Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 285

Although it was just a voice, Aksha actually let the three of them know what pain is.

In the soul, a powerful fear rose instantly, as if seeing the most feared thing in his heart, just like being sucked by a dementor against his face.

The three of them stopped their attacks instantly, and their legs ran away from Akasha at all.

When the three awoke from their fear, Adelman and Garrett found that Castad had fallen to the ground, tied up with a rope, and Aksha was sitting on her back, using The dagger was drawn gently, and the smile on his face seemed to be enjoying.

The chills rose from the heart.

This woman is not only powerful, but also a pervert.

"Butter bound"

Garrett is approaching and has not yet awakened the fruit. All he can do at present is to control the butter that comes out of his hand.

A ball of butter rushed towards Akasha at a very fast speed. The distance between the double reverses was originally unwilling, and it could even be said to be very close. Although I ran for a while because of fear, it was actually only a few meters.

Aksha's movements are still fast.

The twinkling instantly appeared behind Garrett, and the dagger was stabbed towards her waist without hesitation.

It just didn't succeed.

The dagger was blocked by a ball of butter.

And Butter crawled along the dagger towards her hand, forcing Akasha to let go of her dagger.

"The dagger is poisonous."

Adelman, who came to Castade’s side, made a judgment just by looking at it.

The location of the wound was obviously different from ordinary knife wounds.

Hearing these words, Garrett immediately strengthened the fruit ability, wrapping the inner and outer layers of the dagger to prevent Akasha from getting the weapon again.

Then, I saw Akasa stretched his hand to his back, and when he lifted it up again, he held a dagger in each of his left and right hands.

OK, you are awesome!

Garrett and Adman's vigilance immediately rose to the highest level.

She has strong mobility, wretched attacks, weird abilities, and the use of poison on her dagger. This woman is not easy.

There is also the trick used on it before, the power is indeed quite large, even the power of Kata Kuri has been repelled, and it has not been used up to now, is it because of side effects, or she does not want to use it at all .

"Shadow Assault"

Without giving them too much time to think and be vigilant, the queen didn't even use the flicker, and the two daggers flew out.

Garrett and Ademan immediately used their abilities to defend. Seeing that the butter was about to wrap the dagger and the white fish in their hands was about to pick up the dagger, the dagger flicked in the air, bypassing their defense. Inserted in the stomachs of the two.

"Don't worry, the pain has just begun!"

The queen walked on her slender legs, her tongue was licking her lips, like a demon, getting closer.

463. Beat

Dafu and Ou are the third and fourth sons of the Charlotte family.

The strength of the two is of course needless to say, the bounty has reached 300 million Baileys.

Of course, as far as their compatriot brother Kata Kuri is concerned, the strength of the two is indeed too weak.

However, their 300 million reward is different from that of Luffy and Kidd.

Luffy defeated CP9 and made a big fuss on Judicial Island. The world government pushed all the faults of sinking Judicial Island because of the slaughter order to Luffy, and only offered a reward of 300 million.

Kidd, on the other hand, was offered a reward of 300 million because he was brutal and often killed civilians.

Both Daifuku and Ou had reached this level with real strength.

However, both of them are a little panicked now.

The person in front of them didn't know whether he was a human being.

Around his neck is a shackle that is several times thicker than a Tianlongren’s collar, and there are two thick chains attached to it. The legs and waist of this man are also bound by chains, those iron chains, It was almost as thick as his forearm.

The four roots growing behind them seemed to be the transition of bone hyperplasia, as well as the strange way of action floating up, which really made the two of them a little uncomfortable.

"Brother Dafu!"

"Do it!"

The two sighed the enemy's appearance a bit, and immediately activated their abilities.

Dafu placed his hands on his chest and kept rubbing his hands up and down. His behavior was extremely wretched, just like a strange crocodile.

As he rubbed, gas began to emerge from his stomach, and the gas formed a figure in the air.

Just like Aladdin's magic lamp, a "Lamp Demon" was formed.

The fruit of transpiration can make the body look like an oil lamp. As long as the body is rubbed, it can summon a "lamp demon" with autonomous consciousness.

Since it is made of smoke, you can avoid attacks by turning into smoke, which is a bit like a natural system.

The lamp demon was holding a long-handled sword in his hand, but because his lower body was connected to Dafu's body, he could not leave Dafu too far, and could only execute simple commands.

Ou's movements were much simpler, his right fist was glowing crimson like heated steel, with a lot of smoke coming out of it, and even the surrounding space looked a little distorted.

And their opponent, the Lich, quietly watched them prepare before speaking.

"This room is a bit small."

The Lich said so, and opened his right hand, and an ice-blue sphere appeared in his hand.

With the appearance of the sphere, both Daifuku and Ou felt that the temperature in the room had dropped by points, and the heat in Ou's hands had dropped accordingly.

"Devil Slash"

"Hot Fist"

Without any hesitation, Dafu and Ou rushed directly to the Lich, each displaying their abilities.

Armed domineering was attached to the long-handled knife in the hand of the demon, and it severely slashed towards the head of the lich.

And Ou also fully mobilized his fruit ability, his fist became even hotter, his target was the chest of the lich.

Facing the attack of the two men, the Lich didn't have any intention to move. His left hand was on the hockey puck, and a magic shield made of frost suddenly appeared. The large shield directly blocked the two men's attack.


The shield was hit, but it didn't leave any scars, nor did it appear to be broken, and at the moment when the two hit the shield, a cool air, it should be said that it was an icy cold, burst out from the shield.

The bodies of the two and the Deng Demon instantly froze with frost, and even the hot fruit of Ou was affected.

However, the Lich didn't mean to stop.

After using the shield, the Lich's left hand did not leave the puck, but continued to touch it.


Unprepared, a destructive frost broke out on Ou's body.

Ou could feel that this cold air eroded into his internal organs in just an instant, and that explosive destructive power was wanton destruction in his body.


A mouthful of blood was spit out, and Olima mobilized the ability of the hot fruit to regulate the temperature in the body and drive out the severe cold.

The Dafu and Dengmaren on the side were also affected.

Although the strength of the frost received was not as much as Ou's endurance, it also made their bodies freeze out of frost.

Dafu could feel that the speed of himself and the Deng Demon were affected, and the movement of his limbs became difficult.

"Devil Slashes"

Seeing that Ou was injured, Dafu would naturally not allow his younger brother to be attacked.

Even though his limbs were a little stiff, it was like being numb after being buried in the snow, but Daifuku controlled the demon to attack desperately.

The devil seemed to be convulsed, desperately brandishing the long-handled sword in his hand and slashing at the lich from various tricky angles.

It's just that the shield was like eyes, and it took every attack very accurately.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of the Lich's defense, Dafu pulled Ou back.

"It's okay."

Dafuku asked worriedly.

"never mind."

Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Ou said, "His ability is a bit strange, not just as simple as ice."

Ou was very sure, if it was ice, with his hot fruit, how could it be heated so that the cold air would be eliminated.

You know, he is a person with the ability to heat fruits. It is not a problem to increase the temperature to several thousand degrees in an instant. It actually took several seconds to eliminate the cold.

"The trick just now seems to have scope, but the shield only has one side. We attack from left to right and solve it as soon as possible. He can no longer use other abilities."

"Okay, brother."

Seeing Ou regained his combat power, Dafu immediately made a plan, and the two rushed up again.

The Deng Demon took the lead, and the long-handled broadsword slashed at the head of the Lich fiercely, while Dafu rushed to the right side of the Lich, his arms hardened in his arms, and he did not hesitate to shoot.

While running, Ou's eyes glowed directly, staring at the shield of the Lich, and used the air heating. This is the use of the fruit power, which can heat the things he designated to catch fire.

But I was disappointed. His heating in the air didn't have any effect.

In that case, Ou didn't stop his footsteps, his fist instantly heated up, and the air around him turned into a hot wind, wrapped around his fist, and smashed at the Lich.

Encountered on three sides, the Lich didn't mean to dodge. The hockey puck on his right hand was raised high, and with a forceful flick, a huge hockey puck flew directly towards Ou.


Ou, who was hit by the hockey puck, stopped his action instantly and spit out a bit of blood again, but the hockey puck did not disappear. It bounced from Ou and landed on Deng Demon's body, even though Deng Demon forcibly became The smoke still worked.

Daifuku's attack fell on the ice shield, watching the hockey puck ejected from the Lantern Demon and flying towards him again, with his hands folded in front of him, trying to block the attack.

However, he seemed to see a pair of eyes, the whole brain was blank for an instant, and the lamp demon disappeared because he lost his control.

Dafu put down his hands and let the hockey puck hit him, his legs ignored his orders, and slowly walked towards the Lich.

Ou on the other side, the same, as if turned into a puppet by the Lich.

The hockey puck is constantly beating between the two.

464. Don't underestimate anyone's blood volume.

This is the case sometimes in life.

You thought it was five-to-one, but found out that it was someone one-to-five.

Opela is the fifth son of the Charlotte family.

And the next 6, 7, 8, 9 are quintuplets with him.

I can only say that Lingling is really amazing. Pregnancies come from several births.

The OPERA quintuplets are together in battle.

Correctly implement the core policy of not being singled out if you can encircle and fight, they surround the tortured soul.

The quintuplets are almost exactly the same, over 5 meters tall, with long beards reaching up to the waist, except for the clothes and hairstyle, they even laugh about the same.

Among the quintuplets, only the eldest brother Opela had eaten Devil Fruit, and he looked like he was covered with cream, very disgusting.

Superman cream fruit can turn any part of the body into cream. The capable person can also make cream from any part of the body and manipulate the cream secreted from the body. The opponent who encounters the fresh cream will become scorched due to the saccharification of the skin. Has the effect of burning the skin.

"Butter Monster"

Opela was the first to do it.

The cream on his body kept popping out, directly incarnate into a huge monster, and the tentacles formed by the cream directly grabbed towards the tortured soul of Lashic.

And his brothers, also shot at this moment.

The 6th Kangte and the 7th Kadanz rushed out from the left and the other, their arms are hardened and domineering. This is a combination of two punches. They both shoot at the same time, attacking the enemy's front and back or left and right. You can give The enemy was hit hard.

Although the eighth Cavallet looks huge, but he is very good at speed. The whole person turns into an afterimage. When he reappears, he has come behind Laschick, his arms are hardened and he is hugged by a bear. The posture seemed to be ready to contain Lasik.

Nine Zi Gala kicked his legs and shot directly into the sky. The whole body was rolled into a ball, and it hit Laschik's head.