Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 251

He now has only one choice, and that is to defeat Luo Yi.

If the hands are not good, there are still feet.

His right leg swept out, and Luo Yi directly bent over and flashed past. Luo Yi turned around in the air and hit Doflamingo's abdomen with his back heel. This time he only used winding domineering. He has just mastered the mobile domineering, and he can't use it continuously. It takes a period of practice to become familiar.

But this is also very powerful, you know, Luo Yi is just 18 years old this year, really too young.

The domineering resisted Luo Yi's attack. If there was no such thorough domineering, Doflamingo would not be injured.

And Doflamingo also discovered that after Luo put down the sword, he consciously avoided his right hand during the battle.

Not because of his strong attacking force, but because of the handcuffs of the Hailou stone above.

"He is also a capable person."

Although I don't know what Luo Yi's specific ability is, Doflamingo has not let go of any possibility of winning.

He still thought about it until he was hit by Luo Yi on the birdcage.

"How come it suddenly becomes faster?"

This is where Doflamingo can't figure it out.

He could feel that Luo Yi's attack power suddenly dropped, but the speed really became very fast. The original speed of swinging three punches in one second directly turned into five punches.

Don't look at it as just two more blows. In these two blows, there is one more fist that contains fluid domineering.

When Luo found that his attack power was not enough to break the defense, he decisively changed his equipment to agile equipment. Even in the air, his movement speed and attack speed should not be underestimated.

Abruptly, Doflamingo hit the birdcage.

So, the people below saw such a scene.

The Don Quixote family, Doflamingo and the highest cadre Pica, the two of them are in the sky.

Moreover, the bird cage made by Doflamingo himself has also turned himself into a caged bird.

Luo Yi's attack power was not great, but it directly damaged the inside of his body.

If the devil fruit ability is still there, Doflamingo still has a way to use the thread fruit ability to suture wounds in his body.

But now the limbs don't have to work hard, and they can only rely on domineering and physical fitness.

When Luo hit his chest with a pair of fists, it was like the last straw to crush the camel.

Seeing the bird cage dissipating in the sky, Xiao Xiao also stopped throwing his trees. Without the hindrance from the rear, Pika was shot directly out by the trees. Luo Yi saw his bloody back and already White eyes.

Doflamingo also fell directly from the height after Luo stopped attacking, and fell in front of a strong man with one leg. At such a height, even if he was not killed, he would have to fall to death.

Cyrus saw Doflamingo's tragic situation and found that he was still a step late.

Then I ran to the front of the high ground, why did it end?


Very aggrieved.

As for killing Doflamingo while he was in a coma?

No, how can the suffering of the whole Deres Rosa in the past three years and the suffering of his family make Doflamingo die so easily.

Cyrus found that he was full of anger, and now there was no place to release it. It was really uncomfortable to hold back.

"Bang" "bang" "bang"

In the air, Luo Yi would use the Moon Step once every time he fell for a certain distance to slow down the speed of the fall until he landed beside Doflamingo.

Seeing that the birdcage had been lifted, I knew that this product was indeed knocked out by myself.

Grab Doflamingo's right hand, take out the one stuck in the keyhole first, use the key to open his sea floor stone handcuffs, put both hands behind the back and handcuff them together, never knowing where. A pair of armor covered with a sharp razor was conjured and put on Doflamingo as a restraint, Luo Yi clapped his hands and looked like it was done.

Doflamingo is not dead yet, and his vitality is simply too strong. Luo Yi didn't expect that his armed and domineering attack directly hit his internal organs, which was not worse than Trafalgaro's gamma knife. Well, they can survive this way. I'm afraid these people are not playing IMBA.


What Cyrus held in his hand was a double-edged sword that he had just snatched from a man controlled by Doflamingo on the road. When he ran over, he also saw it and defeated Dover. Lang Ming's person is him.

However, before the words were finished, a group of people on King's Heights stood on their small hands and was placed directly next to Luo. There was also a person who stepped down on the moon. Cyrus took a closer look. .

"Hero Karp"

"It turned out to be Lieutenant General Karp."

"I did hear someone say that Karp is coming. I thought it was a dream, but I didn't expect it to be true."

"It's hard to blame Flamingo for losing. It turned out that it was Lieutenant General Karp."

A group of people around suddenly talked about it, listening to Luo a black line.

Can't you see it, I am the one who disabled people!!

However, Luo Yi found out.

Because the situation this time did not show up like the atmosphere in the original book, and did not really encounter the appearance of the last few minutes of death, so many people did not have much sense of reality.

The only thing that can be felt is the mood of King Liku when he was controlled.

As soon as Karp landed, Luo Yi heard the sound of the phone bug ringing on his body.

It is estimated that after the birdcage disappeared, the navy's signal was immediately connected.

Karp glanced at Doflamingo with some complexity, and without avoiding the crowd, he picked up the phone worm.

As soon as he picked it up, the phone worm changed its appearance. With his braided beard and explosive head, everyone recognized this person at a glance.

Marshal of the Warring States Period.

"Cap, you finally picked it up."

In the tone of the Warring States period, there is a hint of worry, and there is a trace of ease.

Others don't know, but he does.

Doflamingo used to be a Dragonite. If the hero of the Navy beats the former Dragonite, who knows what the group of staff will think.

After Karp hung up the phone, the Warring States Warring States had been calling Karp's phone worm non-stop, except for immediate orders, but no one answered until now.

"I have asked the green pheasant and crane to find you together, how is Doflamingo now?"

The Warring States period told Karp of his arrangements and immediately shifted the problem to the focus.

"Alive before."

Karp glanced at Doflamingo and answered like this.

"You really did it!!"

The Warring States roared.

"I didn't fight it."

Karp said that he finally held back.

Karp now is different from a few decades ago. At that time, he was full of enthusiasm. When was he afraid of pirates, but the more he knew, the more he needed to consider some situations.

In addition, what Doflamingo said is indeed reasonable. Karp believes that the beating is still necessary, but the pot cannot be carried by himself.

"It's the hand of a kid Luo."

Caprima sold Luo.

"Luo Yi? How could it be possible"

Warring States did not believe it. He knew that Luo Yi had a good talent, but he couldn't grow up to Doflamingo's level in such a short time, and even beat him.

"He used Hailou stone handcuffs"

Karp probably explained the matter once, but as for the other cadres, Karp didn't say anything.

But this alone is enough for the Warring States Period to fall into thinking.

Using sea tower stone handcuffs to seal Doflamingo's fruit ability, this is indeed a good tactic, just like their navy will use sea tower stone bullets or sea tower stone catchers.

But here is the problem.

Luo Yi himself seems to be a capable person.

A capable person, handcuffed another capable person with a sea building stone?

It's almost like a mouse putting the paw of a cat on the head of another mouse, which is really unacceptable.

"Forget it, I can't conceal this matter, the green pheasant and crane will bring Doflamingo back."

Sengoku rubbed his temples with a headache, and said to Karp.

"Don't worry, they can't run."

Karp's mood now cannot be said to be good.

Dresrosa is now more than half destroyed.

The most severe damage was the city centered on the King’s Heights.

The stone giant that Pika used to transform was thrown into the sky by Xiaoxiao, and then shredded by a birdcage. After that, it was like a small meteorite, all smashed into Dresrosa.

But if it is smashed, what can he do and ask him to pay?

Just kidding, although the stones on Xiao Xiao's body began to fall, and his body gradually became smaller, everyone knew that this person had become taller than the giants before, and even the size of a demon.

In case it makes him unhappy, it is possible to tear down the entire Dresrosa. Although he came with Lieutenant-General Cap, it is impossible for Cap to protect them for the rest of his life.

"Lieutenant General Karp!"

After Karp hung up the phone, Cyrus jumped to Karp's face.

As soon as Luo watched his movements, he didn't know whether to laugh or not.

Obviously the animation is so passionate when fighting, but only the process of moving is not drawn.

But Cyrus's left leg was broken to save King Liku and save this country. Strictly speaking, he is a hero.

Then Luo Yi looked at his broken foot. This thing, if you ask the Navy for help, a prosthetic leg, a prosthetic leg that can fight, does not seem to be a problem.

However, Cyrus did not make any demands with the navy, and even in the hearts of the people of this country, when the Don Quixote family incident broke out, they lost trust in the world government.

After all, what caused their country to become what it is now is what Qiwuhai has recognized by the world government.

"This time, on behalf of the Navy and the world government, I apologize to you."

Although King Liku was not there, Kapu knew who he was after Cyrus introduced himself, the commander of King Liku's army.

In fact, he didn't need to say much, those Liku king army who had gathered in front of the king's heights had already offered their knees to Cyrus.

In the whole country, except for King Liku, we did not support the wall, so we served Cyrus. This is a man who has won a thousand consecutive victories in the arena.

Karp didn't think he would lose face, after all, he was never a face-saving person.

"No, no, no, we are already very grateful for your ability to save this country. After all, when we become toys, we will be directly forgotten by the world."

Cyrus put his hands in confusion.

When they were polite, Luo Yi also saw two women approaching.

One is Violet and the other is baby5.

As the cadres of the Don Quixote family, the two are now surrounded by a group of people without the slightest fear.

One was because I was a princess, and the other was because I was strong in combat, and then I was asked to come together, immersed in happiness.

"Captain Cyrus, we caught three cadres of the Don Quixote family in the alley of the street."

The three people who were tied up with sugar and the corpses of other cadres were also moved from the heights of the king by the king of Liku. Only Pika’s corpse could not be picked up. Xiaoxiao had been smashed into the sea directly. I don't know if I can survive.

"When the navy arrives, leave it to them. Now let's count the civilian casualties and the damage to the city. I will welcome King Liku to return."

When King Liku was absent, Cyrus started giving orders very naturally.

"Also, to the hero who saved this country, how about people?"

When everything was arranged, Cyrus turned his head, except for Karp, Luo and the others disappeared.

"Brother Luo Yi, where are we going?"

Lilai curiously took Luo Yi's little hand.

"Have you forgotten what we are here for? Go find Uncle Cook."

Luo felt that now he was the only one who remembered this incident.