Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 250

"Really? What if so!"

The crystal sword in his hand disappeared, Luo raised one or two hands and made a toasting action, suddenly his whole body seemed to lose strength.

Doflamingo made a claw with his right hand, grabbed it forward, and went straight to Luo Yi's heart.

He also felt that Luo Yi's domineering did not lose to himself, only by attacking the weakness of his body could he defeat the opponent.

But this catch was emptied, and even caused Doflamingo's center of gravity to shake instantly.

Before Doflamingo’s attack came, Luo suddenly lay down on the side as if he fell down before the arrival of Doflamingo’s attack. He happened to be next to his attack, and appeared in Doflamingo’s center of gravity. When he deviated, Luo Yi stepped on his right foot and twisted his waist. The person who was about to fall suddenly stood up again, his right fist wrapped around domineering and hit Doflamingo's abdomen severely. .


The sudden heavy blow, this was the first time Doflamingo and Luo Yi fought.

A powerful force followed Luo Yi's hand directly into his abdomen, hurting his internal organs.

No matter how strong the domineering defensive power is, there is no way to entangle him in the internal organs, and Luo Yi’s previous battles were straight forward. Even the ability to condense the flying slash without firing and control the sword cannot break him. Defense.

But Doflamingo didn't expect that Luo Yi suddenly changed his fighting style. From straight to straight attacks, he became more flexible, especially his domineering, he actually cultivated to such a high level.

Karp on the side also shines.

He knew that Luo Yi was a genius. It only took less than a year from learning domineering to mastering domineering, and then to being able to use it handily. Destroy the internal situation.

This is the advanced application of domineering, a realm that many domineering masters cannot master for a lifetime.

"How is it? Is it comfortable? Do you want another shot?"

Luo Yi said triumphantly.

"Hmph, you think you can win this way..."

Before Doflamingo finished speaking, it suddenly felt dark.

No, the sky is blocked by something.

Looking up, it was not the giant that Pika turned into.

Why did he jump up?

Speaking of this height, it’s a bit too high, but there is [Bird Cage] on it... Wait, [Bird Cage]?

Turning his head, Doflamingo saw Xiaoxiao who had fought with Pika before, and he just retracted his right hand that made the throwing motion.

Luo Yi also saw a small movement, isn't it just a small throw.

"Hey, throwing objects at high altitude is a crime of endangering public safety, intentional injury or intentional homicide in dangerous ways."

410. More treacherous than a pirate

Everyone is looking at the sky.

After all, a stone giant was thrown into the sky, that is a very eye-catching thing.

Pikka's body was immersed in the rock, feeling that he was quickly lifting off, and the bird cage that was getting closer, Pikka suddenly realized something, and made a judgment in an instant.

In the huge rock body, a person suddenly appeared. With a strong kick on his legs, he jumped directly from the stone giant and flew toward the ground.

The stone giant happened to rise to the highest point, the top center of the birdcage.

Everyone saw that the stone giant passed through the birdcage like this, as if nothing happened.

"That bird cage seems useless."

"No, look at those stones."

"Cracked, the entire giant was cut directly by those threads!!"

The citizens looked at the scene in the sky and shouted in horror.

At this time, the birdcage had just shrunk a bit. The people of Dresrosa only knew that the line forming the birdcage was very sharp, but they didn't expect it to be so sharp.

When they were thinking about who could defeat the stone giant that Pika became, they were thrown to the solution by the little one.


Looking at Pika who was falling, Doflamingo took a worried look and saw that a huge tree was thrown towards Pika from the ground.

With nowhere to borrow in the air, and without grasping the moon steps, even if Pika tried to adjust his body, he could only attach domineering and hard resistance.

However, the impact is extremely terrifying.

The little power is nothing like his name, especially when he grows up, the bigger the body, the higher the attack.

Just now, although the person was in the rock, even though he took it with his face, Pika did not expect that the force was so great.


A mouthful of blood squirted out, and the person was not where much, so he was smashed to a high place by the tree.

But this is not over yet.

After transferring all the kinetic energy to Pika, the tree fell down, but the next one followed.

"Tree Throwing"

A large number of trees grow densely next to the little one, all of which were spawned by the tree guardians, but the toughness of the trees is no less than those that have grown for decades, in the little hands, The power is extraordinary.

"Bang" "Bang" "Bang" "Bang"

The blood in Picha's mouth kept spitting out, and after only three blows, he was hit to the highest point by these trees.

Domineering entangled his whole body, and Pika’s only consciousness told him that he must not relax. Behind him, but against the bird cage, those sharp lines, under the huge force of the small tree thrown out of the tree, have already covered Pika’s skin. It was cut. If it weren't for the domineering, he might have been cut into Kuey Teow now.

Of course, from the gap of the attack, even though Pika could not seize the opportunity to leave his current position, he could still see that there were a lot of trees around Xiao Xiao, and they were still growing continuously. The whole day, I became Kuey Teow. Sooner or later.

"Asshole, hand over the key to Hailou Shi."

The situation in the sky took only a few seconds. Doflamingo saw that Pika was very likely to die on the line that constructed the birdcage. The whole person was not good, and his hands were entangled in claws. Luo rushed over the backpack that Luo threw aside.

Luo didn't stop him, just stood there and watched.

Grabbing the backpack, Doflamingo tore open with both hands forcefully, this small shoulder bag was torn to pieces directly, falling out of it, the wallet, facial tissues, lipstick, and umbrella had no keys.

"Are you here to travel?"

Doflamingo growled.

Just now, Luo Yi clearly took out the Hailou stone handcuffs from the inside. He thought it was a strategic backpack. In the end, it was all daily necessities, the keys!The key!

"Are you looking for this?"

Taking out a key from his trouser pocket, Luo Yina shook his hand.


With a cold snort, Doflamingo responded with action.

With a speed comparable to "Shave", his right hand drew towards Luo Yi's heart, but the left hand's target was the key in Luo Yi's hand.

Luo Yi quickly backed away, but still took a step slower. Facing a Qiwuhai-level opponent, he, a newcomer who had only practiced for three years, seemed not enough. He only avoided the heart-wrenching black hand, but failed to keep the key in his hand. .

Doflamingo who got the key reacted quickly and directly inserted the key into the keyhole and twisted it hard.


The key is broken.

Doflamingo: ‵′︵┻━┻

How could it be broken? Hey, can it still be done with domineering!

"Hey, isn't that the key to my room? This one seems to be the key to Hailoushi's handcuffs."

When Doflamingo heard these words, his mentality would collapse.

Luo held another key in his hand and was dangling. If Doflamingo hadn't worn sunglasses, he would have used eye radiation to kill Luo Yi.

He had never doubted the authenticity of the key in Luo Yi's hand. He didn't expect Luo Yi to take out such a fragile key. Now except for a key handle, the remaining half of the key is still stuck in the keyhole. .

Doflamingo didn't think that when he grabbed the next key, Luo Yi would wait so kindly for him to sit down and clear the keyhole first.

Besides, whether the key in Luo's hand is true or not is another matter.

On the other hand, Karp, who was watching the show, suddenly felt that Luo Yi didn't join the navy and seemed to be the right thing.

Look at what he did.

This behavior of you is really awesome and treacherous. Qi Wuhai will be pissed off by you if you haven't killed him. You are simply a pirate behavior.

He glanced at Pika, who was suffering above him, and Doflamingo's complexion was almost black, let alone his face.

The feet moved quickly, and he killed Luo directly.

He decided to kill Luo Yi as quickly as possible, and then find the real key from him, at least not to let Pikka die on the birdcage.

However, Luo Yi didn't seem to be going to play with him anymore.


Once again disappeared in an instant, Luo Yi appeared in front of Doflamingo, on his right fist, condensed with flowing domineering and majestic innocence, directly hitting Doflamingo's chest in the dizziness. go with.



The fist hit Doflamingo's chest so hard that he even sank, not knowing how many ribs he broke.

Domineering rushed into Doflamingo's body, madly destroying his internal organs, and his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys were all spared.

But Doflamingo, who had just regained consciousness, vomiting blood, felt the sharp pain in his chest, and immediately judged the severity of the injury. Even if he did not die, he would have to cultivate for a few years before he would heal.

Doflamingo, who was beaten out, flew upside down from the roof of the palace under the gaze of the people of the whole country. By coincidence, he hit a tree that hit Pika.

As a result, the upward force and the backward force combined to form an oblique upward force that changed the direction of Doflamingo's flight.

Looking at the birdcage in front of him, and in the corner of his eye, Luo Yi stepped on the moon step and charged towards him.

Doflamingo said that he had never fought such a stubborn fight. This newcomer was more treacherous than a pirate.

411. Go to Uncle Cook (2 in 1)

Air combat.

If it were Doflamingo who was not handcuffed by Hailoushi, Luo Yi would never choose to do such a stupid thing.

But it is different now.

If Doflamingo is using domineering defense, even if Luo Yi can damage his body, he can't guarantee that he will be seriously injured.

The previous blow with Drunken Fist after putting down the sword just caused Doflamingo to vomit a little blood.

And Luo Yi himself was not without injury.

Doflamingo's fist is very hard, it hurts when it hits him, and the speed is not slow, as if the sea floor stone has no effect on him.

Even with armed domineering defense, Luo Yi still showed a lot of scars on his body, and the five paw prints on his chest, Luo Yi hated himself for the first time to a man.

Seeing Luo Yiyue stepping up into the sky, Doflamingo endured the sharp pain in his chest, turned his arms around, his hands claws, and glanced at the sea tower stone handcuffs on his right hand, Doflamingo Suddenly, he grabbed the other end of the handcuffs with his right hand.

Luo Yi's fist was getting closer, and Doflamingo seized the opportunity to snap forward quickly.


When Luo Yi’s fist was about to touch the Hailoushi handcuffs, he suddenly retracted. The handcuffs on Doflamingo’s hand were drawn in an arc in the air, and the handcuffs that were still open at the other end, although they were already handcuffed. But only handcuffed the air.

Doflamingo did not expect this to happen.

Obviously, seeing and hearing the domineering, he has sensed Luo Yi's punch, why did it suddenly change, as if he knew he wanted to handcuff him with Hailou stone handcuffs.

But Luo Yi didn't give him time to think, the domineering fist just turned a corner, and bombarded Doflamingo's paw again.

The claws were very hard and collided with Luo Yi's fist. Five fingers grabbed a large amount of cremation on the back of Luo Yi's hand. Even with the domineering winding, Luo Yi could feel pain.

But Doflamingo was not comfortable.

Luo Yi's domineering followed his arm and directly hit the inside, continuously destroying his muscles and blood vessels inside, and even his bones felt cracked.

Doflamingo was sure that if he came again, he might not be able to lift his left hand.

But now, the arrow is on the line and I have to send it.

Luo Yi wouldn't stop because Doflamingo and his fighting were unfair, and Doflamingo also understood that the pirates' battle was fair, even there was none on the arena.