Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 283

Because of the shock wave, the characters in the blockbuster were either directly rushed out of the roof, or fell after resisting the shock wave.

The entire platform was cleaned up very clean.

There is no need for the weak Hormitz to exist.

There were only a dozen people who could stand on the scene.

If it hadn't been for Perrospero to make a candy slide at the last minute, those who were rushed out of the roof would have fallen to death.

This is the case, panic has also appeared in Cake Island at this time.

First Lingling's terrible cry made the residents of Cake Island scared to death, and now there is a group of people falling from the sky and falling down the slide, almost piled into hills.

And when these people looked at it, more than 90% had fallen into a coma.

In addition to these people, a pile of food flew down with tables and chairs.

what happened?

Isn't there a tea party up there?Is this a fight?

"I can't wait a long time."

Licking the dagger in her hand, Aksha's red eyes drifted past everyone, and she was about to look for one or a group of prey.

"It's rare to stretch your muscles and bones in another world. Don't grab them. How much is there for each person."

The Plague Mage came out holding his staff, looking like an old man dying, but at the moment he stood up, everyone felt a breath of death from him.

"You are putting away the breath of the plague. Whoever snatches it will take care of you so much."

The butcher has been upset with the plague for a long time.

The aura of this plague was even more poisonous than the poisonous gas emitted from his rotted and swollen flesh, and it was simply robbing people.

"The strength of the Four Emperors is indeed strong. If there is such a strong in my world, I will definitely choose to conquer their country the first time."

Wraith the Great came up. Although he was a belligerent and regarded Lingling as an opponent, he was not a despicable villain. It was not his style to shoot at people in a coma.

What's more, he has seen through the power of the wraith that Lingling's soul has been severely damaged, and it is not so easy to recover.

"Big Brother Perros, Brother Kata Kuri"

"Don't say it, even if you fight for your life, you have to defeat these people."

Kata Kuri is now standing at the forefront, the strongest among this group. Facing the high hopes of the remaining brothers and sisters, as the backbone of him, he needs to lead them to victory correctly.

"The war has begun!"

As Kata Kuri's words fell, the personnel of both sides did not hesitate, and each displayed their abilities.

The scene suddenly fell into chaos.

460. He has no water.

"Candy Art"

Perrospero was the first to make a move, directly transforming the candy ground just made, one by one, the slides directly dispersed Luo and the others, obviously preparing to break them one by one.

The original roof has long been destroyed. When the candy floor disappears, the underground room is exposed.

Several members of the Charlotte family who had just been pushed off the roof by the shock wave have also jumped up.

Kata Kuri glanced at it, and there were a total of 25 people who could participate in the battle.

"Povar, immediately organize the manpower and surround this place. There are 11 enemies in total. Don't let any of them go."

After Kata Kuri gave the order, he jumped directly and found his opponent, the Wraith Emperor.

Facing the powerful Wraith Emperor who was able to stand alone with Lingling, the Charlotte family did not take it lightly.

Even the strongest Kata Kuri does not mean any heads-up.

Behind Kata Kuri, Smoky and Perrospero also followed.

"Are you the strongest fighters?"

When the three of them saw Emperor Wraith, the Emperor was sitting on the sofa in the room, with the giant sword in his hand leaning against him, waiting very leisurely for his opponent to appear.

Although there is no domineering look, but the emperor with the power of the wraith also has his own unique aura induction.

From the three of Kata Kuri, he could see the approximate strength of the opponent.

And for them choosing three people to deal with themselves, it shows that their brains are still okay.

"Have the power to tie with mom, as long as you solve it first, you can kill everyone in one go."

Kata Kuri touched his wrist, and a trident appeared suddenly.

The ability of Nuonuo Fruit allows his body to turn into a rice cake, and he can freely change the shape of his body, make substances, and store objects.

"Mobile Waxy Group"

The trident knocked on the ground, and the whole room suddenly changed.

Except for the feet of the three Kata Kuri, everything in the entire room, including the floor and walls, was assimilated into a glutinous ball, entangled with the emperor.

The Emperor, who was still sitting on the sofa, was restrained without any defense, even before he could even pick up his giant sword.

"Mirror Cake"

The ground surging like a wave, covering the emperor layer by layer.

If you can't break free, your opponent will suffocate to death.

But after the emperor was buried, he found that he didn't feel anything except the glutinous rice on his body was a little tight.

after all

The wraith body does not need to breathe.

"This is the end?"

After waiting for a while, Kata Kuri didn't feel any resistance, and couldn't help but feel a little strange.

However, under the domineering induction of seeing and hearing, there will be no change in the next few seconds.

Don't say Kata Kuri doesn't believe it, even Smoky and Perrospero don't believe it.

The emperor and Lingling had just cut each other for several rounds. Neither of them used any skills. Even though they knew that Lingling hadn’t used all of their strength, the emperor seemed to be able to do well at the time. The collision between the two of them caused both sides There was no backlash, and the emperor's strength could already be seen.


Kata Kuri suddenly opened his eyes, and controlled the ground with the three of them to move back quickly.

"Candy Barrier"


A dozen meters high, the glutinous rice layered on top of each other was suddenly blown away. The glutinous rice splashed around cracked the surrounding walls. Even if Perrospero put down a half-meter-thick barrier first, it still couldn’t Block all attacks.

A fist-sized glutinous rice knocked out a big hole in the barrier, and rushed toward Perrospero’s face unabated. When the glutinous rice was less than ten centimeters away from Perrospero’s face, Kata Kurina's armed and domineering fist directly bombarded the glutinous rice, knocking it away.

The knocked glutinous rice directly penetrated the wall behind them diagonally, not knowing where to fly.

"Hey! Be serious next door, don't let the attack come!"

Luo Yi's unhappy voice sounded from the rear, and it seemed that the damage caused by the glutinous rice was really not small.

However, Smoky is waving the long sword in his hand and blocking the glutinous rice flying towards the three with Kata Kuri. Perrospero is also strengthening the "candy barrier" to reduce the pressure on his younger brothers and sisters. .

And the great emperor who caused all of this is now carrying the giant sword in his hand, walking forward step by step.

"Be careful, there is no weakness in his breath."

Kata Kuri clenched his trident tightly, his face solemn.

"Candy Virgin Decoration"

A skill derived from the "Candy Virgin", attached to the armed and domineering, the torture tool Iron Maiden with a sharp material beast-shaped body, with a huge mouth, rushed towards the emperor like a bulldozer.

A large number of spikes were launched from the mouth of the beast, and the emperor swung the giant sword in front of him. At that moment, the emperor seemed to be stuck on the disc, his feet were still on the spot, and a giant sword was swung in the air. A barrier came out.

"Ding" "ding" "ding"

No spike can break through the defense of the emperor.

But even so, the beast has already rushed to the front of the emperor, biting down at the emperor fiercely.

"Kacha" "Kacha"

You don't even need to look at it, there are large cracks in this huge beast.

The candy that has always been indestructible is as fragile as glass in front of the emperor.

When the green figure of the great emperor rushed out from the tail of the beast, the whole beast had been turned into fragments.

"Chuiyu glutinous rice"

Kata Kuli had seen this scene a long time ago, supporting the ground with his left hand, and the ground turned into countless sturdy rice cake sticks, entwined with armed domineering, and hit the emperor at a very fast speed.

The bombardment sounded continuously, and a large amount of smoke was lifted up because of the fighting, making it difficult to see what was inside.

However, Kata Kuri knew that most of his attacks had been resisted by the domineering feeling of seeing and hearing, and those attacks on the emperor seemed to be ineffective.

"Really strong."

Kata Kuri left a cold sweat on his forehead.

Even in the future, he hasn't seen the other party's attempt to attack, but for now, their attack does not seem to be effective in causing any harm.

"Unparalleled Donuts"

"Clap rice cakes"

Kata Kuri's hands were wrapped in rice cakes, and many rice cakes emerged from the ground, forming a doughnut shape.

After that, two donuts with armed arms and domineering rice cake arms suddenly stretched out, and they patted the emperor fiercely.

"Fate Strike"

The Great Emperor sensed the strength of this attack, and the giant sword in his hand was raised high, severely slashed towards the giant hand on the right, and raised his left hand, ready to block the attack from the other side.

The giant sword cut the rice cake on the right hand in half without any hindrance. Although the left hand blocked the attack, it was pushed horizontally for several meters by huge force before it stopped.

But when the emperor was wrestling with that hand, a void suddenly appeared in the middle of the palm, and the emperor's center of gravity instantly deviated and fell to the palm.

In the void, two hands suddenly appeared and grabbed the arm of the emperor.


That was Smoky's hand. Just now, she quickly approached the emperor under the cover of the two brothers' attacks, waiting for him to be able to grasp the opponent directly.

Juicing is the ability to squeeze the fruit. It can squeeze all the liquid in an object or organism, and the organism that is squeezed out of water will naturally die.




Smoky feels embarrassed now, he has no water, brothers!

461. Originally thought it could be beaten

Another room.

The situation before this is different, there are only two people here.

This is true.

As one of the four dessert stars, Kelijia ranks the third among the stars. The boss is Kata Kuri, the second is Smoky, and the fourth is Snug.

However, the fighting method of Crane is different from others.

Except for his family, no one has seen him as he is.

Even the wanted orders outside are actually biscuit soldiers made by his fruit ability.

As soon as Perrospero separated the enemy forcefully, they immediately assigned their opponents.

The opponent who was assigned to Craig was a seemingly demented opponent. No matter whether his strength is very strong or not, what we have to do now is to let Craig solve the opponent as soon as possible, and then go to other rooms to help, as soon as possible The speed of destroying enemies one by one.

In the case of one-to-one, Keli Frame originally thought it could be a fight.