Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 258

Now this suit of armor was produced by combining the wisdom of the two of them.

In fact, the clockwork has also considered the problem of wearing it on the body, but if you do this, you can't put on some powerful weapons.

Don't look at the short stature of the two of them, but when they wear their own combat equipment, they are all external spirit bones.

After thinking about it, Luo Yi didn't stay here any longer.

After walking around in his own "territory", Luo Yi went back and started his daily life.

For example, exercise and exercise, such as opening a tavern, such as providing some "information about the revolutionary army" to the navy, such as asking the revolutionary army to prepare an "intelligence" for the navy...

These are not major issues.

If you really want to say there is something big, it is a newcomer who jumps in the newspaper every once in a while.

The newcomer pirates who can frequently make news on the first half of the great route are indeed relatively rare, but if the newcomer is a person with natural fruit ability and has special attention from the "relevant departments", then it is not. It's the same.

Like Luffy, Ace's bounty is also rising rapidly, almost the same every day, in less than two months, it has been hundreds of millions, and looking at this trend, there is no intention to stop.

Pirates' bounty is generally based on two aspects, one is strength and the other is the degree of threat.

Luo confirmed that 80% of Ace's bounty was threatened.

And this huge amount was not at all because of the blood flowing through him.

"Hey, Brother Ace's bounty has gone up again!"

A swoop was lying on Luo Yi's back, and Lilai, whose airbag had grown into an airbag, did not directly break Luo Yi's spine, and even felt very comfortable.

At such a moment, Luo Yi understood that he was not face control, not clavicle hollow, not chest control, not hip control, not leg control, just lust.

"Yes, he can turn into a burning man after eating the burnt fruit."

"Become a fire man."

Lilai: (?)

"Can you freeze him?"

"It's better not. Six months ago, the two brothers couldn't beat you together. It was enough to beat them."

Luo Yi remembered the scene where Lilai flew with him over the other day, stepping on frost under his feet, wearing frosty avalanche, and knocking two people crying with a hammer. It was like a bursting angel.

"Then it's boring."

"But the burning fruit is actually in the East China Sea. I don't know how this kid Ace is so lucky that he can actually pick up the natural fruit."

Luo Yi couldn't help but sigh, but Lilai's eyes were greeted.

"Brother Luo Yi, isn't your fruit ability more terrifying than the natural type?"

Lilai remembered that when she went to sea with Luo Yi, she saw a vicious pirate abused the old man, Luo immediately took his life to only one day, and turned the pirate into a white hair. Cang Cang, an old man with weak limbs, was beaten to death by the villagers.

"Each fruit has its own uniqueness. Of course, there are also relatively restrained fruits, that is, the so-called upper and lower fruits, or the burned fruits of Ace and the frozen fruits of the green pheasant. It belongs to the existence of mutual restraint."

"If someone shows up someday that can release the sun's rays, I think I might be suppressed because of the fruit power."

Luo felt bragging when he thought of the upper and lower fruit that Akainu said when he killed Ace.

Flame is cooler than magma?I'm afraid it's not living in a dream.

How much is magma?900°-1400°.

What is the temperature of the flame?The temperature of the flame determines the color of the flame, and the red-orange flame can reach 3000°. When it comes to the yellow-white flame, it has a high temperature of 4000°, not to mention the cyan-blue delay of 5000°-6000°, and Purple flame above 7000°.

Whenever Oda had no problem with his brain at the beginning, he would say that the red dog pierced Ace's stomach with domineering, instead of using magma.

If only talking about the temperature of the flame, Ace’s Yandi is already a golden flame, and Firefly·Fire Bodhidharma exudes a blue light. With a punch, the red dog is afraid that it will directly change with the melting ice under his feet. Into obsidian.

"The decisive time Ace should be here, let him come and work at that time."

As soon as Luo watched Ace's news, he remembered an important thing.

"I'll be a supervisor."

Lilai signed up with her small hand up.

"Okay, just don't get too hot then."

After scraping Lilai's nose, Luo Yi said indulgingly.

At this time, Ace, who had just given a fire fist to the bounty hunter, suddenly felt chilly behind his back, but when he quickly turned around, he did not find anyone.

"What's wrong with Ace?"

"It's nothing, I always have a bad feeling."

"What are you thinking about, is it possible that you think of that sloppy beard bastard?"

"No, no, it's more terrifying than being targeted by that bastard."

Dius saw that Ace was completely in a situation that seemed to have a psychological problem.

"This boat is not bad."

This is, a strange voice sounded on their boat, the voice of a young woman.

Ace and Duuse looked back abruptly, only to see a navy standing on the ship.

No, it's not an ordinary navy.

The white coat with the word "Justice" written on the back was draped like a cloak over her shoulders and was blowing in the wind.

Only high-ranking officers with the title of general in the navy can wear this coat.

"When is..."

"Unfortunately, your voyage is about to end here."

The woman stretched out her hand to the slender saber hanging on her waist, with terrible burn marks on the back of her hand.Starting


The gunfire sounded...


The metallic voice, accompanied by the woman's snort, sneered, her expression did not change at all, and the woman drew out the sword casually.

"Boss Ace, she is [nail hand]!"

A crew member called suddenly.

"Ah? This nickname, I thought it was a burly craftsman, rough man or something, why is it called [nail hand]?"

Ace didn't feel any tension.

"It is said to be able to beat the prey into a hornet's nest precisely like nails.

"...That's really scary."

Having said that, Ace stepped forward without fear.

423. Is this your girlfriend?

Pirates of spades.

With a total of twenty people and a pet, it is already a large-scale pirate group.

Everyone in the Pirate of Spades group headed by Ace has already become the existence that other pirates must take a high look at.

At the same time, Captain Ace's bounty was raised higher and higher.

I wanted to break into the new world with great momentum, but it seemed that it was not that simple.

The intelligence expert Skar immediately poured cold water on Ace's head.


Hearing this strange vocabulary, Ace tilted his head.

Mr. Luo Yi never said about this.

A room on the ship was brightly lit, and Ace was sitting on a chair. At his feet, the pet Kodaz curled up into a ball and was snoring comfortably.

Skal spread out his own chart on the table and continued to explain.

"Yes, it is to wrap the ship in a special natural resin, so that it can sail in the sea, that is, it can dive to the bottom of the sea."

The "record pointer" indicating the next destination is pointing to an island located on the far sea floor, Murloc Island.

Because it is on the bottom of the sea, if you want to go there, you must go through the special treatment of coating the ship by a specialized technician.

And the place that can be coated is...

"Chambord Islands?"

Ace said softly as his gaze fell on Skal's unfolded chart.

"Mr. Luo Yi is on this island?"

"Actually, the Chambordian Islands are not really islands to be precise..."

Scarlet began to introduce the situation of the Chambord Islands, and the crew listened carefully.

The ship continued to sail, and Ace finally approached the Chambord Islands.

"so big……"

Looking at the towering tree, Dius couldn't help but say aloud.

The roots of the big trees are secreting a special natural resin, which is used as a coating material. As the roots breathe, these resins are filled with air and expand, turning into large soap bubbles floating in the air. Soap bubbles produced like this are flying everywhere.

The soap bubbles reflected the sunlight and gleamed with colorful colors. Facing the dreamlike scenery in front of them, the whole group of Pirates of Spades had forgotten their words.

The boats of the Pirates of Spades passed through the gaps in the huge roots raised on the sea.

Although there is a well-equipped port on the Chambord Islands, they will not be close there. In order to coat the boats, they need to stay on the island for a few days. During this time, if they are caught by the navy, bounty hunters, or misconduct If my colleagues are looking at me, I'm afraid they won't care about the coating.

Therefore, they decided to park the ship in an area that the government cannot monitor, gr. 23.

"This area is the area that President Luo Yi of the Dota Chamber of Commerce spent several years rectifying. Neither the navy, bounty hunters, pirates, human traffickers, or even world nobles would do anything in this area. I will go to a craftsman to coat the boat, but leaving the area around here may cause trouble everywhere. Don’t cause me trouble until the coating is completed!"

After starting to prepare for the mooring, Skal repeatedly urged the crew.

Especially... Scarl glanced at Ace.

"Please, Boss Ace."

Ace looked at the island with gleaming eyes, showing a look of okay.

"I know, compared to that kind of thing, is that [Great Bag] delicious?"

"Where do you know it!!"

The "Great Airway" steamed bun, or Great Bun for short, is a specialty of this island. It seems that Ace's head is already full of what to eat after going to the island.

Skal sighed, looked at Deuss, and noticed what he wanted to say. Deuss smiled bitterly and took your head hungry.

"I will watch him. If he is left alone, maybe even the world's nobles will be lost in one breath."

"Hey, please spare me, don't! Don't! That's not a joke!"

While talking, the boat stopped and arrived at its destination.

"It's true that the world's nobles can't be jokes, but other than that, as long as they are not discovered by the navy, there is basically no problem..."

"Waiting for a long time, Huo Fist! This time your good day is over!"

A familiar voice rang out in Scull's voice.

"... only... right..."

Skal's neck seemed to be rusty, and he turned his head in the direction of the sound, and Duuss also watched the situation outside the ship with fear.

"Come out! I must arrest you today!"

The person who made this powerful sound was [Nail Hand] Iska, who stood with her arms around her and looked up at the boat.

"Are you here again..."

"This is the first time..."

Hearing Iska's voice, the crew was in a commotion, but the tone said it was because of fear, which was more helpless.

Since entering the "Great Route", the ship of the Pirates of Spades has been entangled by a girl army.