Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 252

412. Do you want to cooperate?

"How should I thank you."

When Cook was fished out of a pile of rubble by Luo Yi, he really didn't know what to say.

Three years ago, the child was still immersed in the pain of the death of his parents. He alone took care of the management of a tavern. Although some people were inexplicably later to help him, the operation over the past three years, Cook is really envious.

"If you don't repay me, if it weren't for you, Uncle Cook, you wouldn't have me today."

Luo Yi was telling the truth. If it hadn't been for Cook to provide him with some help, and because of his position as the president, he opened the door to the tavern. Luo Yi's start would not be so easy.


Seeing that the group of people standing next to Luo Yi was only Xiaoxiao and Dashu, he didn’t know much. He was captured by Doflamingo a few days ago, and he directly snatched his chamber of commerce by extraordinary means, and then turned him into Up toys.

From heaven to hell, often only in an instant.

Originally because of Doflamingo's relationship, his Cook Chamber of Commerce has also begun to make a stand in the new world, but he did not expect that in the end, he would make a wedding dress for others.

Even if he has recovered from the toy body now, he has nothing left.

But forget it, just stay alive.

Cook figured it out in an instant. In other words, when he became a toy, he was doing chores under the orders of the Don Quixote family cadres while thinking about his entire life.

It's like a revolving lantern.

Then Cook realized.

He found himself wrong.

If you are in the first half of the great route, as long as you hire some good bounty hunters as escorts, it is still very easy to do business at sea, but in the new world, the pirates here really can eat people without vomiting. bone.

Being helped by Luo Yi to stand, Cook subconsciously wanted to support with a cane, but found that he didn't even have a cane now.

"Uncle Cook, what exactly happened?"

Finding a fairly clean place to sit down, looking at the busy people of Dres Rosa, Luo Yi asked.


Cook sighed, and after finishing his thoughts, he recounted what had happened in the past few years.

Luo Yi concluded that it is probably that the development of the Chamber of Commerce has reached a bottleneck. If you want to go further, you need to enter the new world. However, doing business here requires someone to protect you, and it is not only white, but also black Cook. Want to occupy some markets.

As for being annexed by the Don Quixote family, Cook really didn't expect it to come so suddenly. Obviously, the cooperation in the past few years has been smooth, and everyone has money to make money.

"I have nothing left except for the 300 acres of land in my hometown and 17 properties."

Cook's tone revealed a sad breath.

For him, who has just passed the age of 40, he is in his prime of life, but the Chamber of Commerce that has been fighting for most of his life has fallen into the hands of others and was eaten up completely. Even if he wants to start all over again now, it is also It's impossible.

"If Uncle Cook doesn't dislike it, come to my chamber of commerce."

Luo Yi threw an olive branch directly at Cook.

Hearing Luo Yi's words, Cook raised his head and looked at his sincere eyes. Cook fell into thought.

Join Luoyi's Chamber of Commerce?

To be honest, he can see the development of the Dota Chamber of Commerce in recent years.

In just three years, the speed of development of the Dota Chamber of Commerce has made other businessmen on this sea jealous.

Some people want to secretly use some means to remove the Dota Chamber of Commerce, but in terms of force, they are far less than Dota Chamber of Commerce. They have never seen the kind of sniper that can headshot from a kilometer away and can set off. The sea monster of the huge wave, and the well-trained battle team, the ghost ship that has suddenly rushed out.

Unable to deal with it by force, they tried to find a way to start from other places, and wanted to use commercial competition to squeeze the sudden rise and abnormally fast chamber of commerce to let him know who has the final say on this sea.

Then they knew that the world government had the final say on this sea.

Even if these people were killed, there was a navy behind the Dota Chamber of Commerce, supported by the world government.

Cook is indeed very excited. If in the Dota Chamber of Commerce, the development will be better than that of his previous Chamber of Commerce. The only regret is that he no longer owns the Chamber of Commerce.

"I have to think about it."

Cook thought for a while, and did not immediately reply.

Luo was not in a hurry, he had come here just to save people, so he found an excuse to give Doflamingo to him.

As soon as Luo felt that he was never a good person, when Doflamingo extracted the spring water from the drink, he wanted to find an opportunity to beat him.

New world.

"Jehahahahaha, the kid who was Captain Roger back then has grown up now."

In the midair, Golden Lion Shiji put his hands on his chest, looked at the familiar figure below, and smiled happily.

"At this age, don't come out to fight for the position of One Piece."

Although Shanks had one arm missing, he was less immature than when he was in the East China Sea, and he was full of domineering aura.

"I really don't respect my old man at all."

Skee was not angry, but floated slowly from the sky and landed on Shanks' boat.

"I almost died in your hands back then. If it weren't for the storm, I guess you wouldn't have a rudder stuck in your head."

Shanks remembered very clearly that at the beginning, Skee ran to find Roger to join forces in order to rule the world. After being rejected, the pirate regiments of the two sides broke out.

In that battle, the Roger Pirates group could be said to be a dead end, but the sudden storm drove most of the Flying Pirates fleet to the bottom of the sea, and Shiji’s head was accidentally inserted into the rudder.

"Then am I asking you to die now?"

Skee dangling his cigar and looked at Shanks with disdain.

Hearing this, the members of the Red-haired Pirate Group were instantly ready for battle.

Ben Beckman took out his pistol and pointed it at Shiji, ready to activate his fruit ability "Don't move."

The "face fruit" of the previous captain did not seem to be effective, and now he can only rely on him to turn the tide.

"Don't be nervous, I think the famous senior came alone, he must have some ideas."

Shanks didn't even pull out the sword, but raised his hand to comfort his crew.

"Jiehahahahaha, he has a good momentum, no wonder he can stand firm in the new world in just a few years, but his temper is as stinky as Roger."

Skee laughed a few times, then narrowed his smile.

"I said, redhead boy, do you want to cooperate?"

413. Take out any good things

Every day I wake up, the world will be different.

When Luo Yi was still accepting King Liku's reception comfortably in Dres Rosa, the newsbird of the day sent a newspaper.

The contents of the newspapers shocked the whole world.

Golden Lion Shiji, the legendary pirate, joined forces with BIGMOM.

Before that, he had a fight with the recently rising red-haired pirates. Although there was no victory or defeat, another island disappeared from the map in the new world.

Luo Yi is still not sure about the situation in the new world, nor is he in the mood to control it.

The difficulty of controlling the new world is basically equivalent to domination of the world.

Unless the heroes he summoned reach 50, so that he can compete with the powerhouses of the four emperors, which should be enough for him to push the entire new world.

However, Luo didn't have any mood swings when he read the newspaper, but as far away as the Warring States Period of Marin Vandor, he was really big, and even now it is like Crane Luo Yi who has arrived in Dresrosa and is directing the navy to help the reconstruction work. Bring it back.

As for why he brought Luo back.

Nonsense, if it weren't for him, would the Golden Lion become younger?Will the new world be so turbulent?The Navy will do so much?

He really wants to abdicate directly now, but he just feels that there is an opportunity missing.

The Warring States had a hunch that if something major happened in the navy, it would be when he abdicated.

"Golden Lion and BIGMOM, how did the two of them suddenly join forces?"

The Warring States is constantly analyzing the situation at sea.

Being a navy marshal is not so easy, not just to say that everyone is strong and push all the way to kill the pirates.

If the pirates in the first half of the great route are a basin of loose sand, then the pirates of the new world are gathered together, comparable to the existence of an army.

Whether it’s the current Whitebeard Pirates or the BIGMOM Pirates, it’s the golden lion that has resurfaced. There are dozens of Pirates under its umbrella. No matter which one the navy goes to war with, it needs to make every effort. Needless to say, it is the pirate of the whole new world.

Had it not been for these pirate groups to restrict each other, and no one would accept each other, the world government would have been overthrown long ago.

But now, the combination of the Golden Lion and BIGMOM is tantamount to breaking this balance. When the forces of the two pirate groups add up, the navy is a bit dangerous.

Only the Warring States period felt strange.

These two people have different goals, how can they join hands?

The Golden Lion has no plans to become One Piece, he just wants to rule the world, but BIGMOM wants to become One Piece. Is it because of different goals that they will join forces?

Remembering that these two people were once crew members on the same ship, the Warring States Period is now worrying whether the two of them will find White Beard again.

After all, they were all from the same Locks Four Emperors training class.

"Would you like to let the red dog go to the new world? Let Huang Yuan go, he is fast."

After thinking for a while, the Warring States began to deploy.

This is not easy.

The people in the new world are monsters, and in their navy, there are currently only three generals who can mobilize. The green pheasant has been sent to deal with Doflamingo's affairs. The red dog has a bad temper, although he will not act impulsively. , But if there really is a conflict with the Golden Lion and the others, the navy’s casualties will be much greater.

Huang Yuan would be more reliable, he would not fight to the end with those pirates, nor would he casually sacrifice his subordinates' lives.

While thinking about who to let go, the Warring States suddenly thought of something.

Doflamingo fell yesterday, and today it broke the news that the Golden Lion and BIGMOM had formed an alliance. Is this a coincidence?

Could it be that Doflamingo and these two pirate groups have any collusion?

The Warring States suddenly felt that he needed to think more about it, and he couldn't just send people out.

"Hey, it would be great if the crane was there"

With emotion, as a navy staff officer, many of Crane's judgments are very correct.

A large number of documents were taken out by the Warring States Period. He began to analyze the actions of the Flying Pirate Group and the BIGMOM Pirate Group over the past time. In order to make a more accurate judgment, he also made a plan for the Navy to detect intelligence.

In an instant, three days passed.

Luo Yi saw the young Rebecca in Dresrosa's palace, but it was still a certainty, not suitable for writing a book.

However, as a meeting ceremony, Luo Yi gave a string of ethereal pendants. This was something that needed to be exchanged for a lot of military exploits in the naval base, and Luo gave it out at will.

When the navy soldiers saw the necklace hanging around Rebecca's neck, there was only envy and jealousy in their hearts.

In the navy, there are very few people who exchange ethereal pendants, most of them are generals who have mastered domineering, and most of these people are two wristbands, a wraith strap, and an ethereal pendant.

"Do you have something better?"

After delivering the things, Luo was taken to a room by Capra, where the green pheasant and crane were waiting for him, and Cap directly asked.


Staring at Karp, Luo Yi didn't answer immediately.

"The Wind Spirit Crest, put in your shoes, can increase your movement speed."

"Accelerate the gloves, after wearing them, you can increase the attack speed."

Luo reached out his hand and drew it out of his backpack, and took out a blue semi-arc-shaped prop and a glove that intersects green and brown.

Karp took it directly, put the wind spirit emblem in his shoes, wore it and walked for a while, with a slightly surprised look on his face.

The green pheasant also picked up the gloves and put them on, and swiped two punches on the spot. Some were not satisfied with it. The effect was good, but this color did not match his costume.

"If you have anything good, take it out. The cloak I saw on Princess Otohime before was given by you."

Karp hooked directly onto Luo Yi's shoulder, with a sneer on his face.

"Your ability is not just to summon people from another world, right? These things are also what you changed from another world, right?"