Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 249

"Forget it, I'll do it myself."

Just seeing Karp's expression, you know you can't count on him.

Luo Yi directly picked up the crystal sword in his hand, grabbed the backpack with his left hand, grabbed it from his body, and threw it to the side.

Luo Yi disappeared in place just as the backpack was released.

Doflamingo only felt an indescribable blow from his head, and his eyes went black.

Luo Yi didn't have any hesitation. In his left hand, what he was holding when he threw the backpack was directly buckled on Doflamingo's hand.

"Hailou stone handcuffs?"

Doflamingo, who woke up from the dizziness, felt the unusable fruit power in his body and his soft legs.

"Status resistance is so high!"

The Blade of the Abyss, which stunned for 2 seconds, actually only controlled Doflamingo for less than 1 second. If Luo Yi hadn't reacted quickly and handily, this sea floor stone handcuffs really couldn't handcuff him. .

"Well, are you going to chop off your right hand, or just hit me like this?"

That's what Luo Yi said, but Luo Yi didn't have any time to stop and give him time to think, the crystal sword was attached with a powerful domineering, and he cut directly at Doflamingo's head.

He quickly raised his right hand and twisted domineeringly. Doflamingo accurately blocked Luo Yi’s attack with the sea tower stone. However, the huge force from the sword drove Doflamingo directly into the air from the rooftop. This end flew to the other end, until it was embedded in the wall, then stopped.

At the moment Luo Yi rushed towards the target again, Karp couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

This kid is really wretched, but I like it.

408. Pseudo Crescent Sky Chong


Here, it used to be a happy country.

But when the [Bird Cage] came, when everyone was controlled by [Parasitic Line], they remembered and really experienced the mood of King Liku and King Liku. Brandishing a butcher knife to his own people.

When people yelled "King Liku, I'm sorry", King Liku appeared.

He is actually very dumbfounded.

Especially when he thought of a lot of people who had forgotten, and he was still sorting out the thoughts in his head, "Bird Cage" appeared.

And on the screen of the sky, it was the person who opposed Doflamingo this time.

In the past three years, the number of enemies with Doflamingo is countless, but without exception, all have failed.

But there is no other way. Who is Qiwuhai?

In the entire Don Quixote family, there is not one that is easy to provoke, that is, the children in the cadres are very dangerous.

Therefore, even if it is because of sugar, everyone has changed from a toy to a human, but King Liku still does not know how to fight back.

At this time, King Liku was not in the city, but lived on the edge of the country. Every day he was thinking about how to take the country back from the Don Quixote family and secretly guard his granddaughter. .

Although he can survive now, it was because Violet saved him at the cost of joining the Don Quixote family. He was spurned by the whole country and could not live in the city at all, but this does not prevent him from serving his granddaughter. Rebecca paid silently.

But when the memory in his mind suddenly appeared and a large number of forgotten people remembered again, King Liku almost didn't cry.

Looking at the man in pain with his granddaughter from a distance, isn't he the one-legged soldier who has been protecting and teaching Rebecca for the past three years, his son-in-law Cyrus?

This small forest is the place where they have been living in seclusion. King Liku remembered everything, and when the bird cage came, he walked out of his hiding place.

"Cyrus, Rebecca..."

King Liku tried his best to suppress his emotions, his voice trembling a little.

"Your Majesty King Liku!"


At this time, Rebecca was just 9 years old. She spent three years "without a father" in her life. When she saw her grandfather who had been "dead" for three years, she couldn't stop her tears and threw herself into King Liku. Tears and nose rubbed against him in his arms.

"It seems that the curse of this country has been lifted."

Looking at the screen projected on the birdcage, hearing Doflamingo’s speech, and the seven faces that were released at the end, King Liku had mixed feelings in his heart. He did not expect that the hidden secrets of this country are deeply buried in darkness. , Was actually thrown out by outsiders.

"The minister is going to help. In the past three years, you have been helpless and waiting. The minister will never be blamed for death, and he will definitely show Doflamingo's beheading."

Although there is only one leg, Cyrus's upright figure gives people a strong sense of security.



The two shouted at Cyrus's back at the same time.

"Relax...that...what is that!"

Cyrus who wanted to say a few words, King Liku, and Rebecca were shocked.


Pika, who had incorporated a lot of rocks and turned into a giant stone man, appeared.

Cyrus instantly fell into a thought.

How to fight such an enemy?

No, isn't it a person with Devil Fruit ability? Hard hitting also... Another one?

Not long after Pika appeared, a stone man suddenly grew bigger and bigger from the ground, and in a blink of an eye he was as huge as Pika.

From the appearance, it was the stone man who was offered two stars.

That stone man is also a capable person, really strong.

Although the attack speed is not fast, the Pika opposite him seems to be the same. When the two were fighting, the stone man was holding a big tree that he didn't know where he pulled up from. Every time he swung it, he hit Pika's fist. Together, they will cause a huge shock.

The aftermath of the battle between the two even spread to their backs. It can be seen that the houses and buildings have received shocks, and there are signs of collapse.

"Seeing that they have already played against the Don Quixote family, I will kill Doflamingo now."

Without any hesitation, Cyrus leaned on one leg and rushed directly towards the palace.

These people have already fought against the Don Quixote family. Although they don't know why, Cyrus knows that this is a golden opportunity.

Running desperately towards the palace, he saw a commotion on the second floor of the King's Highland, a lot of explosions, smoke and dust, and even lightning jumps.

Before long, battles began to appear on the third floor, with continuous explosions, blasting ice flakes, a sudden snowy sky, and various wonders.

"So fast!"

Before they entered the city, they hit the third floor, which Cyrus really didn't expect.

According to the strength of the Don Quixote family, are there no obstacles to the second and third levels?

No, they need to move faster. These people seem to be very strong. It happens that they help to contain the cadres of the Don Quixote family, so they can single out with Doflamingo, otherwise they will all go from the heights of the kings. Hit up at the foot of the mountain, and you will be exhausted if you are tired.

The roof of the palace on the highest floor of the King’s Heights.

Doflamingo looked at the Hailou stone handcuffs on his right hand. His face was so dark that he couldn't use the fruit power, and the weakness that came from his body. The only thing he was fortunate was that the [birdcage] was still there, and Has begun to shrink.

There are also many ways to disarm [Bird Cage], as long as you kill Doflamingo, or beat him unconsciously, you can disarm it. Of course, you can also let him disarm it voluntarily.

The last time he used the [Bird Cage], he did not let the [Bird Cage] last too long, but after killing everyone, he took the initiative to disarm the [Bird Cage] skill.

Luo Yi stood opposite Doflamingo, panting slightly.

He knew that for a person like Doflamingo with extremely strong physical qualities, the impact of Hailoushi on him was nothing more than his inability to use his abilities, plus his strength.

For specific situations, you can refer to King Kidd who moved bricks and Luffy King of Laogai.

But Luo Yi didn't expect that Doflamingo, who was wearing Hailou stone handcuffs, could actually tie himself with his domineering, even if he hadn't used all his strength, he could still see his horror.


"Pseudo Crescent Sky Chong"

He rushed in front of Doflamingo in an instant. The crystal sword contained an extremely terrifying aura. Doflamingo's complexion changed drastically, and his armed color turned to the extreme, his fist was crazily wrapped with domineering, toward Luo. One's attack greeted him away.

Karp's operation on Luo Yi also shines.

This method of condensing the flying slash without firing it and forcibly increasing his attack power is truly unprecedented.

409. High-altitude parabolic

"Brother Luo Yi is so slow!"

In front of Lilai, there was an ice sculpture.

The people inside the ice sculpture looked scarred. Torrepol's skinny body was covered with injuries from scorch marks and blunt weapons. I didn't know whether it was dead or alive.

On the other side, the bomber Guradius was already lying on the ground, his whole body was wounded by the blasting, and all his robes were burned out. He looked extremely good for the start.

And Monet, the only natural-snow fruit ability in the entire Don Quixote family, was lying on the ground, venting more and less air.

Obviously able to control the ability of ice and snow, but he was made to death by the two heavens of ice and fire.

She never knew that ice can be so cold and fire can be so hot.

"Doflamingo's strength is not weak, Luo Yi and him are much worse."

Auros watched Lilai's battle with great satisfaction, and he kept recording Lilai's "great achievements" in the little book in his hand, and answered casually.

"Isn't Luo Yi brother very dangerous..."

Lilai realized something immediately.

"Don't worry, Karp is stronger than me, Luo Yi is fine, and they are playing happily now, don't worry."

Under the induction of mental power, Auroth also "has a panoramic view" of the situation above, which made Lilai feel relieved.

The teacher said so, it is true.

On the second floor, Riki and Slark also looked at the fallen enemies, and they both held their daggers.

Especially Riki, he suddenly felt that his exercise in the past few years seemed to be enough.

Just killed a seven-in and seven-out in a team of thousands of people, the other party was shocked that he hadn't encountered him once, and going back to revenge seemed to be no big problem.

Slark was very satisfied with killing three people again.

Even if the one named Delinger is a murloc, even if he is still a child, since he has brandished a butcher knife at the enemy, he must be prepared to be killed.

The only problem now is that the baby-5 who is sitting next to him has been entangled, she is also in the enemy camp, but looking at her character... it looks like a used one.

Baby-5 is indeed tangled.

Her current identity, but a cadre of the Don Quixote family, should fight desperately in the face of the enemy's invasion, but she was just needed by others, and there was no way to refuse. The two ideas conflicted with each other in her mind. Let her simple processor almost burn out.

Now, in the entire Don Quixote family, the only remaining fighting power is Doflamingo and Pika who is fighting Xiaoxiao.

Two giant stone men, you give me a punch, and I give you a... tree, they are very happy.

As for whether it hurts.

When the fist of the giant that Pika conjured was shattered, it was repaired in a blink of an eye, and even if a few stones were knocked down on Xiao Xiao's body, it would quickly recover.

One is the stone fruit ability person who can control the stone, the other is the mountain giant, the two are really...

However, small capabilities are more than that.

After a short time of fighting and the information provided by Luo Yi before, Xiaoxiao didn't know where the Pikka was, but he looked up at the sky and naturally had his own way.


Unlike Brother Crow, who lifted the table, Xiao Xiao always lifted the ground.

As soon as he raised his hand, Pika didn't even react, and a lot of rocks were lifted up by Xiao Xiao, and they kept hitting him.

The powerful force caused Pika's body to take a break, and he couldn't even attack.

And at this moment, the trunk of the small little handle was thrown at Pikka's face, and the whole person rushed up directly, stuck to Pikka's body, and swiped his right hand down...

On the top of the palace, Luo Yi and Doflamingo played you and me.

The crystal sword was entwined with domineering, facing Doflamingo (weak), Luo Yi did not show mercy with every sword, and hacked to death. Anyway, those Celestials in the Holy Land did not admit that they did not accept him. Lang Ming Ge is "a family of betrayers".

But the problem is that Doflamingo's domineering level is very high, and the amount is also large. After being wound up, it is very hard. Even if the crystal sword has its own critical strike attribute, even if it is equipped with a trigger critical strike, there is no way to do it. He caused too much damage, and he has not even splashed a drop of blood until now.

"Fofufufufu... at this level, but it can't kill me."

Although he was handcuffed by the sea building stone, Doflamingo's physical skills were not comparable to ordinary pirates.