Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 259

This person is Iska in front of her. She has an obsession with arresting Ace. No matter how many times she throws it away, she will jump out to chase after her every time she goes to an island. She is such an incredible woman.

As for it, isn't it that Ace saved you once.

However, she never succeeded once, and even today, Ace is still alive and kicking.

"Hey, isn't this Iska, why are you in this place? Traveling?"

Ace's relaxed greeting came from the deck.

"How could it be a tourist! I'm here to catch you, you idiot!"

"Oh, but I said, besides [Great Bag], are there any other specialties here?"

"Oh, is it a local product? I bought [Great Senbei] for my subordinates, and that can be kept a little longer... Wait, don't you all say that I am not here to travel!"

Although Iska yelled like this, most of the people present probably thought so silently in their hearts.

"I'm here to travel..."

"Obviously traveling..."

This time Iscar's dress is not the navy uniform of the past, no matter how she looks, she is just a happy ordinary tourist.

Maybe I stumbled upon this ship while on vacation.

The Chambord Archipelago is so big, but I just meet such a person who I don't want to meet...

Iska is a "good person" in one sentence.

Sense of justice is overwhelming, serious and straightforward and cute.

Although he was strong like a monster in the battle, he often lacked his mind at critical moments. Because of this, Ace was always playing around, and he escaped every time he wanted to win.

That has almost become the standard ending.

"As long as he is alone, there is always a solution as before."

Skar said so.

"Yes, hide the ship afterwards..."

Seeing the confrontation between Ace and Iska, Duos nodded quietly.

"Is this your girlfriend? Ace!"

At this moment, an abrupt voice rang in everyone's ears.

424. Burning Star

"Come here, don't be polite to me, younger brothers and sisters also drink more."

In the tavern, the members of the Pirates of Spades were called here, and Luo Yi held a banquet directly in the tavern to entertain everyone.

And sitting next to Ace, Iska's face was already red and almost matched her orange hair color.

"Why am I here?"

Iska was holding a wine glass, her head kept lowering, thinking about this question all the time.

"No, no, not my younger siblings, she's the navy, come to catch me."

Ace also hurriedly denied, but she can't ruin the reputation of other girls.

"It's not now, maybe it will be in the future, otherwise, how could a girl specially greet you when you get to the shore."

Luo Yi enthusiastically filled Ace's glasses, and Lisa and DeBaya kept showing off their cooking skills in the kitchen.

"I just said that the navy is interesting to the captain."

"Isn't that of course, it is obviously an enemy, but saved myself, the girl's heart must be about to move."

"No wonder I was played around by boss Ace every time. After chasing us, we didn't arrest anyone. It turned out that two people were flirting."

Ace's crew looked at the situation at Luo Yi's table, and suddenly started talking in a low voice.

"Hey, is there any story between Brother Ace and that sister?"

Lilai stuck his head out of nowhere, and asked very gossiping.

"This starts with the first encounter between Ace and [The Nail Hand] Iscar..."

Desired to become an adventure novelist, Duos immediately began to expose Ace's story.

"Iska is very strong. To be honest, no one on our ship was her opponent except Ace. When the two fought for the first time, Iska ran to our boat alone. , Use yourself as bait, let the navy ambush us.

That's a dozen warships. In order to avoid the pursuit of warships, we took advantage of the topography of the rocky area, so that those navy chasing after us would not pay attention to the rocks at the bottom of the ship. In order to encircle us, the warships had too much momentum when they told us to move forward. It slammed into sharp rocks and the like, and the ship was directly damaged and began to tilt.

At that time, whether people or wooden barrels, they all rolled into the sea from the inclined boat.

The waves there are not small. Even someone who is good at usefulness may not be able to survive in that sea area. Iska gave up the battle with Ace, jumped into the sea to rescue her men, and removed all the floating objects. It was given to his subordinates, but he almost drowned."

Dius said a lot in one breath, stopped, took a sip of the drink, he was already impressed by the drink made by Luo Yi.

"and after!"

Lilai asked with bright eyes.

"Later... Later Ace gave her a swimming ring, and Iska chased us all the way to here."

Although Dius's ending was hurried, Lilai had already made up for how Iska felt when she received Ace throwing her swimming ring.

That must be a very complicated mood. Obviously the two people have different positions. As the navy Iska, he was clearly here to catch the pirate Ace, but unexpectedly discovered that this person is so gentle and kind, even a little bit Xiaoshuai, the girl's heart slammed into the deer in an instant.

So Lilai turned her head and looked at Iska who was sitting beside Ace, and saw her shy look, how could she not tell.

Although she herself is still denying it, it is estimated that everyone in the entire tavern except Ace has been identified.

"Don't worry about the coating. I have already contacted the craftsmen for you last month. You can ask your crew to go to the coating factory to find [Lao Lei Craftsman who owes wine money for several years]."

No, no, that prefix is ​​waived, and we can just find Lao Lei Artisan directly.

The crew of Ace complained in their hearts.

But looking at Luo Yi's appearance, he should be an acquaintance, otherwise he would owe him money for several years.

"Many thanks."

Hearing that Luo had even arranged this for them, Ace got up and bowed to Luo to thank him. The etiquette he learned from Magino was used to the fullest.

"What are you polite to me? I have been beaten up for so many years and got the starter

Luo scolded with a smile.

"Hehe, I am much better now than when I went to sea."

Ace put up a finger, and a flame was directly lit on it.

The ability to burn fruits of the natural type is to make the capable person turn into a fire. Luo Yi looked at the flames emerging from Ace's hand and stretched out his hand.

"It will burn, Mr. Luo Yi."

Ace saw Luo's hand leaning towards the flame, and immediately removed the flame in his hand.

"You light up the fire and I feel the temperature."

Luo Yi said so.

Ace had no choice but to ignite a flame again.

Seeing Luo Yi put his hand next to the flame, he seemed to feel the heat from it quietly, and Ace didn't understand what he was doing.

"Your fruit ability is not developed much at all.

After feeling it for a while, Luo Yi probably understood the reason why Ace was killed by the red dog.

Luo Yi felt that the temperature of the flame was no different from a lighter.

"Is the temperature of the fire fist you use similar to the temperature of this flame? Don't you know how to increase the temperature of the flame you release?"

Fire Fist Ace is many times milder than the nickname of the Divide Demon Ace next door, but in the first half of the great route, it is also a famous existence.


Ace was puzzled.

As soon as Luo looked at his appearance, he was speechless, feelings would die for you, and it was actually an uncultured loss.

Luo Yi didn't bother to explain so much to Ace, until the banquet was over, he took him out.

"I didn't expect Ace to be acquainted with the president of the Dota Chamber of Commerce."

"When we were sailing, there was a Dota Chamber of Commerce on almost every island, and I didn't even hear him talk about it."

"I was wondering if Boss Ace didn't even know about this."

"It's really possible!"

"What are they going to do?"

Until now, the crew of Ace discussed the relationship between Ace and Luo Yi, but Iscar followed very curiously.

For Luo Yi, Iska naturally also knows. The navy has opened many passages for this chamber of commerce, even Iska opened passages for their chamber of commerce.

But Iska didn't expect Luo Yi to know Ace.

As a girl with a sense of justice, Iscar really wants Ace to give up being a pirate. It would be better if she could join the navy with her. Now it seems that Luo Yi may be an opportunity.

So Iska followed directly.

After arriving at gr 21, they went straight to the front of the trunk marked 21, and Luo pointed to it.

"Go up."

Go up?After seeing Luo stepping on the moon step into the air, Ace did not hesitate, and immediately used the moon step to keep up. Even when he stepped out of the moon step, a small group of flames would be sprayed under his feet to improve. The speed of Yuebao made Luo Yi nod in satisfaction.

And Iska, who had chased Ace for most of the great route, discovered that Ace could walk the moon?

Isn't this the Navy Six?When did it spread out?

Iska who hadn't mastered the moon step could only stomped angrily on the spot.

As Luo Yi rose to the top of the treetops, Ace felt strange at first, but after Luo Yi pulled his wrist through an invisible film, the two actually stood in the air like this.

So hot!

This was the first time Ace felt this way after eating the burnt fruit.

But then he was startled by the sight before him.

That is a huge, burning star!

425. Dating!



"I haven't eaten!"


"carry on!"


"I want to rest!"


Huo Fist Ace was gritting his teeth at the moment, and under Luo Yi's supervision, he fisted desperately.

At this moment, Ace remembered that a few months ago, he was still living under the fear of Luo's team, and he was more free at sea.

A fire punch was punched, and the right hand that turned back into a human form was scorched, but Luo Yi’s hand was against his back. When he was injured, a cool feeling flowed from behind to his right hand, directly causing him The injury healed.

"fire punch!"

A fire fist was once again, and the huge flame rushed towards the burning star in front of him.

Ace didn’t know what it was, but he knew that his flame was suppressed by the opponent, and the temperature on it could burn himself just by touching it. If it weren’t for the ability to burn fruits, ordinary people would dare Closer, it's estimated to have been hot to death

But what exactly is this thing?

It's obviously that big, but it seems to exist in another space. It's obviously full of air under its feet, but it's like stepping on a stone ground.