Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 257

The 2029 GR of the entire Chambord Islands belongs to him.

Under the operation of Oliver and Cook, everything here has become a commercial street. The storefronts are only rented but not sold. The rental income alone generates 100 million Baileys every month, and they are all pure profits. Those who rent out Whether the house is decorated or furnished, or repaired, the tenant pays for it.

Moreover, these early-stage investments were almost zero. It was Luo who integrated the lawless elements in this area, and the money to build the house was also snatched from the hands or lives of the pirates.

The original group of lawbreakers has also been trained by Cuenca to become a well-trained team of thousands of people, responsible for maintaining public order in this area, earning a lot of salary every month, and living a better life than before. Comfortable life.

Luo Yi perfectly showed Oliver and the others what is the life of a charterer.

Even Luo Yi unabashedly let Shadow Demon live in this area, telling you clearly that this is my person, what do you do with me.

Although the world government seems to have a headache, what can it do?

As long as the existence of Qiwuhai can ensure the balance of power on the sea, it is enough for the four sea emperors of the new world not to mess around.

What can they do and start a fight with Luo Yi directly?

Stop it.

Over the past two years, the world government has discovered a huge problem.

They couldn't control Luo Yi.

In the Chambord Islands, a large number of strong people have appeared before they know it.

In the past few years of cooperation, Luo Yi did provide them with a lot of bases for the revolutionary army, and worked very hard to cooperate with the world government’s work to eliminate the revolutionary army. Although not many people were caught, and those people did not admit it. But this did make the world government less wary of Luo Yi.

They didn't care about the construction on the Chambord Islands at all. There are many rich people in this world. It's just a question of who will get rich. They don't care about Luo Yi making more money.

But later they discovered that this area owned by Luo Yi was incredible.

If it weren’t for CP0’s people to protect their master for a walk in the back garden, how could they find that there are several powerful auras hidden on this island, and every time they come, the aura they feel is different. Come down, there are about ten.

Had it not been for the number of these breaths that appeared at the same time, there were only three at most, and the world government would have been thinking about the killing of demons if they could sit still.

Just like now, as soon as Luo walked down the street of GR 29, he saw

"My lord, my queen, hehehe"

Unclothed, the bruised man walked down the street, with a drunken smile on his face, as if he had just been satisfied, not at all like an injury.

There are the fewest people on GR 29, but in terms of income, this area is indeed the most profitable.

Few people who come here are strolling around on the street. After they find their goals, they will walk into a store and then walk out.

Of course, some people walk into a store and then walk out.

The pause in the middle is different.

As for why, it may be related to the various neon lights on this street, and they are all mainly pink.

At this time, in front of the largest and most luxurious building in this area, there was a woman standing with two devil horns on her head and a pair of wide wings behind her. Although she was wearing armor, she only covered her body. The location of the exposed northern hemisphere made Luo a feast for his eyes.

The woman's complexion is lavender, holding a dagger in her hand, stepping on high heels, and leaning against the pillar at the door.

"It's Luo Yi, come in and play."

When she saw Luo Yi, the woman showed a playful smile on her face, and she hooked towards Luo Yi with the dagger in her right hand, and started to walk around her body with her left hand, and the people in the street were full of blood.

"I just passed by."

Luo Yi raised his hands and surrendered.

Had it not been for the shortest way to GR 24, I wouldn't have walked here.

Who is this person in front of you, we must start with the slightest bit of everyone.

As the saying goes, radish and vegetables have their own love.

In some ways, some people like S and some people like M.

As for the SSS-class powerhouse, Queen of Pain Aksha, she likes the kind of M that is delivered to the door.

"I believe that after you experience it, you will like this feeling."

Akasha walked toward Luo Yi with a curvaceous step. The streamlined muscles, the obedient fat, and the charming voice made people full of infinite yearning.

Luo Yi: "I don't believe it."

"I believe, I believe, my lord"

A flushed and drooling man rushed out from the side and rescued Luo Yi.

"Call me the queen!"

Giving Luo a blank eye, Aksha pulled the man's tie and walked into the house like a pet.

After that, Luo Yi wondered if that person had come out.

421. You didn't say you want someone to wear it.

Passing through GR 29 where Akasha is, and entering GR 24, it was like a sudden from midnight to dusk.

Compared with that street, this place is totally another world.

If GR 29, where Akasha is located, looks like a street in medieval Europe, GR 24 is simply the future of technology.

A large number of screencast billboards hung outside on the second floor of the store, showing the products sold in their store, and there was an endless stream of pedestrians on the street, most of which came from other islands for shopping.

The buildings on both sides of the street are specially elevated by 30 cm along the street, and they are paved with strong sintered bricks so that when people walk on the street, they will not stick to the liquid secreted by the archi mangroves.

After all, as long as it is a normal person, no one likes to encounter secretion fluid except at a certain moment.

In the middle of the street is the place where the bubble cars pass, which directly realizes the separation of people and vehicles, so that the traffic here is much relieved. Even after seeing the situation here, Kadalu wanted to organize the entire Chambord islands to transform , And finally gave up because of funding issues.

The items sold by GR 24 are all technological products, such as household appliances, refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, and other products that exist in this world, and some products such as solar water heaters are slowly appearing in the world. In the eyes.

These products, after being modified by two scientists, are more usable and more energy-efficient than the original products.

Even Luo Yi is faintly looking forward to when he can invent the computer. He feels that he wants to write a game by himself now.

Walking down the street, also in the center of GR 24, a spiral tower stands up with various gears, and there are several patrol teams composed of six small robots around it. He was spinning around the periphery of the tower, patrolling tirelessly.

"Detect the target person"

"Authentication is complete and it is allowed to pass."

When Luo Yi approached, the robot stopped automatically, and the yellow light shot from the lens of his head and hit Luo Yi's body from head to toe.

There was nothing to the guests, but everyone found that all the shopkeepers who saw Luo Yi showed respect and watched Luo Yi walk into the place where outsiders were not allowed to enter.

Taking the elevator, Luo Yi directly entered the interior of the tower.

There are many small robots here, but there are only two people in charge.

But even two people are enough.

In the DOTA world, although the Keen tribe is short in stature and has no combat effectiveness, their brains are particularly good.

Like the alchemist Razzle and the sniper Kadel Hawkeye, they are all members of the Keen clan.

And now the two people in this tower, clockwork technician Rittotrip and tinker Bosch, are also members of the Keen clan.

These two people are incredible.

Although they do not have the strength of the Queen of Pain, they have unparalleled strength.

As the grandson of a watchmaker, Clockwork worked as an apprentice in this industry for many years, until the war swept across the mountain and destroyed his innocent village. Clockwork's father also died in the war.

After that, the clockwork worked hard and used his knowledge as a watchmaker to assemble a set of powerful clockwork power armor. Even the mainland knight in front of him is as small as a can.

If you have to give an example, it's probably that Captain America woke up from the ice and created the armor of Iron Man with his car repair skills 70 years ago.

He skipped the middle process directly, it was so awesome anyway.

The tinker is even more powerful. As the former chief researcher of the laws of nature, he despises the magicians of their world, and can even make rational use of the forces of nature through rational scientific methods.

Then, he and his assistant used science to open a portal, and at the other end of the door was a country beyond the cognitive abilities of mortals.

Then, the black mist made Tinker the only remaining survivor on the Violet Plateau where he was located.

Compared with the sudden leap in technology of the clockwork, the tinker has real materials.

For example, the robots patrolling the door are made by tinkers.

The technological products that are being sold outside are the transformations made by the two according to the technological level of the world. After they were sold, they earned part of the funds. After deducting a little money from Luo's hand, the two can safely carry out " "Scientific" research.

"Is the thing that I said before done?"

Luo came over as soon as he received the news from the two of them.

"Of course, this modification is just a trivial matter."

The tinker said smugly, and the two of them took Luo Yi and walked upstairs.

"Actually, the most difficult thing to solve is the energy problem. However, the energy gear of Retortrip can greatly reduce energy consumption. It is the Ark reactor you mentioned before. We haven't researched it yet."

The tinker simply talked about the results of the research.

The clockwork also added: "New elements are not so easy to find out, and the technology of this world is different from ours. It will take some time to learn. Now use Bosch The battery is held first, and your physical fitness is not bad, you can use it with brute force."

God used brute force.

Luo Yi couldn't figure out what the two of them thought.

When the research tower was built for them, Luo Yi mentioned whether the armor on the clockwork body could be made more beautiful and the weapons might be more powerful, but the two thought it was OK to do it, Luo Yi probably said. Take a look at the armor of Iron Man.

But here comes the problem.


Iron Man's armor energy comes from the Ark reactor in his chest, but this is not the Marvel world, and some technological principles cannot be used at all.

But Luo Yi was not worried.

Look at the pacifists. These are all robots, and they are extremely powerful. Even pirates with a reward of over 100 million may not be able to handle them.

Compared with the tinkers outside, the combat power is at most a dozen ordinary people, and a robot that can't be beaten by a pirate of the level of Mr.3 is simply a world.

When the armor appeared in front of Luo Yi's eyes, even the heart of a salted fish like Luo Yi couldn't help speeding up a bit.

This completely ergonomic shape, the metallic luster reflected under the light, this looks light and thin, but the armor is extremely hard, this can be used to emit laser hands, this is completely integrated without the slightest gap in the appearance, how to wear this ?

Baoshi spread his hands out: "You didn't tell anyone to wear it!"

Luo Yi: "I"

422. Nail Hand

Things like steel suits are not meant to be made.

The tinker used his habitual method to create a...remote control robot.

The combat effectiveness has indeed improved, but in terms of intelligence, it only performs operations according to the most basic procedures, similar to the minions controlled by the player in the red police.

Isn't such a comparison even more mentally retarded than a pacifist?

The pacifists have input data from pirates around the world in their minds. In short, they have developed to the point where they are artificial intelligence.

"Can this robot be smarter?"

Luo Yi put forward his own ideas.

The robot made by the tinker is indeed an intelligent robot, but it has not yet reached the level of a pacifist. To move, you need to set up a route, attack capture range, personnel identification system... etc., and they have not yet reached the level of voice control.

Therefore, this kind of crooked science and technology tree is really unacceptable.

"I don't want to make magical creatures."

The tinker didn't seem to be interested in this, and even repelled it when he thought of something related to magic.

"What magical creature? It's called artificial intelligence!"

Luo Yi corrected the tinker's words.

"Hey, this might not be a bad idea."

The tinker suddenly felt feasible.

Luo raised the corner of his mouth slightly, and the clockwork gave Luo a thumbs up.

The tinker doesn't like magic, but he doesn't know that the technology he researched and the final effect is actually no different from magic.

Clockwork and tinker are good at different fields, but he also learned a lot from tinker to improve his armor.