Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 261

"Sorry, I am very uncomfortable with Qiwuhai's system itself."

"how come……"

Maybe because she didn't expect to be rejected, Iska looked embarrassed.

However, Dolo, who was standing by, did not even move his eyebrows, not only that, but even smiled silently.

"What a coincidence, Ace, in fact, I often think the same way as you..."

Dolo laughed in a low voice, then he tore the letter he was holding in half and threw it aside.

"Lieutenant General, what are you doing..."

"Even if the domestication is still there, it is of no use at all. It's better to get rid of everything quickly, right, Ace?"

In the next moment, Dolo's fist was swung over.


With a loud noise, Dolo's fist slid through the air, and his fist easily punched a hole where Ace had just stood.

"Hey, it's rude..."

Ace murmured gloomily.

"Damn it, didn't you say it's easy to negotiate?"

Duos also hurriedly pulled away from them, he couldn't even beat Iska, let alone the lieutenant admiral.

As for why he refused Qiwuhai's invitation, Ace certainly knew it in his heart.

They are greedy for their own bodies, lowly.

427. Set sail (two in one)

"Please wait for the lieutenant general! The negotiation is still"

"Negotiating? Isn’t everything that should be discussed? Lieutenant Iska. Ace can’t understand Qiwuhai. Coincidentally, I can’t understand Qiwuhai, and I just can’t understand the pirates. It's great that I refused to let my face go, so that I have no worries and can smash Pirate Fire Punch Ace down on the ground!"

With that, Dolo took off the aunt of the Navy.

The strange object originally hidden under the coat was revealed.

Dolo’s arms were carrying a cylindrical weapon, which looked a bit like a rocket launcher, but two ducts extended from the back of the tube, each connected to a container hanging on both sides of his waist.

"Which one is better than the one with the ability to burn fruits, let's try it."

Dolo grinned, showing a twisted smile, his eyes filled with dazzling murderous aura.

"Run, Ace!"

The moment Duos couldn't help but yell

"You can't escape!"

From the front end of the tube, a strong flame burst out.

Is that a flame emitter?

Connected to the other end of the duct is a fuel tank, and the continuous flames instantly blocked the retreat of Ace and Duuse.

The surrounding area was surrounded by flames in the blink of an eye, and the buildings were reduced. Then, there was the screaming of the children living inside.

They are trapped in the fire and are in a dilemma.

"What are you doing! Fuck off!"

Ace hurriedly thought the children rushed over.

At this time, Dolo aimed at Ace.

"Come on, look at the trick!"

As if to burn the ground, the flames sprayed towards Ace. Ace opened his arms and blocked the flames with his whole body. He used his body turned into flames to counteract the incoming flames.

"Lieutenant General, please stop!" Iska's face changed sharply: "The children are in danger!"

"Children? What are you talking about, Lieutenant Iscar."

"I'm just attacking the pirates. I have to give them nowhere to escape. If the pirates are allowed to escape, then it may bring misfortune to more children. Am I wrong?"

Dolo no longer looked at Iska. He stared at Ace firmly, and kept spitting flames wholeheartedly.

On the other hand, Ace was also immobile.

The power of the fire released was too strong to move forward.

However, if you retreat, the children will be swallowed by flames, so going on like this is not a solution.

As a person with the ability to burn fruits, when he was set on fire for the first time, Ace again agreed with Luo Yi's view that his fruits were not developed.

If he can be stronger, he can directly swallow these sprayed flames instead of being suppressed by the flames.

At this moment, Duos rushed towards Dolo from the side.

"Oh oh oh oh oh!!"

Hugging Dolo from the side, the skin exposed to the hot wind at close range seemed to scream, and his clothes and hair were scorched, but Duuss still held Dolo tightly.

"what are you doing!"

Probably he did not expect that Duos would suddenly rush over at this temperature, and Dolo showed an expression of consternation.

At the same time, Iska ran towards the children.

"Cheer up, come here soon."

Iscar replaced the unable to move Ace to help the children escape. She tried her best to reach into the cracks in the collapsed building.

The hand she stretched out still had burn marks from her childhood. Those were the scars left when she lost her parents. At that time, she must have stretched her arms desperately like this.

It was sadness and horror beyond imagination. In what mood did she overcome it, reaching out to the children like this.

In the blazing flames, the "righteous" son carved on the back shook slowly.

After confirming that Iska had rescued the children, Duos grinned, so that Ace could move freely.

"You bastard! What the hell are you doing!"

The enraged Dolo slammed his knee against Deuss' abdomen.


One hit, two hits, and three hits. However, even so, Lost would not let go.

"Don't let go!"

Suffering a stronger blow, Duuss protruded the gastric juice, then collapsed to the ground, feeling that the internal organs became messy as if they had been stirred, and even had difficulty breathing.

However, the task had been completed, and Deuss coughed violently while laughing silently.

"I just unplugged it for you, wait and see."

Dolo, who hadn't taken Deuss seriously, quickly noticed one.

"Fuel tank?"

The fuel tank that Dolo hung on his waist, the tube extending from it had fallen off, and the leaked fuel had soaked Dolo's clothes.

"My Flame"

Dolo slapped his tongue, and the power of the flame sprayed slowly began to weaken, and it was not only that, another kind of flame pushed the flamethrower's tongue back frontally and approached him.

It's Ace.

Ace's fist hit Dolo's face fiercely, and the fist made a deep pit on Dolo's face, and the flames immediately enveloped Dolo's face.


Ace's fist strength is not small. Under Luo Yi's "training", he has mastered the use of two-color domineering, which contains flames and domineering fists, making Dolo fly upside down for more than ten meters in the air and roll on the ground. Two laps, when I squatted up, I still felt a little confused.

"You can be domineering."

Dolo realized something instantly, and his face was mostly shocked.

This guy is really a pirate from the weakest sea?Why is it even domineering?

Dolo felt that he couldn't accept it for a while, but fortunately, his domineering seemed to have just been learned, and his power was not very great.

"Huoquan Ace, don't underestimate me! A little flame of this level can't beat me."

Dolo patted the flames out like annoying flies, but the injuries on his face and the blood spilling from the corners of his mouth were telling others that he was injured.

"With your ability, it won't work in the future. Let's end the happy life of a pirate. Let me give you an understanding, and you will obey the guidance of justice."

His hands are hardened domineering, as a veteran lieutenant general, Dolo has already mastered his domineering innocence, and his feet rushed towards Ace like a cannonball.

"I don't want to be justified by those who hurt the child"

His eyes were full of anger, and Ace just wanted to burn this Lieutenant Dolo to ashes.

The fists of the two collided fiercely, and the powerful impact even caused the flames burning in Ace's hand to be blown away by the wind. For the first time, the burning fruit lost its effect in melee combat. Ai Si was even beaten by the strength of Dolo's fist, and he took a step back before he could stand still.

"Don't make a mistake, I didn't involve the child. It was you who did the child, right, Ace!"

Taking advantage of the situation, he directly grabbed Ace's neck and lifted him high, Dolo said in a low voice, like a low growl.

"It's because of the existence of pirates that it becomes what it is now, isn't it!"

"Do you understand! Ace! It is because of your existence that the children who were killed are also hurt. I am just working hard to eliminate the pirates, so it is you who is at fault! You should not be alive. As long as you stay in this world, so many innocent people will have to live in fear. I advise you to be a little conscious!"

These words immediately silenced Ace, his power was slowly fading, and a dark shadow drifted across Ace's face, which could not escape Duuss's eyes.

"What nonsense, you bastard!"

Because he yelled, Deuss started coughing again.

"Ace, don't listen to him nonsense!"

"As long as you don't exist, no one will become ill, right? As long as there are no pirates, I don't need to fire everywhere like this!

The voice made by Deus was overwhelmed by Dolo. Ace had given up resistance and was completely in desperation.

"Lieutenant General, you are a lie"

After successfully helping the children get off the line, Iska appeared in front of her.

"It was a pirate who set fire in my village, right"

Iska, crying.

"Obviously you saved me at that time"

"If a wounded child falls in front of my eyes, of course I will save it. After all, I am a partner of justice!"

"Then, my parents"

"What have you been talking about since just now, Lieutenant Iska? There will always be some sacrifices for justice, but it only affects a few civilians. There is no need to make such a fuss about this."

Iska collapsed in an instant, her legs were weak, and she was sitting on the ground. She covered her mouth, suppressing her voice, and big tears fell.

According to Dolo, it was just a sacrifice of a few people, but for Iska, it was the hometown where she was born and raised, as well as her parents.

Is that the truth of justice that has been longed for since childhood and always believed in?This end is miserable for other countries.

"Dolo, right, I advise you not to irritate Ace too much!"

Deus had stood up quietly.

And Ace's body had already begun to burst into flames again, and in Ace's eyes, fighting spirit ignited again.


Ace's flame rushed to the fuel tank on Dolo's waist.

With Dolo's screaming shouts, an explosion occurred.

With the explosive power of the fuel tank, even the natural type Ace was injured, and Dolo was also blown out.

"Damn it"

Dolo got up swayingly, this time his injury was much heavier than Ace's punch just now.

"For you who can use domineering, Ace's flame may indeed be useless, not enough"

Ace shook his fist, and Dolo rose to fight.