Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 282

When Lingling was five years old, she was exiled to the "Elbaff" where the giants lived because of her overgrown body and the destruction of her hometown.

On the day of exile, she didn't even know that she was abandoned by her parents.

Lingling: "Where is this? Mom, where are you going?"

Man: "Dad is going to do something nearby, Lingling."

Woman: "Can you wait for us here obediently?"

Lingling: "Sigh, I'll go together too"

Man: "As long as you wait here, you can eat as much as you want for the telecom in your backpack today!"

Woman: "Hmm! Right!"

Lingling: "Oh!! All!! Then I'll wait until you come back!"

Eating dessert, waving his hands, watching his parents get on the boat.

Sitting by the beach, day after day, Lingling could not wait for her parents to come back.

However, the days at the beach did not last long.

Lingling was adopted by Carmelite, the "saint" mother of the Lamb's House.

In the Lamb’s House, there are princes who were hunted down by the people after the riots, children who were almost turned into slaves due to poverty, and some problematic children whose parents could not control them.

These children, regardless of their position or ancestry, live together in the giant's village.

The most important thing is that for Lingling, who has always been bigger than others, Elbaff is the first place she has seen, with people, houses, and scenery matching her.

She felt very comfortable staying.

And Sister Carmelite is also very kind to her.

No matter what fault Lingling committed, she can see Lingling's inner kindness.

Lingling killed a bear that ate a wolf. Carmelo said she wanted the bear and the wolf to be good friends. She was a kind and good boy.

Lingling wanted to tear off one of the joints of the long-hand tribe, and Carmelo would stop and teach her, which was normal for the long-hand tribe.

Lingling wants to pull off the fins on the murlocs, Carmelo will stop and teach her, this is normal for the murlocs.

In addition, Carmelo would ask all the children of Lamb's House to forgive Lingling's behavior and explain that she is really just a kind child.

Carmelo forgave her everything.

And this life has lasted for 10 months.

That was Elbaff’s Winter Solstice. In order to thank the sun for giving them food, everyone had to go on a hunger strike for 12 days. After the harsh winter, the sun would once again shine on the earth.

From experiencing the hardships, I am grateful to the sun.

Then, Lingling's eating disorder was committed.

The little girl, who was only 5 years old, defeated Elbaff’s elder, 344-year-old Yoruru.

Moreover, he was seriously injured with just one blow. Due to his age, Yoluru could not be saved because of his age.

In order to keep Lingling, Carmelo left Albuff with everyone in the Lamb's House.

Since then, Lingling has become the enemy of giants all over the world.

However, this incident does not seem to affect the people of Lamb's House.

After 10 months of getting along, everyone is very familiar with Lingling, knowing that she is kind-hearted, but she lacks some common sense, and she has more strength, nothing more.

Although the giants hated Lingling, they still remembered the "graciousness" of the "Virgin" Carmelo to their giants and helped them build a house.

In order to eliminate the anxiety that accumulated in the hearts of the children, Carmelo kept smiling.

After a while, everything was restored to its former appearance, and the children's laughter echoed in the Lamb's House.

This is what people say about the Lamb’s House.

"No matter what kind of problem child, the miraculous power of the Virgin can regenerate him and find good adoptive parents."

However, no one knows that the so-called "Virgin" Carmelo is actually a human trafficker.

37 years before moving out of Albuff, she and the navy played a play together, "rescuing" several giant pirates on the execution ground and was able to sneak into Albuff.

The Navy’s first giant Sea Ice John was also thanks to Carmelo’s linking in among them.

She lied to the children at Lamb’s House, and then sold those with good qualifications to the government, that is, the CP organization every two years.

No one can find these homeless children, which is perfect for spy staff.

As for Lingling who has tried her best to save, Carmelo, who is willing to move out from Albuff, naturally took a fancy to Lingling’s extraordinary potential, and if sent to the navy, she would definitely be a general and marshal level master. Even if it is sent to CP, it can become the strongest shield of the Tianlongren.

But many times, plans cannot keep up with changes.

On Lingling’s sixth birthday, the children of the entire Lamb’s House piled up her favorite Samra to make a puff tower, and proposed at the table that they would have a tea party together.

That day was the happiest birthday in Lingling's life.

The friends of Lamb’s House, who have similar situations with her, are broad-minded, gentle and kind. Her favorite Mother, Lingling, is surrounded by everyone’s smiles, while eating her favorite and sweet birthday cake. I couldn't help crying.

What a wonderful day, her eyes blurred with tears, and she couldn't even see the sight before her eyes.

She felt very happy, even eating a little selflessly, accidentally even eating down the table.

But when she opened her eyes, everyone disappeared.

Lingling didn't know the details of what happened that day, but two people witnessed that part of the journey.

One was the Elbaff warrior who came to check the situation with the Lamb’s Home, his face was blue and he ran away, and has never returned to this island since.

In the end, this matter reached the ears of all giants, and Charlotte Lingling seemed to have become a disgusting existence in the hearts of giants who refused to even mention her name.

The other person is a pirate chef who originally lived on this island, one of the founders of the BIG MOM Pirate Group, and the chef of the BIG MOM Pirate Group, Long Bread.

Today, all 57 years have passed.

BIG MOM received the power of the Death Prophet, and the soul in his body instantly experienced severe pain, which was a pain that was torn off the soul forcibly.

Her painful wailing was very affected. Although there was a candy barrier to resist it, ordinary people still felt very uncomfortable, and everyone was suppressed and could not move.

Kata Kuri had also entered a state of preparation, and the glutinous rice dumplings in his hand were thrown directly to all the brothers and sisters, blocking their ears.

It's just that the people who have resumed action don't know who the soul was drawn from the body of BIG MOM.

There was only a long loaf, chanting a name in horror on his face.


459. Full war

"That's Lingling?"

When Carmelo was pulled out of Lingling's body, the whole person was still in a daze, especially when he saw the person who had fallen to the ground due to dizziness, it was even more incredible.

Until now, her memory is still at the moment when she was eaten by Lingling.

It was also at that moment that she realized what kind of monster she had raised.

Sell ​​to the Navy?

forget it.

No one in the entire Lamb's House can control Lingling. Once she goes crazy, no one can resist.

Everyone was swallowed by her. That mouth, the mouth that used to laugh with them and eat at the same table with them, was so alive that she swallowed her friends one by one as puffs.

too frightening.

Carmelo looked at Lingling's eyes at this time, full of fear.

I'm just a liar, I'm just a personal dealer, why should I go through such a terrible experience, why should I be swallowed alive?

"I am still alive?"

Carmelo suddenly realized something.

"No, you are dead."

When she heard the sound coming from her ear, she realized that she was being held by a woman.

The woman's hair was shining, and a faint green hair floated backwards without wind. Outside the turquoise pupils, there were black eye sockets. The most important thing is that this woman has no feet, she is floating.

And his body is different from before.

That illusory appearance is like a soul transformed from his own fruit power.

"It seems that because of the Devil Fruit, she can maintain her soul state after death."

Lingling fainted, Luo Yi also put down her covered ears and made an analysis on the side.

Different devil fruits naturally have different effects.

Like Brook's yellow spring fruit, it can be known to come back from the dead.

Then Carmelo’s soul fruit is also a fruit of playing with the soul, making people become a ghost-like existence. It shouldn’t be difficult.


No one else knew about Luo Yi's situation, but when Lingling passed out, the candy barrier had basically become fragmented.

At this time, no one cared about the safety of the guests. Among the members of the Charlotte family, as long as they had combat capabilities, they rushed up for the first time.

They didn't know who was held by the death prophet.

They only knew that Lingling was in danger now.

The Wraith Emperor had already demonstrated his strength before, and his strange power was not weaker than Lingling, which had already attracted everyone's attention.

Not to mention, the group standing behind Luo Yi, the guys who seem to be ugly.

The first shot was the eldest son Perrospero.

"Candy Virgin"

A golden iron maiden suddenly appeared and rushed towards Luo Yi and the others.

"Famous chestnut rice cake"

Dozens of rice cakes appeared from Kata Kuri, hardened with armed colors, and directly hit the enemy in the form of a full range of slaps.

"Rolled Pretzel"

A sword appeared in Kelijia's hand. It was a sword replicated with the ability of the biscuit fruit. The spiraling sword energy was directly emitted from the continuously rotating sword, which was extremely fast and powerful.

"Water Sword"

Smoky's body suddenly became several times bigger, and a giant sword aura was directly swung out, extremely terrifying.


The last general, Star Snag, wielded a large samurai sword and rushed directly.

The four stars, plus Perrospero, are the highest combat power the Charlotte family can produce.

And this power, naturally, should not be underestimated.

The ground made of candy began to crack due to pressure. Not surprisingly, when the people on both sides actually collide, the roof will directly collapse.

And Luo Yi's side is not weak either.

Akasha did not hesitate.

As a woman with B, her mobility is the strongest among all.

At the moment the Charlotte family took the shot, Akasha flashed directly in the front.

The charming lips opened slightly, and the seemingly harmless little mouth suddenly emitted a sound wave visible to the naked eye.

The harsh scream, although only for a moment, rushed into everyone's ears.

It was a sound even more terrifying than Lingling's howling just now.

With Akasha as the center, the crimson sound wave spreads forward like a fan.

The move that had originally rushed to everyone was as fragile as paper under Aksha's sound wave, and was directly pushed back by that sound wave.

Ultrasonic shock waves not only have a powerful sound, but also an unmatched impact.

Even characters as strong as Kata Kuri are constantly pushed back by the powerful impact.