Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 284

"Cookie Fragments"

Craig kept clapping his hands, his fruit ability is just like this, if you want to create a large number of cookie fragments, you need this skill to activate the action.

After a large number of biscuit fragments appeared, they were quickly assembled together under the control of Creeper.

"Cookie Soldier"

Rows of biscuit soldiers appeared in the room and surrounded his opponents.

If nothing happens, this person will be beaten to death.

In Kelijia's eyes, although this person was wearing armor, the exposed skin was very terrifying, and it looked like a corpse, with sharp teeth, and he didn't know what race he was.

And just such a person, when the biscuit soldier appeared, he had one hand and a tombstone rising from the ground.

Then, beside each cookie soldier, something like a zombie appeared, and he fought with his soldiers.

Even his side is the same.

The power of these zombies’ attacks is not strong, but not weak, but the key problem is that one crawls out every few seconds, and one crawls out every few seconds. The zombies won’t come out if the cracker slaps the palm of the hand. It's fast.

In less than half a minute, the Biscuit Soldier fell. A dozen zombies pressed the Biscuit Soldier to the ground. These zombies were not afraid of pain or attack. They beat the Biscuit Soldier with their hands and bite with their mouths.

Although it did not cause any substantial harm, it was a real prisoner.

Even Craig felt the same way. There were zombies crawling out of him all the time. Although every one that crawled out would be killed by him, he had just finished fighting one, and the next one appeared again.

"It's the tombstone problem!"

Creetron realized the problem in an instant.

"Rolled Pretzel Roll"

Spiral sword rushed towards the tombstone fiercely. Kelijia originally thought that the person would stop it, but it didn't.

The spiral sword energy hit the tombstone without any hindrance, and then dissipated.

The tombstone did not move.

"I didn't even shake it."

"Double Roll Pretzel Roll"

Craig didn't believe it.

Outside of his body, there was a layer of biscuit soldiers. He raised his hands and knocked on the shoulders on both sides, and two arms grew out again. This time, he was going to solve the tombstone with stronger force.

Two spiral sword qi flew out.

Ran and egg.

The tombstone remained motionless, and the King of Corpse even tilted his head, just staring at Keli frame blankly.

In an instant, Keli Frame felt underestimated.

"Burst Pretzel"

Suddenly, the sword in his hand was attached with flames, and the otherwise unremarkable big sword was suddenly 15, just like it was opened.

Keli took a jump, stepped directly on the heads of those biscuit soldiers and zombies, and rushed towards the tombstone not far away from him.

He didn't believe it.

A stab, Krek's full blow, slammed on the tombstone.


A huge explosion suddenly appeared.

The power of this trick of Krecking seems to be just a stab, but the actual strength is the explosion after the stab.

However, when seeing the tombstone still without any damage, Kelijia understood.

This should be the effect of a certain fruit ability, it seems that only the ability can be defeated.

Kelijia turned his sword towards the king of corpse, just to see that king of corpse raised his hand and patted the ground.

A burst of green energy flowed from the body of the Keli frame and into the body of the corpse king.

Craig noticed that his strength suddenly decreased a bit.

what happened?

"Borrow some strength."

The corpse king spoke.


At this time, Keli also discovered that the enemy in front of him might be a bit difficult.

"Oh! Then"

The corpse king raised his right hand.

But it may be because his speed was too slow. The sword of the crease frame directly pierced his body, and it was pierced to the end, leaving only the hilt outside.

Huh?So weak.

Crane thinks so.

However, the corpse king slapped him directly on the face.

"Bang Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka"

The biscuit soldier shattered directly outside, and the hand of the corpse king directly touched Kelijia's face.

The powerful force directly flew the Keli frame fan, smashing several biscuit soldiers, and then stopped among a bunch of zombies.


After spitting out blood, Kelijia found that he really underestimated him.

He stabbed the sword with all his strength just now, but he didn't expect it would easily penetrate his body.

But now it seems that except for the hole, there is no problem in his body, not even a drop of blood.

Is this still a human?

Keli kicked the zombie who crawled out and grabbed his feet.

Wielding a long sword, he attacked again.

But seeing the corpse king hit the ground again, the green energy reappeared, and Craig felt that his strength had dropped a bit.

"No, this person has a big problem with his abilities, and he must not fight a protracted battle."

Crane made a judgment instantly.

This person's attack power is very strong, but the speed does not seem to be very fast, as long as you pay attention to dodge his attack and cut off his head with a sword, you will be able to win.

This is what Creeke thinks, and it does so.

Facing the slap that the corpse dynasty slapped on himself, Keli frame's waist was twisted, and the hand rubbed against his scalp. The strong wind that brought up made Keli frame feel that this attack was stronger than before. Be stronger, this is definitely absorbing your own strength.

The cradle that escaped the attack, without any hesitation, the luminous long sword slashed directly at the neck of the corpse king.

With one sword down, he cut in half abruptly.

"It's dead now!"

Kelijia felt that even if his mother's neck was chopped like this, it would be hopeless.

However, the corpse king turned his head.

Make a fist with the left hand and a punch.

The cradle flew out again.

Falling into the broken biscuits, watching the zombie climb onto his body, Craig couldn't figure it out, his neck was cut in half, why is this person still alive?

No, he's here, he can actually go!

462. Pain has just begun

"It's actually a few little girls, what a pity."

Aksha would not have fallen down the slide originally, but since the other party wanted to separate herself and others, she naturally wouldn't mind. Appreciating the unique environment around him, Aksha saw her opponent at war.

Adelman, the third female of the Charlotte family, is a snakehead tribe with a long neck. She looks a little gloomy. She holds the famous sword "White Fish" in her hand and is a strong man who is good at using swords.

Kastad, the sixth daughter of the Charlotte family, is the sister of the siblings, and the weapon is also a long sword.

Garrett, the 18th female of the Charlotte family, is a superhuman "butter fruit" capable person who can restrain opponents by manipulating her hands and creating butter out of thin air.

Of course, this butter is not that butter.

"Huh, nasty woman!"

Castad smashed his mouth in dissatisfaction.

Although I don't know what is going on with the wings behind Akasha, and the appearance of the skin, her dress is really unacceptable.

As we all know, women can't wear Bi:Ki:Ni this type of clothing except in the beach swimming pool, otherwise they must be matched with a shy expression, not to mention the more exciting costume of the queen.

"I really don't understand the sentimental little sister, I hope you will be able to laugh later."

The dagger in her hand seemed to be pointed at Castad a little teasingly, Aksha moved her wrist a few times, and the dagger kept twisting up and down, which seemed a little irritating.

"Stop talking nonsense, sisters."

"Butter bound"

Garrett directly chose to do it.

Although there are not many enemies, defeating them at the fastest speed is the way to fight this time. Defeat the enemies in front of you and support other brothers and sisters, so that you can defeat your opponents with minimal losses.

A ball of butter flew out of Garrett's hand, and flew directly towards Aksha, at a very fast speed, but Aksha seemed to have expected it long ago, and his body flashed to the side, avoiding the attack.

Although she didn't know the power of "Butter Fruit", she also had a bad feeling in her heart.

If you are bound by the mass of butter, something bad will happen.

She is the Queen of Pain. She only likes to cause pain to others. She doesn't like it herself. If she has to say it, she is an S.

"Butter Control"

The butter that had been dodged originally turned around in the air and flew towards the queen again.

The queen glanced at the situation behind her, still smiling at the corner of her mouth, and suddenly disappeared in front of the three of them.


When the sound from the back of his head sounded, Kstad reacted, and immediately made a forward and turned motion, and saw Akatha's dagger, which was blocked by Ademan.

"I thought you were very slow."

Aksha looked at Adelman with some surprise.

From the moment he entered, all Ademan's movements were slow and tidy, like an old man living leisurely.

However, when Aksha flickered behind them and was about to kill one person first, the sword of this "old man" actually blocked her attack in an instant.

Although he is not very good at close combat, but the opponent has such a speed of reaction, it should be Luo Yi's "seeing and hearing domineering".

"Slow Ballad"

Adelman did not respond to Aksha's ridicule, and raised the white fish in his hands with both hands, and cut down towards Aksha very slowly.

At that speed, Akasha felt that even children could easily dodge, but from the induction on the Qi machine, she was locked.

"Butter Control"

Garrett naturally did not miss the opportunity to attack.

Castad also quickly released his sword.

They already knew that Akasha seemed to have an extraordinary ability to move, and in the battle, he had long turned on the domineering of seeing and hearing.

However, among the three, Castad was the weakest, and Aksha probably also took a fancy to this, and was the first to attack her.

The attacks of the three arrived at the same time, a sword was cut from the head, a sword pierced her abdomen, and a lump of butter was about to mash on her face.

But Aksha didn't mean to dodge, just opened her mouth gently.

Piercing scream!