor with ease, but now they only have four people left. If Karp is included, it is five.

However, there are not many cadres left in the Don Quixote family. After all, Luo Yi and the others had killed one of the top cadres before, and they were directly swallowed by Lucifer, resulting in only two top cadres remaining.

And now, Xiaoxiao and Pika's battle is like Ultraman fighting a small monster, and the arguing is endless.

Standing in front of Luo Yi and them was the highest cadre of the Don Quixote family, Torrepol, a superman who is capable of sticky fruit.

Attached to the special forces, Guradius with a Super Saiyan hairstyle, Superman is capable of bursting fruit.

There is also a special cadre of the Don Quixote family, Sugar’s sister, Monet, who is naturally capable of Xuexue fruit.

Among the cadres of the entire Don Quixote family, there are not a few strong people with pure physical skills. Almost all are capable. In the eyes of others, it is harder to get a devil fruit. Here, Flamenco often takes fruits as gifts.

First, a golden fruit was given, creating a golden emperor, and then a burning fruit was given, creating a flame dragon king.

This product is simply an assist king, is there a wholesaler of Devil Fruit?

"I'll come, I'll come!"

Lilai was excited to start the fight, already holding Thor's Hammer in her hand.

Fat Lan also carried the big stick in his hand, ready to do it, Auroth stood still, but with her protection, Luo Yi felt that Lilai should be stable.

"Then we go up."

Looking at Karp, who was already a little impatient, Luo handed the enemy over to them with confidence.

In the original book, the third layer was originally guarded by Guradius, a super Saiyan, but behind him, there is a head clip toy that can be transformed by sugar with fruit ability. It can continue to move by cutting through the body and cutting off the head. Perverted toys.

But now, Sugar is still fainting on the main road, and I don't know what the situation is now. As a result, Torrepol, who was originally on the fourth floor, has been placed on the third floor to stop them.

Wielding the hammer, Lilai rushed forward without any hesitation, aiming at Torrepol.

And Lan Fat's body suddenly lit up with a red light, and the whole person's volume became a circle larger.

"Running around, it's not cool to beat people"

"so boring!"

Both heads opened their mouths at the same time, and they rushed directly towards Guradius.

As for Monet, he was staring at the Auros who didn't make any movements.

Lilai moved quickly and rushed to Torrepol's eyes in a blink of an eye.

As the highest cadre of the Don Quixote family, Torrepol is second only to Don Quixote in strength. In his eyes, there is only Lilai, as long as he uses the fruit ability to shake it?

There was no response, not only that, even the fake body made of mucus on his body lost control and suddenly began to disappear, revealing his skinny hunchback.

He found that he could not use the fruit power.


At the moment Torrepol froze, Lilai's hammer had already reached his head.

After three years of growth, the speed of the girl's development is still very fast, and Lilai, who is already 1.4 meters, can smash the Thor's Hammer on his face with a single jump.

Although not as powerful as the hammer in the Women’s Federation, the weight of Lilai’s hammer is not light. Coupled with the function of blood thorns, within the duration, the attack received was 1.4 times the critical strike, which directly smashed the support. Repol's two teeth.

At this time, Fat Blue had already handed over to Guradius.

Guradius, who has the ability to explode fruits, can expand his body to detonate, or expand the inorganic matter it touches to produce an explosion.

In short, he has a process of swelling and getting bigger, and then he will burst out.

Just like now, when the blue fat hammer hit Guradiius’ head, he saw his super Saiyan hairstyle suddenly swelled and turned into a huge ball, which began to appear. Glowing cracks.

With his hands on his chest, Guradius stood there confidently, watching Fatty Blue's big stick, without dodge or avoid, and greeted him with his own head comparable to a big-headed son.


The violent explosion erupted from Guradius' head at the moment the two came into contact. This kind of explosion method is really not good.

A lot of heat and shock erupted, and in the midair, you could see a figure blown out. Just look at the stick in his hand and you would know that it was Fat Blue.


"He will explode, so fun!"

Although he was a little gray and humiliated, Fat Lan got up like an okay person.

As an ogre, he has the traditional qualities that all ogres have, a batch of meat.

"We too"

"Flame Detonation"

While one head was still talking, the other head had already commanded the body and raised his hand.

The smoke has just dissipated. Before seeing the result of his explosion, Guradius felt a great impact and exploded directly on his head, once, twice, three times, four times.

407. But I like

"Unexpectedly, the strength of you people is really extraordinary."

On the top of the palace, I saw Luo Yi and Karp who were flying up directly on the moon step. Doflamingo was sitting on the wall, still looking like a beating, and he didn't panic because of Karp's appearance.


Karp's fists are already clenched, looking at the group of people below, and hearing what he said when he put down the birdcage, even if Karp knows that he wants to maintain the balance of power on the sea, he will beat the goods recklessly. .

"Lieutenant General Karp, as long as you take down this person next to you, I will immediately release everyone in this country, otherwise, in one hour, the entire country will die."

"It doesn't take an hour, I can beat you to death in just one minute."

Karp squeezed his fist and couldn't wait to step forward.

"I know I'm not your opponent, but are you sure you want to bring me down?" Doflamingo stood up from the fence: "[The reins] are held in my hands, those new worlds [Monsters] Our [reins]!"

"If I were to fall, what would I do without the monsters who broke free of the chains? Who else can be called [The Peak] at sea now?"

"Who is the king of this sea? Is it one of the so-called sea emperors who have begun to divide the four forces in the new world?

Or is it the wisest living in this sea [Seven Wuhai]?

Or the little ghosts of [Supernova] who arrive in the new world every year?"

"None... the just army is the maritime overlord!"

"In the [Revolutionary Army] that represents the will of the people, there are also strong people who cannot be underestimated...

When and where will the [d] family that has been hidden in history appear?

Who will help whom, and who will betray whom?"

Every time Doflamingo said something, he would take a step forward.

But every time he listened to another sentence, Karp's hand would tremble more.

Luo didn't understand why Karp suddenly had no idea of ​​doing it.

Is it a clan?

What does the navy know about this [d]? The speculation on the Internet has fed a quarter of the Pirate novels, and there are 972 Chapters in the One Piece comics, but the truth is still not revealed.

Only the first thing Roger said when he arrived in Lovedrew

"We're here early."

What does it mean to come early?

Everyone does not understand and can only wait for the finale.

Is Karp thinking of something, so he restrained himself from doing it?

Fuck, wait for Doflamingo to tell you, turn around and fuck yourself.

Luo Yi suddenly realized something.

He dared to single out Doflamingo, in addition to having confidence in his current strength, he also had confidence in the system.

Even if I can't fight, I can't call someone?

In the case of flying shoes, someone naturally came over and beat Doflamingo into meatloaf after three seconds, and by the way, check if he was under his sunglasses if it was peasy.

In other words, the sunglasses are the main body.

Luo Yi raised the crystal sword in his hand.

Victory in battle generally depends on two directions, speed and strength.

The fast side is often able to defeat the enemy without the opponent's reaction, but if the strength is insufficient, it cannot cause an effective attack.

Therefore, both are indispensable.

If you put it in the game, it will be at full attack speed, and it will be useless without attack power, and if the attack power is on the table, even if it takes a knife per second, it is possible to kill a large amount of crit.

Luo glanced at his equipment slot and the one that replaced the throne of attack speed in one fell swoop, plus the drastically increased movement speed that can reduce local armor to control, increase his own toughness and attack power to save his life. "Shoes for Traveling".

This is all the equipment Luo Yi has, and there are not many attributes added, but Luo Yi knows that he has a domineering look, he can avoid the attack in advance, and he is afraid that Doflamingo will not be killed. It is estimated to be better than Roshan. The devil is even harder.

In the original book, after taking Trafalgar Luo's gamma knife and destroying the internal organs and cells in the body, he forcibly sutures the internal organs with the power of thread fruit, and then eats Luffy's four After the filed of the lion and rocket launcher, he was still alive and well, and finally was unable to get an enhanced version of the Great Ape King Spear, and he passed out into a coma.

Yes, this was just counting the big moves he had eaten. The battle lasted for nearly an hour, and the injuries suffered were countless. Even so, he didn't die, it was just a coma.

not to mention.

The person in front of him, although he saw and heard the domineering feeling, did have a not weak aura, but it was not true, Luo Yi really didn't know.

Doflamingo is a pirate, a brutal pirate with his brain.

And he has a skill, which is to use his own thin silk thread to wind around in mid-air and tightly combine to create a avatar made of thread.

Luo Yi didn't act rashly, staying calm, seeing and hearing color domineering continued to turn on, raising his vigilance to the highest level.

"It seems that you really can't act against you as a navy."

I don't know what Karp thought of, but Luo Yi also heard something from Karp's words.

"Mr. Karp, now in the birdcage, no one can contact the outside world. No one knows if you kill him."

Luo Yi immediately began to agitate.

After taking a look at Luo, Karp felt that he understood why Luo Yi had such a talent that he would not have the domineering look and domineering. This is really insignificant, without the potential of a king.