Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 253

Crane gave a serious cry.

These are all the navy's guesses, so why did they say it? Even if Luo Yi knew that the navy was guessing his ability, as long as the two sides didn't say it tacitly, at least the relationship could be maintained.

"I bought these all."

Luo Yi was not angry, but explained.

"That's right, since it was bought, why not sell better things?"

"It's not unreasonable for you to say that."

He was a little surprised when he heard that Luo agreed so quickly.

This is unscientific. How could Luo Yi's character agree so easily? According to his money-loving character, he should first give the Navy a compulsory trick.

"The crystal sword is the one I usually use, how much do you want?"

With that, Luo Yi put the crystal sword on the table.

At this moment, it was Karp's turn and the three of them were silent.

414. When the four emperors began to produce equipment

Crystal sword.

The quality is not too high.

According to the world's evaluation of weapons, it can be ranked among the world-renowned knives, good knives.

The navy knows this point.

The Fifty Knives of the Liangkuai Knife refers to the 50 famous knives in the world, such as the Xuezou used by Sauron in the original work, the three generations of Oni Toru, the Huazhou worn by Dasqi, and Shigure, all belong to the level of the good knives.

On top of the Liangkuaidao, there are also 21 jobs for the Great Knife, and 12 jobs for the Supreme Knife.

Let Luo Yi evaluate it, the ordinary one is the N card, the good fast knife is the R card, the big fast knife is SR, and the supreme big fast knife is SSR.

And these knives are not in the strongest form. They are just treasures made by human craftsmen. After being held by human swordsmen, and after all battles, they can become the never-ending period. A black knife that can damage.

The sword in the hands of the world's number one swordsman, Qiao La Kormihawk, is the night of the supreme great sword of twelve work, in his hands, it has been made into a black sword.

Luo Yi still doesn't know how to make Black Blade, but don't worry, this method can be obtained in Hezhi Country.

This thing is the same as in the game. When the player level reaches a certain level, the weapon enhancement system will be unlocked. Luo Yi said that he is not in a hurry to strengthen the weapon. There are teammates in front of him. After the system is upgraded, he will do it directly. Isn't it cool to make a holy sword into a black sword?

For Luo Yi, a crystal sword is just a transitional weapon, but in the eyes of Karp, Crane, and Green Pheasant, it is different.

Good knives.

There were only fifty good knives in the world, and Luo immediately took them out and sold them.

This kind of treasure knife, the price can start with millions of Baileys.

Karp didn't expect Luo Yi to be so generous.

And listening to him, there seems to be a lot of this stuff.

"How many do you want?"

Once again he took out two crystal swords and placed them on the table. Although none of the three were swordsmen, after picking them up and looking at them, they suddenly realized a problem.

"This thing will not be produced on an assembly line."

Exactly the same, there is no difference, He asked such a question.

"That's it."

Luo nodded a little, it was all composed of scrolls.

"The previous bracers, the Wraith Band and the ethereal pendants are all the same. We have already made a little speculation. We feel that the manufacture of these things is not like artificial creation, but like a machine. Same, no deviation."

He crossed his hands on his chin, and said his guess.

"You should treat it as something made by fruit power, but I also need costs for these."

"If they are all of Liangkuaidao, money is not a problem." He added silently in his heart: We can print.

"And the armor that Doflamingo is wearing, it doesn't seem to be simple."


Luo Yi suddenly felt that the Navy was really preparing to bleed this time.

Returning to the Chambord Islands was three days after defeating Doflamingo.

It's just that Luo Yi didn't expect that when he returned to the tavern, someone would be waiting for him here.

"Oh, Mr. Luo Yi, you are finally back. I didn't expect your chef here to be so good."

There are three scars on his left eye, and the red hair on his head is very bright. Luo Yi now understands why the neighborhood of his tavern is much quieter than usual on the way back.

Forget it, the white beard and the golden lion are here before, and there is no big problem with another red hair.

In the tavern, the Redhead Pirates have booked the venue.

Those famous figures, deputy captain Ben Beckman, deputy captain Jesus Bu, cadre Lakiru, etc., are all here.

Lisa and Dibaya are busy in the restaurant, the little spiders are constantly moving in the tavern, cups of wine, and stacks of food are transported through the huge spiders hanging on the roof, which directly solves the problem of the waiter moving through the crowd. Troubles.

"You wouldn't have the same purpose as the Golden Lion, right? You just had a fight with the Golden Lion just a few days ago."

Shanks is now in his early 30s, and the Fountain of Life hasn't helped him much, and he couldn't be reborn from a severed limb. Luo Yi couldn't think of it, why Shanks came to him.

"That may be decades later, I came to you, mainly to ask, do you sell this thing?"

Shanks shook his head, and pointed to a small box he had placed on the table. Beckman opened the box with a wristband inside.

"We snatched this from the navy. After wearing it, we found that the effect is still good."

Shanks picked up the wristband with a smile on his face.

"This thing is not cheap."

Luo Yi thought of the price he sold to the Navy.

"It's okay, we still have a little money."

Shanks patted his chest to make sure.

Of course Luo Yi knew they had money.

But having money is one thing, and selling these things to pirates is another.

The navy, what can we do if we are unhappy.

"Wait a minute, I will prepare a list."

Luo Yi directly took out the pen and paper and made a list.

First, the basic classification.

The five items of consumption, attributes, equipment, others, and mystery.

The so-called basic items are directly purchased equipment, which does not need to be synthesized, but can be used as materials for synthesized equipment.

Luo Yi naturally didn't sell all the props, even if it was consumables, he only sold purification potions, magic mangoes, healing ointments, and tree sacrifices were enough. Something like the mist of trickery is enough. What? May be sold.

Attribute items are items that directly increase attributes after being equipped. Equipped items are items that increase attack power and armor. Others are more complicated, such as magic wands, wind spirit emblems, and recovery rings that have special effects.

Mysterious props are naturally those things that can only be purchased in mystery shops.

Next, is the composite classification.

Accessories, aids, magic weapons, armor, weapons, treasures.

Luo Yi didn't take out all the props, but it was much more than the navy.

Wristbands, straps, and pendants belong to the accessories category, as well as the empty rod and the tough ball.

There are many things here, so I won't list them all.

In addition to some relatively trivial props, Luo Yi has already produced a lot of things.

"Mr. Luo Yi, do you only have cold weapons here?"

After getting to know Luo Yi about it, Shanks found that Luo Yi didn't even have a gun here.

"It's not without guns. I'll give you a list tomorrow."

After Shanks reminded him, Luo Yi found out that Granny Bi was studying guns and ammunition in the Revolutionary Army, and could she join forces with the Revolutionary Army to make a little money.

"Okay, what do these speed boots, acceleration gloves, and healing rings do?"

As soon as Luo took out the props, he began to introduce Shanks.

The door of the tavern has been closed. Following Luo Yi's explanation, everyone in the Redhead Pirate Group listened in a daze, especially when it came to the price.

We didn't come so quickly to grab money at sea, and these items are too expensive.

However, Luo Yi didn't think that for recovery items such as the healing ring, he would buy 85,000 Baileys from the system, and would it be too much to sell 850,000 Baileys?

Not excessive at all, this is life-saving equipment.

415. A knife

The red-haired pirates returned to the boat contentedly.

Not all pirates are able to carry a sword or swing their fists to fight against the enemy. With firearms, the effects that can be achieved are of course much more effective than fists.

And Luo Yi also said, and give them a list of guns tomorrow.

As for their docking in the Chambord Islands, the navy knew, but there was no way.

Is it impossible to send a general of the navy to drive people away?

Just kidding, people are not making trouble on the island now, they are just holding a banquet in the tavern. The army is really dispatched to fight them, and the Chambord islands are demolished in half.

The Red-haired Pirates left, Luo Yi was not idle, and flew directly to Brother Bardi, found Granny Bi, and Dolago again, and discussed about weapon sales.

At the beginning, Dorag was hesitant.

What their revolutionary army wants to do is to overthrow the world government and let everyone live a good life. Now that they sell weapons to pirates, don't they send the butcher knife to the bad guys?

However, Luo Yi's words caused Dorag to change his mind.

"Shanks is a trainee crew member on Roger's ship, and because of him, your son Luffy wanted to be a pirate."

"Oh, so he was a good person."

God is good.

Luo Yi didn't know how Dorag made the judgment, but since he agreed, so be it.

Moreover, it is mainly considered that the activities of the revolutionary army all over the world need corresponding funds as support.

Even if their revolutionary soldiers have their own hidden identities, it is really a bit embarrassing for them to engage in underground warfare while working. They can reduce their financial pressure and be able to sell their lives to the revolutionary army more efficiently.

Then, Luo Yi brought back to the tavern a sample that was invented by Granny Bi, which was not very powerful but much better than ordinary guns outside.

The next day, Shanks placed the order very satisfied.

Luo Yi was also happy.

These incomes are not included in his operating income. Simply put, this is a sideline business and does not have to pay taxes.

And Shanks bought a lot of things, not to mention hundreds of people, and it was a suit.

Luo Yi felt that just by arming them, the overall strength of their red-haired pirate group would have increased by about 10.

As I said before, don't underestimate the little attribute improvement.

According to Luo Yi’s practice experience, the basic attribute points determine the basic strength of the individual, and every 50 points is a breakthrough stage. As for the additional attribute points of equipment, it is completely based on the personal attribute points and increased by a percentage. of.

If Shanks has 400 power and 40 power points are added to the equipment, his power will increase by 10, which is probably what it means.

Therefore, after Shanks tried those equipment, he immediately became in love with it.

Although he is a swordsman and a pure swordsman, he does not refuse to use this method to improve his strength.

After all, these strengths are augmented based on his own abilities, not like Devil Fruit, which makes him an impure swordsman.

At their level, it has become very difficult to improve. Only by exercising day after day and requiring extremely high talents can they become stronger.

But through Luo Yi's equipment, Shanks can wear it when necessary to turn the tide, just like the battle with the Golden Lion a few days ago.