Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 263

"Forget it, it's still good for now. Although the power of the revolutionary army is still spreading, he has also provided a lot of information, and he has also taken down many of their strongholds. It is also for Luo Yi to be able to do this. Exactly."

I don't know why, the five old stars who were still criticizing Luo Yi suddenly felt that Luo Yi still had merit.

It may be because what the revolutionary army did was really out of their control of the world. It was mainly Dorag, the leader of the revolutionary army, who was Karp’s son. They always thought they would become a naval admiral. Pu's big mouth told him all the secrets of the Navy.

As for whether Karp still has contact with Dorag now, they really don't know.

But Luo Yi can be sure that they have, and they are in contact quite frequently.

In the original book, when Karp told Luffy who his father was in the City of Seven Waters, he also said that Dorag talked to him about seeing Luffy in Rogue Town.

Therefore, Karp is actually the largest undercover agent in the Navy.

At this time, instead of Wu Lao Xing frowning every day discussing the so-called "worldwide" topic, Karp was eating and drinking in a shop in Luo.

"Puff ha ha ha you actually let Ace go there, I thought you would stop him."

"Your grandpa will let him be a pirate. Why should I stop him."

Luo wiped the glass in his hand and rolled his eyes at Karp.

"Although I want him to be a good navy, Ace has Ace's choice. Even if I insist on him as a navy, it is impossible."

"It's not because his identity is known to the government."

"How did you know!"

All the forks in Karp's hand fell.

"Nonsense, if you look at the content in the newspaper, is there a terrible thing? It's not because of his unusual status, how could the bounty go up."

Luo Yi felt that Karp's mind was really funny sometimes.

"So that's the case, I thought Ace told you his life experience."

Karp held up the wine glass with confidence and took a sip of satisfaction.

"I know, the blood of One Piece."


A sip of wine spurted out, but fortunately, Luo had prepared early in the morning, and a rag blocked Karp's mouth.

"Do you know it again?"

Karp now feels that Luo Yi is the most dangerous person in the world. He knows too much, and he is not a person in the system. He is now a "revolutionary army."

"But the world government really dare to pay for it. It's clear that Qiwuhai's position is already full, and it actually used the means of inviting Ace to become Qiwuhai to solicit him. Do you want to lead him to the navy headquarters for arrest? Chill out the hearts of other Qiwuhai?"

The so-called chill is just a statement.

Qiwuhai and the world government are not in the same mind. Qiwuhai also knows that whether the world government should tear its skin is just a matter of paper. Once the world government cancels the Qiwuhai system, it will immediately send a navy to arrest it.

However, it is one thing to break the skin and go to war, it is another thing to deceive people into the navy headquarters.

"Fortunately, Ace's life should not be broken, otherwise it may be the live broadcast of the execution of the Son of One Piece today, rather than the news that the new pirate firefist Ace rejected Qiwuhai's invitation."

Luo Yi didn't wait for Karp to answer, and said after changing him a glass of wine again.


Karp smiled without answering.

"Don't worry anymore, Ace is also slowly getting stronger. It's not a problem to live in the new world. Maybe after a while, his name will resound in the sea."

"Resounding ass, the new world is always a monster. Although the number of pirates entering the new world has decreased in the past two years, the strength of the new world is still improving. Who do you think is the problem!"

Karp was hit on the table heavily, and his temper came up all at once.

"Look at what I do, I'm a seller, catching pirates is just my sideline, and I'm not a navy."

Luo Yi shrugged, completely unprepared to take responsibility for the matter.

The New World is all monsters. This is true, but he didn't do anything. He just sold some of his low-level equipment to the Four Sovereign Pirates. Is there any problem?

Besides, it's not that he didn't leave anything for Ace. Ace is training these days. Luo Yi specifically called a few guys who had brains on Ace, a pirate of more than twenty people. The regiment carried three boxes of equipment and medicines back, enough for them to show up.

As for Karp, it seems that only when he goes to the Dota Tavern will he let go of his navy status and become an ordinary grandpa who is worried about his grandson's comfort.

429. Build

Karp left after drinking.

He came to express his gratitude to Luo Yi, and let his worries have a release process by the way.

Don't look at him beating his two grandsons as soon as he saw them. It was because he had worked hard at sea for decades and knew the cruelty of this sea.

Weak people will eventually be eliminated by the sea.

Although the grandchildren are very self-conscious to practice, they are not enough and too weak. Karp regards them as good navy training.

Seeing Karp leaving behind, Luo felt that this was just a way for him to express his love.

Even Ace and Luffy saw Karp is going to be afraid, but Karp's share of love, indeed have been communicated to, especially in their next adventure, more of a beating understand why.

After Karp left, Luo Yi flew to Baldigo again.

"Mr. Luo Yi."

The revolutionary soldiers who were already familiar with Luo Yi's appearance respectfully greeted Luo Yi.

Before he knew it, Luo Yi had elevated to a very high position in the hearts of the revolutionary army.

When Dorag came down, he seemed to be him.

As for Sabo, he and Kerla have formed a small team and will always be sent out to perform tasks.

Luo Yi didn't know what they were going to do. The Revolutionary Army organization had a good grasp of the general direction, but apart from the teammates who received the same task, everyone else did not know what they were going to do. At most, it was the local revolution. The soldiers were ordered to assist.

All the way out of the base of the revolutionary army, came to the desolate outside.

There are no trees or deserts here, just wasteland, but if you don’t want to green it, it may gradually become what it was before Alabastan.

Came to the northern cliff of Baldigo, stood on the edge of the cliff, and jumped.

It is impossible to finish the book.

The falling wind pressure blew Luo Yi’s face, and he fell quickly from a height of hundreds of meters. Luo stepped out with a step, and the speed of descent suddenly slowed down. After two or three consecutive times, he came to a huge cave. .

The location of the cave is very hidden, and there are stones on both sides of the entrance as a cover, unless it is very close, otherwise it is impossible to find here.

And Baldigo, as an island that seems to be deserted, plus the fact that the entire island is not magnetic, no one will come at all.

Entering the cave, walking all the way inside, under the illumination of a large number of electric lights, the brightness of the depth of the cave and the outside is not much different.

Most importantly, it is extremely spacious.

In Baldigo, there are two such caves. One is connected to the center of the island and leads directly to the port of the headquarters, just like the underground port of Dresrosa.

And this person was a cave that was rebuilt later.

The cave was very lively, and under the leadership of a murloc, he was working in full swing.

"Mr. Tom."

"Hey, it's Luo Yi."

As soon as Luo appeared, Tom put down the wood he was carrying on his shoulders.

"You are busy, don't worry about me, I just come to see."

"It's okay, the materials are not enough anyway."

Tom laughed, not in a hurry to work.

In fact, he does not have any important work.

Although he has trained many shipbuilding craftsmen for the Revolutionary Army because of his joining, they have saved a lot in the cost of ships over the years, but the Revolutionary Army is not smashing ships every day. They are just making spare ships.

Tom is building a ship alone. Now the keel and the approximate skeleton have been built, but he is facing a very serious problem.

"I will continue to look for materials. I can't guarantee if I can find them."

Luo Yi didn't dare to pat his chest to guarantee this matter.

That ship needs a lot of wood, and the quality of the wood is also extremely high.

Treasure tree Adam, the toughest tree in the world.

But this toughness is also limited. After all, it will still be cut down by humans and processed into wood, but ordinary shells cannot even destroy it, so you can see how hard Adam is.

But the problem also came.

There are not many such treasure trees in this world, and it is not so easy to buy Adam's wood.

Luo Yi is not short of money now, not at all, he has finally realized what money is just a digital life.

But sometimes, there are things that money does not buy.

Adam's material is very scarce.

The Four Emperors of the New World, the ship uses this material, and the price is expensive. The wood used by Tom to build the skeleton cost Luo 1.5 billion Baileys, which is more than the wood used by the entire ship of the USS. More.

"But I didn't expect that Luo Yi, you and Dorag would actually want to build this ship."

Tom looked at the huge skeleton in front of him. Tom also felt a little emotional about the impermanence of the world, not to mention that he actually agreed.

"We just discussed the importance of things."

Luo Yiyi said righteously.

Probably a year ago, after Luo Yi and Sabo's training ended, Dorag suddenly found him, just sat on the rock and talked about things.

Sabo and Kerla were shocked by the content of the discussion.

Each of the three ancient weapons possesses the power to destroy the world.

Pluto, the Hades who can bombard one island after another.

Poseidon, the sea king who communicated with the sea kings and was regarded as the king by the sea kings.

There is also the same name, but no one knows its specific role, but it is certain that the power will not be weaker than these two weapons.

"The king of heaven is in the hands of the Tianlong people. If you want to be an enemy of the world government, you need to have the power to rival it."

Dorag was originally prepared to rely on his own strength, first to inflame the people's hearts and let the world government lose control of the world, and then quietly touched Mary Joa, fired a shot, and destroyed the group of rods.

But now it's different.

If the Pluto battleship is built, they only need to quietly run into Mary Gioia, first rescue all the slaves, and then drive the ship to the sea and fire a shot.


How simple is the world nuclear peace.

Why do you have to fight for something that can be solved with a little money?

Dorag said that he is such a person who thinks about his subordinates.

And Tom at the time, just passing by, heard their conversation.

It turned out that I was going to do Tianlongren, come and come, this matter is covered by me.

So Tom took out his own drawings and explained the materials needed to build Pluto, the scene was as quiet as a surprise inspection by the head teacher.

Damn, you want such an expensive thing.

However, in terms of the weapons carried above, it does require high-end materials to be able to withstand it.

430. Aiolia


It is a new world of great sea routes.

After the balance of power on the sea last year, the names of the Four Emperors resounded throughout the world.

In this sea, there are only two types of pirates.

One is a pirate from the Four Emperors Pirate Group, and the other is a pirate who is about to die in the sea.

Of course, under such circumstances, there will be a special case. In this sea, there is a special pirate group.

It doesn’t belong to any forces. It’s just a simple adventure and exploration on the sea. Go to an island, research and study plant minerals, help the weak, bully the bullies, and bring the pirates to the naval base to exchange bounty with the admiral. Talking and laughing.