Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 262

"Only Ace's anger will never be wiped out by your domineering!"

The angle between fist and fist, force and force collide.

Gradually, Dolo began to show fatigue, and Ace's fist hit Dolo, his fist hit the flesh.

"It's impossible to bastard your domineering"

In Dolo's eyes, Ace's domineering aura, which could only be entangled, was actually directly elevated to the level of hardening, even directly abandoning the fruit ability, relying on physical skills to suppress him.

"You underestimated him"

Dius said quietly in such a low voice.

Dolo really didn't know Ace too much.

He didn't know, even if there was no fruit ability, Ace's original strength was already very strong.

He didn't know that Ace would always grow in battle and then become stronger.


Dolo staggered a few steps when he was hit by Ace's fist, and Ace's attack almost completely crushed Dolo.

"How can this be why why"

Dolo was panting, his expression distorted with pain.

"The ghost knows!"

A flame burst out from Ace's arm, transforming the flame into propulsion. Ace's fist directly plagiarized the iron fist of the fire dragon next door and the flame elbow of the fire dragon, like a meteor, and hit Dolo with all his strength.

In an instant, each other's fists crossed each other.

Dolo grinned, his fist hit Ace in the cheek.

Even if he clenched his teeth, Ace's legs were trembling.

However, Ace's fist also gave Dolo a violent blow on his cheek.

"Humph, not as strong as Mr. Luo Yi's fist."

Although the soles of the feet began to shake, Ace still said something disdainfully, and Duuss hurriedly ran to support Ace, although he himself had suffered serious injuries.

"Even the lieutenant admiral can be defeated, you deserve it!"

"This kind of guy is nothing"

Gasping hard, Ace laughed.

It's just that I suddenly feel a little confused about going to the new world.

Is this just a lieutenant general?How powerful will that be?

"Hurry up and get back to the ship. There is Mr. Luo Yi's territory and the navy will not chase him in.

This is what Deus said, but Ace still hesitated.

Although the spreading fire has gradually subsided, the slums will soon return to daily life like nothing.

But only Iska could not go back anymore.

Now, perhaps there is no longer a place for her in the navy.

Dius thought so.

Because of her reason for joining the Navy, it collapsed just now.

Betrayed by her beliefs, Iska kneeling on the ground in despair with her head down, couldn't just leave her alone.

"Iska, come to my boat!"

Ace spoke suddenly.

"Of course, I won't force you to be a pirate. Come and be a bounty hunter, isn't it just right for you to be so strong? Then just keep my head as a target, in the same boat."

With that, Ace stretched out his hand.

Wiping her tears and sniffing again, Iska finally smiled.

"What an idiot, Huo Fist you, what's the matter with the bounty hunter and the prey holding hands."

"That's it."

A big smile appeared on Ace's face.

"How can I say it, now I should say, be my girlfriend, or, marry me!"

At this moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded again, shocking the three of them.

"Mr. Luo Yi, when have you been here?"

Diuse cried out in surprise.

"I think about it, when the lieutenant general started to set fire."

Luo Yi made a contemplative motion, suddenly raised an index finger and said.

"That wasn't there at the beginning!"

Deuss growled.

"Yes, I was planning to save those children, but I didn't expect my younger brothers and sisters to move slowly at all."

Luo gave Iska a smile.

"I haven't agreed to the younger siblings or something"

Iska made a big red face again, and desperately buried her head in harmony.

"You can wear this on your body."

He took out two tenacity balls and squeezed them directly into the hands of Ace and Dius.

Just holding the Tenacity Ball, the two felt that their physical strength and energy were recovering more quickly than usual.

"Let's go, go back to the ship first, the navy will not do anything in my territory."

Having just finished playing a lieutenant admiral, it was a wishful thinking to want the navy not to pursue them. The coating was almost completed. If the rules on the island hadn't been laid down, where would they go.

It's just that Iska didn't know why in the end, Ace still didn't hold her little hand, but ran with them.

Passing through the alleys and avoiding the surveillance of the navy soldiers, they flexibly shuttled back and forth on the island, with the naval deployment provided by Iscar, and Ace’s domineering look and feel at the time, they succeeded in coming. To a safe area.

"Captain Ace!"

There was a burst of cheers on the deck, and Ace discovered that the coating had actually been completed, and the partners were also ready to set sail.

Deuss leaped up and jumped into the boat in one breath.

"Go! Iska!"

With that, Ace jumped up, and only Ace jumped onto the boat.


Ace's eyes widened.

"Even so, I am still a soldier in the navy and I cannot go with you."

Iska smiled weakly.


Ace leaned against the ship's edge.

"Don't die, Ace, thank you!"

Iska turned around resolutely.

Looking at Iska's back, Ace suddenly felt whether he should listen to Luo Yi's suggestion or should it be better to hold her hand.

"No, that's no way. I can't even hold her hand. I'm a pirate, and this hand will turn into a flame."

Ace pressed his hat hard to cover his eyes.

"Ace, you"

Dius understood that in Ace's heart, he always seemed to think that he should not be loved by others.

And when this point is poked, Ace's face and eyes will be overshadowed in an instant.

But she, Iska certainly didn't think so.

"Set sail!"

Following Ace's order, the ship put away the anchor, and the warship had surrounded them. It was true that no hands were allowed on the island, but Luo Yi did not go out to save face when it was at sea.

The cannonballs that flew like raindrops roared and slammed into the sea. Numerous water columns were stirred up by the cannonballs, and new ones appeared after falling. The splashing water splashed on the deck like raindrops.

There was a roar again, but this time it was not a cannonball.

Ace's fire fist opened a path.

"It's going on, guys!"

Ace yelled hard with a voice that all the crew on the ship could hear.

No matter what parting he experienced, Ace, as the captain, must continue to fight.

While throwing off the navy's assault, he rushed towards the fisherman island and into the distant seabed.

"Is this really good?"

For Luo Yi, who was fascinated by ghosts, Iska felt that she was immune.

"If you don't want to be a navy, you can come to my tavern. I can tell you something about Ace, brother and sister."

After speaking, Luo Yi left without waiting for Iska's answer.

Looking at the blue sea, Ace has already gone to sea, the new world will become more chaotic, and the layout of the revolutionary army in recent years should be about to be perfected.

428. Ordinary Grandpa

Mary Joa.

As the highest authority of the world government, the five old stars are here a little angrily discussing someone.

"What is going on with Luo Yi?"

"Bright Flame Fist Ace is right in front of his eyes, so let him go to the lieutenant admiral?"

"Someone has contacted him, and his answer is like this

I am a revolutionary army now, how can I save the navy? Besides, Ace is the grandson of Lieutenant General Karp, how am I embarrassed to attack his grandson?

This is the original story."

"Kapu's grandson? That's not Roger's son. Isn't Roger still Dorag's brother?"

"Also contacted Karp, his answer is this

I adopted an orphan and threw him to the bandit’s care. Later, my grandson Luffy also asked the bandit to take care of him. I was going to train them into an excellent navy.

These are the original words of Karp."

"Go to his excellent navy, if it were not for his naval hero status, I will now let him go and live in the city for a few years."

"But this Luo Yi, is it out of our control?"

"According to CP0's intelligence, this is indeed correct."

"Although he is a businessman, justice can be seen from him. In recent years, because of his power, the power of the pirates in the New World, there has been almost no growth. A large number of newcomers have been caught by them in the Chambord Islands and even in the four seas. The Chamber of Commerce has been resolved."

"From this point of view, he is indeed a partner of justice."

"No, those pirates were all traded for bounty by him."

"Really a partner of money."

"That's right, I heard that there is a happy street at GR 29, Chambord Islands."

"He even makes this kind of money? This is a deal in the underground world!"

"I just rent the house to others. As for how they want to operate and make money, I don't have the right to control them. When we found him and prepared to close those shops, he answered like this, but when we wanted to go in the name of the Navy When closing the Happy Street, he said that these are all my tenants. How can I let you disturb them after I collect the money? After all, I am a revolutionary army and need to fight against the navy."

"Go to his revolutionary army! Did that idiot lose money?"