Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 260

Of course, these are not the most important, mainly because there is an egg with such a high temperature in this magical space.

Luo Yi said so anyway.

What kind of egg is this? Isn't it about to hatch a dragon?

Ace is only guessing, but what he pays more attention to now is the direction Luo Yi has given him to improve his fruit ability.

In the past, Ace had never considered the temperature of the flame. For him, after eating the devil fruit, emitting flames was just like instinct. He had been thinking about how to use these flames, but he had never thought about it. Make the fire temperature higher.

During this period of time, Ace has developed many uses of fruit abilities, such as blocking some attacks with flames, turning flames into bullets, and turning flames into spears, but Guo Yan exploded...

It can be seen that all he thought of was only how to use these flames, without making his original flames stronger.

"No matter how powerful the technique is, it needs its own foundation as a support."

This was what Luo Yi said when he taught them the Sixth Form of the Navy, and it also made Ace and Lufei understand that to master the Sixth Form, his own physical foundation is the key.

And now, Ace understood this truth again.

If you want to make the fruit ability more powerful, you naturally need to improve your strength, not just use the ability in a tricky way.

"If you can raise the temperature of the flame to tens of thousands of degrees, even if you can only use a fire fist, few people can stop you."

This is the truth. Even the strongest man in the world with a white beard can’t stand on the surface of the sun. A red dog’s fist can blow half of his head. If you say he doesn’t have a domineering body, it’s impossible. , Even if the domineering has the defensive ability, but the temperature is the temperature, which is inevitable.

Compared with magma, the potential of burning fruit is obviously higher. After all, it is one of the elements that make up the world.

Ace also understood Luo Yi's meaning, but both had a black eye on how to raise the temperature of the flame.

Although Luo Yi is a science student, the temperature he knows depends on the intensity of the thermal motion of the molecules of the object.

This means that the harder the friction, the higher the temperature.

The surface temperature of the sun is high because there are more than 90 chemical elements in the sun’s atmosphere, and these chemical elements are producing nuclear explosions every day, emitting a lot of light and heat.

Ace eats burnt fruits, not nuclear explosion fruits, so don't expect him to produce nuclear explosions.

Therefore, when Luo Yi talked to Ace about the molecular movement, Ace's expression was quite a rod.

"I think you need to improve your literacy level from literacy to knowledge. Isn't there a person with the nickname [teacher] on board? Learn more from him. Knowledge is power.

After a certain point of discussion by the writers, as to how much power the Devil Fruit can exert, they feel how big the brains and knowledge of the capable person is.

Ace could only nod his head, and then used Luo Yi's earth method to feel the temperature of the flame with his body, letting him find a way to improve himself.

After two hours of training, Ace was exhausted, and Luo Yi led him out of this space.

Looking at the egg that completely absorbed his own flames for his own use, Ace's heart was a little complicated, and Luo Yi once again let him understand what it means to be someone outside.

However, he would not give up when he defeated the "world's strongest man" Whitebeard, otherwise how could he become a "man beyond One Piece".

As for Ace’s thoughts, Luo Yi knows a rough idea. His destination is the "New World" and his goal is to start Baihu

Now, it is the head of the man who is the closest to the "onepiece".

Everyone has a psychological shadow, Roger is the shadow in Ace's heart, and this shadow always needs someone to illuminate it.

This person is not Luo Yi, Cap, nor Luffy, Sabo, is Whitebeard.

His meeting phrase "Come and be my son" directly opened the door to a new world in Ace's heart.

"I'm not a girlfriend. I've been waiting for you for two hours."

Falling from the sky, Luo Yi pointed to Iska and said, directly causing Iska to make a big red face again, and Ace was also a little embarrassed.

"Okay, don't disturb the date of the two of you, I will go back first, and gather here at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning to continue training."

As he said, Luo left behind the two who were at a loss.

"Make an appointment...a date!"

Iska's face was redder than her hair.

Ace looked at Luo's back as soon as he left, and raised his hand.

"By the way, when dating a girl, be generous and don't eat the king's meal."

Suddenly, Luo Yi, who had left, returned again, took out a pile of Bailey from his arms and put it into Ace's hand, gave Ace a thumbs up, and left directly.


Looking at Luo Yi's back, as well as Iska, whose two index fingers were facing each other and her body twisted, Ace felt that things were moving in a strange direction.

"Otherwise... shall we... go to the Ferris wheel?"

The 23 gr, next door, is a huge playground, the same playground as the soap bubble playground, with very complete facilities, and Ace just looked up and saw it before giving this suggestion.

"Ok... alright!"

Iska's voice was so small that it was almost impossible to hear.

But the body followed Ace's footsteps very honestly, towards the prank paradise of gr 23.

At this time, because Ace was taken away, the people of the Pirates of Spades were busy with their affairs on the Chambord Islands, and Dius stood under the Ferris wheel.

Seen from directly below, the huge Ferris wheel looks more beautiful than when viewed from the boat. The transparent pod with rainbow luster spins slowly, shining brightly in the sun.

The view from the top must be great, but Diuss had such an idea in a trance.

However, it is not appropriate for a big man to ride that thing, let alone a pirate...

Wait, isn't that Ace and Iska?

What are they doing?

Is it... dating!

426. They are gluttonous of their bodies

After the "date" on the first day was over, Ace and Iska left unhappily. Maybe they said something that girls don't like.

Luo Yi felt quite normal. After all, a pirate and a navy were like Long Aotian, a shining son, and a dark saint, who had been written badly in his previous life. They were together after they finally ruled the world.

In the next two days, Ace found Luo Yi to practice fruit ability very actively.

Nothing else, just because Lilai showed it to Ace, what an ice pack can keep the fire out.

There is a saying that even if my heart is like red iron, it is difficult to melt your three feet of ice.

This person speaks with scientific basis.

To melt the ice cubes, there is actually not a lot of heat required, not to mention that Lilai is full of magic power, and can already generate an extremely cold field, just like the ice age of the blue pheasant.

Luo realized that if he didn't know the martial arts of the Kusana and Iori family, it wouldn't be a problem to build a different world version of the King of Fighters.

As for the Huo Dun next door, forget it. Everyone knows that Huo Dun is a benevolent ninjutsu, especially Amaterasu, which will not disappear before the target is burned out, and has never killed anyone.

After practicing for three consecutive days, Ace felt that his understanding of the fruit's ability seemed to have improved. After having a nice lunch in the tavern, Ace decided to buy something as a thank you for taking care of these days.

"Should buy more!"

Dius gave Ace a blank look. He was carrying a dozen bags in his hands, and he was still full in his arms. Isn't that enough?

The key is that you want to give gifts, why only buy "Great Senbei"?

Duos really didn't understand what Ace was doing.

But there seems to be something wrong here.

They were on the central street just now, but where they are now, it seems that there is a gloomy atmosphere.

Rubbish was scattered all around, and all the dilapidated buildings that looked like ruins.

"I'm hungry, is there anything to eat here?"

Don't you eat what you hold in your hand, please, eat all of these, buy some other things.

"It looks like a slum."

Diuse looked at the surroundings and said.

Not to mention this slum is a shop, even passersby can't see it.

In the shadow cast by the collapsed building, Yin Le saw a few children peeking here, probably orphans living here.

After seeing these children, Ace beckoned directly at them, and handed the great senbei one by one to the children who were timidly approaching.

The children suddenly showed a smile, they cautiously ran away holding the great senbei, and the gloomy atmosphere of the back streets and alleys seemed to soften slightly.

"Is it okay? Ace."

"If you think about it carefully, it doesn't feel good to only send senbei."

Ace watched the children go away, watching them, he would always unconsciously think of life at the end of the uncertain.

Just when they are going to buy something else...

"Huh? Should I leave first?"

Seeing the figures walking along the alleys towards the slums, I couldn't help but complain.

It was Iska who was here, and she was wearing a navy uniform today, and it didn't look like she was coming on a date.

"Huh, are there only two people here today?"

Ace was curiously underestimated.

Behind Iska is not the men she usually leads, but a man who also wears a navy uniform.

And, it was the same navy coat with Iska, with "Justice" written on the back.

This is an admiral.

"Wait, I'm here to negotiate today."

Iska said loudly to Ace and Deus who were already in a fighting posture.

Iska and the man walked through the alley and went straight into the corner of the slum, without taking out their weapons, but standing face to face with them.

"Ai... Huoquan, today is a good thing!"

Iska's eyes sparkled, and she introduced the man beside her.

"This is Lieutenant General Dolo, he is the benefactor who saved me when I was young!"

Hearing Iska's introduction, Ace raised his eyebrows, remembering the conversation between the two yesterday.

"Ensign Iscar, to make a long story short."

The man called Dolo came forward. He was about a head taller than Ace, and his physique was much stronger. For this reason, standing in front of him was more deterrent than it seemed. The term giant man can be said to be very appropriate to describe this man.

"Firefist Ace, this is for you."

Dolo took out a letter from his arms, then unfolded him to show Ace.

It says...

"Seven, Qiwuhai..."

Looking at the text in front of him, Duuss couldn't help but doubt his eyes.

This is a letter from the world government.

It says that the five old stars, who are the highest authority in the world government, are starting to ask Ace to join the king's Qiwuhai.

"It's a good thing, so you don't have to give up being a pirate!"

Iska seemed very happy to speak.

Indeed, in the words of King Qiwuhai, as a pirate while standing on the side of the government, he could indeed keep pace with the navy.

Furthermore, if you join the Seven Martial Seas under the King, you will be pardoned by the government and will no longer be wanted. As long as you continue to pay the required amount to the government, your identity as a pirate can be officially recognized by the government.

More importantly, yesterday when Iska and Ace were alone, they expressed the hope that Ace would not be a pirate. In her opinion, Ace is not a bad person. It would be better if he could join the navy.

I have to say, if she goes to Karp to say so, Karp will definitely swear with his senbei that you are my granddaughter-in-law.


"Seven Wuhai? Let's avoid it."

Ace refused the invitation very bluntly, and refused without thinking.

"Why... why?"

Iska couldn't seem to conceal her surprise, after all, this was indeed a good day, and it could even be said that it was impossible to meet, but Ace refused without hesitation.